5 YRS AGO – WWE Smackdown Report (6-21-13): Bryan vs. Orton main events, plus Curtis Axel, Cody, Jericho, A.J. Lee, Del Rio, McIntyre, Heyman, Punk

By Greg Parks, PWTorch columnist

Drew McIntyre (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


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WWE Smackdown review
June 21, 2013
Taped 6/18/13 in Dayton, Ohio
Aired on SyFy
By Greg Parks, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @gregmparks)

– WWE Open.

– Clips aired from each match that occurred at Payback. I love when they do that rather than select only a few matches to spotlight – it makes each match seem important. The voice-over man only gave a vague preview of tonight’s show coming off the PPV.

– Daniel Bryan came to the ring. As he did, Michael Cole and JBL were shown on-camera, discussing the latest on Bryan. Bryan said the match stoppage due to injury on Raw was the first time that happened in his 13 years in “this industry.” He felt, of course, that he could continue. Bryan mocked the company line for why the match was stopped, but said it was stopped because even the company thinks he’s the weak link and that he isn’t tough enough. The worst offender, in his opinion, was Randy Orton. Bryan cued up the video of the injury and the aftermath. He said instead of objecting to the match stoppage, Orton picked him up, patted him on the head like he was a little brother or a dog, and said, “don’t worry little Daniel…it’ll be okay.” Bryan said he saw nothing but pity in Orton’s eyes. He said he doesn’t care what WWE doctors or Randy Orton think – in fact, he’s going to beat Randy Orton tonight. Orton’s music interrupted and he came out.

Orton said Bryan had it all wrong and that the match was stopped because people, including him, were concerned for Bryan’s well-being. But because Bryan kept coming at him, it made him respect him even more. Orton said when he helped Bryan up, it wasn’t out of pity, but respect. Bryan accused Orton of patronizing him, saying he looks into Orton’s eyes and sees not respect, but pity. Bryan said he’s going to take that “respect” and shove it down Orton’s throat. Orton calmly told Bryan that he’s way out of line. Orton okayed the match and said tonight, when the ref stops the match, Bryan won’t walk out but will be carried out. “Respect that,” he said, then dropped the mic and left. Two things: One, if the Bryan match stoppage on Raw was indeed legit, it added another solid layer to this storyline to play up. Second, both men were tremendous here. That’s how you hype a match later in the show.

– Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio takes place later tonight.

– Also tonight, Wade Barrett gets an Intercontinental Title re-match against Curtis Axel.

– Sheamus came out for the opening bout. It’s next.

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Damien Sandow accompanied Rhodes to the ring. Early suplex by Sheamus led to a two-count. Cody took over control but tripping Sheamus with the ring skirt. Single-arm DDT by Rhodes in the ring for two at 2:45 of the match. A missed charge by Sheamus led to a roll-up by Cody for two. Sheamus attempted to launch himself over the top rope into a shoulderblock, but Rhodes countered and grabbed an arm-bar on the mat. Sheamus began his comeback at about 4:49 of the match. Sandow created a distraction, but Sheamus sent Rhodes into Sandow. Texas Cloverleaf applied by Sheamus and a quick tap-out by Rhodes.

WINNER: Sheamus, via submission, at 5:35. Do we have the Breaking Point PPV coming up again? The match was solid enough.

Sandow attacked Sheamus after the match. The closing moments of the match were shown, as was Sandow’s attack.

– The announcers provided an introduction for the latest Wyatt Family vignette.

– Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman came to the ring. The IC Title is on the line next.

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Lilian Garcia provided formal ring introductions for this one. The Miz was on commentary with JBL and Cole, too. Middle rope elbowdrop by Axel for two. The men continued going back-and-forth in the opening minutes. A Barrett boot sent Axel outside the ring. Back in, Axel tried a Perfect Plex, but it was countered and he ended up eating another big boot for a two-count. Barrett missed another elbowdrop and Axel capitalized with his spinning neck-breaker for the win.

WINNER: Axel, at 4:40. Definitely felt like a big-man match the way it was structured.

The Miz entered the ring to confront Axel after the match. Heyman had to physically restrain Axel to prevent him from getting involved with Miz.

– Coming up next, John Cena was blindsided by Mark Henry on Raw. We’ll see what happened.

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– Cole and JBL talked about Henry’s “retirement” speech and then they showed it in its entirety. They also showed his interview with Renee Young afterward.

– A.J. Lee and Big E. Langston came out. Lee will be in action after the break.

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– Natalya was in the ring to oppose A.J. Before the match, they showed Langston swerving Kaitlyn as it pertains to her secret admirer, as well as Kaitlyn’s loss to A.J. at Payback.

3 – A.J. LEE vs. NATALYA

Nattie shoved Lee to the mat, then gave her a snap-mare. A.J. fought off a Sharpshooter, so Natalya applied a different submission hold. Kaitlyn and Layla were shown watching the match on a monitor backstage. A.J. jumped on Natalya’s back and put her in a sleeper. They cut to break in a clunky manner at that point.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 4:48 of the match. Twisting clothesline by Nattie caught A.J. and put her down for a two-count. “You have no respect!” shouted Natalya at A.J. A.J put Natalya in the Black Widow submission finish for the submission win.

WINNER: A.J., via submission, at 5:37. That commercial break was oddly timed. I think we saw just over two minutes of actual match.

