5 YRS AGO – Keller’s WWE Raw Report (3-11-18): Miz and Jericho seem lost as characters, Barrett bombs, Punk incorporates Paul Bearer’s death into Taker WM hype

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


The following was originally published on PWTorch’s VIP website five years ago this week…

MARCH 11, 2013


-They opened with a shot of the arena followed by Justin Roberts asking fans for a moment of silence to honor Paul Bearer. Then they went to a video package on Paul Bearer with various people commenting on him including Dolph Ziggler, Brodus Clay, Gene Okerlund, The Miz, Jerry Lawler, Kofi Kingston, and finally Vince McMahon commenting on his unique characteristics along with classic footage of Paul Bearer. Then Undertaker’s voice said “Rest in Peace.”

-They went back to the arena where fans stood and respectfully applauded. Then Undertaker’s bell sounded and he walked out onto the stage. He was in character, but had his head hanging to his chest. He slowly walked down the ramp as the signature flames burst up from the stage behind him. He walked into the ring where an urn sat in the middle on a small stand. He circled the urn and kneeled and then shook his arms and got an intense look in his eyes. Paul Bearer’s face came on the big screen with the years he lived. Taker looked up at the urn and the big screen. Then C.M. Punk interrupted. Jerry Lawler said: “I cannot believe this. This has got to be the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen.”

(WK Reax: I really wished for six days since Paul Bearer died there’d be a sharp divide between the Paul Bearer tribute and anything storyline related with Punk and Taker. A sharp line.)

Punk asked fans to “simmer down.” He said they misunderstand his walking out there. Taker glared at him. Punk said he wanted to extend personally his “heartfelt condolences and apologies for his loss at WrestleMania.” He laughed as he said the final few words of that sentence. He said the silver lining is that to Paul Bearer, he will always be perfect and 20-0. But to everyone else in four weeks he’ll be 20-1. He said the night after WrestleMania there won’t be tributes to Paul Bearer, there will be a new video about him, Punk. He said if the Punk show up at WM29 or watch at home, his grandkids will be asking him where they were when Punk beat the streak. The crowd chanted “You suck!” as Taker stared down Punk. Lawler said “there are no words.”

(WK Reax: If they weren’t going to draw a sharp line, that’s about as well done as it could have been to blend one into the other. You also have to consider that Taker has profound respect and friendship historically with Paul Bearer and certainly had veto power. So if you question anyone’s judgment, you’d be questioning one of his good friends for the last two decades rather than a promoter exploiting a death. There was enough of a tribute before Punk came out that it didn’t actually cost Bearer the time he was due, and afterward Punk said nothing bad about Bearer nor did he exploit Taker being down about Bearer’s death as a way to gain a psychological advantage. So if they did it, this was about as effective as it could have been. My hunch is Bearer would be fine with this.)

-Cole plugged Big Show vs. a member of The Shield. [c]

-After the break, Cole showed a clip from during the break – which people watching on the “second screen” app feed, saw which was Punk being scared by explosions on the stage and then Kane walking out and trying to chokeslam Punk off the edge of the stage. Cole asked if anyone could blame Kane because “his father” was disrespected by Punk.

-They went backstage to Kane throwing furniture around in the hallway and yelling for Punk. He asked 3MB where Punk was. They didn’t know and were intimidated by him. He went into another room threw down a wrestler.


(1) The Big Show beat Seth Rollins (w/Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns) via DQ in 1:00. Cole noted that it’s the first time a member of The Shield wrestled a singles match. Show overpowered Seth Rollins at the start. He tossed a charging Rollins through the ropes onto Dean Ambrose at ringside. Show jumped to the floor and shoved Roman Reigns into the security wall. Ambrose and Rollins jumped Show and the ref quickly called for the belt. Show tried to fight back, but they stormed him. When he set up a chokeslam on Rollins, Reigns speared him. They triple-team stomped him mid-ring and then triple powerbombed him. Show did a good job looking nervous when he was lifted into the air by them before he went down. Ambrose yelled, “This is justice!” Cole asked, “Who can stop the solidarity of the Shield.”

