WWE SUMMERSLAM RESULTS 8/19: Keller’s report on Lesnar vs. Reigns, Bliss vs. Rousey, Styles vs. Joe, Ziggler vs. Rollins, Carmella vs. Charlotte vs. Becky, Braun vs. Owens

By Wade Keller, editor


AUGUST 19, 2018


Panel: Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler, Peter Rosenberg, JBL, David Otunga


Announcers: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

Almas worked over Rusev early on. They went to split screen to promote the Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns match. Lana tagged in and rallied with some running hair pulls and then celebrated with a Spinarooni. She was really firing up as a babyface and even flexed Lex Luger style over Vega after he attack. When Almas stood on the ring apron, Lana turned and slapped him. That led to Vega rolling her up with her feet on the ropes for leverage.

WINNERS: Almas & Vega in 7:00.

(B) CEDRIC ALEXANDER vs. DREW GULAK – WWE Cruiserweight Championship match

Announcers: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson

During this match they also went to split screen to hype Summerslam’s main card. Late in the match, Gulak slapped Cedric and then rolled him up, but Cedric kicked out and they went into a backslide battle. Cedric slipped free and went for an enzuigiri, but Gulak surprised him with an ankle lock. Cedric escaped but Gulak then applied an ankle lock. Cedric rolled through immediately for a two count. Cedric hit a Spanish fly, but Gulak immediately leveraged Cedric’s shoulders down for a near fall. They continued rapid-fire pin attempts and Cedric ended up getting a leverage three count out of it seconds later. Frenzied exciting finish.

WINNER: Alexander in 10:00 to retain the Cruiserweight Title.


Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Jonathan Coachman

The Revival hit a Shatter Machine on Curtis early, but he wasn’t the legal man. Another split screen during the match advertising Summerslam’s Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey match, which is better than cutting away from the match completely for a commercial. The Revival isolated Bo until he hot-tagged Curtis Axel. The announcers wondered what kind of shape Axel was in after the Shatter Machine earlier. He went for a Perfect Plex on Dawson, but Dash interfered. Dawson small packaged Curtis, but Bo reversed it by accident when Dash snapped his neck over the top rope and Bo fell backwards. That led to another fluke win.

WINNERS: B-Team in 7:00 to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles.

OTHER NOTES: Samoa Joe gave a strong interview saying he is in A.J. Styles’s head. He said he’s gone everywhere Styles has been and takes his titles from him and he’ll do it again. When Booked asked Joe if he had advice for Styles, Joe said to have a pillow ready because he’ll be putting him to sleep… Paul Heyman backstage said it’s not a prediction, it’s a spoiler, Brock Lesnar will F5 him and get the 1-2-3 and Roman Reigns won’t want to face Lesnar again… Baron Corbin said Finn Balor will come up short and then laughed about the pun…


-Cole introduced the show. They had virtual graphics hovering above the ring.

(1) DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Drew McIntyre) vs. SETH ROLLINS (w/Dean Ambrose)

Dean walked out to his music to start. He walked out in a vest with his white sleeveless t-shirt underneath. Then Seth’s music played and they walked to the ring together. Dean had the demeanor of someone walking around a nightclub looking for a guy who just made a lewd comment about his wife. Coach said Ziggler is eager to set the tone for the show and the locker room by opening the main card. Seth went for a standing headlock early. When Ziggler pushed him into the ropes, Drew showed up right by Seth. Seth turned to look at him. Dean then walked over and stared down Drew. Graves said it’s great to have a back-up, and even better when that back-up is out of his mind. Seth then caught Ziggler’s legs and schoolboyed him for a two count. Ziggler caught Seth with an uppercut and he went for a schoolboy for a two count. Seth popped up and caught Ziggler’s kick and then teased a powerbomb and Ziggler slithered out of the ring to regroup with Drew.

