PODCAST RECAP – The Ross Report w/Bill Apter & Matt Hardy: Promotion for Impact in Hardy’s backyard, Hardy’s son’s, Apter on Lawler-Kauffman, plus Spot Monkey talk

By Jimmy J. Jaggz, PWTorch contribuotor


The Ross Report
Guests: Bill Apter and Broken Matt Hardy
Release Date: November 30, 2016
Recap by Jimmy J. Haggz, PWTorch contributor


Top Newsworthy Items

-Bill Apter was to credit for the Andy Kaufman-Jerry Lawler feud

-Bill Apter has worked for a Non Profit for 10 years that help people with disabilities find work.

-For the first time ever a TNA event will be hosted in the backyard of Matt Hardy’s home.

-Matt Hardy’s influences include Ric Flair, Randy Savage, and Shawn Michaels

-Matt will be featured at Tommy Dreamers House of Hardcore in Philly in December

-Matt Hardy’s son wrestles and will make his TV DEBUT December 15th, 2016 at the event entitled “Total Nonstop Deletion”

Subjects Covered (w/timestamps)

0:00-Sponsor Ads
2:29- Introduction
4:15- What’s on Jim’s mind this week?
14:44- Sponsor Ad
17:20 Interview w/ Bill Apter
29:10- Ross concludes Bill Apter Interview
29:50- Sponsor Ads
31:57- Interview w/ Broken Matt Hardy
38:13- Total Nonstop Deletion/Spot Monkeys
51:09- Hardy’s Idols
55:34- Upcoming Events
59:22- Sponsor ads
1:02:43- Interview Resumes
1:08:15- Matt’s eye for talent
1:10:42- WWE Return/Conclusion of Interview
1:17:11- JR’s closing thoughts
1:28:08- Show ends

Show Highlights/Rundown

Introduction: Ross has a double header lined up for everybody this week featuring guests “Broken” Matt Hardy and the legendary Bill Apter. Ross states he will go over Matt Hardy’s recent show at the Hardy Compound and Bill’s new book,” Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn’t Know It Was Broken.” Ross thanks one of his sponsors.

Ross’s Thoughts: Ross discusses Monday Night Raw and the match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte for the Women’s Championship. Overall, he is a huge fan of these two women, the women’s division as a whole, and loved their match, but feels WWE shouldn’t over saturate us with various matches between these two.

Ross then discusses the Goldberg-Lesner angle and various possibilities for future matches and storylines. He then segues into the Royal Rumble, which will take place in the Alamo dome (last time WWE was there was for the Rumble ’97 where the Steve Austin controversial ending took place). He has a few booking ideas for the Rumble including a Shane vs Triple H match and maybe even an Undertaker return.

Ross switches over to the ROH (Ring of Honor) side of things and states that there are multiple contracts up for renewal by the end of the year. Jim proceeds to talk about the ROH event coming up Friday night December 2nd, 2016 (watch on the FITE app). He talks about a few matches on the card and gives his thoughts about the ROH product as a whole.

Jim talks about the World of Sport project on ITV. Ross thinks it could be a “game changer.” He seems very excited to get back in the swing of things and working with talent again. He concludes by talking about a possible announcement about New Japan Pro wrestling on Access TV.

Bill Apter: Jim is interviewing Bill Apter. Bill discusses his new book “Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn’t Know It Was Broken.” Bill talks about the controversial cover of the book. He states one of the things he wanted to be in the business was the ” backstage Gene Oakerland guy.” Bill isn’t to fond of the social media world and all the negativity flowing through it.

Ross and Apter then segue into the wrestling products being produced in modern times and the difference between the average fan past and present. Ross asks Apter if he follows ROH and plugs the FITE app which he says is “FREE 98.” Apter states he enjoys the FITE TV app. Apter reveals that for the past 10 years he has worked for a non profit company called “AHEDD” that help people with disabilities find work and that it is difficult finding time for his personal life, work, and wrestling.

Ross and Bill then delve into the book a little and talk about the Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman angle. He talks about Kaufman trying to get Vince McMahon to book him and seeing Apter backstage after one of the shows. Apter and Kaufman then rode the E train back to Kaufman’s home in Queens and ultimately convinced Bill to call Jerry Lawler to initiate the rivalry. Its stated by Ross that Lawler gave credit to Bill for that historic feud. Ross and Apter talk about personal issues being more memorable than title matches. Apter claims that was actually ” the first real involvement” of what is now known as sports entertainment. Ross concludes interview with Bill Apter.

“Broken” Matt Hardy: Ross introduces Matt Hardy (via skype). Matt seems to be “in character” as he talks to Ross. Jim asks Matt where he gets the motivation to produce such creative entities and Matt responds that his soul has been around for 2009 years and his goal now is to help impact wrestling survive and thrive. Matt feels like he is the ultimate savior and might have to go on to save the entire wrestling industry and even the world since Trump is president. Ross and Matt talk about the status of Impact wrestling. Matt feels he needs to take his “Broken Brilliance” and give it off to other people who could utilize it. Matt feels Impact wrestling needs to get its credibility back. Matt and Ross discuss Bobby Lashley and Matt claims Lashley will be in action at an exclusive event he is hosting.

