Jarrett and Mantell returning to TNA tonight at first tapings of 2017 with new ownership, management (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


Jeff Jarrett, as long rumored, has returned to TNA in a management role now that Dixie Carter’s power has been reduced and a new ownership is in place. TNA tapes television tonight and will air the first episode of the new 2017 season on Pop TV on slight delay. PWInsider first reported the Jarrett confirmation today.

Jarrett worked closely with Dutch Mantell in writing Impact wrestling programs for years, and Mantell is also back in a creative capacity, filling a void left by the departures of Dave Lagana and Billy Corgan.

Jason Powell at ProWrestling.net reports some additional details on what this means to the future of Global Force Wrestling, Jarrett’s fledgling start-up company that’s run some pre-paid shows but not landed a TV clearance as he aimed.

Keller’s Analysis: Mantell is considered a strong fundamental creative mind and has good rapport with Jarrett, so this is no surprise, but a pleasant surprise, for this new chapter in TNA. How TNA and GFW develop, and whether they do so alongside each other as separate entities or eventually one gets absorbed by the other is something to watch. If TNA and GFW ran an “invasion angle,” I could see that being the impetus for a name change finally for TNA. The name GFW would give a fresh start to the Anthem owned company and might cause fans who have written off TNA a reason to give it a fresh look. I’m not a fan of invasion angles in and of themselves because it can come across as just trying to relive magic that happened decades ago, but when well done it can work. We’ll continue to update the role Jarrett is playing in future updates. Check back tonight for coverage of the 2017 season premiere of Impact, with Andrew Soucek covering it for us as regular Impact reporter Mike McMahon has a prior commitment.

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    • Yes they did. Which i’m sure is why Wade said “when well done it can work”. The first GFW invasion also wasn’t influenced by Dutch. So at the very least they shouldn’t repeat the same mistakes if they choose to go back to the well a second time. And if it’s done as a path to rebranding the company, there should be less prejudice involved, and they can do what’s best for the company. Instead of needing TNA to be put over they can potentially book a logical conclusion to the TNA era.

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