5/11 ROH WAR OF THE WORLDS (Night 2) in Toronto, Ont.: Cody vs. Liger, Takahashi & Evil & Sanada vs. King & Lethal & Cabana, Young Bucks vs. Super Smash Brothers

Colt Cabana reportedly not returning to AEW full time
Colt Cabana (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


MAY 11, 2018

Announcers: Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana

(1) Jay White (c) vs. Punishment Martinez – IWGP United States Title Match

Huge pop for Jay White and the crowd was really behind him.  White went on offense early with hard chops in the corner and kicks before sending Martinez outside.  Martinez tried twice to get back inside the ring but White drop kicked him both times. White then dove off the apron with a forearm to Martinez on the outside.  Martinez fought back and grabbed White by the throat tossing him into the guardrail. Martinez picked up White and slammed him into the rail again. Back in the ring, a spinning heel kick from Martinez got two.  Adam Page joined on commentary. Martinez went on offense with back elbows in the corner and kicks. Falcon Arrow by Martinez received a two count. They traded forearm shots before Martinez went to the top rope but was cut off in mid air by a dropkick from White.  Saito suplex by White got a two count. White suplexed Martinez into the turnbuckles for a two count. Martinez no sold some chops from White and then put White down with a kick. Martinez hit a spear from the second rope that got a two count. Martinez took White down with a clothesline and White rolled to the floor.  Martinez hit White with a dive to the outside and then tossed him into the ring for the PsychoDriver which received a two count. Martinez missed with a kick and White hit a flatliner and then a german suplex. Martinez fought out of Bladerunner and hit a curbstomp for a two count. Martinez was frustrated and got a chair.  Page left the commentary position and went to the ring. Page took the chair from Martinez. Martinez was distracted by Page. White hit the Bladerunner for the pin.

WINNER:  Jay White at 10:55

Ursin’s Analysis:  Although it was odd to see the IWGP United States champion opening a show after being in the semi main event at WrestleKingdom vs Tanahashi and having a victory over Kenny Omega, this was a good match.  Solid work from both men, if sloppy in spots. Jay White is a fantastic wrestler. Martinez still needs a lot of work. But they got through it and built to some nice drama towards the end even though the finish was anti-climatic.  (**¾)

Bully Ray came down to cut a promo.  He called the fans snowflake millennial marks, he told the fans not to throw streamers at him (they then pelted him with streamers), the fans chanted for Devon and he said Devon played backup his entire career.  Bully then challenged anyone in the locker room.

(2) Bully Ray vs. Cheeseburger

Bully punched Cheeseburger in the face and then delivered a wheelbarrow suplex.  Bully tied Cheeseburger in the tree of woe and put the boots to him. Bully went for a move from the second rope but Cheeseburger got up and low blowed Bully.  Cheeseburger went up to the top rope but Bully Ray powerbombed him. Bully Ray picked up his chain and whipped Cheeseburger across the back with it and was disqualified.

WINNER:  Cheeseburger at 3:15

Ursin’s Analysis:  Totally pointless after Night 1 (DUD)

Post Match – Bully Ray hit Cheeseburger twice more with the chain and then teased a powerbomb through the announce table before setting Cheeseburger down and walking out.

(3) Tetsuya Naito vs. The Beer City Bruiser

Naito ducks a couple lock up attempts and teases Bruiser to start until Bruiser had enough and attacked.  Naito pulled down the top rope and dumped Bruiser to the floor. Back in the ring Bruiser hit a dropkick for a two count.  Bruiser punched and then started to bite Naito. Naito fought back but missed a dropkick and Bruiser dropped an elbow. Naito hit an inverted atomic drop and a dropkick to Bruiser’s knee that took Bruiser down.  Bruiser tried to fight back but Naito hit a hurricanrana followed by the swinging dropkick in the corner. A neckbreaker by Naito got a two count. Bruiser rolled to the apron. Naito laid in some kicks but got caught in death valley driver on the apron.  Naito made the 20 count but Bruiser hit a cannonball in the corner. Side slam by Bruiser received a two count. Bruiser tried for a powerbomb but Naito reversed and hit a tornado DDT. They traded blows before Bruiser hit an inside out clothesline for two.  Bruiser missed a frogsplash. Two Destiono’s from Naito and he was able to get the pin.