-Backstage Punk approached Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox and asked who is running the show. Vickie said she’s in charge. Punk complained that Kane got involved and said Taker doesn’t need his little brother getting involved in his battles. Vickie said: “Whether you intended to or not, Punk, you have disrespected the memory of Paul Bearer. May God have mercy on your soul at WrestleMania, because tonight you’ll have to ask Kane for mercy because you’re going to face him in a no-disqualification match.” Punk said, “No I’m not! Then he stormed off.”

(WK Reax: The tone of that segment was strange, as Punk played it in a slapstick way that reminded me of Nick Miller (played by Jake Johnson) in ABC’s “New Girl” mixed with how Paul Heyman would have played it.)

-At ringside, Michael Cole said Punk deserves what’s coming to him after he disrespected the late Paul Bearer. Lawler called it “the ultimate disrespect.”

-A clip aired from Smackdown last week where Ricardo Rodriguez threw a bucket of water on A.J., then Daniel Bryan backstage telling A.J. he was the World Champion back when they were together. She rubbed in that he lost it in 18 seconds. Bryan said, “Well, with Dolph Ziggler, you should be used to things lasting 18 seconds.” The crowd oohed. Live in the ring, Bryan laughed at his one-liner. [c]

-A clip aired from Feb. 16, 1992 on WWF Superstars of Brother Love introducing Brother Bearer as the new manager of the Undertaker.

-At ringside Lawler said tonight they’d be showing clips of Bearer’s great career. Cole plugged “#paulbearer” on Twitter and encouraged people to post thoughts on Tout.


(2) Dolph Ziggler (w/Big E. Langston, A.J. Lee) pinned Daniel Bryan in 12:00. Cole said Josh Reddick and Bryan have a Twitter war going and plan to have a “Beard-Off” contest. You knew this was coming… Lawler said about A.J., “I was hoping she would wear a white t-shirt tonight.” At 2:00 Bryan backdropped Ziggler to the floor. Big E. hopped up to the ring apron to stop Bryan from leaping onto Ziggler on the floor. They cut to a break. [c]

At 8:00, after a series of roundhouse kicks to Ziggler, Bryan scored a near fall. When Bryan went for a top rope suplex, Ziggler countered momentum mid-air and shifted so he landed on Bryan and scored a two count. Ziggler scored another near fall after a Zig-Zag a minute later. When Bryan applied an armbar, A.J. distracted the ref as Big E. pulled Ziggler to the bottom rope so the ref turned and forced Bryan to break. More fast-paced exchanges with Ziggler eventually scoring the pin with a Zig Zag.

-After the match Ziggler and A.J. kissed. A.J. then gave Big E. a look, and Big E. smiled and slammed Bryan to the mat.

-Cole threw to a video package on Triple H challenging Brock Lesnar last week to a fight at WrestleMania. Then Lawler said Brock Lesnar is present and will answer Triple H’s challenge.

[Q4] [c]

-A clip aired of last week’s appearance by Honky Tonk Man ending with him bashing Health Slater over the head with his guitar.

Sweet T Tensai (w/Brodus Clay) vs. Fandango was scheduled. As they danced in the ring, Lawler suggested Clay & Tensai should be called “The Tippin’ Scales” as a play on words on “Chippendales.” Cole suggested he and Lawler take an act like this to Vegas, but wondered what they’d be called. Cole said Clay & Tesnai love to have fun but they’re all business when it’s time to wrestle. Justin Roberts then introduced Fandango. Fandango didn’t come out. Tensai yelled for him to come out now. His music played and his danced danced onto the stage. Fandango then walked out and once again said they mispronounced his name.

In his breathy way, he said on top of that, Tensai is a disgrace to the world of dance. He said the world of arts could agree that Tensai and Clay are an abomination. He said he’d come to the ring when they get his name right. When Justin Roberts was about to try again, Fandango said, “Not you, Joshua.” He said he wanted to hear his name mentioned by the Funadactyl Naomi. “Baby, you’re better than all of this,” he said. Naomi took the mic from Roberts, but as she was about to speak, Tensai yanked the mic away and said no. Fandango blamed Tensai for costing everyone a chance to see a match with him. [c]

-Cole said during the commercial break he bought advanced tickets for “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” which hits theaters on March 28. He then threw to a trailer that would air exclusively for the WWE Universe. [c]

-Another Paul Bearer clip aired of his leading druids to the ring at WrestleMania 20 in 2004.


-Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow entered the ring and spoofed the intro routine by the New Age Outlaws. Very nicely done. Sandow said, “If you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for you. You’re welcome!”

(Quotebook – Damien Sandow: “The following interpretation is brought to you by taste and great form.”)

When Road Dogg entered the ring with Billy Gunn, he said, “Very clever, ladies. Now let me show you how it’s done. Lord have mercy, this one’s for your, Percy.” He then did the full routine along with Gunn. Lawler said, “Now that’s how it’s done!” Cole noted that last week app viewers watched Triple H share a laugh with the New Age Outlaws backstage, a reuniting of DX. A minute into the match, Brock Lesnar’s music interrupted. Brock and Paul Heyman walked out. Cole called Lesnar “the whirlwind of destruction” and then listed what he did to Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Vince McMahon. Gunn attacked Lesnar when Lesnar entered the ring. Lesnar kneed him immediately and gave him an F5. He then did the same to Road Dogg.

Lesnar and Heyman stood over the New Age Outlaws, who were motionless. Heyman said Lesnar would like Triple H to know “the game is on.” Heyman said Lesnar doesn’t play games, he hurts people. He reminded fans of what he did to Michaels, Triple H, and McMahon. He said the New Age Outlaws were the last traces of D-Generation X, and now they’re F5’d into oblivion.

(WK Reax: Is this going to lead to Sean “X-Pac” Waltman taking an F5 at some point, or does Heyman saying the Outlaws are the “last traces” of DX mean X-Pac doesn’t exist in the current WWE Universe?)

Heyman said the answer to Triple H’s challenge is “Yes!” Then he added a “but.” He said he will fight him only if they get to name the stipulations. He said Lesnar won’t reveal the stops until after Triple H signs the contract. He said Triple H must blindly accept Lesnar’s challenge or else “you disappoint the WWE Universe, you disappoint your wife, you disappoint your children, you disappoint your father-in-law, and most of all you disappoint yourself.” He said if he ain’t down with that, he’s two words for him: “B-rock, Les-nar!” Cole called it the highest form of blackmail.

-Cole hyped the Kane vs. Punk main event.

-A vignette aired on The Rock vs. John Cena each talking about the battle to be part of history, achieve greatness, and become a legend.

(WK Reax: Perfect tone for the hype this year. It’s about two mega-stars battling for greatness by beating the other.) [c]

-WWE Fact: Last Monday, Raw was the no. 1 show on cable TV, beating every show on ESPN, TBS, Discovery, Fox News, History, and TNA.

(WK Reax: If it beat every show on cable, why mention any networks specifically? It’s like saying “At 6-foot-9, he’s taller than everyone else on his team, including his teammates who are 6-foot-2, 5-foot-11, and 6-foot-7.” I mean, what’s the point? I’m always curious why they choose to name the networks they do? It’s such an eclectic mix.)

-Lawler thanked viewers for making Old School Raw the no. 1 show on cable last Monday. Cole encouraged more Touts about Bearer from viewers.

-A clip aired from last week of Mark Henry and Ryback crossing paths backstage and staring each other down.


(3) Mark Henry pinned Kofi Kingston in 3:00. Lawler said he liked Henry better when he was “Sexual Chocolate” because now he’s just scary. Cole said Paul Bearer was one of the friendliest men on Twitter and answered all of his fans. Lawler backed those sentiments. Henry dominated Kofi with headbutts and a bearhug early. When he kicked him, he sent Kingston flying across the ring. When Henry went after Kingston at ringside, Kofi moved and Henry went face-first into the ring post. Kingston then leaped off the steps and hit Henry with a forearm. He showed great fire as he celebrated. Back in the ring Kingston dove off the top rope, but Henry caught him mid-air and powerslammed him for the win. Lawler said back in 1996 he found out how strong Henry was when he swatted him in his first match.

-Backstage Cody hit on Kaitlyn backstage. He told her, “I mustache you a question.” He looked nervous, but then explained the pun. She giggled. Sandow walked in and said he has a surprise for Cody. He said he got them a double-date. In walked the Bella Twins. Kaitlyn said, “I thought you two were fired!” The Bellas said they’re back and the “sorry Divas division” has never needed them more, “and neither have the boys.” Vickie walked in and said the double-date will have to wait. She said because their match was cut short, they get another one against Sheamus & Randy Orton. Cody and Sandow were displeased. The Bellas were good at showing genuine interest in Cody and Sandow, flirting with them and rubbing their hands all over them.

