Big Cass released by WWE just two days after his second clean loss to Daniel Bryan, had rep for maturity and attitude issues

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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Big Cass, real name William Morrissey, has been released by WWE. WWE issued a terse statement on today which states: “WWE has come to terms on the release of William Morrissey (Big Cass).”

Although it’s become a bit of a joke to make fun of, WWE did not wish him well in his future endeavors. It could be a change in policy or an oversight, but it could also be seen as a sign of it being a contentious situation.

Cass did have heat with management after he went against explicit orders from management not to punch the little person who played the small version of Daniel Bryan in a skit on Smackdown last month. Sources say he was told not to, he took his request to get more physical to upper management who also turned him down, and yet he did it anyway.

The fact that he was released on TV day could indicate something happened today, or that he was upset with doing a second clean tapout job to Bryan on Sunday at Money in the Bank. The fact that he did a second clean tapout job to Bryan, though, indicates he might have already been on the way out going into Sunday.

Cass was with WWE since June 2011 when he signed with WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling. He teamed with the bombastic and controversial Enzo, and like Enzo, Cass had a rep for having attitude issues. He was given time to “mature” and frustration grew and resignation had been setting in that despite a good push and after being separated from Enzo, he was still exhibiting maturity issues despite being 30 years old now.

With a glut of talent in NXT with great attitudes eager to prove they belong on the main roster, Cass made himself expendable. Bryan’s promo on Sunday saying that big men get opportunities to fail that smaller wrestlers don’t might have more than just a storyline promo.

We haven’t heard, though, if there was a single incident in recent days that tipped the scales to the point that he was let go or if it was a result of a steady denigration of management’s faith in his ability to be relied upon if he continued to get a big push.

Cass was in a relationship with Carmella for several years until the relationship ended late last year.

“Big Cass” is the no. 7 trend in the United States on Twitter as of this article being published mid-afternoon Tuesday.

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