12/11 NXT in Queensland, Australia: Roode & Joe & Revival vs. Nakamura & Dillinger & TM61, Asuka vs. Moon, Tozawa vs. Almas

Bobby Roode (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


DECEMBER 11, 2016

This was the first ever WWE event to be held on the Gold Coast as far as I’m aware. My first Live tour I’ve attended since 2004.

The Gold Coast convention centre was reasonably full except for a few seats tarped off high up.

The merchandise outlet had plenty of shirts, posters, title belts etc for sale. $50 a shirt I thought was pretty over priced but I had too buy a #DIY shirt. As previous reporters from the other shows have stated the title belts were $500 each and I saw plenty getting around the venue. I noticed a hell of a lot kids rocking Shinsuke Nakarmura shirts, a good sign I would think.

A quick note that throughout the whole show whenever the referee would make a ring out count or hold brake count the whole crowd would chant along with a simple “10”.

The show started will a video introduction from Triple H welcoming us to NXT!

(1) Akira Tozawa beat Andrade “Cein” Almas. This was an enjoyable match to start the show with the crowd getting behind Tozawa grunt along with him throughout the match. Almas is great as a heel..

(2) Billie Kay & Peyton Royce defeated Liv Morgan & Alliyah. Billie cut a heel promo on the crowd saying they no longer wanted to be announced from Australia and instead Orlando.. Boos! Crowd wasn’t into this match as much as the previous. The odd Aussie Aussie chant but that was it.

(3) Oney Lorcan pinned Patrick Clark. Speedo chants towards Lorcan. The crowd wasn’t really into him. Patrick Clark did great job playing to the crowd, calling the fans at ringside wankers and making gestures towards them. Purple Rain chants were going on throughout. I really enjoy Clark’s work I hope he gets more time on NXT in the future.

(4) Buddy Murphy beat Elias Sampson. A Wyatt family type thing with everyone’s phones lit up whilst Sampson attempted to sing a song before the match, but didn’t get very far as the crowd were all over him. Most heat of the night. “Delete” chants happened towards the end, which was weird.

(5) #DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tomasso Ciampa) beat Tino Sabatelli & Roddick Moss. #DIY were over with the fans with one of the biggest pops of the night, as like with Nakarmura there were plenty of #DIY shirts in attendance. Very entertaining match.. Tino & Moss played great heels, I thought, and actually make a decent team. I was surprised.

Intermission. I went to grab another beer and, whilst waiting, a Nakarmura sing-along started it was AWESOME!

(6) Bobby Roode defeated Tye Dillinger. The Revival ran in distracted the ref and Roode rolled up Tye. He put his feet on the ropes whilst Dawson held onto this feet. Was an entertaining match with both guys working hard. The crowd was a bit shocked with the ending, though. Both these guys need to be on the main roster.

(7) Asuka pinned Ember Moon. The crowd loved Asuka. She is money. Very entertaining match and probably Match of the Night for me. It was a very stiff and physical match. Hopefully this match can happen on a Takeover event in front of a bigger crowd. After the match there was a “That was awesome” chant. They both hugged and left together.

Time for the main event. The Revival entered first to both cheers and boos.. More so cheers. Followed by Samoa Joe out next.. He is way bigger in real life than I imagined. I was sitting on the isle and just his swagger and attitude walking to the ring was awesome. TM61 then entered to a big ovation, the biggest of all the Aussies for sure. They seem boring, but hopefully can develop into something great. They were then jumped by Joe and the Revival until Tye Dillinger ran out to help and even the odds until Roode join the action and out-numbered the babyfaces, Very loud “Nakarmura” chants and we were then joined by the man himself. That entrance: “HOLY SH*T”

The heels then fled the ring and up the isle, Tye and Miller then challenged them to an eigh-man tag. After being heckled by the fans and myself in the isle they accepted.

(8) Shinsuke Nakarmura & Tye Dillinger & TM61 beat Samoa Joe & Robert Roode & The Revival. This was a very fun and entertaining match. Everyone got a chance to shine and show off except for Joe. He was pretty quiet in this one. The crowd loved all the guys in this match. The Revival trash-talked the ref, the crowd, and the opposition the whole match. Nakarmura has new kick pad boots, which is a slight change to his attire. The match ended with Nakarmura hitting his Kinshasa in Roode for the win. Joe and Roode argued on the way out. The show ended with Nakarmuras signature pose by all four faces in the ring.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The only small thing I hated was some of the crowd chants for various stupid things like “C.M. Punk” and “Ellsworth” was very annoying… Overall, a fantastic night and very good show. Big thumbs up.

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