MCMAHON’S IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 6/29: Final build to Slammiversary with huge eight-man main event

By Mike McMahon, PWTorch contributor


June 29, 2017
From Mumbai, India (Film City)
Aired on Pop TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews & Jeremy Borash

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— Impact opened with the signature credit and then a recap of the tapings in Mumbai thus far. Konnan said that Impact wants this show to be historic. A clip of Jeff Jarrett asking Don West to commentate was shown. Karen Jarrett said there will be surprises at Slammiversary. Lashley said a lot of things have gone on with Impact. Low Ki said that Impact is hitting a milestone but the matches will sell the show. El Patron said he would get what was his at Slammiversary. Scott Steiner said he was looking forward to putting his through someone’s throat. ECIII said he was looking forward to extinguishing a ghost from the past in James Storm. Eddie Edwards said that people will be talking about this upcoming Slammiversary for ages.

— The Impact intro aired with the same Indian-themed music it has used for the last three weeks.

— In-arena: Josh Mathews welcomed us to the show and plugged Slammiversary. Mathews said there were contract signings for four matches earlier tonight, before they went on the air, and they threw to a recap video of Jeremy Borash hosting the contract signing in the ring. The contract signings included Rosemary vs. Sienna, Davey Richards & Angelina Love vs. Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards (security was in the ring for this signing). Richards told Eddie to kill him now, because he would bury him with his wife at Slammiversary. The next signing was ECIII vs. James Storm in a strap match. Storm and ECIII were pulled apart and Bruch Prichard yelled for everyone to be professional, and then both men signed. ECIII said that he lashed out so that everyone can feel the one emotion he has left, and that’s disgust. El Patron and Lashley signed for the title unification match. Lashley said all the talking was over. El Patron wanted to fight there tonight, in India. El Patron then tossed the table aside and everyone was ready to fight. So, of course, Prichard booked an eight-man, adding Kongo Kong to the heel team and adding Mahabali Shera to the babyface team.

(McMahon’s Analysis: Interesting video package of all the contract signings. It felt like they were trying to harness some of the hype that UFC generates from its weigh-in events. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards stayed at the table while the other matches signed their contracts, and they never broke character, staring each other down for every minutes while everyone else signed their matches. The women left, for some reason. Then, because it’s a pro-wrestling contract signing, they needed to almost brawl and an eight-man tag was booked for later in the show. So once again, Bruce Prichard began a broadcast of Impact Wrestling without a main event booked. Seems a little weird that you would have this nationally-televised show and NOT have a main event booked just a couple of hours before it would be set to air).

— Kongo Kong was shown walking through the streets of Mumbai earlier today.

— Backstage: Swoggle was getting ready for a Mumbai Street Fight against Rockstar Spud. Then a clip of Spud taking up his wrists were shown.

— Borash and Mathews were shown in front of the Impact/Sony Six banner. Mathews taunted Borash and said he looked scared about Sunday. Borash said he wasn’t afraid, he was annoyed because he needed to be that close to Mathews.

— A video package aired on Low Ki vs. Sonjay Dutt. Dutt was then shown celebrating in the streets in Mumbai and celebrating on the show last week, with Low Ki challenging him for Slammiversary.

(McMahon’s Analysis: So far, this feels like the last SmackDown before WrestleMania back when the show was pre-recorded and on Friday nights. It’s heavy on video packages with not much new content. But that’s OK. They’re hyping the pay-per-view, which is what they should be doing).


Mathews plugged that Impact has “one billion views on YouTube.” Borash and Mathews again hyped social media. Mathews said that he has over one billion followers. That’s entertainment, folks! Meanwhile, the match that the announcers weren’t talking about saw Dutt hit Lee with a hurricanrana for a two count. Sydal tagged in and began working over Lee.

Back from a commercial, Low Ki and Sydal are going back and forth and Low Ki hit a double stomp for a two count. Lee and Dutt both tagged in and Lee hit Dutt with a big forearm, which allowed him to re-tag Low Ki. Low Ki attacked Sydal on the apron which caused a referee distraction and Low Ki and Lee double-teamed Dutt. Sydal hit Low Ki with flying double knees off the top. Sydal hit another standing knee for a two count. Dutt dove on Low Ki on the outside, which allowed Sydal to hit a shooting star press for the win.

WINNER: Matt Sydal & Low Ki in 14:00.

