MCMAHON’S IMPACT WRESTLING REVIEW 10/27: Cody & Brandi Rhodes vs. Mike Bennett & Maria, ECIII & Godderz vs. Rex & Drake, Hardy Halloween


OCTOBER 27, 2016

ANNOUNCERS: Josh Mathews, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

-Impact began with a video, showing Matt Hardy welcoming us to his personal pumpkin patch to celebrate Halloween. Brother Nero, Reby, Maxel and Señor Benjamin are all there. Hardy said that Señor Benjamin will create the best maze of corn ever seen. While Matt celebrates the maze, Jeff is trying to eat corn because he’s so hungry, and began spitting it up as he ate it. Meanwhile, Matt said that he had a premonition that someone will come to the Hardy compound tonight.

-In the arena, ECIII’s music hits and he comes to the ring for tonight’s opening contest. Mathews said that when you begin a night with ECIII, it will be epic. Jessie Godderz is out next followed by Aron Rex and Eli Drake.


Rex and Godderz begin the match. ECIII and Godderz trade some early tags and hit a double hip toss for a quick one count. Godderz is suddenly a grappling master in TNA, as Mathews again hyped his amateur experience and he grapples with Rex on the mat. ECIII and Godderz then take turns hitting dropkicks on Rex for a two count. Rex hits ECIII with a knee to the gut and tags in Eli Drake, who immediately goes after ECIII. After some forearms, ECIII tosses Drake to the outside and chases him around ringside. Drake runs back in and tags Rex, who ECIII meets with a hip toss. Godderz tags in and Mathews again talks about how he is showcasing his amateur background. [c]

Back from the break, Rex and Godderz were in the ring and Rex had Godderz’s arm tied up. Mathews plugs the Fight Network app. Godderz hits the ropes and Drake and Godderz both get dropped with a double clothesline. Rex and ECIII in as both men make tags at the same time. ECIII sets up a splash but Drake grabs his ankle from the outside and it allows Rex to throw kicks and punches to get back in control before tagging in Drake. Drake drops an elbow for a two count. Rex tags back in as ECIII is stuck in his opponents’ corner. Rex drops an Elbow of Distinction for a two count. Mathews talked about how ECIII is so used to fighting alone, and that Godderz is ready in the corner for a tag. ECIII misses a splash and gets dropped with a neckbreaker for a two count as Mathews screams, “he got him!” giving away that this isn’t the finish. Drake tags back in and he trades punches at center ring with ECIII. ECIII is able to snatch a sleeper hold but Drake escapes and puts ECIII in a sleeper hold. ECIII gets to the corner and makes the tag. Godderz is landing throw after throw on Drake before he pokes Godderz in the eye. Rex tags in and Godderz throws Rex to the outside before dropkicking Drake off the top. The referee signals that Rex is the legal man. In the ring, ECIII attacks Drake. Godderz hits a springboard forearm on Drake but Rex, the legal man, runs in and rakes Godderz’s eyes. Rex hits Godderz with a huge knockout punch for the pin, as Mathews points out that Rex had something on his knuckles.

WINNER: Aron Rex & Eli Drake in 16:00.

(McMahon’s Analysis: It seems odd that all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Jessie Godderz is this amateur wrestling master. They literally did not talk about his amateur background once for the past, what, three years? I’m not against a Jessie Godderz push, but I would have liked to see them come up with something better than just suddenly talking about his amateur background while he throws people. Maybe a promo where he talks about how he’s done playing games as part of the BroMans, and it’s time he goes back to his roots to be a serious threat for a title shot, or something.)

-After the match, Mathews said that it could be rings that Rex had on his fingers as they show replay after replay.

-Backstage, Maria is talking about the pain she gave Brandi Rhodes last week, throwing her into the steps. Maria said her husband is the better wrestler and she was sure that Brandi would hide from her tonight, but as she said that, Brandi walks in and chases off Maria.

