ROH HITS & MISSES: War Machine, Ferrara, Cheeseburger, Los Ingobernables, Naito, Briscoes, Bully Ray, Castle, Cole, and Page

By Mike Mills, PWTorch Specialist

Jay Lethal (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)



War Machine vs. Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara: The crowd is into this match from the start. This might be a tag match by definition of one but it was really four guys just going at it from the start. On a personal note, I believe War Machine to be the best tag team in the world right now. Sure, there are great teams out there but for my money, if War Machine is on a card in my town they alone are worth the price of admission. War Machine doesn’t disappoint here. I thought for sure the match was over a few minutes in when Cheeseburger takes a back drop from Hanson that Rowe catches Cheeseburger in mid-air and then Rowe plants Cheeseburger with a Powerbomb. However, Cheeseburger kicks out on two and then gets some offense in before giving way to Hanson and Rowe finishing off Cheeseburger. Rowe and Hanson get the win in a short but very entertaining match. After the match, Rowe and Hanson cut a very good promo. Rowe calls out the Young Bucks. Rowe tells the Young Bucks that when he and Hanson look at their shoulders, something is missing (ROH World Tag Team titles). Rowe states to the Young Bucks, “go home, kiss your kids, say your prayers, film your YouTube channel, and YOU’RE NEXT.” I thought this was effective and a fantastic high point to start the show. I am curious to see if this develops further. I certainly hope that it does.

Cody & Christopher Daniels Recap: Ian Riccaboni and Colt announce that at the next PPV, Cody will wrestle Christopher Daniels for the ROH World title. After the announcement, Daniels cuts a promo. Daniels tells Cody at the next PPV, “I will continue the dream (of being ROH World champ) by ending your nightmare.” I say this all the time when talking about Daniels but I believe him to be one of the best wrestlers of this era and one of the most underrated promo guys, at least for people who don’t follow ROH and don’t realize the supreme talent this guy has. Great segment leading up to the PPV in a few weeks. Definitely a hit on this week’s episode.

Hangman Page Promo: Effective Promo from Page here where he talks about taking Adam Cole out of ROH later in the hour. It was short and sweet and to the point. The match has been building for a few weeks so there was no need for anything lengthy here.

Jay Lethal Promo: Lethal cuts a promo talking about the tag match that will take place in two weeks with Lethal & Bobby Fish vs. Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser. I thought this was well placed and effective on the part of Lethal. They’re continuing the story with Lethal, Young, Beer City Bruiser, and Fish who came out to help Lethal last week.

Hangman Page vs. Adam Cole: This match was fantastic. If you’re reading this and are undecided on watching this week’s episode, do yourself a favor and watch it. There is plenty of back and forth with these two. I felt they told a great story with plenty of big bumps sprinkled throughout. I’m certain that many watching this knew the results of this match ahead of time but even if you did I think you would enjoy this one. The finish comes when Page hits Cole with his finisher twice. Page hits Cole with a Right of Passage, a big-time lariat, and then one more Right of Passage. Page hasn’t had enough though after the win because Page then pushes down Todd Sinclair and takes Sinclair’s belt from him and proceeds to whipping Cole with the belt. Fortunately for Cole, Frankie Kazarian comes out for the save and chases of Page. This was a fantastic match and ending to the show.


Los Ingobernables (“King of Darkness” Evil & Bushi & Sanada) & Tetsuya Naito vs. The Briscoes & Bully Ray  & Dalton Castle: I can already see twitter and the comments lighting up like a Christmas tree at my criticism of this. First, this was a very good and entertaining match. Let me repeat, this was a very good and entertaining match. I have no problem with any of the talent or anything that happened in this match. As a matter of fact, I’m a huge supporter and fan of Bully Ray, The Briscoes, and Dalton Castle. I think they’re some of the cream of the crop in ROH and the world. I just don’t get why we have two teams of 6-man champs fighting in an 8-man tag match. Why not showcase the two 6-man tag champs against each other? And then have a singles match with Castle and Naito? Once again, I don’t hate or dislike the actual match. It’s a heck of a match. These 8 guys put on a show that the fans were into. Also, I loved the finish where Jay Briscoe is misted and gets pinned by Naito. Right before Jay was misted, The Boys saved Castle from the misting of Bushi. The Briscoes take issue with Castle at the end of this match because of The Boys seemingly saving Castle. I do realize that it appears the purpose of the 8-man tag, that I complained about above, could’ve been put together to set up something between Jay Briscoe and Castle. I guess time will tell as this develops but for now, I would’ve rather seen a match between the two 6-man champs. Later on in the show, Kevin Kelly does mention that Jay Briscoe is going nuts in the back trying to get after The Boys. Surely that’s a sign that something is coming between The Boys & Castle and either The Briscoes & Bully Ray or maybe even just Jay and Castle. Again, very good match that was extremely entertaining but I would’ve rather have seen the two 6-man champs go at it and a singles match.

Roppongi Vice Promo and The Young Bucks: Roppongi Vice is cutting a promo setting up a match between them and The Young Bucks. The Young Bucks have been attacking Vice lately. As Roppongi Vice are about to exit the promo, they open a door and are superkicked by The Young Bucks. Was the segment terrible? No. But I could’ve done without it.

Final Thoughts: War Machine vs Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara set things off in this week’s ROH in a good way. And we finished with an excellent match with Page vs. Cole. Although I did have a couple of misses, I thought this week’s show was very good overall. Don’t let my misses stop you from watching this week’s episode.

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