12/28 WWE in Nashville, Tenn.: Wyatts joke around with crowd and get cheered, Miz and Ziggler for IC Title in bloody cage match

Randy Orton (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)

DECEMBER 28, 2016

Roughly half full, estimated 5,000 people in attendance. Very good show from beginning to end.

(1) American Alpha won a tag team turmoil match by defeating The Usos (who some people thought were still baby faces), Tyler Breeze & Fandango,  The Ascension, Rhyno & Heath Slater, and The Vaudevillains

(2) Baron Corbin beat Kalisto

(3) Alexa Bliss beat Becky Lynch

(4) James Ellsworth beat Curt Hawkins in about 5 seconds

(5) Dolph Ziggler beat the Miz in a non-title cage match.  Dolph got busted open very early in the 20-plus minute match. This felt like an old school atmosphere with the blood and length of this match.

(6) Nikki Bella beat Natalya

(7) The Wyatt Family beat Jack Swagger & Mojo Rowley & Apollo Crews. Randy Orton was treated as big babyface, as were Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper for that matter. All three were cracking jokes the whole match and they somehow broke the tag rope. Orton decided to just toss it to the crowd.

(8) A.J. Styles beat John Cena and Dean Ambrose in an excellent triple threat match. Styles pinned Ambrose. Everyone got big reactions, although there was just as much Styles merch as Cena.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Disappointed at the light crowd, but this was easily the most enjoyable WWE show I’ve attended in years. Everyone really put in a great effort all night. No return date was announced.

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