Ziggler rolled out of the ring again a minute later, showing early signs of frustration. When Seth walked over toward Ziggler, Drew cut him off. Ambrose joined in. Seth got in a shot at Ziggler at ringside when Ziggler ran away from Dean. Seth chopped Ziggler in the ring, then taunted Drew at ringside. “It’s a different ballgame now,” he said, a reference to having Dean as his neutralizer. Ziggler took over when he picked Seth’s knee. He hit a neckbreaker and scored a soft two count. Ziggler, who had an IC Title belt replica sewn onto the front of his tights, worked over Seth’s knee. Dean again got in Drew’s face to stop him from going after Seth at ringside. Ziggler settled into a chinlock for several minutes. Seth escaped, but Ziggler backdropped him over the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring Seth rolled through a crossbody and lifted Ziggler for a suplex, but he tumbled toward the ropes and both fell to the floor, with Ziggler hitting the ring apron on the way down.

Coach said this is the most important and most impressive title reign of Ziggler’s career. Seth rallied with some running elbows to Ziggler, but Ziggler countered with a roll-up for a two count. Seth caught a charging Zigler with a boot and then delivered a blockbuster for a two count. Ziggler knocked Seth off balance on the top rope. Seth headbutted Ziggler and set up a top rope move, but Ziggler rolled out of the way. Seth ran at Ziggler to knocked him to the floor, then dove through the ropes and tackled him at ringside. Seth hit a flying clothesline off the top rope and then a ripcord knee for a near fall. Seth lifted Ziggler onto his shoulders off the top rope, but Ziggler shifted into a sleeper on Seth’s back. Seth threw Ziggler off him quickly. Ziggler snapped Seth’s neck over the top rope.

They battled on the ring apron. Ziggler kicked Seth into the ringpost and then DDT’d him on the ring apron. Seth fell to the floor. Seth beat the countout. Ziggler was disappointed. He mounted Seth and punched away at him. Ziggler went for a Zig Zag, but Seth held onto the ropes and then gave him a superkick. He followed up quickly with a flying frog splash, but Ziggler lifted his knees for a near fall. Both were slow to get up as they replayed the big moves in slo-mo. Ziggler went for a Fameasser, but Seth side-stepped him and set him on the top rope. He then set up a move, but Ziggler back elbowed Seth to the mat. Seth tried again, this time standing on the top rope and reverse suplexing Ziggler. He then landed a twisting suplex which Cole called a modified sidewalk slam for a believable near fall. The crowd cheered and chanted “This is awesome!”

Seth stomped the mat. Drew threw Dean not the ringside steps. That distracted Seth. Seth went for a stomp, but Ziggler side-stepped him and hit the Zig Zag. Cole declared Ziggler would retain the title because of Drew again. Seth, though, kicked out (of course he did, because otherwise Cole wouldn’t have said what he said). Coach told Cole not to get ahead of himself. Seth came up bleeding from above his left eye. The ref put on gloves. Ziggler stood first and stomped the mat. He went for a kick, and Coach got ahead of himself saying, “It’s over boys.” They each went for a series of leverage pins and Seth ended up with a near fall. Seth then lifted Ziggler and buckle-bombed him. Drew climbed onto the ring apron. Dean yanked him down. The crowd cheered. Dean gave Drew his Dirty Deeds. Ziggler went for a superkick, but Seth caught him with his kick instead. Then he stomped Ziggler and scored the three count. Graves said this might be the loudest he’s heard Barclays Center.

WINNER: Seth Rollins in 22:00 to capture the IC Title. (****)

(Keller’s Analysis: Very good match. The story headed into the match was that Drew was responsible for Ziggler being champion, and Dean would offset that. That ended up being the story of the actual match. The crowd loved seeing Seth become champion. This could be independent of anything else coming up later, but it also could be a way to give fans some happy moments early to keep them from being too down on some finishes they don’t like later.)

-A commercial aired for a video game with Ronda Rousey.

-Renee Young interviewed Brie and Nikki Bella backstage. She asked if they’re going to be part of Evolution. Nikki listed all of their other projects. Brie plugged “Total Bellas.” Nikki asked her to stop interrupting. They said they were at Summerslam to have fun and witness Ronda Rousey make history and become Raw Women’s Champion. Brie said they have been part of the Women’s Evolution since the beginning and they want to see Rousey represent as champion. They said they’d be watching from the front row.

(Keller’s Analysis: Was that a heel turn, or are they just that unaware of how unlikable they both came across there.)


