WWE sends Snuka tribute video link to WWE email subscribers this afternoon, doubling down on glorifying the controversial figure (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


WWE sent out an email to their mailing list this afternoon with a link to the Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka tribute video that aired on Monday Night Raw. Considering the controversy behind Snuka, including in the finals weeks of his life where a judge decided not to pursue the his conviction on third-degree murder charges in the death of his girlfriend Nancy Argentina due to his declining health, this decision to send a tribute video graphic and link to the in boxes of their mailing list is a curious decision. The subject line is perhaps most telling of WWE’s message: “Celebrate the life of Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka.”

Says PWTorch reader David Farquharson: “This is utterly shameful! Not only celebrating him on TV but now sending me emails directly to my inbox! A strongly worded email was just sent to WWE.”

Says PWTorch reader Kevin Buckely: “Just got this from WWE. They just won’t quit.”

Says PWTorch reader Michael McGivern: “Wow, they’re really doubling down on the Snuka love. Embarrassing.”

Said others on Twitter: “ugh really” … “uhh ohh…they keep on pushing it” … “they don’t get it”


Keller’s Analysis: As tasteless as it was to go as far as WWE in celebrating the life and career of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka on Monday Night Raw when a lower-key acknowledgement of his death would have been more fitting and less inflammatory, going so far as to now send emails to their mailing list with one-click access to the video package seems perhaps more tone deaf and defiant. Does Vince McMahon think a beautifully edited video package on a man with a documented history of domestic abuse and substance abuse, including being arrested at a hotel disturbance while fending off police naked during the period of time of his descent from rising hot star to troubled crazed time bomb, will override people’s knowledge of his history? Why does McMahon care, of all people who have died, to try to send out this propaganda glorifying a man who should be – for the sake his daughter in their employ and his other family members – allowed to be remembered quietly by his family who maybe grew to see another side of him without WWE prompting outrage by those who feel WWE is telling only part of the story and leaving out this other very important – more important – aspect of his public life – to glorify him as some sort of revered historical figure?

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