John Cena to host NBC’s Saturday Night Live next week, another step toward expanding his fanbase and profile (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

John Cena (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


John Cena will be making another big leap into the mainstream as he hosts Saturday Night Live on Dec. 10. Cena, who has guest hosted NBC’s Today Show and has a good relationship with NBC Universal – the parent company of USA Network – is utilizing that relationship and his name value to expand his fanbase yet again as he builds a foundation for life after the full time grind of life on the road with WWE.

Keller’s Analysis: Cena is really breaking out, and this is not only good for him, but it’s also good for WWE. It sends the message that top stars in WWE are worthy of a prestigious spot as a host of Saturday Night Live. I’m curious how the ratings do, but even more so I’m curious how he comes across. He was so stiff and cardboard in the recently completed season one of “Total Bellas,” but that was Cena “just being himself.” How will he do with a script and playing off of others who are much more polished and experienced at sketch comedy? Being live and being on camera won’t intimidate him in and of itself, but the pressure of being “out of his element” could throw him off. That said, he tends to come off as comfortable in his own skin, almost to a fault sometimes he’s not necessary self-aware of how he comes across sometimes, but he’s shown a comic touch at times. So this will be one to watch as it could be a significant contributor to whether he ends up getting other types of gigs outside of WWE. If he scores big with the audience, it could open even more doors. At 39 years old, he’s much older than The Rock was when Rock left WWE and went into movies, but he’s young enough to really establish a full second chapter of his professional life as a performer.

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