-In the interview area, Jeremy Borash brings in Grado, who said that Halloween is his favorite holiday. Grado said he is gluten free, so he can’t enjoy the treats, but he can still enjoy the tricks and he’s going to dress up as someone tonight. [c]

-Back from the break, we’re back at the Hardy compound. Matt welcomes in some trick-or-treaters. Matt asks them if they want to treat or delete? Matt gives the children green beans. He gives a little boy a green bean who said they are not good. A toddler dressed as an alligator comes to the door. More kids come to the door and Jeff answers the door, singing his obsolete theme. Matt warns a toddler in a box of doughnut costume that a box of doughnuts are dangerous, and they could make you a fat Hardy.

-Backstage, Rockstar Spud said he has two allies from the X Division for tonight’s six-man match. Spud said D.J. Z’s fate tonight is worse than death.

-Grado makes his ring entrance in his ring great, wearing a fanny pack. Mathews said he can’t explain Grado’s popularity, but he has a cult following. Grado said that this is the best tonight, because he loves coming to TNA. Grado said that TNA is his dream. Grado said that he wants more. Grado said that tonight, he wants to bring out someone who has been inspirational to him. He calls the person a legend and a future TNA Hall of Famer. Grado brings out “the best wrestler in the world,” Robbie E. However, Robbie E is nowhere to be found. After a few seconds, he walks out on stage smirking. Robbie told Grado that this is weird, but Grado said that it’s Halloween. Grado said that on Halloween, you can be anyone you want to be. Robbie asked why he was out there? Grado said that he wants to be a BroMan for Halloween and then he ran off. Robbie said it takes years to be a BroMan. Grado is doing something backstage. After a few moments, Grado emerges to techno music and he’s lathered in self tanner with big glasses and yellow trunks. He’s very oily, too. Grado tries to bump Robbie E and Robbie falls down. Robbie screams, “we’re not doing this!” Grado dances around ringside and Robbie, who is telling Grado they’re not doing this, is also dancing with him. Grado then dances with Pope at the announce table. Grado tries to go over the top rope to get in the ring but he falls. Once in the ring, Grado convinces Robbie to fist pump.

The lights suddenly go out and when they come back on, the trio in masks are in the ring beating up Grado and Robbie E. Mathews said they came from the opposite side of the Impact Zone, and not from backstage. Grado gets dropped with a spike piledriver before the three men walk off. The letters DCC show on the screen behind them.

(McMahon’s Analysis: That’s a fine comedy segment, even though it felt like a “Big Dick Johnson” ripoff. It was odd on commentary during DCC’s run-in, though. Mathews said they didn’t come from the stage, but from the other side of the arena, making it sound like they are outsiders who were crashing the show. Yet after the attack, they re-grouped on the ramp and their logo was on the screen behind them.)

-Back from a break, Allie meets Billy Corgan in the stands. He smiles as Allie says hello to “Mr. Billy, Mr. Williams.” Billy said that Maria doesn’t make matches in TNA anymore, he does. Allie said that she thinks she was going to get her ass kicked tonight, but she needs to stand up for herself. She said that sometimes you need to take a stand, and tonight, she was going to. Billy booked Allie vs. Laurel Van Ness, and Allie thanked him.

-In the arena, D.J. Z, Mandrews and Braxton Sutter are introduced as a team for their Team X Gold match. There’s a Team X Gold flag now! Braxton Sutter is waving that. Mathews said that this team is now known as Team X Go For Broke. Rockstar Spud comes out next and takes a mic to introduce his teammates. Spud said he is sick of being overlooked in the X Division. Spud said that because he was overlooked, D.J. Z’s team would need to feel pain and they would need to hurt … they would need to DECAY! Crazzy Steve and Abyss then come from the back to be Spud’s partners. There’s no Rosemary with Decay, though.


Apparently you win the flag if you win the match? Mathews said that Spud wants to win the match and take that Team X Gold flag. Abyss and Sutter will start the match. Mathews said that Abyss is a former X Division champion so he meets the criteria and Steve fits the division as well. Sutter takes out Abyss with a tackle off the top and Abyss tags in Steve. Later, Abyss splashes Mandrews. Mathews said that Abyss is more fit to be in Wolf Creek, a new Pop show, than he is to be in there with the X Division because “he’s 300 pounds.” Apparently the X Division is a cruiserweight division now? It’s not just about “no limits,” as Jerry Jarrett used to say.