“Total Nonstop Deletion ” and “Spot Monkeys”: Matt discusses an event that will be held on the Hardy Compound on December 15th, 2016 which is not open to the public and entitled “Total Nonstop Deletion.” Matt goes on a rant about the event and states he invited various tag teams from all over the world including the Rock N Roll express who have already been confirmed.

Matt and Ross talk about” Spot Monkeys.” Matt claims it is an epidemic and an “E-DICTION” and that pro wrestling should be “hand to hand combat.” Ross states it is very dangerous and Matt follows up by stating it has shortened careers. Ross jokes and states they should create a “trampoline league” for these ” spot monkeys.”

Ross and Hardy then go back into discussion of the Total Nonstop Deletion event that will air on POP TV. Matt takes the book for this event and states his son King Maxell will make his TV DEBUT. There is a number one contenders match scheduled for the women’s knockout championship as well as a huge tag team extravaganza lined up. Matt follows up by stating Eddie Edwards and James Storm will also be in attendance for TND. Matt feels that the “Broken Universe” has become its own entity within Impact Wrestling and that they will take wrestling back to its “core values” because it has lost its way. Matt claims his “DOME OF DELETION (his home)” is the epicenter of the universe.

Hardy’s Idols: Jim Ross asks “The Broken One” who were his favorite wrestlers growing up. Hardy states that being from North Carolina you couldn’t help but to love Ric Flair and the 4 Horsemen as well as the Rock N Roll express, but also loved the energy and flamboyance of the Macho Man Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels.

TLC/WWE Network: Ross mentions Hardy’s TLC legacy. Matt claims its quite humbling knowing that he along with brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) , Edge and Christian, and the Dudley Boyz made such history and that fans will be able to always go back into time to view such great matches via the WWE Network. Ross states the WWE Network preserves everyone’s work. Matt states that he was once a “spot monkey” but will now bring a different “wrinkle” to the entire pro wrestling industry.

Upcoming Events: Ross and Matt discuss a future road trip to Britain for a WCPW EVENT. Matt claims there were some people that didn’t understand him and his “Broken Brilliance” and he will ” eat them, deplete them, and delete them.” Jim jokes about his BBQ sauce and tells Matt he can get him a deal and then plugs the FITE app again to watch the IPPV Wednesday November 30th (today). Matt claims he will be fighting Bully Ray at the PPV. Ross goes to break.

Interview Resumes: Matt tells everyone where to find him and discusses the WCPW event. Ross jokes with Matt about putting his BBQ sauce on Bubba’s big calves and having Hardy devour it. Jim brings up Tommy Dreamer’s House Of Hardcore event December 16th in Philadelphia and Matt claims he will be facing Dreamer in a steel cage match. Matt promises to “delete him.” Ross does his famous Gordon Solie impersonation about Tommy dreamer.

Matt’s Eye for Talent: JR asks Matt about any particular talent he would like to work with and Matt states that the young bucks are one team he sees a ton of potential in even though they are spot monkeys. Ross jokes and says they have the worlds toughest bandanas. He claims there may be some ” black magic” involved because they can have a whole wrestling match without losing the bandana. Ross and Hardy then joke about different “vessels” Matt has traveled through.

WWE Return/Conclusion of interview: Ross asks Matt would there be a possible Hardy boy return to WWE. Matt claims as long as they meet his demands there is a possibility, but if McMahon tries to double cross him he will “Eat him, then DELETE HIM.” Jim then thanks Matt for his contributions to the business of pro wrestling. Ross brings up the December 15th event “Total Nonstop Deletion” once again and Matt hardy reiterates how important it is to watch this extravaganza and how big the tag team match will be. Matt claims he only wants the best for everyone who is involved in the Impact wrestling organization. Ross asks about brother Nero (Jeff hardy) and Matt claims he is controlling his spot monkey habits and is becoming more “primal.” Ross asks about Matt’s wife and the two conclude there convo.

JR’s Closing Thoughts: Jim closes the podcast by talking about TNA and the TND event in December. He talks about his 2 shows in January and where to find all his products. He discusses his upcoming events and talks a little football. JR concludes by thanking all the fans and sponsors.

Score and Review

Score (8.0): This weeks Ross Report featured two guests which I thought gave it versatility. Ross’s interview with Apter was brief. I thought Matt Hardy’s interview was solid and they touched on various points that fans would be interested in. Matt Hardy remained in character throughout the whole interview which may have been a nuisance for some; especially if you don’t understand his lingo. Ross always comes prepared and I personally enjoyed this weeks episode.

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