5/16 WWE 205 LIVE REPORT: Austin Aries vs. T.J. Perkins, Gran Metalik vs. Noam Dar, plus Kendrick, Neville, Fox, Nese, Mustafa Ali

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor


MAY 16, 2017

Announcers: Tom Philips, Corey Graves

JG here. It’s Tuesday night… you know what that means.

Show opens with highlights from Raw’s tag match where Neville and T.J. Perkins defeated Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher, with T.J. scoring the pinfall after the detonation kick. Later that night Neville and his lackey would have a meeting where Perkins wondered when he would get his title shot after all the WINNING he’s been doing. (Trump/Sheen impression.) Neville says that will happen all in due time, but they still have an Austin Aries problem. Neville then says that T.J. will be facing A.A. on 205 Live. (HEY THAT’S THIS SHOW!)

We go live backstage to Dasha who is standing by with Austin Aries. He cuts her off and says that he was an expert journalist and he already knows what she’s going to ask. This launches him into a tirade about how T.J. will never get a title shot because Neville is a liar. He also says that Perkins will not be taking anybody out, because at the end of the day, he’s not at the A-Double level.

“Hail the Crown.” (If this show gets canceled, I will blame this song.)

Tom Philips and Corey Graves immediately put over how vital tonight’s main event is considering it has huge implications on Extreme Rules and who will be getting a shot at the title.

Noam Dar is out for the evenings first matchup. (It’s scheduled for one-fall in case you were wondering.) Accompanying him is his valet ALICCCCIIIIAAAAAA FOXXXXXXX. Philips and Graves remind us that Alicia defeated Sasha Banks as clean as a whistle on Raw last night. (That’s right folks…Satan is real.)

Dar’s opponent is GRAN METALIK. (Hey buddy we missed you!)

Graves reminds us that Metalik is a Lucha-Libre specialist. (I concur.)

(1) Gran Metalik vs. Noam Dar

Tie-up. Metalik forces Dar into the corner but the ref breaks it up. Dar gets a kiss from Foxy and the two tie-up again. Deep arm-drag and dropkick from Metalik which sends Dar to the outside. Metalik goes for a suicide dive but Dar pulls Fox in the way. This allows Dar to roll back in the ring.

Metalik showcases his rope walking precision. Dar gets sent to the outside again and Metalik gets some MASSIVE hangtime with a springboard moonsault. (He’s probably going to lose this match but whatever it’s nice to have him back.)

Alicia Fox distracts Metalik getting back in the ring and Dar takes advantage with a running dropkick sending Metalik to the mats hard. He rolls him in the ring and begins working the arm. European uppercut. Cover but only two. Dar is in full control.

Dar goes for a suplex. Metalik reverses it with a suplex of his own. Dar charges him in the corner but Metalik moves and begins his comeback. Springboard back-elbow. (Seriously this guy flies.) Reverse sling-blade and Metalik gets a two count. He picks Dar up and goes for his finisher but Dar grabs the ropes. He traps Metalik’s leg in the ropes and then penalty kicks it. (Can’t do springboards if your legs hurt FYI.)

Metalik counters another attack with a enziguri. He goes to the top rope, walks it, and hits an elbow drop! Cover but another two. Metalik tries to get fancy but Dar surprises him with another penalty kick to the knee. Shining Wizard and Dar gets the victory. (And no one cares. WONDER WHY.)

WINNER: Noam Dar in 8:00.

Crowd is silent for Dar and Fox in the ring. I would be too.

Commercial break for the United Kingdom Championship special. (Good ole J.R. will be calling it with Nigel!)

Graves and Philips welcome us back. They recall the deep rivalry between Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa. Highlights of their match last week (whick Akira won) including the post match beatdown Kendrick laid down. Next week they’ll be having a street fight!

Dasha is backstage with Brian Kendrick and asks him what are his plans against Tozawa. Kendrick says that a street fight there are no rules, and he will take advantage of all its perks. He says that if Tozawa isn’t careful, next week will be the end of Tozawa’s career at 205 live.

Ad for NXT Takeover Chicago! (Forget not that Fozzy’s song “Judas” is the theme for it. Thanks Y2J.)

Ad for a returning Cedric Alexander. He’ll be back next week!

Tony Nese comes out for matchup #2. He flexes and struts his stuff. Commentary team tell us this will be a rematch with Mustafa Ali from last week’s show.

As Ali comes down to the ring he gets jumped by Drew Gulak. Drew puts a vicious beating on Mustafa, and knocks him out when he bounces his head right off the ring post. He pushes Ali into the ring and holds him down so Nese can hit a running knee. Gulak stands over him with his NO FLY ZONE sign. Looks like no match will be taking place, and sending us to commercial.

Commercial for Backlash hyping Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler. R.I.P. Ziggy.