WINNER:  Tetsuya Naito at 12:16

Ursin’s Analysis:  Similar to night 1, this was basically for people to pay to see Tetsuya Naito live.  (*¼)

Whitmer replaced Cabana on commentary as Whitmer told Cabana he was needed in the back,

(4) The Young Bucks vs. Super Smash Bros. (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)

Matt and Uno started off.  They traded back and forth until Matt hit a headscissors takedown and then a dropkick.  Uno tagged in Grayson and Matt tagged in Nick. Nick hit an armdrag takedown and a dropkick that dumped Grayson to the outside.  Nick tagged Matt and they used double team offense to send Uno and Grayson down to floor. Matt and Nick used quick tags and isolated Grayson.  Matt back raked Grayson. Grayson shoved Matt to the floor. Uno went to work on Matt outside back dropping Matt on the apron and raking his back before sliding him back into the ring.  Standing moonsault by Grayson gets a two count. Grayson and Uno work over Matt in their corner. PK by Grayson got two on Matt. Grayson tagged in Uno. Grayson pulled Matt to the floor but Matt flung him into the ring post.  Uno prevented Matt from making the tag to Nick and tagged in Grayson. Elbow from the second rope by Grayson got two on Matt. Grayson shot Matt into the ropes but Matt slid out and superkicked Uno. Matt tried to tag Nick but got cut off.  Matt hit a spear out of desperation and both Matt and Grayson were down. Matt finally gets the tag to Nick who takes out Uno and Grayson with a series of kicks and strikes and the bulldog/clothesline combo. Nick hit a facebuster on Grayson and then a moonsault to Uno on the floor.  Nick hit a high cross on Grayson for a two count. The match broke down as The Bucks hit stereo sunset flips into stereo sharpshooters. Uno and Grayson made it to the ropes and fought off the superkick party when Uno hit a neckbreaker on Nick. Nick and Matt were both on the outside.  A dive over the ringpost by Grayson wiped them out. SSB hit chasing the dragon on Matt for a two count. SSB tried for Fatality but Matt fought out. Grayson accidentally took out Uno with a knee. Nick accidentally took out Matt with a knee. Grayson hit a Pele kick on Nick and all four men were down.  Uno and Matt traded blows until Matt hit a superkick and tagged in Nick. Matt hit a twisting cutter on Uno. Grayson flew in with a frogsplash onto Matt. Nick tried for a swanton onto Grayson but Grayson was able to get his knees up to block. SSB hit Fatality on Nick but could only get a two count when Matt tossed Uno onto them to break up the pin.  Grayson hit a rana onto Matt and then an overhead toss to Nick who landed onto Matt. Grayson hit a 450 on Nick for a two count. The Bucks fought back with a superkick party but More Bang For Your Buck was cut off. Nick takes out Uno and The Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver on Grayson for the pin.

WINNERS:  The Young Bucks at 17:40

Ursin’s Analysis:  There is no such thing as a bad Young Bucks match.  This one was fantastic. Both teams were in sync. The timing was great and the fans were really buying into the near falls.  This had some really great spots and you should definitely check it out if you have the opportunity. (****)

Post Match – The Briscoes attacked The Young Bucks.  Jay got on the mic and said they just wanted, “to remind Toronto who runs this shit and it ain’t The damn Young Bucks.”  Jay said anyone wearing a Young Bucks or Bullet Club shirt, “I hope ya’ll burn in hell.” There was more said and it was fairly effective in provoking the desired reaction.  

Sumie Sakai in on commentary

(5) Jenny Rose & Tenille Dashwood vs. Alexia Nicole & Xandre Bale

Rose and Nicole started with trading standing arm lock reversals until Rose took Nicole down with a headlock.  Rose hit a couple of arm drags and a side slam for a two count. Rose tagged in Dashwood and they hit Nicole with a double team suplex that got a two count.  Tenille hit a basement dropkick for two. Tenille tagged in Jenny Rose. Nicole fought back and slammed Jenny’s head into the top turnbuckle. Xandra Bale in the corner draped Jenny’s throat over the top rope and a kick from Nicole got two.  Nicole used the ropes to choke Jenny Rose and then hit a forearm in the corner. Nicole hit double knees in the corner on Rose for one. Xandre Bale tagged in and hit Jenny with a series of kicks that received a two count. Xandre held Jenny for Alexia to attack but Jenny moved out of the way and Alexia took down Xandre.  Jenny tagged in Tenille who came in and took Xandre and Alexia down and then applied the tarantula to Alexia. Tenille hit a drop toe hold on Xandre who fell into Alexia. Tenille splashed her opponents in the corner and then pinned Xandre for two before being broken up by Alexia. Jenny Rose tagged herself in. Tenille took out Alexia while Jenny hit Xandre with a chokeslam for the pin.

