RADICAN UNBOXES – August 2017 Wrestle Crate – Headlocked Mini Comic, Roddy Piper, Matt Riddle, Seth Rolins (w/video & coupon code)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


The latest unboxing video for features an unboxing of the August 2017 Wrestle Crate. Wrestle Crate is under new ownership, so things have changed since the last time I unboxed a Wrestle Crate.

There are two options when signing up that allow you to choose between Wrestle Crate and Wrestle Crate Light. The only difference between the two boxes is that there are less items in Wrestle Crate Light. Wrestle Crate costs 29.99 plus shipping and Wrestling Crate Light Costs $14.99 plus shipping.


There is no longer a promise of frequent WWE Elite figures as there was under the old Wrestle Crate regime, but the new ownership has developed some strong relationships with various wrestlers, artists, and indie companies to curate a nice mix of items for each month. In any given month, Wrestle Crate advertises that their service will feature a mix of autographs, t-shirts, pins, art, figures, magazines/comics, DVDs, stickers, and household items.

One thing that jumped out to me right off the bat was the quality of the “I Feel Like Hot Rod” t-shirt included in the August crate was much better than most of the shirts in the old Wrestle Crate. I liked that it had front and back print as well.

There was a lot of value in this crate given the cost of the box. In addition to the shirt, there was a recent Smash Wrestling “Gold 2K17” DVD. Smash Wrestling is one of the more recognizable indie names going today, so it’s a big deal to get a complete indie show that’s recent on DVD from them. The card features Dalton Castle, Mark Haskins, and Lio Rush, who recently signed with WWE and reported to NXT.

Headlocked comics from Michael Kingston are fantastic and Wrestle Crate recently announced that Kingston would include a Headlock Mini Comic. Each month, Kingston is going to collaborate with a wrestler to write a new mini comic. I’m a big fan of Headlocked. Kingston does an incredible job of making wrestling-centric comics compelling. This month, Kingston teamed with Donovan Dijak for the August issue and they produced a really fun story with a mix of old school wrestling and suspense.

Other items included in the box were a Funko WWE Pint Sized Hero, a Matt Riddle Autograph, a Seth Rollins wooden magnet, a highly detailed Doink pin from Pollyanna pins, a Goldberg temporary tattoo, and a copy of Calling Spots magazine.

And now on to the unboxing video!

The first Wrestle Crate I unboxed under the new owners gave me a very favorable impression. They included some unique items that other crates haven’t offered to date. It’s difficult to stand out in the wrestling crate market, but this box offered a lot of value given the cost of the box. You get your money back between the Piper t-shirt and Smash DVD. The other items have a lot of value as well, especially the Riddle autograph and Headlocked Mini Comic. If you’re looking for a crate with a diverse mix of items across the wrestling spectrum, Wrestle Crate gets my recommendation.

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COUPON CODE: To save 10% off your first crate, enter the code PWTORCH at checkout!

ATTENTION: Wrestle Crate ships once per month. The cutoff date for signing up each month is 5 p.m. PST on the 18th of each month. The crates are delivered between the 20th and 30th of each month.


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