KELLER’S WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW REVIEW 10/10: Live ongoing coverage including Hell in a Cell developments, Paul Heyman

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


OCTOBER 10, 2016


ANNOUNCE TEAM: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.

-The show opened with pyro as the camera panned the crowd. Michael Cole introduced the show, noting it is the “longest running episodic TV show in history.”

-Sasha Banks then made her full entrance. She talked about growing up watching WWE as a “Little Boss” and admiring Eddie Guerrero’s lying, cheating, and stealing his way to a championship. She said her dream came true last week by winning the Women’s Title in the main event of WWE Raw. She challenged Charlotte to a match in a Hell in a Cell. Cole said that would be the first time in history. Charlotte began to come out to her music, but she was interrupted by Rusev’s music. Rusev and Lana walked out and right past Charlotte. Charlotte looked offended.

Rusev and Lana entered the ring. Charlotte followed behind. Rusev told the booing fans to settle down. He said nobody cares about the Women’s Revolution and that she main evented Raw last night. Charlotte yanked the mic from Rusev and told Rusev, “Who in the hell do you think you are? No one disrespects The Queen.” She then accepted Sasha’s challenge. Rusev took the mic back and said he wasn’t done. He called Charlotte “Black Swan.” He said whatever Rusev says is what goes. Banks yanked the mic from him and threw it onto the mat. Lana held back Rusev as Charlotte smiled at things heating up. Lana said Charlotte and Banks are lost women who obviously need to know their place. She said they are constantly fighting to be seen as women, yet are whining like little girls. Sasha and Charlotte shoved her down. Charlotte then said something to Sasha and they both dropkicked Rusev out of the ring. Byron Saxton said, “Things are not going well for Rusev and Lana.” Thanks, Byron. Roman Reigns’s music played. He walked out wearing a black t-shirt with pink letters that said, “More than pink.” Rusev yanked off his shirt and flexed, but when Reigns entered the ring, Rusev left with Lana. Cole said Rusev and Reigns will meet in the Cell, but will G.M. Mick Foley agree to put Sasha and Charlotte in it. Graves said he wants to sign a petition to make that happen.

Keller’s Analysis: I don’t understand taking away from the heated rivalry between Charlotte and Sasha by having them unite against Rusev and Lana. Maybe it’ll make sense as the show progresses, but it just seems odd and counter-productive. If the point is to set up Reigns & Sasha vs. Rusev & Charlotte in a mixed tag, that’s tainting a women’s division rivalry to try to get Roman over by getting a rub from being with Sasha. And while Sasha’s story of being a WWE fan as a kid and being in awe of being in WWE and now being champion is a cool foundation for her character, and this was a week if there was any to revisit it because she main evented Raw and won the title last week, I really think it serves her character to start acting like she belongs and that WWE is fortunate to have use of her talents.

-Cole announced that Paul Heyman will respond to Bill Goldberg’s interview on ESPN SportsCenter last week regarding a possible WWE match against Brock Lesnar. They showed a freeze-frame of Goldberg on ESPN. Saxton plugged Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins. [c]

-The New Day danced and strutted down the ramp. Big E began reaching into his tights and throwing confetti that were stored a little too close to his pubic area for Graves’s comfort. Xavier Woods said the Bay Area is home to some of the greatest pairs in the world in sports and entertainment. (Sports is Entertainment. It’s a kind of entertainment, not something separate.) He brought up the Bash Brothers, Jose Canseco and Mark McGuire. Some Giants fans booed. Big E brought up the Splash Brothers, Clay Thompson and Steph Curry. They also brought up a Full House reference, Danny Tanner and Uncle Jesse. That got a crowd pop. They entered the ring.

They talked about Cesaro and Sheamus. Big E said Cesaro speaks five languages and is thick. The other two stopped him mid-sentence. Kofi Kingston called for a sign that had a picture of a trash can with steam coming out. He said Sheamus is “hot garbage.” Xavier said they have asked for a titles shot. Cesaro and Sheamus came out.