WINNERS:  Jenny Rose & Tenille Dashwood at 6:35

Ursin’s Analysis:  Alexia Nicole particularly did not look good here.  A lot of this was sloppy and the crowd did not seem to be invested in anything other than the former Emma’s entrance. (*)

(6) SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) vs. Roppongi 3K (Rocky Romero & Sho & Yoh)

Kaz and Romero started off with wrist lock counters.  Kaz hit a fireman’s carry roll up for two and then Rocky reversed it into a crucifix pin for two.  Romero hit a backslide for one. They worked into a standoff to applause from the live crowd. Romero grounded Kaz with a side headlock.  Kaz fought back and Daniels kicked Romero in the back from the apron. Daniels tagged in and all of SoCal enters the ring and get put down by Romero.  Romero tagged out to Yoh who laid into Daniels with European uppercuts. Yoh took Daniels down with a flying headscissors. Yoh tagged in Sho and they took down SoCal with dropkicks.  Kaz pulled SHo down to the floor as he and Scorpio put the boots to Sho on the floor. Daniels isolated Sho in the SoCal corner and SoCal delivered some triple team offense. Splash by Scorpio onto Sho got a two count.  Scorpio hit a backbreaker on Sho and Kaz tagged in. More triple team offense from SoCal followed before Daniels hit a Lionsault for a two count on Sho. Kaz in and whipped Sho into the buckles. Sho fought back with a lungblower to Kaz and then one to Daniels and a tag to Yoh.  Yoh cleaned house with dragon screws. Corkscrew senton by Yoh on Scorpio got a two count. Daniels and Scorpio tried to double team Yoh but he fought back with a combo backbreaker/neckbreaker to Daniels. Romero was tagged in an hit a springboard headscissors takedown on Kaz. Romero hit Forever clotheslines on Daniels and Kaz followed by a double rana.  Kaz fought out of a triple team move and the match broke down. SoCal were dumped to the outside and an RPG3K trio dive to the outside followed. RPG3K triple teamed Kaz inside the ring but Daniels made the save. Romero is isolated and SoCal tried for Best Meltzer Ever but it was cut off. Scorpio hit a tope and then Kaz and Daniels hit Celebrity Rehab on Romero for the pin.

WINNERS: SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) at 12:35

Ursin’s Analysis:  Solid Six-Man Tag match.  The win helps re-establish SoCal after their Night 1 loss of the 6-Man titles to The Kingdom.  Sho and Yoh won’t be around next week anyway as they’ll go back to Japan and Rocky eats the pin for protection.  (**½)

(7) Silas Young (c) vs. Adam Page – ROH TV Title Match

Punishment Martinez attacked Adam Page before the bell.  Officials carried Page to the back. Silas told the ref to ring the bell and start the match and count Page out.  Page limped back to the ring and Silas attacked. A back suplex by Silas got two. Page tried to fight back but Silas dumped him to the outside.  They brawled on the apron and Page tried to fire up but Silas hit a DDT. Silas hit a leg drop and covered for two. Silas teased Page. Page hit a desperation clothesline.  Page fired up and hit another clothesline for two. Page went for Rite Of Passage but Silas rolled through and hit a knee followed by a twisting neckbreaker for two. Silas laid in some boot shots before both men went to the apron.  Page hit a superkick and Silas fell to the floor. Page hit a top rope moonsault and rolled Silas into the ring. Page hit the buckshot lariat and tried again for Rite of Passage but Silas slid out and hit Misery for the pin.

WINNER:  Silas Young at 7:10

Ursin’s Analysis:  This was more of a way to position Page as a babyface and get some sympathy on him than it was an actual match.  In that sense, it succeeded in a big way and was well worked with the crowd really buying into Page and cheering him on.  (**)

