Interview Highlights: Sean “X Pac” Waltman heaps praise on Cena vs. Styles, remembers Diesel Royal Rumble (w/Video Clips)

X-Pac on X-Pac 1, 2, 360 podcast set


X-Pac on why John Cena is giving the best matches of his career: “The secret sauce was the build up… He [Cena] hasn’t been anywhere close to this good in his entire career and he’s been great.”

“It had nothing to do with the moves. It’s all about the hard work and knowing when to do things… There’s a symbiosis that you just keep feeding off each other and it just keeps getting.. It’s really very difficult to explain to somebody that’s never done it.”

X-Pac believes A.J. Styles may be the best opponent Cena ever had. “A.J. is as good as they get. Like right now It’s his opponent, too, that brought that out of him, Kev. Maybe the best opponent he’s had.”

X-Pac gives unique take on Diesel’s WWF Title Run: “The business was where the business was you can—it doesn’t matter who it was you can have Brett or whoever was had that spot wasn’t going to draw any more than Keven that’s just how it was, so people can say oh it didn’t work, it worked good because and I say this because from when the time they did that to the time Keven dropped the title business was up, business had picked up.”

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