TALKING POINTS FROM TALKING SMACK 1/17: Lawler does some of his best work in years, Corbin’s rising star, Wyatt speaks

By Tom Colohue, PWTorch Specialist

Bray Wyatt (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


Talking Smack has quickly become Must See TV. That is very high praise for a Network special that promotes sitting down and talking over wrestling on a wrestling network. It’s smooth, easy viewing that appeals to those who want to know more about what really goes on without ever damaging the overall characters. Every episode gives us a few interesting things that it is definitely with knowing.

I’m Tom Colohue and this is Talking Points From Talking Smack.

Talking Points From Talking Smack

1. Hype Mode Enabled

Talking Smack made very few mentions of the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV, but it sure made a whole big deal about the Royal Rumble.

The Rumble had been in full hype mode for a while now. Ever since Goldberg threw his name in the hat it’s been all anybody wants to talk about. It’s paying off. The hype looks set to deliver on star power alone given the names involved, but Talking Smack was able to add a little more intrigue by pushing the credentials of its mid-card stars. It was a welcome plug to remind everyone that there are 30 wrestlers in the Rumble and a whole lot of them are worthy.

2. Lawler Does The Job

To Dolph Ziggler, as expected, and also to WWE 2K17 and the WWE ringside doctor. This promo was similar to that of Mojo Rawley last week in how true to life it was while at the same time not exploring outside of his established character. He got a few of his trademark jokes but, most importantly, he dedicated time to Dolph Ziggler’s progression as a heel. This was some of Lawler’s best work in years.

3. Corbin Don’t Want No Cake

Is Baron Corbin face or heel? Until this week it seemed fairly certain that he was a heel. Now? I’m not so sure. Corbin gave another in a long line of tremendous promos on Talking Smack, filled with smooth and cutting lines and regaining a lot of his heat from last week’s loss to Cena.

The biggest talking point, though, was his continuing reference to a plan. This felt like the booking team talking more than anything. This served as a reminder once again that Corbin may have lost last week, but he is still a rising star in the company. I might just be falling madly in love with his character.

4. Less Kayfabe By The Week

Talking Smack was initially created to give greater showcase to individual characters on Smackdown. This week we saw attention given to people who needed it. Ziggler needed assistance in cementing his heel turn, Corbin needed to regain heat after last week, and Bray Wyatt needed time to talk again.

Like last week we had some very realistic interviews from people who had real confidence in their characters. Lawler might have stepped in for Ziggler, but it was a fresh approach on something that Ziggler has thus far failed to cement. A lot of very real elements go into every show. The baton was laid down and Raw seem uninterested in picking it up.

5. Bray Wyatt Finally Speaks

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard a good old Bray Wyatt segment. In many ways, it’s a good thing to have had a break. His sermons have been increasingly pointless and preachy and the whole “I am a God” thing really wasn’t working. Recently, though, he’s been taking a backseat to the storyline between Randy Orton and Luke Harper. The cult leader has lost his flock.

In this, Wyatt began on the route to establishing himself as the top dog in his family. If the whole point of the Orton/Wyatt storyline is to elevate Wyatt and Harper, then Wyatt has to get some sort of victory out of this. Reminding everyone that his family work for him is a good way to get the ball rolling.

His voice may have been raspy but he was pleasantly creepy. He seemed so beautifully out of his element.

I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

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