NEWS QUOTES: The Rock on missing WM33, Kane on a locker room prank gone wrong, Bliss on being a fan, Simmons on today vs. Attitude Era

By Andrew Soucek, PWTorch Specialist

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The following are the latest news items stemming from quotes highlighted at our sister website,, which chronicles what wrestlers are saying on the record on a daily basis, including newsworthy quick quotes and longer detailed written recaps of wrestling-personality-hosted podcasts.

-The Rock was noticeably absent from this year’s WrestleMania. Considering that the event was in Orlando, many fans were expecting him to make an appearance. However, The Great One never appeared, causing some speculation as to what happened. Apparently, it all came down to his filming schedule for his HBO show Ballers. “I was shooting at that time. We were just wrapping up Ballers in LA so I didn’t get a chance to make it.” He also talked briefly about doing improv on the upcoming Baywatch film. Get the full details here: MORE: The Rock reveals why he missed WrestleMania this year, doing improv on Baywatch

-Ron Simmons was asked about the differences between the Attitude Era and today’s WWE product. He seems to have a clear preference for one of them. “Our stuff was settled in the ring and I think people want to see more of that if you ask me. But times change and I am just prejudice towards that era because guys got in the ring and actually wrestled and that is what the people liked to see.” He also went into what it was like teaming with JBL and the anniversary of his historic WCW Heavyweight Championship run. Read more here: MORE: Ron Simmons on what JBL is like outside of the ring, his historic title win, Attitude Era vs. today

-While Kane is usually known to be mild-mannered behind the scenes, he once chased after Christian and threw a chair at him! Kane was lying on the ground in the locker room and Christian started pouring water over his face as a rib. The Big Red Machine did not respond well to this prank. Even though Christian started it, Kane later apologized. Find out about another prank Christian pulled, Kane’s upcoming run for mayor and much more. Check out the full recap: MORE: Ron Simmons on what JBL is like outside of the ring, his historic title win, Attitude Era vs. today

-Alexa Bliss is a lifelong wrestling fan, and so is her grandma. Grandma Bliss was in love with Dusty Rhodes for years and basically thought of him as her on-screen boyfriend. She also used to scare Alexa with tales of The Great Kabuki coming to get her if she didn’t go to bed on time. On Talk Is Jericho, she also covered her bodybuilding career, revealed a couple of past gimmicks she was set to play, the funny reason she couldn’t watch the Attitude Era, and which Raw wrestler is her best friend. Check out the full recap: MORE: Talk Is Jericho w/ Alexa Bliss on what Dusty Rhodes thought her gift was, favorite matches, her grandma scaring her with Great Kabuki stories

-WWE interviewer/host Cathy Kelley was interviewed by Sam Roberts on his most recent podcast. She revealed that she’s only been watching wrestling for about five years. Also, due to a miscommunication in 2015, she almost didn’t get a job at all with the company. Kelley talks with Sam about her favorite match, and some of the big angles she’s discovered over the past couple years. Read the full recap: MORE: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast w/ Cathy Kelley on her favorite match, how she was hired by WWE, if Daniel Bryan will ever wrestle again

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