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(2) THE BLUDGEON BROTHERS (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) vs. THE NEW DAY (Xavier Woods & Big E w/Kofi Kingston) – WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship match

Harper grounded Xavier early and landed a dropkick, then tagged in Rowan. They both knocked Big E off the ring apron and then went after him at ringside. Rowan slammed Harper onto Big E, then went back to the ring and threw Xavier to the floor. They pulled the ringside stairs base out and then Rowan tried to slam Xavier on them. Xavier fought out. Harper went for a powerbomb of Xavier, but Xavier fought out of it and knocked Harper onto the steps. Xavier tagged Big E, who delivered some belly-to-belly suplexes to both Rowan and Harper.

Back in the ring Big E delivered another slam to Harper, then he swiveled over him and landed his running splash. He clapped and encouraged fans to chant “New… Day Rocks!” Harper countered with a sitout slam for a two count. Big E sidestepped a charging Rowan and sent him into the ringpost. Xavier then flip-dove over the top rope onto Rowan at ringside. Harper, though, then slammed Xavier to the mat. Big E dove through the ropes and speared Harper off the ring apron. Rowan then leaped off the ring apron and crossbody pressed Big E to the floor. Back in the ring they double-teamed Big E with the crucifix bomb. Xavier broke up the pin attempt. Xavier delivered enzuigiris to both Bludgeons, but then countered with a double-team move including several Harper headbutts and then a sitout powerbomb for a near fall. Graves wondered why Xavier would want to kick out. Coach said it’s the prestige of being a tag team champion that drives them. Big E delivered a Big Ending to Rowan in retaliation for Rowan attacking Kofi.

Harper set up a move on the ring apron, but he milked the moment for an abnormally long time as the ref scolded him. Big E punched his way out of it and then one-arm slammed him off the ring apron onto Xavier’s knees on the floor. That was awkward. Back in the ring Big E tagged in Xavier. Rowan rolled out of the ring. Xavier turned and dove onto him at ringside instead. The crowd saw it coming and cheered him on. He landed a flying elbow droplet but sold an elbow injury afterward. Big E crawled over and helped Xavier back in the ring. Xavier immediately tagged Big E, who lifted Harper onto his shoulders. Xavier set up a top rope move, but Rowan hit Xavier with his mallet. The ref DQ’d the Bludgeons.

WINNERS: New Day in 10:00 via DQ so the Bludgeons retained the Smackdown Tag Team Titles. (**1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: A bit clunky at times as the Bludgeons aspired to have a New Day type of match with lots of complicated big spots. Too much took place outside the ring. This was a good occasion to just pull back and tell a more traditional story with power moves by the Bludgeons and spirited comebacks by New Day. Instead, they just took on too much and it turned into a spotfest.)

-An ad aired for Total Divas starting Sept. 19. (Get ready for Sarah K’s recaps exclusively on PWTorch.com!)

-A video package aired on the Braun Strowman-Kevin Owens feud.

-They showed Jon Stewart at ringside hamming it up like he was auditioning for Shawn Michaels’s role in the obnoxious slapstick cornball version of DX skits.

(3) BRAUN STROWMAN vs. KEVIN OWENS – Braun’s Money in the Bank contract at stake

Strowman charged and splashed Owens at the start twice. Owens rolled to the floor. Strowman charged at him and checked him hard into the boards. Coach said some little kids in the front row better pay attention. Strowman hit another shoulder check and then threw him back into the ring. Owens bailed out. When Strowman pursued him, KO kicked him. Strowman no-sold it and chokeslammed KO on the ramp. Back in the ring Strowman landed a running powerslam and scored a decisive three count. Cole pointed out that Owens got in one kick. Graves said it was among the most one-sided matches in Summerslam history.

WINNER: Strowman in 2:00. (N/R)

(Keller’s Analysis: That’s the type of match that makes you think Owens is going to be suspended or cut tomorrow or that he upset someone behind the scenes. That’s how severe that loss seemed. That really damaged Owens more than it helped Strowman. I think even Strowman fans are disappointed that there wasn’t more to this as Owens didn’t even have a chance to try to goad Strowman into something that would backfire. This might explain why they dropped almost all hype for the special stip on Raw this past week. I suppose in a best cast scenario for KO fans, this is to set up Paul Heyman becoming an advocate for Owens and helping him turn his career around, but I wouldn’t hold out hope that. This isn’t the type of loss that precedes a big push.)

