Radican’s Chalk Line WWE jacket review: a look at the return of Chalk Line products for the first time since the ’90s, in-depth look at NWO, DX, and The Rock themed jackets (w/Video)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


Chalk Line has come out with a new line of officially licensed fanimation style jackets. In the early ’90s, Chalk Line made sublimated jackets for all of the major sports including the NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB. These jackets were very popular among young males when I was growing. My favorite Chalk Line jacket was a Los Angeles Raiders jacket that had a huge pirate ship on the back. The designs really popped and Chalk Line stood out during an era where they competed for attention with Starter, Apex 1, and Pro Player for the attention of young sports fans looking for the hottest gear to wear. 

Chalk Line faded away after Russell Athletic bought them in the late ’90s and purposely phased them out. David Goldberg, who brought back Ewing Athletics, was able to purchase the rights to Chalk Line and in 2016, it was announced that Chalk Line had reached a licensing deal with WWE to do some legend jackets in the signature Chalk Line fanimation style with their first jackets featuring Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage. 

In 2018, Chalk-Line has exploded onto the scene with their WWE offerings and they now feature a large selection of legends, current wrestlers, and show themed designs. They have also expanded their WWE line of clothing to include sublimated tank tops, shorts, and soccer jerseys in recent months as well with their World Cup Soccer Collection.

The WWE fanimation jackets have been popping up all over the place. The Rock recently showed his off in a post on Instagram.

Happy Bday to one of the best to ever do it @therock #therock #wwe

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Kassius Ohno also had a custom Chalk Line ring jacket made for his entrance attire with an Orlando Magic theme.


I had a chance to check out three of the jackets from Chalk Line’s collection including the NWO Black/White retro satin jacket, the WWE The Rock retro fanimation jacket, and the WWE DX Retro fanimation jacket. All of the WWE jackets from Chalk Line appear to be available in sizes S-XXXL. Before I get into my thoughts on each jacket, I do want to say that I felt the NWO jacket with the satin shell fit the best. All of the jackets felt a little small for their size in the front where you button them up when I tried them on, so I would suggest going a size bigger if you’re ordering one. The NWO jacket was really close to a true 3XL for me. 

All three designs were great, but my favorite jacket of the was the NWO Black/White retro satin jacket I loved the simple design of the jacket with the NWO logo on the front and the back. As you will see in the video at the end of the article, the NWO jacket had a big satin shell with a cotton lining. This jacket was really comfortable to wear and the very first time I wore it out, I got a ton of compliments on it just going to the post office. The simple design and color scheme are incredible for this jacket.

I also really enjoyed the look and fit of The Rock retro fanimation jacket, which had the same fit and feel as the DX Retro fanimation jacket that I’ll discuss shortly. The Rock retro fanimation jacket features a polyester shell with a cotton lining. Out of all of the jackets I got, this one felt like a true throwback to the old Chalk Line sports fanimation style jackets. The front has a simple white design with the WWE logo on the left breast pocket side, but the sleeves and the back of the jacket really pop as you will see in the video below.

The Rock’s name is on each sleeve surrounded by electricity and on the back there’s an awesome graphic with two great pictures of The Rock from the period when he was exploding on the scene as a main event talent. The jacket really pops and gets noticed if you wear it out to just about anywhere and the back of the jacket is completed with the awesome Know Your Role Blvd and Jabroni Drive street sign. This jacket is sure to be a great conversation starter wherever you wear it.

Finally, I had a chance to try out the WWE DX retro fanimation jacket. The jacket features a polyester shell with cotton lining. What I like about this jacket is blending of the DX colors in the designs on the sleeves and the back. The front features a primarily black pattern with the WWE logo on the left breast pocket side

The sleeves and the back of the jacket have a fantastic graphic design. The sleeves of the jacket have the DX logo on them, but the pattern bleeds from black into the signature neon green of DX. The back of the jacket features the classic DX logo and the bleeding of the black into the neon green on the back of the jacket looks fantastic.

Overall, I would give Chalk Line’s WWE jackets my full endorsement. They look fantastic and when I wear them it brings me right back to the early ’90s when I had that incredible Los Angeles Raiders Chalk Line jacket. It was great wearing these jackets out in public and just striking up conversations with different people about NWO, DX, or The Rock. The jackets are really comfortable, especially the NWO Black/White retro satin jacket with the satin shell.

Now check out my complete video review of Chalk Line’s WWE jackets below:

To purchase these jackets, head on over to Chalk Line and to see their latest WWE apparel check them out on their Instagram page


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