9/20 NXT TV REPORT: Fish & O’Reilly (w/Cole) vs. Bate & Seven, Aleister Black speaks and Velveteen moves in for a kiss

By Justin James, PWTorch contributorn


SEPTEMBER 20,  2017

[Q1] Advertised for tonight is Tyler Bate and Trent Seven to face Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. And Aleister Black will finally speak.

Johnny Gargano starts the show off. He is facing Toni Sabbatelli. “Last week” interview with Moss who is mad that he lost to Gargano. Sabbatelli calls it a fluke.


Sabbatelli pushes Gargano to the corner, then paintbrushes him, then pushes him. Gargano just takes it. Sabbatelli shoves him into the ropes, Gargano has a dropkick. Big dropkick from Sabbatelli sends Gargano to the corner. Big whip, sidewalk slam for two. Gargano finally breaks from of a chinlock and builds some offense with rights. Sabbatelli suddenly breaks out a powerslam but choose to inflict more damage instead of covering. Sabbatelli taunts Gargano, who pops off a superkick, then he locks in his submission finisher for the win.

WINNER: Johnny Gargano in 3:46. Not a great match, but Sabbatelli did a decent job of bullying Gargano so he could get the win.

Backstage in William Regal’s office. Roderick Strong comes in, and makes his case for a title shot against Drew McIntyre. Regal books it for two weeks from now.

No Way Jose is facing the oddly compelling Lars Sullivan later tonight. Lacey Evans will fight Bianca Belair as well.

Flashback to two weeks ago, when Asuka retired from NXT.

“Earlier today” with Sonya Deville. Deville claims that she never faced Asuka because Asuka was agraid that she would lose.

[ J.J.’s Reax: Deville came off as supremely out of touch. Asuka never faced her, because I think she won a grand total of one match, if that, while Asuka was champion. I thought she was supposed to be a monster tweener, not a delusional heel. ]


[Q2] Belair forces Evans to the corner on the lock then aggressively shoves her. A tug ont he hair gives Biana another advantage on a lockup. They shove each other, waistlock takedown from Belair. Belair then cartwheels over Evans, but a leg sweep lets Evans cover for one. Belair chases Evans down. Glam Slam for two. Evans has a slingshot leg drop for two. Belair with some stout stomps in the corner. Sudden right from evans, then a clothesline and a big boot. Bronco Buster sets up a spinning neckbraker, cover for a nearfall. Belair drops Evans onto the ropes, then she whips Evans with her hair. That sets up a reverse powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Bianca Belair in 4:19. Evans looked like she was a bit rehearsed in parts, but Belair looked good. She was heelish but has a presense that makes you want to cheer her, much like Sasha Banks or Charlotte when they were heels on NXT.

Aleister Black comes out for his first promo of NXT. He’s wearing a suit. He enters the ring and removes his jacket and rolls his sleeves up. He talks about having a 15 year journey to reach NXT. He has documented his path in his tattoos. His journey in NXT is not over. He now knows the next step. Velveteen Dream’s music cuts him off. Dream has a microphone and a halter top. Dream says that Black has been blinded by Dream’s light. Despite the light, “I don’t see it.” He gives Black an eyeing. He doesn’t see scars, he sees a man that is hurt and in pain. Dream says that Black looks afraid. Afraid to show emotion. Afraid of the light. He knows Black has a heart, but it’s in the wrong place. Black kicks the microphone out of Dreams hand and sits down. Dream suddenly drops forwards, leans into Black like they are about to kiss, then slides backwards away.

[ J.J.’s Reax: Who in their right mind thinks that Dream is anywhere near Black’s level? This feels like a huge step down for Black, who should be moving into the title scene considering his undefeated streak since his debut. ]

[Q3] Recaps of Lars Sullivan’s history of beating people up, and his feud with No Way Jose.

Dakota Kai cuts a promo introducing herself to the NXT audience.

No Way Jose comes to the ring.


jose is charging before the bell, but the advantage is short lived. Sullivan absorbs everything Jose thows at him, then delivers knees to Jose on mat, then throws him out of the ring. Gorilla Press then he dumps Jose face-first onto the apron. Sullivan is just steamrolling Jose. Neck crank looks like it might pop Jose’s head off. Jose has some blood on his nose. The crowd rallies Jose. Jose jumps onto Sullivan from behind, has a chinlock, but Sullivan gets to the corner. Jose with forearm after forearm, but Sullivan runs him over, then heads up top. Leaping headbutt, one-arm slam for the win.

WINNER: Lars Sullivan in 3:10. Convincing win for Sullivan over the mid-card fan favorite No Way Jose. Jose has enough wins to have a three minute win by Sullivan mean something. Sullivan is super entertaining in the ring as an unstoppable monster.

(4) TYLER BATE & TRENT SEVEN vs. KYLE O’REILLY & BOBBY FISH (w/Adam Cole) – Tag Team Match

O’Reilly and Bate start things off. Bate looks so smooth on mat offense. Seven tags in. Wasteland, then Bate bounces off Seven’s shoulders into a senton for a one count. Fish tags in. O’Reilly with a distraction to give Fish an advantage. Slingshot senton gets Fish a two count, O’Reilly back in. Double suplex for two.

[Q4] Team kicks result in a two count for Fish. Seven is finally able to get free, but O’Reilly tags in and prevents the tag. Seven with a chop, O’Reilly with a mount. Seven rolls to the ropes to get free. Cole argues with the ref, letting Fish spear Seven into the barricade. [c]

Fish with a suplex out of the corner for two. They hasn’t trained him to end breaks in rest holds I guess. Seven gets boots up the the corner but runs into a freman’s carry. Seven slides out, lariat draws the double tag. Bate with hot tag offense but O’Reilly slows it down. O’Reilly gets caught by Bate, suplex, running shooting star press. Fish breaks up the cover, Seven runs interference. They double team O’Reilly for a nearfall. Seven dives through the ropes to take out Fish. O’Reilly counters the Tyler Driver 97 by locking in a hold. Bate is fading, but stands up. Fish takes Seven off the apron, then ambushes Bate. Roundhouse from Fish, suplex from O’Reilly, but Bate barely gets a foot on the ropes.

Bate escapres a double team, sends O’Reilly into Fish, tags Seven. Seven fends off Fish and O’Reilly. O’Reilly with a sudden crossarm breaker. Seven reverses it into a single leg crab, but Fish interferes. Cole keeps Bate on the outside with a big kick. Fish tags in, Fish and O’Reilly end it with a Total Elimination.

WINNERS: Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly at 10:19. Really exciting action all around. Bate was the star here by a slim margin, but everyone shined. Fish, O’Reilly, and Cole emphasized their willingness to take shortcuts.

Post-match, Drew McIntyre comes out in street pants, sneakers, and no shirt, with the championship. The heel trio welcome him to the ring, then duck out. Sanity suddenly appear behind the heels and attack them. O’Reilly ends up in the ring with McIntyre who knocks him silly. Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly make tracks.

[ J.J.’s Reax: That last bit rather diminished Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly I think. ]

FINAL THOUGHTS: A good episode all around. But whatever happened to AOP? Where are they and why have they not gotten a rematch yet? Bianca Belair is one to watch.

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