(1) CESARO (w/Sheamus) vs. KOFI KINGSTON (w/Xavier Woods, Big E)

Sheamus sat with his back to the match with his phone in his hands. Cole said they’ve received word he’s on Facebook Live instead of watching. Kofi dove toward Cesaro, but Cesaro moved. When Cesaro made a move toward Kofi, all of New Day confronted him. Cesaro looked for Sheamus, but he was way over on the other side of the ring. [c]

Kofi slipped on a springboard attempt. Sheamus picked up Xavier’s trombone. Xavier yanked it away from him. That distraction led to Xavier scoring a small package three count. After the match Sheamus yelled at Cesaro. Cesaro yelled back. Sheamus stormed off.

WINNER: Kingston in 7:00.

Keller’s Analysis: Nice to see for once a challenger not score the pin over the champion in a non-title situation. In this case, it’s to create tension between the Odd Couple.

-Cole announced breaking news from Mick Foley’s office, Reigns & Sasha will indeed team up against Rusev & Charlotte later.

Keller’s Analysis: Seems Charlotte is the loser here, having to team with someone she doesn’t like and was arguing with in the opening segment, although others would say Sasha is the loser having to team with Reigns, but that’d be mean to say.


The announcers drew attention to this being Bayley’s home town. Cole said Bayley has “always dreamed of being a sports entertainer.” The announcers talked about people doubting Bayley’s killer instinct and ability to reach the top. Bayley won with her Bayley-to-Belly quickly. Cole said he believes she will be Raw Women’s Champion some day.

WINNER: Bayley in 2:00.

-As Bayley celebrated on the stage, Dana Brook attacked her from behind. The crowd booed.

-Cole said next Mick Foley would address the Hell in a Cell situation. [c]

-Backstage Chris Jericho was on the phone telling someone he gives the muttonheads the Gift of Jericho and they don’t appreciate it. He got defensive as he told the person to “get me that payday.” In walked R-Truth who held up a “Payday” candy bar. Jericho said he was talking about a pay day, as in money, not a candy bar. Truth left. Jericho said, “I didn’t say I didn’t want it, you stupid idiot.”

Keller’s Analysis: This is the type of orchestrated exchange based on a lame pun and an impossible coincidence that gets included in cartoons for six year olds but is deemed too corny for a cartoon for nine year olds. Come on, WWE. 


Cole talked about how Nese feels he should have been in WWE long ago. Dorado and Gulak started. Graves talked about the differences between their styles. When Dorado got the early advantage, Gulak tagged in the “self-proclaimed premiere athlete” Nese. Gulak put Dorado in a Gory Special. Nese tagged in and nailed Dorado with forearms. Dorado took both heels down with a springboard back elbow off the ropes. Sin Cara hot-tagged in and went to work on Gulak. Cole said he’s so so glad Sin Cara – recently squashed by Braun Strowman – decided to join the Cruiserweight Division. Nese broke up a pin attempt by Cara on Gulak. Dorado tagged back in. He took Gulak down and out with a jump spin wheel kick and a moonsault for the pin.

WINNERS: Dorado & Sin Cara in 4:00.

Keller’s Analysis: As for Sin Cara joining the Cruiserweight Division, how about not jobbing him out in a squash match to avoid the obvious implication that the Cruiserweight Division is for wanna-bes who can’t hang with the big guys? 

-Stephanie admired Foley’s custom flannel suit. She asked if she could join him in the ring for the Hell in a Cell announcement. She then chatted with him about his tie. [c]


-After the break, Foley’s music faded as he and Stephanie stood mid-ring. She said No Mercy was incredible last night, but in three weeks, Raw is going to blow No Mercy away. He said the women don’t get what they want just because they want it. The crowd booed. He said they get what they deserve. He said last week they made history in his proudest moment yet at General Manager. He said they deserve to make history at Hell in a Cell. He said after conferring with Stephanie, for the first time ever, there will be a Hell in a Cell Women’s Title match. He said Charlotte and Sasha “deserve it.”

Keller’s Analysis: This is all wrong. This shouldn’t be presented as being all about “making history.” This should be presented as a case where the only way to solve this intense rivalry between Sasha and Charlotte is inside a Cell where Dana can’t interfere to try to help Charlotte get her title back. Having a match inside HIAC is being presented as if it’s awarding the women a trophy or something. Charlotte should be dead set against this and protesting, and Banks should be pitching for it, and Foley should be making the case that Sasha is right, the only way to settle this rivalry once and for all is to have a first-ever women’s title match inside HIAC.

