IMPACT HITS & MISSES 10/26: The Company Jeff Jarrett Used To Be In Charge Of Proudly Presents: Random Nonsense For Two Hours!

By Andrew Soucek, PWTorch Specialist



Moose vs. Bobby Lashley: The last match of the show was the only good part about it. Moose and Lashley are two wrestlers who are among the most over in the company and they delivered a hard-hitting contest the crowd was into. If the entire show had this kind of energy, it would get a thumbs up. As we’ll soon discuss, that was far, far, far from the case. However, this match should also get its own miss for Impact AGAIN giving us a big preview of something fans will be paying to see in just over a week. But I have to be generous on something. So here it is, your one hit in two hours.


Opening Match: I’d be angrier about this nonsense if they hadn’t already botched their own storyline beyond repair last week with the AAA and Impact guys fighting each other during the invasion storyline. This week was another jarring way to start the show and only continued this craptastic angle. James Storm and EC III had a decent feud heading into Slammiversary, but going into Bound For Glory, two of the top stars the company has are being completely wasted. And whatever happened to Pagano the evil clown? You know the guy they spent time and money on shooting vignettes for? Oh well. He’s forgotten, just like this entire storyline should be.

Marketing Mess: Who behind the scenes at Impact thought “with 10 days left to go before our biggest show of the year, what we REALLY need to entice fans to order the show is an angle involving Dutch Mantell being mad at Eli Drake for missing marketing appearances?” Fire this man/woman/child (and let’s hope it was a child because an adult coming up with that is quite sad) immediately. If this leads to Jim Cornette and Mantell screwing Drake out of the title, it’s an idiotic decision, but will at least make (some) sense. If it goes nowhere, it was an idiotic waste of TV time. I’m not sure which one to root for. And while Mantell and Cornette have proven in the past they can cut good promos, Scott D’Amore remains the most irrelevant and unnecessary on-air character in the promotion. His line about Impact having momentum was one of the unintentionally laughable lines all year. Hey Scott, check the ratings, attendance, merchandise figures, and overall public perception, then get back to me on the whole momentum thing.

Border City Wrestling: I’ve never seen Phil Atlas and Brent Banks on Impact TV before and I may never see them again. So maybe introducing them right now is not such a great idea. Also, this match looked awful from a production quality standpoint, meaning they should have left it in their vault. If they were missing footage due to the Jeff Jarrett/Alberto El Patron match having to be scrapped, they should have come up with a better backup plan. For example, take one of the production team members and have them fly around the country to shoot new interviews with Gail Kim, Allie, Grado, Joseph Park, etc., you know people who are actually going to be at Bound For Glory. Last I checked Atlas and Banks are not booked. Yes, it would have cost money to shoot new content, but the perception of putting this amateurish footage on worldwide TV will be far more damaging to their bottom line in the future than a couple grand for plane tickets.

GHC Title Match: Marufuji and Eddie Edwards appeared to put on an entertaining 26 match… and we saw a whole six minutes of it. What they should have done is scrapped every other international match they had on the episode and just aired this one in its entirety. Yes, it still has nothing to do with Bound For Glory, but we would have at least got one really good match on the show.

The X-Division Match: Petey Williams vs. Idris Abraham vs. Tarik vs. Kyomia has to be one of the most pointless matches in the history of Impact. What did it accomplish? What did it set up? Who are Tarik and Kyomia? Why does Abraham show up every few months for a night and then disappear? Are they ever going to get back to the angle they started THREE weeks ago of Petey trying to get a shot at the X Division Title at Bound For Glory? Will they ever get back to airing matches where I don’t have to put in a bunch of question marks?

Trevor Lee vs. Ultimo Ninja: I’ve been watching TNA since 2002. At no point has anyone ever explained to me who Ultimo Ninja is. Therefore, he is another new character we know nothing about. Will he ever return? Who knows! Also, believe it or not, this match too looked like leftover garbage from a production standpoint.

The J.B. Honorary Commentary Miss of the Night: I’ve come to realize that Jeremy Borash isn’t so much an announcer, as he is just a guy who repeats things we just heard. After the six sides of steel match was revealed in the main event, this is where he should have been losing his mind “Oh my God! Six sides of steel? This is going to be a can’t miss match! The chaos! The carnage! What will happen? You have to see this!” Not “Six sides of steel. The challenge has been thrown out.” Uh…thanks J.B., they uh…just said that. I could have got my niece to do the same thing.

