2/10 NXT in Asbury Park, N.Y.: Shinsuke & Kassius Ohno vs. Roode & Almas in main event, plus Asuka vs. Mandy Rose, Young vs. Oney Lorcan

Asuka - NXT show (Photo Credit Scott Lunn @ScottLunn © PWTorch)


FEBRUARY 10, 2017

Lively crowd, mostly adults, but some families here and there. The Hall seats 3,600. I can’t tell if there were that many seats set up, but it was definitely full. I would say there were only a few empty seats.

(1) Aleister Black defeated Steve Cutler. Cutler came out first and got a pop for being announced from New Jersey. He asked the ring announcer to be announced from Orlando, Florida instead. He got on the mic and said something along the lines of “I’m disappointed to be back in New Jersey, I thought Hurricane Sandy would have taken care of this place already.” WOW! Rough way to start the night. Black’s music hit and he got a great pop. Short match, Aleister won with a spinning back kick.

(2) Ember Moon defeated Daria Berenato. Daria also got a pop for being from New Jersey. Good match. I was surprised. Ember won with her Eclipse. After Ember left and her music stopped, Daria got some hometown cheers for her good effort.

(3) Eric Young (w/Nikki Cross) defeated Oney Lorcan. Nikki Cross was over with her craziness. The crowd really loved her and chanted “Let her wrestle.” There was a fun spot with E.Y. doing his version of the Ric Flair flop. Lorcan does a lot of uppercuts for a guy who looks like Cesaro. This was the match of the night, believe it or not. “This is awesome” chants. They went for a good while. There was an insane spot where Lorcan german suplexed E.Y. off the top rope; Young landed on his face. E.Y. won with a wheelbarrow lifted and dropped into an elevated neckbreaker.

(4) Authors of Pain defeated D.I.Y. to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships. No Paul Ellering here. Decent match, I missed the ending sequence but AOP retained.

(5) Tye Dillinger defeated Patrick Clark. Clark came out first in his ridiculous outfit. He removed his top to reveal a Tom Brady jersey underneath. He lied about The Patriots going undefeated in 2007 with a 19-0 record, kind of funny. He was interrupted by Tye Dillinger who came out to huge ten chants of course. Good match, Clark played the annoying heel very well. “Eli Manning” and “You look stupid” chants for him since he kept the Brady jersey on for a while in the match. Tye won it with the Tye Breaker.


(6) Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe defeated Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins. My main takeaway from this match was how big Dain is and how athletic Ford is. Dain botched a spot over the top rope where he was supposed to dump over to the floor but got caught up in the ropes. He then just voluntarily threw himself over and it looked terrible and got some boos. Dain and Wolfe won with a combination powerslam.

(7) Asuka defeated Mandy Rose to retain the NXT Women’s Championship. Good match for what it was. Asuka got a lot of offense in, but I was impressed with how Rose has improved.

(8) Shinsuke Nakamura & Kassius Ohno defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas & NXT Champion Bobby Roode. The entrances of Nakamura and Roode were obviously well received and fans sung along. Good action in the ring. This was the second best match of the night. Shinsuke won it with a Kinshasa on Almas. Nakamura and Ohno posed to Nakamura’s music and the crowd went home happy.

Overall Thoughts: I thought it was a fun house show. I thought Mandy Rose & Daria Berenato wrestled much better than anything I have seen from Billie Kay & Peyton Royce. Patrick Clark was really good heeling it up. D.I.Y. should be on the main roster already. Nakamura and Ohno made for a surprise, fun pairing. Almas seemed out of place in the main event. When he came out, I was surprised to hear Roode’s music after. After the show, I waited outside with a few fans near the NXT bus. Obviously, the guys in the main event were in a rush and didn’t want to stall the talent on the bus with taking autographs or pics. But before they came out, D.I.Y., Angelo Dawkins, and Tye Dillinger all stopped to take autographs and pics. Tye came back out after going into the bus when somebody got word to him that it was someone’s birthday. Nice of him to come back out and take pics with her; she left crying with her night made.

Best match – Eric Young vs. Oney Lorcan
Worst match – Dain & Wolfe vs. Ford & Dawkins
Biggest pop – Shinsuke Nakamura, Tye Dillinger, D.I.Y.
Biggest heat – Patrick Clark, Steve Cutler

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