-Ryback made his ring entrance.

-A commercial aired hyping Big Show’s guest appearance on “Pscyh” this Wednesday. [c]

(4) Ryback pinned Heath Slater in 2:00. Lawler said Slater was bragging earlier in the locker room what he was going to do to Ryback. Cole said, “He was? You’re kidding me!” Henry walked onto the stage, which distracted Ryback briefly. Slater attacked him, but Ryback came back immediately and overpowered Slater and hit the Shellshock for the win. Drew McIntyre attacked Ryback after the pin. Ryback gave him a Shellshock immediately. Henry marched to the ring as Ryback played to the crowd. Henry walked in and he gave McIntyre the World’s Strongest Slam. Ryback gave McIntyre the Shellshock again. Henry gave McIntyre another World’s Strongest Slam. Ryback and Henry inched toward each other into a full on staredown with some trash-talking. Ryback led a loud “Feed me more!” chant.

-Backstage Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo were shown heading toward the entrance tunnel as Cole plugged Del Rio vs. Antonio Cesaro as a champion vs. champion match.

[Q7] [c]

-Cole and Lawler threw to a trailer for this Friday’s premiere of “The Call.”

(5) Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodrigues) beat Antonio Cesaro via tap out in 4:00. After Ricardo introduced Del Rio, a pre-recorded inset soundbite aired with a smiling Del Rio who said he was “born in Mexico, but made in America.”

(WK Reax: That was just awful. The phony forced smile and patronizingly mixed message trying to cater to Hispanics while being an American patriot. I think it backfires in some respects.)

(Quotebook – Jerry Lawler: “You know, I’m fluent in three languages. I speak English, sarcasm, and profanity.”)

Back and forth competitive match, ending with Del Rio getting a tap out win with the Cross Armbreaker.


-Backstage Josh Mathews interviewed Kane. He asked if this was a troubling time for him. Kane looked down at an urn he was clutching. Kane said nothing and walked off after about ten seconds. A fan yelled, “Say something!” That was picked up loud and clear. Boo to him. [c]

-Another Paul Bearer tribute clip aired of Paul Bearer in 1997, sans make-up and hair die, leading Kane to the ring for his debut.

-Lawler at ringside with Cole said he’s never heard a bad word about Paul Bearer. Cole shifted to hyping the Rock vs. Cena main event at WrestleMania 29. The video included a headline about Cena’s divorce as it recounted Cena’s lousy 2012. “A year of my existence destroyed,” he said. He said the loss sent his life – professionally and personally – into a tailspin because he couldn’t get over that he failed. Then it showed Cena entering the Royal Rumble and eliminated Ryback and earning the title shot against Rock at WM29. “This is more than just a match for me. This is a shot at redemption.” It ended with Rock telling Cena at WM29 he will beat him again.

(WK Reax: Great video package, and the accompanying song – “Letters from the Sky” by Civil Twilight – was perfect.)

-Randy Orton’s ring entrance began as they cut to a break. [c]


(6) Randy Orton & Sheamus beat Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow in 9:00. At 5:00 during a brawl at ringside, Cody shoved Orton into the ringpost. Back in the ring Sandow tagged in and went after Orton aggressively. He set up his signature Elbow of Disdain. After Cole said Sandow was trained by Killer Kowalski, Lawler said he knew Kowalski and he can’t figure out how Kowalski put up with Sandow. At 7:00 Orton knocked Cody off the top rope so he crotched the turnbuckle. Then he superplexed Cody to the mat. A minute later Sheamus gave Sandow his White Noise, then played to the crowd as he signaled for the Brogue Kick. Cody charged into the ring, but Orton gave him an RKO. Sheamus then delivered the Brogue kick for the win. [c]

-A clip aired of what happened during the commercial break when The Shield came onto the stage as Orton and Sheamus were heading to the back. Orton and Sheamus charged at them, but they were outnumbered. Seth Rollins gave Orton a running knee off the stage. Sheamus was then overwhelmed and speared by Reigns. The Shield stood over Sheamus as Orton regained his senses on the floor.


