RAW PRIMER 1/2: What to expect tonight based on what happened last week including Goldberg, Owens, Charlotte, Neville, Braun, more

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch Specialist

Kevin Owens (Photo credit Scott Lunn - @ScottLunn © PWTorch)


JANUARY 2, 2017


The man who conquered the Beast is back. Last time we saw Goldberg he entered himself into the Royal Rumble (like a f@#king boss LOOK OUT SASHA) believing he can muster one more title run out of his newly resurged return to the WWE. Not much else to say on this, for we will probably just get a small promo and maybe some type of squash segment from Bill here which is fine, but I think it would add some necessary intrigue if he went at it with Heyman, or even if an unannounced Brock Lesnar shows up for EPIC STAREDOWN POINT TO MANIA SIGN. Looking forward to seeing the beast-slayer. (Patent Pending goes to me on that one)


Kevin Owens has consistently grabbed our attention, and he grabs our attention at every opportunity. Recently at a house show KO had an argument with a fan about T-shirt royalties while holding down Roman Reigns with a reverse chin-lock. AWESOME. The man is firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to get by Mister Roman without the help of Y2J, and the two are scheduled to fight AGAIN at the Royal Rumble, and to ensure that Jericho doesn’t interfere he’ll be in a shark cage because LOL RAW. We’re literally at the rinse and repeat phase because nothing about this feud can be separated from KO’s feud with Seth Rollins. It’s insane how we are now in 2017 and we’re still being reminded that Roman Reigns can punch a hole in the moon and move mountains with his biceps. I just wish he knew how to carry a belt.

“50/50 booking with a twist of Dana (God help us)”

Last week Charlotte avenged her loss (even though her shoulder was up) by defeating Bayley (even though Dana was the ref) and now the two are even. Sooooooooooo…..is Bayley still the #1 contender? Will their be some type of implication as to who gets a shot at the belt? If there’s a segment that really needs life it’s this one because in Bayley’s first big feud since her call up they’re sure making it look like it’s not as important as Charlotte’s clash with Sasha. The Hugger deserves more.

“All Hail The King”

On the other hand Neville has been pure fire. Every time he touches a mic, or steps into a ring it’s hard to take your eyes off of him. Not only that, but Neville’s story is probably the most interesting in WWE right now: A VERY well liked babyface because of his exciting agility (and adorable accent) who was never appreciated and has decided to forget the fans and focus on himself. It may be a story we have heard before, but the man that gravity forgot has taken it VERY personally. He was hurt by the lack of belief from management, and now he’s going to make them all pay with a heavy dose of PAIN. Last week he took out Perkins. On 205 he took out the champ. He’s gunning for everyone, and I think the target could now be on The Kendrick. Be safe Brian. Also please tell me where you get your leather jackets.

“Last man standing”

Okay I lied. The most interesting story in WWE is the man with the million dollar haircut…Braun Strowman. Braun is still in RAMPAGE mode after his Roadblock match with Sami went past the 10 minute mark giving Zayn the victory (I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE RULES OF WRESTLING SOMETIMES). Last week Braun was taking his frustrations out on Seth Rollins until the Likeable One came out to fight for himself. Tonight, the two will settle the score in a match that we don’t get too often (I think the last one was KO vs. Ambrose at last years RR) a last man standing match. Mick Foley could show up as well since he still hasn’t had his hip-surgery and cheap-pops are his calling card, but hopefully these two are left alone to fight this one out RASSLIN style. I hope Kevin Owens has forgiven Sami Zayn, because there’s a very good chance that this will be the last night of Sami’s life.


Seth still wants Aitch, but is also in a constant rotation of being in the world title scene. One way or another something has to give but I expect Seth to wrestle Chris or KO or both yet again. Man I miss Balor.

Cesaro and Sheamus retained their belts against the New Day and yet they still can’t get a long. Nothing a good pint can’t fix, or possibly new contenders for them to batter.

Nia Jax is mean and Sasha has a broken spirit. Maybe Nia sends a message to the boss by destroying someone on the roster.


The Club and Golden Truth went at it last week (I KNOW I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY JUST GAVE THAT AWAY ON A RAW) because Karl Anderson murdered a toy bear that looked like Dusty Rhodes. Okay now re-read that last sentence.  YUP. That’s where the Club’s at.

All kidding aside, Raw has some work to do for the build to Royal Rumble but there should be some things worth checking out. Will you?

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