10/16 WWE Smackdown in Idaho: Styles vs. Ambrose, Orton vs. Wyatt, Ziggler vs. Breeze, Alpha vs. Usos

Randy Orton (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


WWE Smackdown house show
October 16, 2016
Nampa, Ind. at Ford Idaho Center
Report by Jefferson P. Clark, PWTorch correspondent

Venue: Ford Idaho Center. Estimated seats available were about 3,000, of which attendance nearly sold out. More seats were available but not in use. Of all the seats in use, about 90-95 percent were full).

This was the first time WWE has run a show in Southern Idaho in about five years.

Merchandise: Mostly John Cena shirts being worn, few Attitude Era shirts were spotted. One “Sheamus 5:15” shirt was spotted being worn by a person who wasn’t Sheamus.

Demographics: Mostly families. Single males were mostly in their late 20s to late 30s.

(1) Ziggler beat Tyler Breeze to retain the IC Championship in 15:00. Crowd favored Ziggler, multiple “Lets go Ziggler” chants. Breeze was booed, heel heat.

(2) Heath Slater & The Hype Bros. beat The Ascension & Simon Gotch (w/Aiden English) when Slater pinned Gotch in 11:00. Mojo and Konnor took up most of the match. Zach Ryder was over with the crowd.

(3) Apollo Crews beat Curt Hawkins in 4:00. Crowd enjoyed the flipping and jumping of Crews.

Curt Hawkins tells us all we need to face the facts, challenges anyone to come out and face the facts. Music hits. Kane chokeslams Hawkins in 10 seconds. Kane had biggest pop of the night up until that point.

(4) Baron Corbin beat Jack Swagger. I went and bought a hot dog.

(5) Randy Orton beat Bray Wyatt with an RKO out of nowhere in 9:00. Bray had mixed babyface/heel reaction, everyone with a phone did the fireflies on his enterance. Orton had enourmous crowd reaction.


(6)  Naomi & Emma (not Emmalina) beatNatalya & Alexa Bliss & Carmela when Naomi pinned Natalya in 9:00. Emma worked a decent portion of the match and took a few bumps. Crowd didn’t seem to know who she was, but liked Naomi’s flamboyant and shiny appearance.

(7) American Alpha (Chad Gable & Jason Jordan) beat The Usos in 7:00. The Usos received a big face reaction, worked on Chad Gable most of the match in heelish ways, but still receive “Lets go Uso” chants. American Alpha little reaction. Jordan receives hot tag and starts throwing around suplexes and crowd turns for Alpha.

(8) A.J. Styles beat Dean Ambrose to retain the WWE Championship in 20:00. Big pop for Style, biggest pop of the night for Ambrose. Dueling “Let’s go A.J./Ambrose” chants. Fun match. Afterwards, Styles talks trash to the crowd, and receives a Dirty Deeds, and Ambrose closes the show standing tall.

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