-Cole and Lawler threw to Tout videos from fans remembering Paul Bearer. They aired some good ones this time, including the obligatory imitations of his voice.

-Back in the arena, Chris Jericho walked out to his music. He called “The Marine 3” a surprise hit and threw to a clip of the movie starring Miz in a machine gun battle on a boat. They went back to Jericho who was flashing that wide smile. He said the movie looks awesome. Then out came Miz. Miz made fun of Jericho’s lack of an interview set. Jericho said he used to have furniture, but there have been some budget cutbacks apparently. Jericho said “The Marine 3” blew away box office projections. Barrett interrupted (which, in this case, should have turned him babyface since Jericho and Miz were both being unbearable here). He said his movie opened at no. 4 at the box office. He threw to a clip. Lawler asked if Barrett was even in the clip. Barrett said he has rejected dozens of offers from Hollywood in the last week because he’s too busy being the Intercontinental Champion. Miz asked, “Really?” He said Barrett keeps talking about his movie because he hasn’t won a match in weeks. When Jericho joined in with a “Really?” routine of his own, Cole asked, “How bad is this?”

(WK Reax: I couldn’t agree more. And it wasn’t Barrett’s fault.)

Jericho challenged Barrett to a title match, noting that he was a nine time IC Champ and he’d like to make it ten. Brad Maddox walked out and told them to stop it. He said they all need to chill out as he will not have people acting like that on his show. Cole called it perhaps the worst segment in the history of Raw.

(WK Reax: That’s probably going too far, but it’s in the conversation, and it’s good to see Cole or whomever is in his headset recognizes that. Jericho and Miz are just totally lost right now as characters, and miscast as babyfaces as Jericho comes across as oddly egotistical like he’s doing a riff on an aging pretend rock star in “Spinal Tap” who’s totally oblivious, and Miz has lost any cool factor he had and his act doesn’t work at all when playing for cheers, the worst of which is that perpetual look anytime he says something clever where he looks like he just threw up a little in his mouth. Barrett was just fine here, and Maddox was at least self-aware of his heel character’s intentional lameness.)

Maddox said he’s going to make Barrett defend his title next week live on Raw against the winner of the next match between Miz and Jericho. At this point Cole was chuckling and begging to go to a commercial break. Lawler asked, “What is going on?” [c]

(7) The Miz fought Chris Jericho to a no contest in 4:00. Barrett joined Cole and Lawler on commentary. He said they are fighting to see who gets to lose to him next week. Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho at 3:00., but Miz reached the bottom rope and forced a break. Jericho went after Miz at ringside, but Miz fought back and charged at Jericho. Jericho side-stepped Miz and threw him right into Barrett at ringside. Barrett got up and attacked both Jericho and Miz, causing a DQ.

Lawler said Barrett doesn’t know whose fault it was, so he’s taking it out on both of them. Miz and Jericho ended up double-teaming Barrett at ringside and threw him into the ring. Jericho slide kicked Barrett into the announce table. At this point Lawler asked Cole if he was okay and he said he was fine, but it wasn’t clear why he asked him that. Miz then gave Barrett the Skull Crushing Finale in mid-ring.

-Cole threw to Ricardo and Del Rio who did a spoof YouTube video mocking the videos that Zeb and Jack Swagger do. Del Rio wore a blonde wig and Ricardo wore a Jay Leno looking wig and big grey beard. They joked about how Mexican food is a threat to America because you can’t run the world when you are stuck in the bathroom.

(WK Reax: This should have been half as long once the initial humor of seeing them in costume wore off.)

-They showed an angry Swagger and Zeb heading toward the entrance tunnel, shoving innocent bystanders as they walked. [c]

-Another Paul Bearer tribute clip aired from 1995 where Nicholas Turturro did an NYPD Blue skit with Bearer dressed in a wig. Two skits with wigs in a row! [c]


-Zeb walked out with Swagger and cut a promo on Sin Cara, who stood in mid-ring. He mispronounced his name as he ripped into him, saying fans are just programmed to cheer for him because of his flashy entrance. He said he’s a Mexican jumping bean and a “thief.” He said every night, somewhere there’s a Sin Cara with his little band of Amigos sneaking across the U.S. border trying to take something that belongs to an American. He said it’s the fault of the fans for cheering Sin Cara. He said Del Rio says he was “made in America,” but all he has made is made them aware of how many things need to change in this country. The crowd began chanting “Boring! Boring!” Swagger said he will usher in that change on Apr. 7. “Welcome to Jack Swagger’s America!” he yelled. “We the People.” The crowd booed.