-A video package aired previewing the Smackdown Women’s Title match.

(4) CARMELLA vs. CHARLOTTE FLAIR vs. BECKY LYNCH – WWE Smackdown Women’s Title match

No question that during formal ring introductions Becky was more cheered than Charlotte. Carmella got all boos. Phillips said Carmella’s claim of having home field advantage was just proved wrong. Carmella moonwalked as soon as the bell rang. She took a shot at Becky as she was about to shake hands with Charlotte, but Charlotte attacked her. Carmella caught Charlotte with a boot. Charlotte fell to the floor giving Becky and Carmella a chance to battle one-on-one. Becky missed with a legdrop. Charlotte broke up a pin attempt by Carmella on Becky. Carmella slapped the back of Becky’s head then rolled out of the way. Becky turned and accused Charlotte of slapping her. Carmella shoved Charlotte into Becky and then schoolgirled Charlotte for a two count. Becky went back to yelling at Charlotte. Charlotte explained she didn’t. Becky tossed Carmella out of the ring and then Charlotte kicked her to the floor. Graves called Carmella’s strategy “genius.” Carmella grabbed Charlotte’s leg, and then Becky rolled up Charlotte for a two count. Charlotte came back with a leverage pin attempt. Becky hit two arm drags and applied an armbar. Charlotte escaped and leveraged Becky’s shoulders down for a two count.

Carmella yanked Charlotte off the ring apron and shoved her into the ringpost. Becky dove at Carmella, who moved and then threw Becky into the ringside steps. Graves asked Saxton if he’s beginning to believe in Carmella. Carmella strutted at ringside with Charlotte and Becky both down. Carmella settled into a chinlock mid-ring a minute later. Becky snuck in and schoolgirled Carmella for a two count. Carmella fired back with a dropkick and screeched, “I’m the champion!” Carmella rubbed Becky’s face into the mat and slapped her. Becky rolled up Carmella, but Carmella rolled through for a two count. Charlotte went for a boot on Carmella, but Carmella moved and she kicked Becky. Carmella smiled off to the side. Charlotte took it to Carmella and then kipped to little crowd response. She set up a figure-four, but Carmella kicked her off. Becky then gave Charlotte a running knee to the chin. She quickly leaped off the top rope with a dropkick to both Charlotte and Carmella. Becky clotheslined Charlotte twice and hit a leaping wheel kick to the chest. She played to the crowd and got some cheers. She tackled Carmella, signaled for the title belt, and then delivered a Becksploder suplex. Becky climbed to the top rope, but Carmella knocked Becky off balance. Carmella yanked Becky to the mat and scored a two count.

Becky went for another Becksploder, but Carmella blocked it. Charlotte speared both of them and scored  two count on Carmella Then she covered Becky and scored a two count. Carmella threw Charlotte face-first into the turnbuckle. Everyone paused for a moment. Charlotte reversed Carmella’s attempt to head scissors her off the top rope and face planted her. She applied a camel clutch and then shifted into a figure-four. Becky climbed to the top rope and leaped onto Charlotte with a legdrop for a near fall, broken up by Carmella. Carmella dove through the ropes onto Becky at ringside a minute later. That drew some applause. Charlotte climbed to the top rope and hit a corkscrew moonsault which, as usual, barely grazed anyone yet them bumped anyway. Carmella and Becky had to stand in position awkwardly long as Charlotte set it up and delivered. Charlotte went for a Natural Selection, but apologized before doing it. Becky countered into a Disarmher. The fans cheered. Carmella broke it up. Becky threw Carmella out of the ring. Then she blocked a Charlotte knee and delivered a urinage for a two count. Carmella broke it up.