Missing Knockouts: Gail Kim, the most popular woman in TNA/Impact history has her final match at BFG. She did not show up on Impact. Her name was not mentioned. This alone is worth a good rant but I only have so much space and sanity left at the moment.

Overall Show: Was this even an episode of Impact? Can it really qualify as that? It felt more like “The Company Jeff Jarrett Used To Be In Charge Of Proudly Presents: Random Nonsense For Two Hours!” Imagine watching this show with someone who’d never seen Impact before and trying to get them hooked on the product. Good luck trying to explain who half the people on the show were, or their backstories, or why they’re wrestling in all these different arenas, or what any of it has to do with anything. Give me a video camera, $10 for lunch, 20 wrestling action figures, and two hours and I’ll come up with something more logical and entertaining than this complete atrocity of an episode.

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  1. Good episode the main matches at Bound with Glory got the focus and we got some good enhancement matches . Main Event and Tag Team matches were great. The Sami Callihan tease was exciting and that LAX video package at the end got me more hyped to see the 5150 street fight. And last but not least, SCREW THE HATERS !

  2. Sad to see smaller wrestling organizations shut down part ways etc but at end of the day it’s all about the $$$$ wwe running them out of business it’s sad especially younger wrestlers that have a family to feed think the owners need to quit pampering themself so much and think about who made them the money!!!!!!

  3. Andrew, you sound like Jon at a Smackdown card. lol So James Storm figured he would be better off here than in WWE. Well, we now know who was the intelligent member of the tag team, eh glorious?

    • Bill, you missed a great show of pretty much straight up wrestling without any skits, dick or fart jokes or 20 minute long interviews that went nowhere. If you are a wrestling guy, as you say, and not a Sports Entertainment mark, give Impact a chance after the PPV.

      • T-Bone. I’m waiting to see what the creative team does after BFG. right now we’re getting all of Jarrett’s drunken booking decisions. He must’ve been drinking if he thinks the last several weeks of his booking actually made any sense. Even a blind man can see none of it makes any sense.

  4. I thought this was a really good show and better than anything WWE put on tv this week. However, I am a wrestling fan, not a Sports Entertainment Mark who likes dick and fart jokes, so your mileage may vary. Disagree with everything this guy says like usual.

  5. I wasn’t going to post on this ridiculous review again but I couldn’t help myself. When something is done differently it’s always going to get crapped on. Just about all the matches previewed Bound for Glory, the X-division 4 way previewed the multi man X-division match and Petey won the match. Trevor Lee’s showed he can over come adversity and pull matches out and win which plays into the X-division multi the title match at Bound for Glory. The AAA match previewed the Six man match at Bound for Glory OVE won their glorified enhancement match and they are bringing in a friend to help even the odds a bit, but the only match that doesn’t preview a match at Bound for Glory is the match this idiot wanted showed in its entirety?

    OVE , Petey, Trevor Lee, AAA vs Impact all will be on the PPV. And lastly I guess you wouldn’t like Gordon Solei at all since he didn’t scream and lose it at all. I guess everybody has to be Jim Ross and if your not you aren’t doing it right and you suck at announcing? And why is it they have to give backstories to enhancement talent? They told us that Ultimo Ninja was Garza Jr’s brother and all what else do you need a months worth on vignettes telling us he’s coming to job to Trevor Lee? You can’t be serious with this ? Its laughable how simple this stuff and you don’t get it.

      • They should allow Andrew to review a product he actually likes or does not have a vendetta against. I am not sure which is the case, but it has to be hard to come up with new ways to shit on a pretty decent product every week.

    • Corwin,

      I would guess Andrew is not a wrestling fan, but a Sports Entertainment guy. I doubt he would like Gordon Solie or anything old school. He seems to be a JBL or Cole kind of guy and that’s ok, but that doesn’t make one a wrestling fan. Sports Entertainment ratings are tanking big time, maybe that is why he is upset. The ship is sinking.

    • I grew up on guys around the Solie era. Sam Menacker, Roger Kent. so them like Solie I actually enjoyed because the booking was solid, made sense and how the commentators put it over you can see it made sense. on Impact the commentators see what a joke it is but have no choice but to try7 and sell it someway but the way they’re doing it is failing. The falling viewership every week proves me right on everything I say about it every week.

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