Foley said Seth Rollins’s rematch against Kevin Owens will also be contested inside Hell in a Cell. Stephanie said Foley has outdone himself as G.M. by booking three HIAC matches. It’s like, “Who could have ever thought of such a thing?” They were interrupted by Kevin Owens, alongside Jericho. Owens said Foley has really outdone himself this week. He called it the stupidest decision he’s made yet. Owens said he doesn’t want to be in a HIAC match because he wants a good long career and doesn’t want to be washed up G.M. of Raw like Foley. He said he is better than that because he is the Universal Champion. Jericho said just because Seth wanted the match, he’s giving it to him. He said if Foley is granting requests like a Genie in a flannel suit, he asked Foley for a private jet with Team Chris & Kevin written on the side. “Would I get one?” he said. Owens said they deserve a private jet with “Team Kevin & Chris” written on the side. He said he’s already defeated Seth twice for the title, so they deserve a private jet more than Seth deserves a title shot. Jericho said Foley doesn’t like him. Foley said he got him his job because he liked him. Jericho scolded Foley for putting his friend in the most dangerous match ever in WWE. He said because he did that, he just made the list. Foley said he’s already on the list. Jericho said he made it again.

Jericho asked Steph to “take care of this guy.” Steph came to Foley’s defense, calling him a legend who “set the bar in Hell in a Cell to begin with.” Wait, didn’t he lose that match? Steph said she doesn’t care what list she makes. Jericho denied writing her name down. She said, “You better not be.” Apparently she does care. Steph said they already know Jericho will be facing Rollins on Raw, but what if saying if Jericho beats Seth, he can be put in the Universal Championship match at HIAC. Owens didn’t like it. Steph said that would make everyone happy. Foley said that’d make him happy. “Good choice, Stephanie.”

Keller’s Analysis: Wait, how is Foley in favor of stacking the deck against Seth by putting Owens’ best friend Jericho in the HIAC? It didn’t seem like he said it in response to acknowledging that Owens didn’t like it. It seemed like he said it because he feels the need to butter up Stephanie’s great idea. Foley’s character would have more integrity if it was obvious he noticed Owens was upset and, while at first he was against it, after seeing Owens’ response, he thought it could cause Jericho and Owens to combust.

-Charly interviewed Seth backstage to get his reaction. He said he knows she’s new to Raw, but this is how things go because Stephanie likes to pull strings and play games. He said if her Plan A is to turn Hell in a Cell into an episode of Table for 3, he’s going to crush that plan when he beats Jericho later tonight. Then it’ll be him and Owens one-on-one in the Cell and Stephanie’s plans B-Z will become obsolete. He said she has to realize the game’s only as good as the pieces you play with, but he’s the best piece she ever had. Seth said Owens must be wondering if Jericho somehow gets into the match, will he be his best friend or will he be another guy who does whatever it takes to become the WWE Universal Champion. He said he’s no longer a cog in the machine or a piece in the game. He said he’s now the man who’s going to destroy the machine piece by piece.

Keller’s Analysis: That hit the right notes, but it was just too well stated and came across as very memorized and rehearsed. People just don’t talk “that clever” and it takes away a sense of authenticity. I’d rather he had bullet points and felt his character’s motivations and just spoke from the heart in character and whatever string of words came out, even if not as smooth and polished as the actual promo he gave, it’d mean more to viewers because it’d feel more authentic. [c]

-A clip aired from Raw’s pre-show where Bo Dallas told Curtis Axel that he is a different Bo than he previously knew. Axel said no tag team can outlast the outcasts. Bo said against them, all teams will fall, so it doesn’t matter whom they are matched against.

-Enzo & Cass made their way to the ring to face Bo & Curtis. They did some mic work. Enzo said he is Smacktalker Skywalker. They were suddenly attacked from behind by Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows who came out from behind the ring. Graves said how happy he was to see them. They took out Enzo with the Boot of Doom. Then they gave Cass the Magic Killer. Then they left. The fans booed. [c]

-In the ring, Bo and Curtis discussed what happened to their scheduled opponents. Curtis asked if they were on an episode of swerved. He said they were promised a tag match and they’re not leaving until they get it. He asked Foley to send out another team because they want to fight right now. Sami Zayn came out alone at first. He was joined by Neville.


