Rip Rogers and Randy Orton post critiques of “indy style,” other wrestlers respond including Punk, Batista, EC3, Ricochet

By Wade Keller , PWTorch editor

Randy Orton (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


A storm of Tweets has launched a social media debate about pro wrestling’s various in-ring styles. It started yesterday when Rip Rogers posted this on Twitter:

Indy wrestler Daniel Parker has since taken credit for the original message sent to Rip that Rip retweeted.

EC3 current of Impact Wrestling and a WWE Developmental alum, responded by saying: “I wish I wrote this.”

When a fan replied that the match described is better than any match Rogers ever had, Rogers wrote:

“Sorry kid – u have no idea what a match with emotion is… intensity … not a synchronized swimming exhibition.”

He also wrote: “U only have so many bumps on ur bump card – when it’s used up ur done – don’t waste them – learn to get max mileage out of them sell, sell”

Randy Orton retweeted Rogers’ original post and added “…dive.”

Orton then said he “needed to issue an apology” and posted this:

Ricochet posted: “Guys, not everyone is going to like every style of wrestling. Same in any sport or music, movies & pretty much every form of entertainment.”

C.M. Punk responded to Ricochet: “Other will always try to project their own insecurities on you. Happiness is priceless.”

Batista seemingly endorsed Orton’s comments, writing: “That’s my guy!!!”

NOTE: I commented at length about this in last night’s VIP Wade Keller Hotline. Sign up HERE.

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