Spud tries to go after Go For Broke’s corner, but D.J. Z hits a ZZT for the win.

WINNER: D.J. Z, Mandrews & Braxton Sutter in 4:00.

-After the match, Mathews said that D.J. Z’s team had the bragging rights and they waived the flag. [c]

(McMahon’s Analysis: Just classic TNA … They build up to this angle where Spud introduces Decay as his partners for the first time since they lost at Bound for Glory, and then they take a loss in four minutes. I guess they don’t plan on doing anything with Decay anymore.)

-Backstage, Cody and Brandi Rhodes are walking backstage but also cutting a promo. Cody said that Mike Bennett isn’t a miracle at all, he’s just smoke and mirrors. Brandi said she’d make “that bitch” tap out.

-In the ring, Borash introduces Lashley and Eddie Edwards to sign the contract for next week’s TNA World Hvt. Title rematch. Borash said that TNA has barred them from having any physicality before next week’s match. Borash gave them each a chance for final words before signing the contract.

Lashley went first. He said it was funny about the no-touch clause in the contract. Lashley called it hilarious and said that it’s there because TNA knows the result, and they know that Lashley will hurt Edwards. Lashley said the entire company wants Eddie to win, but it doesn’t matter what they want, because next week he is going to destroy Eddie and this feel-good story disappears. Lashley said that TNA needs a champion who can defend the company from anyone who comes in, and Edwards having the title is a joke. Lashley said the right thing for Edwards to do is to give up the title.

Edwards said Lashley is just full of mind games. Edwards told Lashley that he took him lightly. Edwards said that Lashley thought he would be an easy match and that was on him. Lashley said that Edwards was right, and he underestimated him. Lashley said that he thought Edwards would be a walk through and he made a mistake taking him lightly. Lashley said that Edwards got lucky. Lashley said this is real life, and he got lucky but now he’ll pay. Edwards said he is not a one-hit wonder and he signed the contract. Lashley then demanded the contract but before he signed, Edwards wanted to ask him a question. Edwards asked what happens if Lashley loses? Edwards asked if the people would see Lashley as the unbeatable? Or if he lost, would he be remembered as Eddie Edwards’ bitch?

Lashley flips the table and Borash reminded them of no contact. Lashley signs the contract and walks off. Mathews said that Edwards is the one playing mind games now. Lashley said that Edwards signed his own fate, and he’s going to hurt him really bad.

(McMahon’s Analysis: This was Edwards’ best promo in TNA. And, thank you TNA! Finally a contract signing with no punches! They explained it with the no-contact clause, but even then it was a good thing for Lashley to use in his promo. I thought both Lashley and Edwards were really good here, and this was a really good segment leading into next week’s title rematch.)

-Highlights of Maria and Laurel Van Ness beating up Allie from last week are shown.

-Backstage, Laurel Van Ness walks up on Braxton Sutter and begins flirting with him again. She said that she sees the way Allie looks at him, but maybe later, Laurel and her could celebrate their wins together.

-Back at the Hardy compound, the doorbell rings and Matt answers it to see an adult dressed up at the door. The camera pans back and it’s Shane Helms in his Hurricane Helms gear. Matt tells him to delete and he slams the door shut. Jeff said he would be right back, as he was going to get in his costume. The bell rings again and Matt answers it to see Itchweeed, Jeff’s alter-ego. Itchweeed is rambling and Matt said he could stay. [c]

-Back from the break we’re at the Hardy compound again. Itchweeed has a weed whacker and he’s carving up the Hardy’s lawn. He carves the face of a jack-o-lantern with the words “Happy Halloween” in there as well.

(McMahon’s Analysis: Totally off topic, but what Jeff does with his lawn, carving those designs, is unbelievable. I can barely cut my lawn evenly and he’s making really cool designs. That’s impressive stuff.)


