Beyond Wrestling owner Drew Cordeiro discusses working with ROH talent, implications of working with FloSlam

PWPonderings issued the following release to PWTorch…
After reports of Beyond Wrestling came out that the promotion was reportedly on an unofficial ban list, Chris GST spoke with Beyond Wrestling owner Drew Cordeiro about these issues on the latest episode of the Newscast.
“When we made arrangements for (The Pretty boy Killers) to be participants on this live event, that was prior to Shane Taylor signing his ROH contract. To the best of my knowledge having spoken with him directly from what he’s been told is that because Beyond Wrestling has a “deal” with FloSlam is that he will only be allowed to forfill his commitments prior to signing his contract with ROH.”
“With that said, we do not have a deal in place with FloSlam.
We don’t have a a deal in place with FloSlam aside from when we do double shots with WWNLive, and our deal is not with FloSlam, it is with WWNLive. “
Drew also stated that he is open to having discussions with Ring of Honor if they choose to reach out to him about talents. Drew stated that it was understandable and that he would understand talents not being able to appear on shows that would be presented on FloSlam. That will not be the case for the majority of Beyond Wrestling shows and so he hopes an open line of communication can be created about this.

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