10/27 NXT in Des Moines, Iowa: Crowd reacts to Adam Cole like a star, Aleister Black vs. Velvetine Dream, plus Ember Moon, Fish & O’Reilly

Drew McIntyre (photo credit Mike Lano © PWTorch)


OCTOBER 27, 2017

Similar venue Waterloo uses for Hall of Fame weekend – warehouse-like with no elevated seating.

Approximately 300 in attendance. Show began right on time at 7:30.

(1) Roderick Strong defeated Fabian Aichner in 10:00.

(2) Kairi Sane defeated Vanessa Borne with her sensational elbow in 8:00.

(3) Killian Dane beat Brennen Williams in 12:00.  Dane as a future nxt babyface should be fun.

(4) Lars Sullivan defeated Kassius Ohno in 10:00. The crowd very much liked Ohno, very much feared Sullivan. This was a good showcase of Lars’s progress. I am not sure Ohno ever makes it out of NXT. His basketball jersey look, not a fan.

(5) Sanity beat Fish & O’Reilly via countout in 12:00. The crowd was pro-Sanity. It was Bobby Fish’s birthday.

(6) Ember Moon defeated Bonica Belair in 10:00. Moon got biggest pop of night to this point.

(7) Aleister Black pinned Velvetine Dream in 15:00. This was the best match of night so far. Undeniable chemistry between the two opposites. The crowd was really into it. This has a chance to be a money NXT feud. Excellent.

(8) Drew McIntyre beat Adam Cole and Andrade Cien Almas when Drew pinned Albas in 23:00. Great action, all three delivered as expected. Almas was legit and is on a bit of a roll. Adam Cole got the biggest pop of night. The crowd treated him like the night’s biggest star. They love his “bay bay” chant.

Undisputed Era attacked Drew after match, Sanity made save. McIntyre kicked Cole’s face off to close out show.

FINAL THOUGHTS: No one left unhappy, no one left blown away. The Dream-Black feud really has a chance to be special.

Wrestling Revolver tomorrow night
-Callihan vs Swagger
-Cobb vs Riddle


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