Becky went for Carmella’s arm, but Carmella shoved her into the corner and then used the ropes for leverage to try to score a pin. Carmella superkicked Becky for a two count, broken up by Charlotte. Carmella kicked Charlotte out of the ring. Carmella kicked Becky, but Becky quickly countered with a Disarmher. Carmella crawled over to grab the bottom rope to force a break. Becky hit a Becksploder again and applied the armbar mid-ring. Charlotte broke it up with a Natural Selection for the win. Charlotte smiled, but also had some mixed emotions. Carmella sobbed at ringside.

WINNER: Charlotte in 16:00 to capture the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship. (***)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match. No real complaints other than Charlotte should retire the moonsault. It was pretty heavy on a third person breaking up what the other two were doing, but that’s logical given the triple threat situation. The tension between Becky and Charlotte built to the post-match angle…)

-Afterward, Charlotte’s music stopped and Becky stood up. Fans chanted “Becky! Becky!” Becky hugged Charlotte. Charlotte looked relieved and spoke some words privately to her. They hugged a second time and cried some more. Boos from the fans this time. Then she slapped Charlotte the crowd popped. Becky attacked Charlotte aggressively and kicked her to the floor. Saxton said he gets the frustration, but was this the right reaction. Becky held up the title belt and the crowd popped big and chanted her name again. She threw Charlotte into the ringside barricade and then over the announce table. Fans chanted “You Deserve It!” as Becky left. The crowd booed the camera zooming in on Charlotte crying behind the announce desk. Graves said Charlotte isn’t at fault, but he understands where Becky is coming from a little bit. Phillips said two years of frustration manifested. Graves said Becky doesn’t want to live in the queen’s shadow anymore.

(Keller’s Analysis: It’s amazing to think the intent of this angle was to position Becky as a heel and Charlotte as the babyface. They’re going to have a major uphill battle and it’s going to be embarrassing for WWE and unfair to Charlotte if the booking tries to frame Becky as the heel here.)

-A video package aired previewing the WWE Title match.

(5) A.J. STYLES vs. SAMOA JOE – WWE Title match 

Joe came out first. Then Styles. The showed the wife and daughter of Styles in the crowd. As the ring announcer began, Joe took the mic and said, “No, no, no, I’d like to make a very special introduction.” He said joining them tonight from Gainesville, Ga. is Wendy and Annie, his wife and daughter. He said, “Don’t you worry, Annie, daddy’s coming home tonight.” Styles was fuming. He said his family is here and they came for one reason, to see him kick his ass. Phillips said there’s no way Styles is at neutral emotionally. Styles circled Joe as the match began rather than charging at him. It felt off-tone for him to begin with a collar-and-elbow instead of exploding at him with a barrage of punches. Dueling chants o f “A.J. Styles/Let’s Go Joe” rang out. Styles locked on a side headlock. That’s what men do when someone brings their family into a personal situation? A side headlock? I get they’re likely pacing themselves for a long match, but emotionally it just felt off for Styles. Styles leapfrogged Joe and then landed a dropkick. Styles slidekicked Joe under the bottom rope. Styles charged at Joe with a knee, but Joe blocked it and then kicked Styles’s leg out from under him.

Back in the ring Joe methodically took it to Styles with kicks. He settled into a side headlock. Styles stood and escaped and hit Joe with a right. Then he slingshot forearmed Joe at ringside. Both were down and slow to get up. Joe knocked Styles down as he tried too crawl back into the ring. Joe then went for a dive through the ropes, but Styles kicked him out of mid-air. Styles then threw rapid-fire strikes and clotheslined Joe and followed up with a flying forearm. He let out a yell and fired up the crowd. He dove at Joe in the corner, but Joe shoved him into the corner. Styles caught him with an elbow. Styles moonsault inverted DDT’d Joe to the mat for a near fall. Styles set up a Styles Clash, but Joe escaped. Styles put Joe on the top rope, then stood on the top rope. Joe headbutted Styles off the top rope and then leaped with a flying knee for a near fall. Styles went for a leapfrog, but Joe turned it into an inverted atomic drop and then a senton for a two count. Styles surprised Joe with a slam attempt, but his knee gave out. Both were down and slow to get up. Styles stood, but his leg buckled. Styles set up a Sales Clash, but Joe escaped again. Styles instead went for a springboard Phenomenal Forearm, but Joe avoided it and landed a snap powerslam for a two count. Both were slow to get up.