(8) Cody (w/Burnard The Business Bear) vs. Jushin Liger

They locked up.  Cody cartwheeled out of a wristlock from Liger and talked things over with Burnard.  Liger used a single leg takedown and a modified surfboard hold to ground Cody but Cody was too close to the ropes.  Cody went outside the ring, drank some water, and stretched out his hamstring. They traded wristlocks. Liger grounded Cody with a hammerlock.  Liger worked a bow and arrow style move but Cody was too close to the ropes again. They tried to one up each other with push-ups and poses. Cody hit the drop down punch but Liger hit a Shotei and locked in a surfboard into a reverse chinlock.  Liger went off the ropes but Burnard tripped him. Cody attacked sending Liger to the outside. Cody slammed Liger into the guardrail and the apron. Back in the ring Cody hit a kick for two. Cody went to work on Liger’s leg and then applied the Figure Four.  Liger reversed the Figure Four but Cody went to work and hit a front face drop suplex. Cody went to the top rope but Liger was up and hit a superplex and both men were down. Liger hit a Shotei and then a top rope rana for two. Liger went for a suplex but was distracted by Burnard.  Liger dropkicked Burnard and then went to the outside. Cody went to the top rope and hit Liger with a dive. Liger ducked a disaster kick and hit a powerbomb for two. Cody pushed Liger into the ref. Cody tossed two chairs into the ring. He tried to use one of the chairs on Liger but the ref was up and took the chair from Cody.  Liger used the other chair and then rolled up Cody for two. Liger punched Cody in the corner but Cody hit CrossRhodes for the pin.

WINNER:  Cody at 12:12

Ursin’s Analysis:  Jushin Liger is a legend and it’s always a pleasure to see him.  This is more than you usually get from him at his current age. There was a lot of silliness in this match that worked and some that didn’t.  The crowd was split but very hot. (**)

(9) Takahashi & Evil & Sanada vs. Kenny King & Jay Lethal & Colt Cabana

Lethal started with Sanada.  They worked counters to a standoff and applause from the live audience.  Sanada put Lethal in the Paradise Lock and went for a kick but Cabana made the save.  They traded waist locks several times before Lethal hit a hip toss and a cartwheel into a dropkick.  Sanada tagged in Evil and Lethal tagged in Kenny King. Evil raked King’s eye and used a shoulder block takedown.  King hit a drop toe hold and into a side headlock on Evil. King tagged Cabana who took Evil down with a flying headscissor.  Evil tagged in Takahashi. Cabana said he didn’t want Takahashi…he wanted Daryl Jr. Takahashi rolled out of the ring and grabbed Daryl Jr. but Cabana said he only wanted Daryl Jr.  Takahashi placed Daryl Jr in the ring and rolled out. Colt threatened to attack Daryl and Takahashi slid back in and rolled him up for two. Cabana then grabbed Daryl. Cabana threatened to hit Daryl as Takahashi begged him not to.  The crowd chanted “You sick fuck.” Cabana tossed Daryl into the air. Takahashi caught Daryl as Cabana rolled Takahashi up for two. Daryl loses his mask and Takahashi covered his face as Cabana celebrated with the mask. The ref removed Daryl from the ring.  Cabana hit the Superman pin on Takahashi for two. Cabana hit a splash on Takahashi for two. Kenny King hit a suplex on Takahashi for two. King and Takahashi traded forearm strikes before King rolled up Takahashi for two. King tagged in Lethal who was tripped by Bushi on the outside.  Triple team offense by LIJ takes out King and Cabana and Takahashi sent Lethal to the floor. Bushi attacked Lethal on the outside and Evil attacked Kenny King. Takahashi tagged in Sanada. Sanada low blowed Lethal and applied the Paradise Lock again. Bushi attacked Lethal from the outside.  Evil with a running senton on Lethal received a two count. Lethal fought out of a reverse chinlock by Evil. Lethal tagged Kenny King. Sanada is in and King worked him over. Sanada took King down with a Frankensteiner and tagged in Takahashi. King tagged Cabana who hit Sanada and Takahashi with a moonsault.  Cabana laid in elbows and then a hip attack to Takahashi for two. Evil came in and hit Cabana with some offense in the corner. Evil and Sanada went for The Magic Killer on Cabana but he fought out. Evil hit a lariat on Cabana for two. Evil and Sanada hit The Magic Killer on Cabana for two but it was broken u by Kenny King.  King hit Evil with a T-Bone suplex but Sanada hit King with a TKO. Lethal hit a cutter on Sanada and then a dropkick on Takahashi. Lethal hit his trio of topes and then a fourth on Bushi. Lethal ended up hitting seven topes in total. Cabana locked in Cubs Win on Evil but Evil made it to the ropes. Takahashi hit the sunset flip powerbomb on the floor to Lethal.  Bushi spit the mist into Caban’s face and Evil hit Everything Is Evil on Cabana for the pin.

WINNERS:  Takahashi and Evil and Sanada at 22:15

Ursin’s Analysis:  The beginning of the match and the comedy spots with Daryl Jr didn’t do anything for me personally.  It got better down the stretch. (**½)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Big improvement over Night 1 including a must see Young Bucks match.  More house show filler from ROH. These shows once meant something. Now it seems  they’re just content filler for the streaming service. A lot of this could have been booked much better.

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