WWE SMACKDOWN PRIMER 9/19: Shane seeks retribution as Styles and Corbin clash for the U.S., Natalya’s “Celebration of Women”

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor

AJ Styles Royal Rumble
A.J. Styles (photo credit Ben Tucker © PWTorch)


SEPTEMBER 19, 2017
By Joey Galizia (@RamJam89), PWTORCH SPECIALIST


  • A.J. Styles defends the U.S. Championship against Baron Corbin
  • Natalya holds a ceremonious “Celebration of Women”


The hype surrounding Vince McMahon’s return from last week was extremely positive. Everyone knows that when the 72-year-old chairman comes back business picks up, both literally and figuratively. Not only that, but a rub from Vince is a sign of high value in the WWE, and no man has proven his value more than Kevin Owens.

Best part of last week was that the angle 100 percent sold me on a match between Shane-O-Mac and the prizefighter. (Which Vince made a Hell in a Cell at the PPV of the same name.) K.O.’s vicious head-butt and beat down of the boss was as brutal as they come, and will certainly motivate Shane to confront Owens tonight in Oakland.


A.J. Styles may not have come up with the U.S. Open Challenge, but he’s certainly living up to the standard of putting on exciting bouts. He and Tye Dillinger delivered a very exciting match (especially for television) that saw the Phenomenal One retain with his calf-crusher submission. Post-match, however, was a different story. “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin has had Styles in his line of sight for a while now, and he being the big bully type certainly feels that he could be the one to take the strap off of A.J. It also helps that he’s been getting in sneak attacks whenever the opportunity presents itself. After laying Styles out with the End of Days in Vegas, he claimed that he would accept the open challenge on tonight’s episode.


-WWE Champion Jinder Mahal (can’t believe I still have to type that) did his best Louie C.K. impression last week when he berated Shinsuke Nakamura and joked about his looks. It didn’t really go over very well so you’d think that maybe he would stay silent? YOU THOUGHT WRONG. According to WWE.com you should expect another promo from the Maharaja about his Hell in the Cell opponent.

-The Queen of Harts retained her Smackdown Women’s Championship in Vegas and now looks forward to a new contender. She still has an eye on Ms. Money in the Bank Carmella, but that won’t stop her from having a “celebration of women” ceremony this evening.

-One week without Bobby Roode is okay. Two weeks is just blasphemy. WHERE IS THE GLORIOUS ONE?

-The New Day are tag team champions once again, and again they and the Usos delivered a fantastic in-ring extravaganza. These teams are destined to clash at least one more time and rumors are that it will take place inside of a cell. I would also expect them to remove the rematch clause for it too. Until then, let’s celebrate with WHO WHO WHOOOOOOO? THE… NEW… DAY.

-If there is one guy who is ecstatic about Kevin Owens not taking over the WWE, it’s his old besty Sami Zayn. The Likeable One now can focus on building up some wins inside the squared circle, preferably over that annoying ant Aiden English.

-Hoping that this celebration of Women involves Becky Lynch and Charlotte, since, you know, they’ve been absent as well. Charlotte for good reasons, but Becky too? WHAT’S YOUR DEAL SMACKDOWN?

-205 Live promises to give us a showdown on the microphone between Cruiserweight Champion Neville, and his No Mercy opponent Enzo Amore. If we’re lucky, Braun will come out and destroy Enzo again.

It’s been an interesting 48 hours in the wrestling world. You watching tonight?

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