(8) Jack Swagger beat Sin Cara via tap out in 3:00. Cole said Vickie has announced a Barrett vs. Miz vs. Jericho match for the IC Title next week on Raw. Cara dove onto Swagger at ringside at the start. They fought back into the ring where Swagger caught Cara in mid-air and tried to power bomb him, but Cara countered and took Swagger down. He followed with a springboard dive, but Swagger kicked him mid-air and then worked over his ankle. Then he went right into the Patriot Lock for the tap out win. When Swagger didn’t release the hold, Del Rio ran out and made the save. Zeb helped pull Swagger to safety at ringside.

-A vignette aired with Halle Berry talking about her role in “The Call.” She was interrupted by David Otunga. She told him she told him not to call her because she was doing press for “The Call.” Otunga confessed he may have shared her number with someone who threatened him with physical harm. Then Kane called her and asked why she never returns his fan mail. She asked if he’s the crazy guy in the mask who writes to her every day. He said, “Maybe.” She said he writes his return address is “the depths of hell.” She said she’s going to kill Otunga and hung up on him. Kane asked, “Does this mean we’re not going on that picnic?” [c]

-Clips aired of Punk interrupting Undertaker acknowledging the death of Paul Bearer three hours earlier.

-As Punk walked out, Cole said he held the WWE Championship 434 days. He said it was the “sixth longest reign of the modern era.” He said now he has an opportunity to deal Undertaker his first loss at WrestleMania and break the undefeated streak. Kane brought an urn to the ring with him. Cole explained the symbolism.

(9) Kane pinned C.M. Punk in 12:00. Punk jump-started the match by attacking Kane as he entered the ring.

(WK Reax: Usually the refs in WWE won’t start a match until both wrestlers are in the ring, taking away the senseless advantage it gives to heels who jump-start matches with an illegal blindside attack. They forgot that here.)

Kane took over against Punk within a minute at ringside. Kane disassembled the announce table. Punk surprised Kane with the ring bell to the gut. Then he leaped off of the ringside barrier onto Kane. He landed near the urn and stared at it. Kane nailed Punk with the monitor he has tossed to the floor earlier. Lawler said he’s felt Paul Bearer’s presence all night. Back in the ring at 3:00 Kane set up a superplex. A loud chant of “C.M. Punk!” broke out. Punk punched Kane and blocked the superplex, then shoved him to the mat. Punk leaped off the top rope with a flying elbowdrop for a two count. Punk charged at Kane and hit a high running knee in the corner twice. Kane countered by throwing Punk by his neck over the top rope. Cole threw to a rare overrun commercial break. [c]

Kane whipped Punk into a chair wedged in the corner. Kane threw some chairs into the ring. Kane set up a chokeslam on Punk into a chair, but Punk converted it into a DDT of Kane onto the chair for a two count. At 12:00, the Undertaker bell sounded. That distracted Punk so Kane gave him a chokeslam and scored the pin.

Undertaker then walked onto the stage. Cole called Undertaker and Kane “step brothers.” Taker kneeled as the Paul Bearer picture appeared on the big screen once again. Kane also kneeled in the ring. Punk then hit Kane with the urn from behind. Taker walked to the ring as Punk hit Kane two more times. Punk retreated when Taker entered the ring. Cole called Punk a coward as he walked to the back with the urn. Lawler asked what is wrong with him. He said that’s not his property. Punk looked down at the urn, kneeled, and then posed toward the ring imitating Undertaker. Taker did the throat slice gesture at Punk and kicked the bottom rope as the show ended.

(WK Reax: That was just way too long. Three hours obviously is pushing it, but to go 3:15 is crazy – and worse because it involved so many movie trailers and bad skits that went too long (Jericho-Miz, Halle Berry, Del Rio/Ricardo in wigs, Zeb’s latest lecture – all in the last hour or so). This is the type of show that even with good content in places can leave fans worn out and regretting the long investment they made.)

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