Back up, Joe threw some forearms. Styles countered with a crucifix. Joe rolled through, but ate a kick. Styles then delivered a Styles Clash on Joe for a believable near fall that fans counted along to. Both again were slow to get up. Styles fired at Joe with a barrage of punches. Joe fired back. Styles caught him with a Pele kick. Joe caught Styles mid-air with a urinage. Styles came back with an ankle lock, but Joe fought out of it by ramming Styles’s head against the mat one rand over and then applied a sleeper. Joe kicked Styles off the top rope with a roundkick. He stood on the announce table and said he’ll be Annie’s new daddy. Saxton said Joe is a sick man. A bloodies Styles exploded and speared Joe off announce desk. About time. Styles kicked away at Joe in the time keepers area. He threw aside some production crew and bashed Joe with a chair. The ref called for the DQ.

WINNER: Joe via DQ in 23:00 so Styles retained the WWE Title. (****)

-After the match producers Adam Pearce and Fit Finlay came out and tried to calm Styles. Styles hit Joe with a chair shot again. Styles walked over to check on his wife and then hold his daughter.

(Keller’s Analysis: Very good match. I didn’t like Styles approaching it like a standard battle at the start with a collar-and-elbow hook-up and a side headlock. It picked into an intense fight that felt personal the longer it lasted. The finish is fine for the first match between them in what is presumably a series.)

-A Survivor Series ad aired.

-Elias sat mid-ring and talked about “disgusting New Yorkers.” He said he will wash it away with his performance. He called himself a global phenomenon. He instructed them to turn off their cell phones and shut their mouths because “the world is about to be blessed by Elias.” He went to play his tugger, and the arm broke off of it easily. He looked down and stared at it. “You f—ed up!” chanted the fans. Elias held in his clear frustration and calmly stood up and stared at his guitar, but then kicked over his stool and threw the guitar pieces. The ring went dark.

-They showed Miz strutting backstage and he crossed paths with B-Team. Bo and Curtis were all smiles. He said if Daniel Bryan would have followed his lead, they’d be as successful as they are. He said tonight he will prove he is better than Bryan when he beats him. He told B-Team for old times sake, they can celebrate together. B-Team said they’ve got some celebrating to do on their own. Bo said they’re not the Miztourage, but rather the B-Team. “And the B stands for Bryan.” Bo told Miz to check out their new reality show “Total Fells” but it’s spelled with a “B” so it’s “Total Bellas.” They did their B-Tema chant and left. Miz was exasperated.

-They went to the announcers at ringside. Graves thanked AJR for “Burn the House Down,” the official theme of Summerslam.

-A video package aired previewing Miz vs. Daniel Bryan.


Miz came out first and kissed Maryse at ringside. Bryan came out to a loud ovation. They fought back and forth early, with Miz taking control after an unclean break off the ropes. Bryan fought back with kicks. Bryan’s blue, white, and lime green ring gear looks sharp, by the way. Graves continues his theme of making fun of Brooklyn for being into vegans and non-GMO and gluten-free food, and thus relating well to Bryan. Miz got cocky as he set up a surfboard. He struggled, but got Bryan in the air eventually. Bryan powered free and sat up and stood and kicked Miz’s thigh. Then he showed Miz how to apply the surfboard. Miz dropped Bryan over the top rope crotch first and then kicked him off the ropes. Bryan bumped onto the top of his head and neck. (That was not good. Not good at all. Time for more testing after that one.) Miz applied a twisting headlock. Bryan eventually fought out of it and landed some hard chops. Miz hit an inverted DDT and scored a two count. Bryan turned it up and made a comeback a minute later with a flying clothesline. Both were slow to get up. Fans chanted “Daniel Bryan!” but some countered with “Let’s Go Miz!”