Cole noted Graves used to be NXT Tag Team Champions with Neville. Cole said Tom Phillips has told them that Foley during the commercial break was scrambling to find replacement opponents and Sami & Neville volunteered. Bo wrestled aggressively at the start, stomping away at Sami against the ropes. Graves was critical of Curtis’s cargo shorts. Sami delivered a Helluva kick to Curtis, and then Neville landed the Red Arrow for the win as Bo watched from the ring apron. Bo, looking disgusted, left without Axel.

WINNERS: Neville & Sami in 2:00.

-Backstage Lana told Charlotte she might think she is the queen, but she had no right to put her hands on her. Charlotte said she is physically superior to her in every way, so she should stay out of her way. Lana said Charlotte may be her husband’s partner tonight, but she is her husband’s partner for life, so stay out of his way or there will be severe consequences. [c]

-They showed a clip from earlier in the night of R-Truth & Goldust talking with the Shooting Stars. Goldust told Truth they are trying to scam him. In walked Titus O’Neal who accused Truth of pulled the candy bar negotiations out from under him. He said he is going to “#MakeItAWin” at his expense. He called Goldust a weirdo.

(5) TITUS O’NEAL vs. R-TRUTH (w/Goldust)

Graves said since Truth took the Payday sponsorship from him, the least Titus can do is “get the winner’s purse tonight.” Goldust stood on the ringside steps and stomped to get the fans involved. That distracted Titus, so Truth rolled him up and scored a pin.

WINNER: R-Truth in 2:00.

Keller’s Analysis: What percentage of WWE matches these days are ending with a distraction?

-T.J. Perkins talked with Brian Kendrick backstage. He said he knows Kendrick isn’t a bad guy. He said he’s afraid that if he fails in this last go-around, that’s it for him. Kendrick asked him what happened last week when he beat him. Perkins said he took cheap shots. Perkins said he doesn’t need the cheap shots because he knows who he is, or at least who he used to be. Perkins reminisced about old times. He said it’s not too late for him to be the guy he knows him to be. He offered a handshake. Kendrick shook his hand, but then tried to take a cheap shot. Perkins blocked it and punched Kendrick. “I guess I was wrong,” he said, and then he left. [c]

-They showed assorted Oakland Raiders at ringside.


Byron Saxton interviewed The Splash Brothers in the ring. They said they’re from right here in O-Town and they’re ready to make a splash. He said they’re diving straight into the deep end. Saxton said they’ll have life preservers standing by. Braun smiled from ringside, then entered the ring. Strowman swatted them down at the start and kicked them around afterward. When one stood on his back, Strowman charged at the other guy, then flipped him off of him. He finished them by slamming one on the other and scoring a double-pin.

WINNER: Strowman in 1:00.

-Saxton attempted to interview Strowman in the ring. Strowman didn’t seem interested. Saxton fled. Braun said he asked for a bigger challenge, and Foley sent these two to him. He said he could send twenty men like that and they’ll all end up in a pile of bodies. He told him to bring him real competition or what happens will be on his hands.

-They went to Cole and Graves on camera. Cole called dibs on the Strowman video game character. He plugged the WWE 2k17 video game. They aired the commercial.

-Backstage Reigns asked Sasha if she’s ready. Sasha said she can’t let the guys have all the fun. Reigns said HIAC is anything but fun, it’s brutal. “But let’s worry about tonight.” Sasha said Reigns needs to handle himself and she’ll handle Charlotte. “Believe that,” she said with a smile. [c]

-They went to the announcers on camera again. He threw to a video on the Rumble match. They plugged tickets going on sale this Friday.

-Ring introductions took place for the mixed tag match.



The crowd noise felt muted when Reigns came out after an initial surge of boos. Charlotte tagged herself in even before Rusev and Reigns could lock up. That forced Sasha to also tag in. Charlotte teased locking up, but then backed into her corner where Rusev tagged himself back in. Charlotte smiled as she left the ring. Graves talked about how Charlotte and Sasha have “earned the right” to fight in HIAC, but will they survive it and is it good for business. Cole said they have earned the right to be in that spot. They keep talking about it like it’s a trophy of some kind the women are being awarded. The crowd chanted “We Want Lana!” as Reigns and Rusev battled. The crowd booed Rusev’s offense. He signaled for a Superman punch, but Charlotte grabbed his leg. Sasha ran to ringside and took Charlotte down with a forearm. Reigns then shoved Rusev over the top rope, although it was more Rusev dove over the top rope and Reigns’s arm followed behind. [c]

Back live, Rusev had Reigns in a chinlock. The crowd chanted “We Want Sasha” as Rusev continued to beat up Reigns. Reigns landed a Superman Punch. The crowd booed. Rusev tagged in Charlotte. Sasha followed and then rallied against Charlotte. Sasha gave double-knees to Charlotte’s gut and scored a two count. Sasha applied the Bank Statement. Reigns leaped over them to spear Rusev when he tried to break it up. Charlotte tapped out. Saxton said this has to hurt Charlotte’s confidence. Graves said it could drive Charlotte and Rusev harder than before, too.

