NXT TV REPORT 8/16: Drew McIntyre vs. Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot vs. Billie Kay, Street Prophets, Regal hosts Moon-Asuka singing

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 16, 2017

[Q1] No pre-credits video package this week. The main event is Roderick Strong facing Drew McIntyre to see if Strong gets to face Bobby Roode after Takeover. It is not entirely sure if that will be a title match or not.

Ruby Riot is booked to face Billie Kay tonight.

William Regal is in the ring with a contract signing table. He brings out Ember Moon, then Asuka. A bit of a different presentation for Asuka, she is coming out in a dress when usually she wears jeans or a suit for the contract signings. Moon says that Asuka is one of the most dominant champions in NXT… no, WWE. Asuka has even passed Goldberg’s streak. A chant for Asuka breaks out and she soaks it up. Moon notes that the only time Asuka has taken a shortcut was against her, first by shoving a ref, and later by hitting Moon from behind and injuring her. Moon won’t be a victim and is better than ever, and it is because of Asuka’s shortcuts. Moon says she will win at Takeover, break the undefeated streak, and become the next NXT women’s champion. She signs the contract. No words from Asuka, she just signs, then Regal does too. Regal makes it offical. Asuka grabs the mic and unleashes a barage of Japanese on Moon, then holds the belt up in her face.

Street Profits vignette announce that they are next.

“Earlier today” in Regal’s office. Lars Sullivan comes in, vowing to be well behaved if he gets another tag team match. Regal reminds Sullivan that his partner could lose, and he doesn’t need Sullivan beating up another partner. Sullivan sounds remorseful. Regal allows him one more shot. Out come Street Profits. Sullivan is out with Chris Silvio. Nigel McGuinness puts over Silvio as a “nice kid”.



Silvio gets run over by Dawkins fresh out of the bell, Ford runs into the vrowd to celebrate. Sullivan is trying to not lose his temper. Tag to Ford, basement dropkick from Ford, Splash from Dawkins. Silvio gets boots up in the corner, but Ford prevents the tag. Ford just cheapshots Sullivan, but Sullivan shrugs it off and manages to keep his temper. Popup spinebuster from Dawkins, frog splash from Ford, match is over. Sullivan is steaming.

WINNERS: Street Profits in 1:39. Good match to put over the Street Profits, and continue to story with Sullivan. Weird that Ford made himself look like a heel for trying to ambush Sullivan unprovoked.

Post-match, Street Profits back away in a hurry afraid to see what Sullivan will do. The ref is checking on Silvio. Sullivan makes his way into the ring to a “Lars is gonna kill you” chant. The ref leaves. Sullivan is fuming, then goes out of the ring to carry Silvio over his shoulder. Sullivan carries Silvio to the back, but strangely, not up the ramp.

Announcers want to throw to break, but then the cut to Sullivan taking Silvio outside. Sullivan beats up Silvio in a lunch area outside the area, and throws him in a trash bin. Mauro Ranallo tells us this is within the limits of his promise to Regal, because he only promised to not beat up his partner in the ring.

Recap of last week, when Billie Kay and Peyton Royce had their makeup tips video go wrong because Ruby Riot walked behind them.

(2) RUBY RIOT vs. BILLIE KAY (w/Peyton Royce)

New ring gear for Kay, a two piece outfit instead of her previous leotard. Kay avoids a lockup and pals around with Royce. Royce tries to trip Riot, but Riot avoids in and tries a trip of quick covers. She mocks Kay’s mannerisms. Very clumsy sunset flip from Riot for one. Kay starts to dominate the match. Kay is showing off a number of moves we have never seen from her before. Riot fights out of a hold and delivers kicks then a dropkick. Weird sequence in the corner, ending with Riot pushing Kay’s face into the turnbuckle. Riot kicks Royce off the apron. Kay tries to take advantage of the distraction, but Riot hits a Pele kick for the win.

WINNER: Ruby Riot in 4:08. This match had a few clunky moments in it. Kay is definitely working on stepping her game up. Riot hits the ropes light and seemed to be the cause of the clunky spots, in particular the bad sunset flip.

[Q3] Post-match, Royce gets a mic and cuts Riot down, calling her win a flike. Riot will never be “iconic”.

Quick rundown of the Takeover card.

Video package on the NXT Tag Team Title match scheduled for Takeover. This match is so poorly set up. I cannot understand what exactly Sanity did to deserve a title shot.

(3) RODERICK STRONG vs. DREW MCINTYRE – Strong gets a future match against Bobby Roode if he wins

Lockup and the larger McIntyre easily backs Strong into the corner. McIntyre welcomes Strong back into the middle of the ring. Waistlock and McIntyre throws Strong to the mat. Strong with some attempts at offence, leaping leg lariat takes McIntyre down. McIntyre catches Strong with a surprise boot, then picks Strong off the ground and throws him. Dropkick takes McIntyre down, and a low dropkick sends him to the outside. The trade blows outside until Strong drives McIntyre into the apron. Strong leaps at McIntyre, McIntyre dodges and throws Strong into the ringpost while he is in mid-air. They fight on the apron. Enziguri from Strong, and then a back breaker onto the apron. Strong rolls into the ring as the ref checks on McIntyre.

[ Break ]

[Q4] Strong is beating on McIntyre out of the break, and delivering kicks in the corner. McIntrye sells pain. Backbreaker gets two, and Strong moves to an abdominal stretch. McIntyre gets to his feet but takes knees and rights. McIntyre tries to fight out of the corner but Strong is highly motivated. McIntyre sounds like he is about to puke his guts up as Strong stomps on him. McIntyre finally lands a clothesline to get himself a short break, but Strong gets a foot up in the corner. Belly to belly throw from McIntyre buys him another reset.

They trade forearms as they recover, but McIntyre gets the better of it. The ref has to pry McIntyre off Strong. McIntyre to the top for a single ax handle. Reverse Alabama Slam gets McIntyre two and a half. McIntyre calls for the Claymore, but Strong has a leaping knee to meet him. Strong lands another backbreaker for a nearfall. McIntyre sells his back and struggles to the corner. Enziguri, Strong to the top, but McIntyre has a headbutt for him. McIntyre sets Strong up top, thinks superplex. Strong crotches him, pushes McIntyre into a Tree of Woe, McIntyre sits up, Strong punches him down, Bobby Roode shows up out of nowhere to attack the two of them for a No Contest.

WINNER: No Contest in 10:09. Really strong match here, marred only by the feeling that an interferance by Roode was a strong possibility. I feel a Triple Threat coming on soon.

Post-match, Roode beats up McIntyre while Strong recovers, then Roode beats up Strong on the outside. Roode paces around the ring to survey his handiwork on McIntyre. Roode gloats, then hits the Glorious DDT on McIntyre.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Roode managed to get massive heat on himself. Main event was good, the rest of the episode was totally skippable. I am very curious to see where this Lars Sullivan story goes, since they are dribbling it out one appearance every few months.

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