They went back to Kaitlyn and Layla watching on the monitor. Aksana walked up and called Kaitlyn “trash.” Kaitlyn bashed Aksana in the head with a water bottle and attacked her while the other Divas had to intervene to separate them.

– Chris Jericho came out. As he did, they aired the end of the Orton-Bryan segment from earlier in the night. Alberto Del Rio was then introduced. As Del Rio entered the arena, they showed Dolph Ziggler attacking him on Raw.


Del Rio put the boots to Jericho in the corner. Jericho came back with chops, but missed his dive and went through the ropes. Springboard dropkick by Jericho sent Del Rio to the outside. Jericho dropkicked Del Rio through the ropes and continued taking the fight to him. A distraction by Ricardo Rodriguez allowed Del Rio to take control back in the ring. They went to break at 2:54 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 6:24. Jericho charged at Del Rio in the corner, but Del Rio moved and Jericho bumped to the outside. Just over a minute later, Del Rio too missed a corner charge, going shoulder-first into the ring post. Jericho landed an axe-handle off the top rope. Del Rio regained control but missed with a step-up enziguiri. Cross-body off the top by Jericho for two. Lionsault hit despite Del Rio being two-thirds of the way across the ring. Del Rio countered the Walls of Jericho with the Cross Arm-Breaker. Jericho countered that into the Walls. Rodriguez got on the apron and Jericho brought him in and applied the REAL Walls to Rodriguez. As he did this, Dolph Ziggler ran in and attacked Del Rio. Del Rio and Rodriguez exited hastily through the crowd.

WINNER: Del Rio, via disqualification, at 10:33. Good match between two pros.

After the match, Jericho gave Ziggler a Codebreaker. Del Rio returned to ringside. Referees tried to keep Del Rio away from Ziggler, but Del Rio did manage to kick Ziggler in the head once.

[Commercial Break]

– They replayed the finish of the previous match and the post-match.

– A graphic aired reminding viewers of Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan, still to come.


McIntyre was thrown out of the ring early and Christian dropkicked him through the ropes. Back in the ring, Christian hammered away on McIntyre. McIntyre caught Christian coming off the top and gave him a side slam for two. McIntyre did some trash talking, threatening to knock Christian out. Christian hit McIntyre with an elbow to the jaw, then took out Heath Slater. A distraction by Jinder Mahal led toa suplex attempt by McIntyre, but Christian ended it with the Killswitch.

WINNER: Christian, at 1:49. It seems they’re working to reestablish Christian, making sure he hits all of his signature moves during his matches.

Christian got the mic after the match and said after 10 long months, it feels good to be back on Smackdown and in front of his Peeps. Christian said he came back for that one more match. Before he could get any further, The Shield’s music interrupted and they came out from the back. The Hounds of Justice attacked Christian and powerbombed him down.

– Up next, we’ll see what happened between Brock Lesnar and C.M. Punk on Raw.

– The Rob Van Dam return video aired.

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– A video package aired on C.M. Punk’s Payback return, then what happened to him on Monday night.

– Renee Young was backstage with Paul Heyman. She asked why Lesnar attacked Punk and to what extent Heyman was involved. Heyman made some misogynistic comment and prodded into Young’s own personal life. He asked whether she still talks to her father, why her uncle ripped her prom date out of a limo and why she broke up with her fiancée two months ago. He said it’s not fun talking about your personal life on TV, is it? Heyman said Punk is his best friend and no longer his client, so whatever happens between them is personal. He said maybe next time she’ll ask about Curtis Axel defending his IC Title earlier in the show. “Or didn’t you pay attention to that, either?” God, Heyman is such an awesome slimeball.

– Randy Orton came to the ring for the main event. It’s next.

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No entrance for Bryan. Bryan attacked Orton right at the bell, and both men were aggressive in going after the other. Orton slowed the match down when he took over on offense. JBL defended WWE’s handling of Bryan’s injury on Monday. Vertical suplex by Orton. Jumping knee-drop by Orton missed and Bryan took over, working the leg. Bryan switched to the arm in preparation for the No Lock. Orton got himself free with a suplex. Orton found himself on the apron and he brought Bryan throat-first over the top, then he suplexed Bryan out of the ring. They went to break at 4:16.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 7:13 of the match, with Orton cutting off Bryan’s offense. Orton set Bryan on the top rope and headbutted him, one of at least three so far in this match. Bryan fought out of a superplex attempt and landed a missile dropkick. Bryan picked up the pace but couldn’t put Orton away. Bryan dodged a clothesline but fell victim to a powerslam for a two-count. A European uppercut was turned into a backslide by Bryan for two. Kick to the head for two at 10:35. Bryan went to the top, presumably for a diving headbutt, but Orton crotched him. Superplex by Orton. Vintage Orton DDT. He set up for the RKO and Bryan rolled out of the ring. Like Monday night, Orton picked Bryan up and dropped him shoulder-first into the barricade. After an unsuccessful DDT attempt by Orton, Bryan hit Orton with a running knee from the apron, then a suicide dive. Bryan made it into the ring just before the count of ten. Orton wasn’t as lucky.

WINNER: Bryan, via count-out, at 14:00.

Bryan did not want to win that way and ordered the ref to re-start the match. Bryan shouted “Yes!” while referee John Cone yelled “No!” The match didn’t re-start and the show ended with Bryan leading the crowd in a “Yes!” chant while Orton looked on, leaning against the turnbuckles in the ring.

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