WINNERS: Banks & Reigns in 10:00.

Keller’s Analysis: Watching Reigns going through his video-game-wrestler moveset and motions every week only to get booed, and then have to pretend it’s not happening, is just not pleasant. It’s like watching someone ask someone else out over and over on a date and get rejected time after time after time. I think people would reject him if he started giving out money to people who cheered him the loudest.

-They went to the announcers. Cole said it’s been a night of “major breaking news.” They aired a clip of Steph making the special stip for the main event.

-Tom Phillips walked in and interviewed Owens and Jericho, who were in the midst of a conversation. He asked about whether a Triple Threat match will complicate things for them. Jericho called Phillips’ question “a stupid idiom.” Owens said no matter what, he’ll walk out as champion. Jericho said that’s because they’re best friends and if one of them walks out as champion, they both do. Owens asked he why didn’t come to the aid of Jericho last week. Owens said he and Jericho already talked about that. He said sometimes one of them has to take a bullet for the greater good of the team, and he had to stay healthy. Owens then told Phillips to get out. Jericho then told Phillips he just made the list.

-They showed Heyman backstage heading toward the entrance. [c]

-The announcers threw to a clip of the Coach-Goldberg interview.

-Heyman stood center ring. He said there he was, just as they remembered him. He said for 12 years everyone in the WWE Universe have asked over and over “what if?” He said they’ve asked what if there is just one more spear, one more jackhammer, one more night of Goldberg. He “inadvertently” started a “Goldberg” chant. He talked about the titles Goldberg won and the legends Goldberg beat. He said he has been authorized to let Goldberg know he has been challenged to a fight – one on one, Beast vs. Myth, Icon vs. Icon, anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Heyman held up the mic as the crowd chanted “Goldberg! Goldberg!” He said this goes around worldwide, so Goldberg can listen to the audience or he can “live in the fantasy of WWE 2K17 where you will remain, sir, the one blemish on Brock Lesnar’s WWE career or, Goldberg, you can step into this ring and be beaten, victimized, and conquered by Brock Lesnar because in Suplex City, you’re not Goldberg, you’re Next.” Cole said the ball is now in Goldberg’s court, and will he accept?

-Cole threw to a video on Emma’s makeover into Emmalina. A photo montage aired of her in bikinis with various backdrops. Graves said that’s one premiere he’s not going to miss.

-Kendrick came out to his music to join the announcers. [c]


Kendrick claimed he was just getting out of his chair when Perkins sucker-punched him earlier. A soundbite aired with Daivari acting very heelish speaking in another language. Graves said he is the younger brother of Shawn Daivari. Daivari went after Perkins aggressively at the start of the match. Perkins walked the ropes and body pressed Daivari to the mat for a two count. Cole kept interrupting Kendrick as he called the near falls. Daivari reached the bottom rope to force a break when Kendrick applied an kneebar. Daivari hit a running high knee. Kendrick said he’s tired of hearing about Perkins’ story like it’s something unique to him. He said his story is one of inspiration, too. Daivari settled into a chinlock. Kendrick came back with a neckbreaker for a two count. Kendrick said his advantage is his intelligence and experience. Daivari knocked Perkins off balance on the top rope, but Perkins countered with a top rope sunset flip. Daivari countered in a pin attempt. Graves said Daivari said too many wrestlers are caught up in wanting to entertain the WWE Universe, whereas he just wants to win. Daivari kicked Perkins and scored a near fall. He then leaped off the top rope with a frog splash attempt. Perkins moved. Daivari sold a knee injury. Perkins rallied with a wrecking ball dropkick and then his kneebar for the tapout win.

WINNER: Perkins in 5:00.