(McMahon’s Analysis: Neither Low Ki or Dutt involved in the finish but they teased a lot heading into Slammiversary, and Dutt’s dive at the end did lead to the finish. It was a fine television match, but nothing all that special).

— A video package on DeAngelo Williams training for his match tagging with Moose at Slammiversary were shown.

(McMahon’s Analysis: Another strong video package. He talked about being introduced to wrestling as a kid and it showed how serious Williams was taking wrestling this Sunday. Celebrity use in pro wrestling doesn’t always work, in fact in most cases, it doesn’t work. But I have a feeling this is going to be different. Williams is a legit athlete, coming from the NFL, and he looks believable in his training. I’m also a fan of how they show him talking about why he wants to do this. He comes across very genuine in his appreciation for wrestling).


Mathews said that the Mumbai Cats, who are masked and wearing full bodysuits, have held tag titles on every continent. They have been shown in some backstage segments throughout the last few weeks during the India tapings. Mathews said that the names at Felix and Sylvester. Drake hit a diving shoulder tackle. Mathews and Borash talked about the KT tape that Adonis has on his shoulder, and wondered if the injury would come into play on Sunday. Mathews said that Adonis wasn’t letting on what was wrong with his shoulder. Drake covered one of the Cats but pulled him up before three so the match would continue. Eli then hit an Eli Drop for the win.

WINNERS: Eli Drake & Chris Adonis in 3:00.

(McMahon’s Analysis: Not sure how I feel about the inclusion of the “Mumbai Cats” here. They were used to put Adonis and Drake over, which was fine, and it doesn’t hurt anyone else on the roster because whoever was portraying the characters was under a mask and we’ll never know. But they teased the Mumbai Cats a handful of times over the last four episodes, and for it to build to a squash match, which doesn’t reveal their identity, seems pointless. Adonis and Drake looked good as a team, though. There’s something about their styles that gel nicely. I hope they keep this duo together for a bit, because it feels like it has some legs).

— A short video clip of King Mo training was shown, and Mathews said that King Mo would be in Lashley’s corner on Sunday. Mathews said that El Patron is bringing his dad, Dos Caras.

(3) SWOGGLE vs. ROCKSTAR SPUD – Mumbai Street Fight

They found a little person referee for the match. Borash said his name was Sonu Kumar. Spud and Swoggle brawled at ringside to begin the match, with Swoggle blinding Spud after throwing colored chalk in his face. Swoggle threw golf balls at Spud. Spud came back by throwing a garbage can at Swoggle. Spud grabbed the mic and said he had a message for Swoggle, as he kicked him in the corner. Spud said that this is a big man’s business. Spud said that he hates Swoggle, and so do the other wrestlers, the fans and the internet. Spud then said he meant to pull Swoggle’s pants down, and Swoggle fired back with a slap but Spud came back with boots and punches to the head. The referee broke up the punches twice (despite it being a street fight). Spud shoved Kumar and Kumar shoved Spud. Spud pulled Kumar’s pants off. Kumar hit a spear. Spud choked Kumar in the corner and Swoggle pulled Spud’s pants down. Swoggle put Spud on his shoulders and Kumar hit a dive off the top for a Doomsday Device. Swoggle put Spud on his shoulders and drove him through a table on the outside for the win.

WINNER: Swoggle in 6:00.

After the match, Kumar danced and celebrated with Swoggle.

(McMahon’s Analysis: There are no words for what we all just witnessed. The referee, in a No DQ match, was threatening to DQ a wrestler, and then the referee got involved in fighting one of the wrestlers. It’s find to let it go, because I think this was supposed to be a comedy segment, but nah. I actually thought the match was fine with its aggressiveness at the beginning, but as soon as Kumar got involved by breaking up punches — again, in a No DQ match — and then to have the referee get involved in the match itself, made the segment go from fine to ridiculous). 

— A clip of Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park training was shown. Borash asked Park to find his “inner monster” for Slammiversary, and gave him an Abyss action figure.

— A video package hyping the main event for Slammiversary was shown. El Patron said he wanted to win on Sunday for his kids. He talked about his dad, who will be in his corner on Sunday.


Everyone brawled to begin the match, with things finally underway between Allie and LVN. The men quickly tagged in. Rosemary tagged in against LVN and went for a cover but Sienna broke it up. After that, all six were in the ring with Allie-LVN, Sienna-Rosemary and KM-Sutter all battling. Sutter dove on KM on the outside. LVN dropped Rosemary but Allie came back with a death valley driver. Sutter kicked Allie in the midsection to cut off the offense. Rosemary spit mist in LVN’s face. Allie hit Sienna with a Codebreaker and Rosemary hit LVN with a Red Wedding for the win.