Backstage Dasha catches up with Rich Swann and says that Noam Dar and Alicia Fox are still looking to get back at him for trying to break them up. Swann says that he’s trying to avoid those psychopaths as much as he can.

Someone tries to deliver Swann a package. He clearly sees that it’s a booby-trap sent by Dar so he gives it to Aryia Daivari. Daivari thinks it is his new $500 sunglasses, but doesn’t feel like opening the box right now. Jack Gallagher walks by and picks up the box but Daivari catches him and calls him a scoundrel for trying to steal his things. Jack says that he doesn’t wish to start anymore of this scoundrel business and walks away. Daivari finally opens the box and it explodes powder in his face. He gets VV upset as his shirt cost $1500 dollars and wrestling has never been stupider than it is right now.

Graves and Philips tell us that Mustafa Ali has been taken to a medical facility in the nearby area.

T.J. Perkins is on his way out and it’s time for the main event.

Austin Aries comes out second. As he walks up the stairs to enter the ring T.J. throws his jacket at Aries face as a taunt. A.A. looks pissed. Now I’m kind of excited.

(2) Austin Aries vs. T.J. Perkins

The bell rings and A.A. throws the jacket right back at Perkins. T.J. rolls outside luring out Aries and they begin fighting at ringside.

Back in the ring both guys exchange blows. Nice sequence sees Aries lock on the Last Chancery early but Perkins immediately breaks the hold and leaves the ring again. Springboard plancha by Aries. He throws Perkins into the barricade.

Aries aggression and focus is full force, but Perkins catches him and wretches his injured left leg over the ropes. Perkins willingly targets the limb as often as he can. In the corner he bends A.A. outside the ring and half-crabs him using the ropes. Aries rolls to the outside, his knee obviously bothering him.

In full control, Perkins wears Aries down but gets surprised with a strike to the chest whilst he was dabbing. Just as Aries about to mount his comeback T.J. dragon-screws the bad leg putting Aries on his back again. (Fans are chanting fire JBL FYI.)

Aries finally starts getting in some offense. He hits an STO, and his signature pendulum elbow. On the second rope he lands an elbow and goes for the pin. Two count. They end up on the apron. Aries goes for an apron neckbreaker, but Perkins blocks it and pushes him to the outside. Cannonball dropkick from Perkins puts Aries on his back hard.

Perkins has Aries in the middle of the ring and he goes for the detonation kick. Blocked. Perkins rolls him up with the tights but A.A. kicks out. Aries hits the neckbreaker off the ropes setting Perkins up perfectly for his suicide dive under the bottom rope. T.J. gets laid out, but A.A. has done more damage to his already destroyed leg.

Aries goes to the top rope. Perkins catches him and they’re both on top. He knocks Perkins down but then misses a missile dropkick. Perkins locks on the knee-bar. He uses the ropes for more momentum but the ref sees that and breaks the hold. Perkins goes for another detonation kick but SOMEHOW A.A. transitions right into the Last Chancery and gets the submission victory.

WINNER: Austin Aries by submission at 14:17

Match is barely over before Neville blindsides Aries and starts beating him down. He stomps the injured leg, and locks on a submission targeting that knee. Jack Gallagher comes out with his umbrella and makes the save. He nails Neville with William the 3rd, and then hits a stiff headbutt. This sends Neville away with T.J. as Jack tends to his friend. In the corner we can see that Aries is in a great deal of pain, but seems very angry and determined to get some revenge. FIN.

JG FINAL ANALYSIS: Skip this show. In fact to be honest, it’s getting hard for me to even sit through this torturous hour anymore. Anything good that happens immediately gets negated by either a segment or an angle that peaks no interest to viewers watching on the network, or to the live audience. Here’s an example. Try to figure this one out. Noam Dar is a very talented worker, but gets zero reaction from the crowd on a weekly basis. (No offense, but it’s true.) Gran Metalik has been on this show twice, and both times has wowed the live audience with his expansive move-set. Metalik is losing to this guy and being wasted on Main Event. Why? Is it because Metalik was still working dates in Mexico and doesn’t speak English very well? Let me tell you something. The guy could say absolutely nothing and it would still be 1,000 times better than the Alicia Fox angle WHICH IS STILL BEING STUFFED DOWN OUR THROATS EVERY WEEK. Drew Gulak beat down Mustafa Ali but again, no one cared, because Gulak’s whole purpose is to stop the 205 roster from high-flying. However, he’s only stopping Ali? Not Perkins? Or I don’t know….EVERY OTHER GUY ON THE ROSTER. The main event was a fine match, but if we can give Aries and Perkins some time away from each other for at least a week that’d be super cool. Honestly, next week’s street fight better deliver, because this was not a good show. Also Neville use to wrestle all the time so make that happen again PLEASE.

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