Keller’s Analysis: Good match. Mostly it was  presented as a backdrop for Kendrick to promote his title match, and Kendrick gives off the vibe of sleazy arrogance well.

-They showed Jericho heading toward the entrance, smirking the whole time. Stephanie approached him and said she admires his scarf a lot. She wished him luck and said she’d be rooting for him. Jericho said in his 17 years in WWE, they’ve never had a problem, so he’s glad to hear that. He confessed that earlier he got hot-headed and considered writing her name down, but he didn’t do it. He said he didn’t even know how to spell Stephanie, but he wouldn’t let her look at the clipboard. Steph said once he is inside the Cell, there is nothing she can do, but if they’re as good a friends as he says, he’ll know what to do. Jericho smiled and soaked up her words of wisdom. Then in walked Owens, who asked what that was about. Jericho said: “Friendship.” [c]

-They went to the announcers. Cole said Jericho can alter the course of that HIAC match. Then he threw to a video package on Tito Santana as part of NBC Universal’s Hispanic Heritage Month. [c]

-They showed a Tweet from Goldberg saying he’s booking his flight to “answer that big mouth (Paul Heyman) next in person on Raw.”


Jericho came out first. Seth seemed to get a nice pop, but nothing huge. Cole restated the stakes in this match. Jericho bailed out to ringside after an early flurry by Seth. Seth slidekicked him and went at him at ringside, throwing him into the ringside barrier. Seth leaped off the ring apron onto Jericho. He asked, “Who’s the man, baby?” He got some cheers. He threw Jericho into the ringside steps next. Back in the ring, suddenly Owens’ music played. Seth looked over at Owens as he walked out onto the stage. Jericho recovered and took it to Seth inside the ring. He dropped him over the top rope. Seth rolled to the floor clutching his ribs as Graves said Seth was just medically cleared from a rib injury. [c]

Jericho controlled for several minutes after the break. The crowd chanter “Let’s Go Rollins!” but “Y2J” could be heard to counter that, too.


Jericho worked over Seth’s ribs. Seth countered a Code Breaker and kicked Jericho and scored a two count at 14:00. Seth began a full comeback. He charged at Jericho, but Jericho side-stepped him. Owens held up the Universal Title belt and asked Seth, “How do you like this?” He then springboarded toward Jericho, but Jericho caught his leg and applied the Walls of Jericho mid-ring. Seth powered his way toward the bottom rope to force the break. As Jericho distracted the ref, Owens kicked Seth. Jericho scored a believable near fall. The crowd began a mistimed “This is Awesome!” chant. Seth dove through the ropes and knocked Owens over at ringside. Jericho recovered a bit inside the ring in the mean time. Seth springboarded with a knee to Jericho’s head. They had a clumsy landing. Seth scored a two count. Seth climbed to the top rope and went for a splash, but Jericho moved. Jericho then landed a Lionsault for a near fall at 18:00. A minute later Jericho blocked a Pedigree and went for the Walls. Seth rolled him up and got the three count. It will remain one on one.

WINNER: Rollins in 20:00.

-Afterward, Owens attacked Jericho. Graves said Owens should be happy he only has to defend the title against one man. Wait, shouldn’t he be disappointed his best friend isn’t in the cage to help him? Or is the assumption they wouldn’t work together? Jericho and Owens double-teamed Seth afterward. Seth came back and did give Jericho a Pedigree as Owens retreated up the ramp, just like last week.

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  1. Keller I wholeheartedly disagree with your assessment on the women’s HIAC. This must be about making history if they want to put the women on par with the men. There are times when you can tell the same story but also highlight we are truly entering a new height in this women’s era. I also don’t agree with your take on Rollins’ promo. I have never heard of a person complaining about something being ” too well stated and came across as very memorized and rehearsed.” I call that just about every promo we see delivered on WWE. You seemed a little more harsh than usually on tonights RAW

    • I say Keller is right. Foley is missing parts of his body and probably has more brain issues than Daniel Bryan from his participation in matches like HIAC. If they want the women on par with the men, they need to stop this “look, they’re making history” biz (especially seeing as how TNA has been doing women’s cage matches for YEARS) and sell how dangerous the match is. Charlotte’s character should have been against the match, and so should Foley since he loves the women so much. Then Steph could have made the match herself. Stuff like this causes people to become detached from the show because WWE can’t stop reminding us that what we’re seeing is fake.

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