10 YRS AGO – WWE Smackdown Hits & Misses: Rey Mysterio, Brian Kendrick-Paul London breakup teaser, Teddy Long, Kane, MVP, Regal

By Jon Mezzera, PWTorch contributor

Brian Kendrick (art credit Matt Charlton & Sam Gardiner © PWTorch)


Ten years ago this week, Jon Mezzera presents his “Hits & Misses” for that week’s episode of WWE Smackdown. The following is that original article published on Nov. 18, 2006…


Rey Mysterio Video: I like when they show video of an injured Superstar having surgery. It reinforces the injury, and in a way humanizes the performer. It makes the audience pull for him all the more.

Paul London vs. William Regal: This was a good, physical match. I would have liked to see more offense from Paul London, but that is my only complaint, as he sold beautifully and really made Regal look tough. It’s too bad Regal’s partner is hurt or they could actually go somewhere with this. I will always take more of London and Regal on my Friday nights.

Kane vs. MVP: I was surprised how good this match was, so maybe it is a Hit based in part on my low expectations. I mean it wasn’t great, but the street fight aspect made it interesting, and they actually did a good job of having MVP hang with Kane, giving him some credibility. I liked the idea of Mr. Kennedy interfering to send a message to the Undertaker. In fact, the post match angle was all pretty good.

Helms’s Hot Start: I loved when Gregory Helms jump started his match against Matt Hardy with a surprise missile drop kick. The match itself was good too, but I am starting to wonder why we are seeing it so often? I’m a big fan of both of these guys, and their feud has been good and good for their careers, but it is running thin. They both need to move on to something else soon.


Boogeyman vs. Miz & Krystal: What a bad way to start Smackdown. The next time I say that it is always better to start a show with a match than a promo, I will have to remember this match. I actually liked how Miz took it to the Boogeyman, but it was just painful to watch Krystal get abused once again.

Possible London & Kendrick Breakup: Please WWE creative, don’t split up Paul London and Brian Kendrick! They are the best things on Smackdown. Could they have a great match together, and a good feud? Yes. But why now? They are the only tag team on the show so maybe there is no reason to keep them together. But how about fixing that situation by keeping them together and building a tag team division. They started to with the Pitbulls, and Idol Stevens & KC James. Regal and Dave Taylor could be good but for Taylor’s injury. The point is that there are options out there for opponents. I am really not looking forward to Ashley coming in-between the tag champs.

Teddy Long: Why did he make Krystal be part of a match with the Boogeyman? What did she do to deserve that? Why isn’t he suing Bobby Lashley for breach of contract? I would be pissed if I lost one of my top superstars to another show. Long was just happy for Lashley. That whole situation makes the brand split look stupid, although it already did. Then Long makes MVP face Kane yet again, this time in a steel cage match. Both Raw and Smackdown have a gimmick match announced for next week. Which are you more looking forward to, the Intercontinental Title Ladder Match, or Kane vs. MVP in a steel cage? I bet I can guess. Really, my Miss isn’t for Teddy Long the performer, he was fine. It really is for Teddy Long the character who has been making less and less sense as of late.

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