8/16 Lucha Underground TV Report: Fenix vs. Prince Puma, Pentagon Dark vs. Mil Muertes in Cueto Cup Semi-finals


LUCHA UNDERGROUND – “The Cup Runneth Over” (Season 3 Episode #31)
AUGUST 16, 2017

The show opened with a recaps of the Cueto Cup, Marty Martinez, Catrina-Pentagon Dark, Mundo-Mysterio and Catrina-Vasquez.

Backstage: Cage was training then Catrina appeared. She asked him if he knew what the gauntlet was. He said it was his. She explained that it is dark magic that will consume him. Cage tried refused to turn it over then swung at Catrina but she disappeared.

-Title Card

Dario’s Office: Joey Ryan entered Dario’s office. Dario said he was embarrassed for Ryan for losing in the first round. Ryan said he had something t report. He said that he thinks the wrestler in the spider mask is Cortez Castro. Dario said that next week he will have Sexy Star vs. Veneno in a mask vs. mask match as an attempt to expose Castro.

Announcers: Striker welcomed the audience to the show. Striker and Vampiro built up the matches for tonight. They said there will be a confrontation between Mundo and Rey later tonight.

In ring: Santos introduced Fenix to the ring. Prince Puma came out next.

1 – FENIX vs. PRINCE PUMA – Cueto Cup semi-final match

They locked up to start the match. They did some chain wrestling to ease into the match. Fenix hit a super kick followed by a big boot by Puma. They traded elbows mid ring then fell over. They both got up and went right back at it. They then collided mid ring to knock each other over again. Puma hit a series of strikes to knock Fenix to the outside then he hit a dive. Puma borught the action back into the ring and hit a suplex. Fenix countered and hit a hurricarana. Puma hit a 619 followed by a sprig board attack for two count.

Puma climbe the turn buckled and missed a corkscrew dive. Fenix capitalized and tried to flip over Puma for a pin. Fenix caught Puma on the ropes and hit some strikes. Puma came back with a spring board kick. They both got up and Fenix hit a diamond cutter mid ring. Puma hit a rolling elbow. Puma charged at Fenix, but Fenix hit a big boot followed by a kick and a German suplex. Fenix hit a big kick for a two count. Fenix climbed the turnbuckle then Marty walked out to the ring. Fenix leaped off the turnbuckled onto Marty. Puma hit a knee followed by a pile driver for a two count. Puma then hit a splash for the win.

WINNER: Prince Puma at 10:28 to advance to the finals.


Backstage: Mil Muertes hit a punching bag so hard, Sexy Star and Dario could hear it. Cage interupted and took out Mil Muertes. Catrina helped him up by lifting up the the stone. She told him to use this anger on Pentagon.


Announcers: Santos introduced Pentagon Dark to the ring. Next out was Mil Muertes.


2 – PENTAGON DARK vs. MIL MUERTES (w/Catrina) – Cueto Cup semi-final match

Pentagon started beating on Mil then Mil knocked over Pentagon. Pentgon came back with a drop kick. Mil fell to the outside then Pentagon dove on top of him. Pentagon continued the beat down on the outside before rolling Mil back into the ring. Pentagon landed some strikes in the corner beore Mil hit a side slam mid ring. Mil contrlled Pentagon and brought him to the outside. Her rammed Pentagon into the ring post before dropping him. Mil tosse Pentagon into the announce table and barricade. Pentagon knocked over Mil back in the ring. Pentagon atteptd a pile driver, but Mil broke free. Mil caught Pentagon for a scoop slam. Mil placed Pentagon in the corner. Pentagon escaped and hit a super kick. Pentagon went for the turnbuckle but Catrina grabbed his leg. He kicked Catrina then hit a double stomp on Mil or the win.

WINNER: Pentagon Dark at 7:29 to advance to the Cueto Cup finals.

Post match: Pentagon tried to break Mil’s arm, but Mil over powered him and escaped.


In ring: Dario stood in the middle of the ring. He said next week will be one of the greatest title matches in Lucha Underground history.  He said before that happens he wants both competitors to come to the ring. He said that he loves when his wrestlers talk s*** to each other.  He then introduced Rey to the ring. Dario then brought out Johnny Mundo. Mundo was accompanied by several security guards. Mundo toute about how he has been working harder than he ever has. He tlked trash about Rey’s family and his size. Mundo asked Rey if he was sure if he was Dominic’s real father. Rey then attacked Mundo. The security tried to seperate then. The Worldwide Underground entered the ring and beat down Rey. El Dragon Azteca, Sexy Star and The Mack came down to the ring for the save. Mundo beat down Rey in the ring. Puma came out for the save, then Pentagon came out for an all out brawl. Mil and Cage came out taking down everyone in the ring. They beat down each other. Marty came down the stairs and was attacked by Fenix from behind. More luchaors came out for an all out brawl. Rey caught Mundo on the ropes and hit a 619 then celebrated with the LU championship.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The ending brawl was pretty rediculous that everyone came out just because, but it was a fun spectacle. The hype for Mundo and Rey is the best that LU has ever done for a match, so it was fitting to have a memorable brawl to end the show.

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