6/20 WWE 205 LIVE REPORT: Swann vs. Neville, Gallagher vs. Nese, Ali vs. Gulak, more with Titus and Tozawa

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor


JUNE 20, 2017

Announcers: Vic Joseph, Corey Graves

JG here. And I don’t give a sh*t about your kids. ☺

Show opens backstage with Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann chatting. Swann says that it’s a big night for him because he’s facing Neville in the main event in a non-title affair. Titus O’Neil rolls up and says that Swann could also be represented by the Titus Brand! As long as he does something with his hair of course. Titus brings him a contract and says all Akira needs to do is sign on the dotted line and he’ll be on the brand.

Tozawa doesn’t respond. Titus thinks it’s a negotiating tactic, but it just seems like Akira trying to blow him off. Segment ends when Titus says he’ll come up with a better deal for him on Raw next week. (What? A plug for a cruiserweight story on Raw? STANDING OVATION.)

“Hail the Crown.” Does no one else think this song sucks?

Vic Joseph is back again this week! He and Corey Graves hypes tonight’s card which includes the aforementioned Neville verses Rich Swann, and the (hopeful) blow-off match between Mustafa Ali against Mr. “No Fly Zone” Drew Gulak.

Jack Gallagher is out for the first match of the evening! Highlight of last week’s 205 when Austin Aries announced that he is not medically cleared to wrestle. This brought out Tony Nese to talk some trash and flex! Gallagher came out to defend A.A. and would end up thrashing the premier athlete with the greatest umbrella of all time, William the 3rd.

Tony Nese comes out. Vic Joseph says he asked Nese in an interview how many sit-ups he does a day, to which Nese apparently responded, ALL OF THEM.

Bell rings and we’re underway.

(1) Tony Nese vs. Jack Gallagher

Tie-up. Nese forces Jack into the ropes, breaks the hold, and then flexs. (Well that didn’t take long.) Nese Irish-whips Jack into the corner but Jack lands his headstand spot and kicks Nese in the face.

We see that Austin Aries is watching this matchup on a television eating his trusty banana.

Nese lands a vicious lariat to the back of Jack’s head during a wrist-lock. He hangs him on the turnbuckle for a tree-of-woe. He then bicycle kicks Jack multiple times WHILST doing sit-ups. Corey loves it, and then yells at Joseph for not showing the proper respect to the premier athlete.

Jack begins his comeback. Two dropkicks and a butterfly-suplex. Jack transitions right into a cover but only a two. Back on their feet and Jack surprises Nese with his signature headbutt. Nese rolls to the ropes though so Jack can’t go for a cover. Nese tries for the springboard moonsault but Jack moves. Jack has him set up for his finishing dropkick but Nese tells the ref he’s injured. While Jack is distracted Nese tosses Jack into the corner and hits a running knee for the victory.

WINNER: Tony Nese in 5:56

Graves is amped for how brilliant Tony’s strategy was. Joseph on the other-hand believes it was a cheap move. (I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.)

Backstage Noam Dar is facetiming with Alicia Fox. Noam thinks they should just leave Cedric alone. Cedric rolls up behind him and explains, ONCE AGAIN, that he’s been over both of them and has already moved on. Alicia screams on the phone saying it’s over when she says it’s over. Noam jumps in and claims that Cedric should just leave 205 Live. Cedric laughs at the thought, and reminds Noam that he’s defeated him twice already. Noam then makes a joke about Cedric having to fetch his bag out of the water. Cedric walks off-camera and returns with said bag and tells Noam that he’s a weirdo.

Confused, Noam asks Alicia what Cedric’s bag looked ike again since he threw out a golden suitcase. Ariya Daivari enters frantically. “Noam, have you see my bag? My father bought it for me! It cost $15,000!” Noam silently leaves while Ariya tears the dressing room apart looking for it. (The crowd did not respond to this, but I thought it was pretty funny.)

Commercial break hyping Monday Night Raw, and another appearance by Brock Lesnar.

Talking Smack will feature Carmella, Ellsworth, and the New Day.

Back from break and Corey Graves and Joseph discuss the controversy in the blue brands women’s division regarding the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Video package highlighting the rivalry between Mustafa Ali and Drew Gulak. Long story short, this video package is MUCH better than the actual feud has been. Both these guys are 10,000 % better than this stupidity. But alas, the video ends and the BIG MATCH is underway.

Mustafa Ali comes out first to a very mild reaction. (Got to love these tired SD crowds. Unbelievable.) Drew Gulak comes out next to even more silence. Gulak shouts more of his ideology on his ground based offense. He says no one wants to see his inverted-450 splash, but instead a wristlock! He then asks if him and Ali could work together and declare this match a No-Fly-Zone.

As soon as Drew gets in the ring Ali dropkicks him out, and then hits a springboard plancha onto Drew. He strikes him repeatedly with closed fists and throws him in the ring so the match can officially get started.

(2) Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

They trade strikes. Moonsault by Ali off the turnbuckle right into a cover, but only two. Gulak picks up Ali and puts him on the top rope and then pushes him over to the floor. Ali landed on his shoulder and looks to be hurt. (Kayfabe.)