WINNER: Rosemary, Allie & Braxton Sutter in 4:00.

After the match, Allie hugged Rosemary and jumped away quickly. Rosemary patted them both on the head but Sienna celebrated with her GFW Women’s Title on the ramp.

(McMahon’s Analysis: Good match that gave Rosemary her win back).

— Another video package with Park and Borash aired. Park wondered what it meant to find his inner monster? Clips of Abyss were shown throughout the package. Park pulled out Janice and said that Abyss told him not to be afraid to rely on old friends. Mathews said if they used Janice on Sunday, they would be disqualified. Borash said that Mathews must have not read the contract closely.

(McMahon’s Analysis: If this is leading up to Abyss returning as a babyface, then it’s smart and really well done. Instead of turning Abyss babyface coming out of Decay, to have him go back into the Joseph Park character, but then bring Abyss back in order to protect J.B. is a clever way to do it from a storyline perspective. He’s protecting J.B., which is why he’s the babyface, as opposed to just turning without explanation. If this is the payoff, it also makes more sense why Joseph Park was so afraid of Scott Steiner when he debuted last month. Abyss isn’t afraid of Steiner, but Park was). 

— Mathews and Borash ran down all of the matches at Slammiversary on Sunday and then another video package on El Patron vs. Lashley aired.


Shera came out first for his team and he was immediately jumped by his four opponents. The bell did not ring yet, and none of Shera’s teammates ran in for the save while Richards blasted him with a chair and Kong hit a dive in the corner. Richards hit a double stomp with a chair on his chest. Mathews said that the locker rooms were spread out, which is why none of Shera’s partners came down. Finally, El Patron’s music played and the other three teammates came to the ring.

Back from a break, it was shown that Shera was led backstage by medical people and the match began. Storm and ECIII were tied up in the corner. Storm hit a clothesline for a one count. Patron hit ECIII with a kick for a two count. The teams traded tags and some pin attempts. ECIII hit Edwards with a clothesline.

Back from a commercial break, Lashley clotheslined Edwards. Kong tagged in and went to splash Edwards but he moved. The teams began brawling on the outside. Edwards hit a double-hurricanrana on ECIII and Richards. Shera came back to the ring and took the hot tag. Shera clotheslined Richards and ECIII but he was soon double-taemed by both. Shera came back with a double clothesline. Shera took a boot from Lashley. Shera picked up Lashley and hit a Death Valley Driver. Kong came into the ring but missed a splash in the corner. Shera scoop slammed Kong and covered him for a two count. El Patron tagged in and clipped Lashley’s knee, hitting a superkick. Shera and El Patron double-teamed Kong, putting him on the second turnbuckle. El Patron hit a double foot stomp on Kong and scored the pin.

WINNER: Alberto El Patron, Mahabali Shera, Eddie Edwards & James Storm in 19:00.

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  1. I will continue to mention this every time you bring it up about a Main Event not being booked, WWE does it often. How often did Teddy Long do the same book a six man tag on the fly. Until next week when you and I bring this up again. 🙂 Btw, I do agree it is lazy booking and one thing I do not like about the current state of wrestling. WCW seemed to do this often.

  2. I liked the Mumbai Cats. I don’t think revealing two unknown Indian wrestlers would have done much. Not many would have known who they are anyway. I wish they would have gotten a little more offense in though.

    The Mumbai Street fight or whatever it was….agreed….not real good.

    I did like Matthews saying he has 2 billion Twitter followers. WWE comes up with all the “did you know facts” that are mostly lame. So, I love when he does this sort of thing. Also referring to the Matthewstron was classic. It’s not a Matthewstron or a Titantron, its a Jumbo Tron. 🙂 So it was no more silly than the WWE pretending they invented it.

  3. This the first time I’ve seen anyone complain about Bruce Prichard not having a main event booked before the show. A lot of times RAW doesn’t have one either,they end with an interview or some other “entertainment” angle.

  4. Brian,

    That’s a good point. WWE often doesn’t even have a main event. We get a contract signing or some sort of squash match that leads to an angle. Or the revealing of a major “surprise” that often does not deliver.

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