Allie is wearing dress clothes. Madison Rayne is again on commentary for a Knockouts match. Allie shoves Van Ness. Van Ness drives her shoulder into Allie in the corner. Allie is getting stomped on and Van Ness is standing on her hand as Madison says Allie is fighting with emotion after being bullied for so long. But it doesn’t look like Allie is doing much fighting at all.

Van Ness tosses Allie around the ring by her hair. Mathews asks Madison what Allie needs to do to get back in the match, and Madison said that Allie is relatable because everyone has been bullied. Okay.

Allie fight back with a slap and Van Ness comes right back with a clothesline before tossing Allie to the outside. Van Ness has Allie propped on the steps but she takes too much time and when she tries to splash Allie, she moved.

Back in the ring, Allie hits a double leg and starts throwing a flurry of punches. Van Ness misses a splash and Allie gets a two count. Back up, Van Ness hits a scissor kick and a curb stomp for the win.

WINNER: Laurel Van Ness in 5:00.

-Back at the Hardy compound, the doorbell rings and Señor Benjamin answers to see someone dressed up in Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton costumes. Benjamin said that he’s going to build a wall, and bury Trump underneath it. Señor Benjamin then uses a taser on Trump. Itchweeed asks Hilary what happened to her emails? Matt then comes to the doorway and screamed, “Delete! Delete! Delete!” Vanguard 1 chases off Hilary as Matt said that he should run for president. [c]

-Back from the break, highlights of Rex’s punch from earlier are shown. Backstage, Godderz comes up on Rex and asks him if he’s proud of that win? Rex said a win is a win. Godderz said that Rex gave him a cheap shot but Rex said he just won. Godderz said a champion doesn’t just do whatever it takes in his eyes. Rex demanded another title shot and Rex said OK, go get ready.

-We’re at the Hardy compound again. A little boy rang the bell and gave Reby an iPad. He told Reby to show the video to her husband. Matt called everyone around the iPad for the video. Matt said that someone was sending them a message. The DCC show up on the video. They said the first attack was a warning shot, and they know what the Hardy brothers hold dear. The DCC challenged Matt and Jeff Hardy to a match next week for the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

-Backstage, Mike Bennett and Maria cut promo. Bennett said the only place Cody’s road leads to is him. Bennett said he beat the unbeatable, ECIII, and Lashley was afraid to fight him. Bennett said Cody is the legacy, but he’s not the miracle. … Maria said that Cody only has Brandi Rhodes, and she’s 1/10 of Maria.

-Back from a break, a hype video for next week’s Lashley vs. Edwards main event is shown.

-In the arena, Maria and Mike Bennett make their ring entrance, followed by Cody and Brandi Rhodes.


Maria and Brandi are about to start the match, but Maria quickly tags Bennett which forces the men in the ring. [c]

Back from a break, Mathews said that it has been all Bennett during the break. Brandi still hasn’t gotten her hands on Maria eyes, and she’s fuming. On the outside, Bennett drops Rhodes on the rail. Cody fires back with punches quickly but Bennett ducks a but swinging right and Cody hits the ring post. Back int he ring, Bennett mocks Dusty Rhodes by spinning his fists in the air. Brandi is trying to make a tag to Cody but Maria sneaks around and pulls her off the ring apron.

Bennett splashes Cody in the corner. Maria misses a kick on Cody and kicks her husband in the crotch. Moments later, Cody tags Brandi and she jumps in the ring to attack Maria, who is attending to Bennett on the ground. Brandi chases Maria around the ringside area after pummeling her in the ring. Bennett and Cody are in their corners but not on the apron. Brandi drop-toe-holds Maria into Bennett’s crotch. Brandi locks on a submission on Maria and at the same time, Cody has Bennett in an American Nightmare. Maria and Bennett stare at each other for a moment before they both tap out.

WINNER: Brandi & Cody Rhodes in 11:00.

After the match, Cody and Brandi celebrate in the ring while Bennett and Maria scurry off up the ramp. Cody and Brandi then celebrate on the ramp. As they head backstage, Cody is thanking production staff for having them. Out of nowhere, Lashley attacks Cody and is beating him down as Brandi screams for help and she’s scratching at Lashley’s back as the show goes off the air.

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