Back in the ring, Gulak works the injured shoulder. He wears him down with rest holds including an octopus stretch. To the corner Gulak wretches Ali’s arm over the ring ropes. Graves says that nobody is better at joint manipulation than Drew Gulak. (Pete Dunne and Corey Graves feud imminent.)

Ali starts mounting a comeback. He reveres an Irish-Whip and catches Gulak with a crescent kick. Roll-through Neckbreaker. Ali goes to the second rope but Gulak catches him and sets up for a submission. Ali counters and rolls Gulak up for the victory.

WINNER: Mustafa Ali in 5:02

Drew looks completely stunned. Commentary team puts over how Ali beat him with a ground base attack. (It’s insane how much I don’t care.)

Backstage Jack Gallagher runs into Austin Aries. He says he watched Jack’s match, and that he thought he performed well, but that eventually they need to start cutting corners much like Neville does in order to further succeed in the division. Jack doesn’t feel comfortable with that. Aries says it’s something to think about, but in the meantime they can continue to watch each others backs. They shake hands and an alliance is official.

Highlights of Neville’s attack on Rich Swann are shown. “How many pretenders?” Neville asks. (Good question.)

Cut to backstage where Swann is walking to the ring. T.J.P. walks up. He says he’s been thinking a lot about what Swann told him last week, and that he doesn’t appreciate Swann trying to get in his head especially before his title match last week. Swann apologizes and says that wasn’t his intent. He’s known T.J. for a long time and that he just wants to see his old friend succeed. T.J. nods and says that he wants Swann to stay focused, because tonight it is his opportunity.

Corey Graves remind us that Seth Rollin is on the cover of 2K18. (That’s cool but can we just watch the trailer again.)

WOW. Literally as I typed that Corey says we’re gonna see it!

2K18 trailer plays and if you haven’t seen this thing you are missing out. Even if you don’t like video games, this is a true work of beauty.

Back to the action and a ring announcer tells us that Akira Tozawa will be sitting ringside to watch the main event, courtesy of the Titus Brand. His seat includes a purple velvet rope, a soda, popcorn, a hot dog, and a soft pretzel. (NICE.)

Neville comes out first. He methodically drags his cruiserweight championship, almost as if carrying it means nothing to him anymore since he constantly defeats anyone who gets in his way. He immediately gets up in Tozawa’s face.

Rich Swann comes out next. He comes out his dancing self like he always does, but that may mean that he’s not ready to be on the Neville-level.

I take that back. He doesn’t dance for long, gets in the ring, removes his jacket, and looks amped.

(3) Rich Swann vs. Neville

Swann explodes with strikes sending Neville to the outside. Neville flees the ring and Swann chases him. Neville slides right back in and catches Swann in a headlock as he comes back in. Swann escapes, lands a dropkick, and snatches on his own headlock.

Both men trade shoulder bumps. Neville talks a little trash and Swann responds with another dropkick. Neville again continues to flee from Swann as to not give him any momentum. He surprises him with a clothesline.

Superplex attempt by Neville but Swann blocks it pushing Neville off. Neville lands on his feet! Swann jumps over him. Enziguri. To the outside and Tope Con Hilo from Swann! (Damn these guys are moving fast.)

Back in the ring and Swann poses at Neville, proving that he can indeed be on the same level as the champ. This obviously upsets the king. Swann goes for a rolling-thunder frog-splash but Neville gets the knees up. Dropkick sends Swann to the outside. Neville follows and starts tossing Swann into every barricade.

Back in the ring Swann tries to regain the advantage with strikes. AGAIN Neville rolls the outside and catches Swann chasing him with a flapjack onto the announce table. He throws Swann back in and slowly climbs the top rope setting up for his signature missile dropkick. Swann falls back down before Neville can attempt the move.

Neville grabs Swann’s hair and Swann looks PISSED AF. He hits a stiff superkick. He starts unloading strikes onto Neville and then nearly decapitates the king with a crescent kick to the head. He goes for a cover but only two. (This is awesome chants start.)

In control Swann is pulling out every move he can to put Neville down. Modified Michinoku driver. Cover but only two. Swann goes for the Phoenix Splash but Neville moves! Neville transitions right into the Rings of Saturn. Swann holds on for as long as he can, but eventually submits.

WINNER: Neville by submission in just under 10 minutes.

As soon as the bell rings Neville goes to the corner closest to Tozawa and stares him down. Akira stares back, not intimidated at all. Graves says that it appears Akira is now Neville’s target, and that’s not where anyone wants to be. Show ends.

JG FINAL ANALYSIS: End to end fairly decent. It’s a rarity that Raw, SD, and 205 have shows that compliment each other, and this week the WWE Universe felt more connected as a whole than it has on a long time. Great main event which awoke another silent crowd, and made Neville and Swann both look fantastic by the end. Kudos to Vic Joseph, who tried his very best to sell the feud between Ali and Gulak even though its intentions were met with silence. Graves continues to improve upon his game as well, and has shown that he can truly be a great color-man with anyone the WWE pairs him with. Storylines were furthered, and alliances seem are being made which makes me think that the division may have some type of prepared path in it’s future. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing though.

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