NEWS QUOTES: Daniel Bryan says he plans to wrestle again, who really came up with The Rock third-person references, Impact HOF, Jinder

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-On “Something to Wrestle With,” Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson had an in-depth look at the career of Vince Russo in the WWF. Prichard spent quite a bit of time debunking some of the former head writer’s claims. One of the more interesting moments of the show was in regards to who created The Rock’s third-person promos. Prichard did not recall it being a Russo concept: “That’s a bald-faced lie,” Prichard said. “Rocky Maivia had been out with a knee injury and, right before he’d been gone, people had been chanting ‘Die, Rocky, Die’, ‘Rocky Sucks’ and so on and so forth. Well, he’s coming back and Russo didn’t really have anything for him and came into my office and said, ‘You got any ideas for Rocky Maivia?’ I said ‘Yeah, turn him heel and put him with The Nation.’ He said, ‘But he’s not black’ and I said, ‘He’s black Samoan. Give him the microphone and let him cut a damn promo.’ About the same time, I’d pitched the same idea to Jim Ross. He comes up with the idea of cutting a Deion Sanders promo where he would talk about ‘Deion says he’s going to have a good game this week and Deion says that he’s going to run all over so and so.’ And J.R. says ‘Well, god**m, Rocky should just talk about how The Rock says this, The Rock says that. Refer to himself in the third person.’ I’m the one that called Rock and pitched him the idea of coming back as a heel, with Jim Ross in the room, and him pitching the third person, calling himself The Rock.” Prichard also gave insight into DX’s invasion of Monday Nitro. Read the full story here: MORE: Bruce Prichard explains how the DX Invasion unfolded, who inspired The Rock’s third-person persona”

-With only a couple weeks left before Slammiversary, Impact has still not announced who the next inductee into their Hall of Fame will be. In an interview with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, James Storm shot down rumors that it was going to be him. He also offered up a few interesting choices for induction. “No. I am not going in,” Storm said. “I can tell you that. I have haven’t been contacted and nobody has asked me, so to me that is really not going to be happening. People that need to go into the Hall of Fame are people who are really not doing much stuff or not active anymore. Maybe put somebody in there like Jerry Jarrett who actually helped start the company and people can say what they want to say, but I wouldn’t mind if they put Dixie Carter in there. About six months ago I did an interview and I said that Wolfie D needs to go in there because a lot of people don’t realize how much guys like Brian Lee and Wolfie did for guys like me and Chris (Harris) and Daniels and A.J. and all the guys from back in the day because they had already been there and done it. They were grooming us to expect fame and how to go along with it and how to handle it. I’d say the New Church has to go in and they’ve got my vote.” Storm also talked about Bobby Roode’s success in NXT and the changes in Impact management. Check out the full story: MORE: James Storm on the changes in Impact management, Bobby Roode’s success in NXT, his picks for the Hall of Fame

-Daniel Bryan is apparently still planning on getting back into a wrestling ring. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he expressed his desire to one day compete once more. “I’m working on it,” Bryan said. “Wrestling is more of a creative outlet, and especially for somebody like me, I view it as my creative outlet. Not all WWE superstars and not all wrestlers view it that way, but that’s how I view it and that’s one of the ways my mind works creatively.” Get the full details here: MORE: Daniel Bryan “working on” getting back into the ring, his relationship with C.M. Punk, NXT wrestlers he wants on the main roster

-After Jinder Mahal was released from WWE a couple of years ago, he was apparently looking into branching outside of the business to make a living. Surprisingly, one of his potential ideas was to open up a Subway, as he revealed to Metro. “I was exploring other options, other businesses,” Mahal said. “I was, in fact, going to open up a Subway franchise, but I decided I’m too young, I’m not even in my prime yet, and if I give this my all, give it my best one more time, I could make it top the top. Which I did, I gave it my all, and now I’m WWE Champion.” Mahal also talked about being featured in the Andre the Giant battle royal and if getting in better shape has helped with his push. Get the full details: MORE: Jinder Mahal on nearly opening up a Subway, if getting in shape has helped his push, how to establish himself as WWE Champion

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