Bryan charged at Miz with two running dropkicks in the corner. Then he hit some Yes kicks. He set Miz on the top rope and then took him down with a huracanrana. Then he leaped off of the top rope and landed on Miz at ringside. He punched away at Miz. Graves said this has been boiling inside of Bryan for eight years. Bryan climbed to the top rope. Miz popped up and knocked him off balance. Bryan managed to hang Miz upside down in the corner. He threw five Yes Kicks and then charged with a basement dropkick. Bryan then back suplexed iz off the top rope. Miz didn’t move and Bryan was slow to roll over and make the cover. He scored a two count. Bryan threw Yes Kicks at Miz, but Miz popped up and DDT’d Bryan for a two count. Miz then threw Yes Kicks at a kneeling Bryan, but Bryan no-sold them and stood up. He grabbed Miz’s leg and then slapped him and dragon screw whipped him to the mat. He then took Miz down with a kick to the face. Bryan led the crowd in “Yes!” chants and charged, but Miz dropped him and set up a figure-four. Bryan countered, but Miz ended up slingshotting Bryan into the ringpost. He then hit a Skull Crushing Finale for a believable near fall. “We were just one second away from the world’s biggest I Told You So,” said Graves. Miz then led the crowd “No!” chants. He charged, but Bryan cut hi off with a kick to the head and then scored a two count. They were both slow to get up.

Bryan approached Miz who rolled to the ring apron. Miz shouldered Bryan in the gut and then set up a suplex over the top rope. Bryan fought out of it and landed on the ring apron. He threw more Yes Kicks. Miz moved and Bryan kicked the ringpost. Graves said Bryan had to break his leg there. Miz then applied a figure-four leglock back in the ring. Bryan tried to reverse it, but Miz shifted Bryan back onto his back. Bryan punched Miz while in the leglock, then did flip Miz over. Miz released the hold. Miz stood first. They exchanged punches once they both stood. Bryan got the better of Miz until Miz went for a Skull Crushing Finale. Bryan escaped and rolled up Miz for a two count. Bryan kicked Miz in the back and leveraged Miz’s shoulders down for a two count. Then he grounded Mizand did some 12-to-6 elbows to Miz’s neck and jaw. He then applied the Yes Lock. Mis teased tapping, but instead crawled over toward the ropes to force a break.

Bryan leaped off the ring apron with a knee to Miz. Miz landed right by Maryse, who checked on him. Bryan ran at Miz and dropkicked him. He threw Miz back into the ring. Bryan wrecking ball kicked Miz into the barricade. Bryan toward Miz at ringside, but Miz punched Bryan in the head with something Maryse game him. Miz entered the ring and scored the pin.

WINNER: Miz in 24:00. (***3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Really solid match, but maybe a notch below expectations and hopes. Maryse interfering certainly delays any hint of Miz building on his likability based off of the reality show he and Maryse star in and the affection he shows his baby. The crowd was into it, but not really really into it.)

-A commercial aired for a new FX show followed by an ad for the Mae Young Classic.

-The Raw announce team threw to a commercial for the Australian event which features Triple H vs. Undertaker for the last time ever.


Balor came out as The Demon. They used their 3D graphics package to create an image of an ominous giant red cloud above the ring. Graves said Corbin wasn’t expecting this. Cole said the last time The Demon was part of Summerslam, it was two years ago when he became the first-ever Universal Champion. Corbin protested to the ref, “This is not what we agreed on!” Balor attacked Corbin the way I’d have expected Styles to attack Joe at the start of their match. He knocked Balor to the floor and then flip dove onto him.He let out a barbaric yell and then hit Corbin with a slingblade. Corbin had a giant tongue painted on his chest. Coach said he’s never seen this in person before and Corbin becomes a different person “and I’m trying to figure out why he doesn’t do this more often.” (That’s hot helpful, Coach.) Fans chanted “This is awesome!” Hen then landed his Coup de Grace for a win almost as quick as Strowman’s earlier.)

WINNER: Balor in 2:00. (N/R)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good short decisive match and good placement, giving fans a feel-good win after three in a row that were not. This breaths some life into Balor, too, who was starting to feel diminished by the digs at is size and how he’s been featured on TV in general for a few months.)

-A commercial aired for WWE Shop.

-Backstage Brie Bella checked on Bryan. A trainer iced his head. Bryan said he should have known Miz was going to do something like this. Bryan said he needed to win that match. He said he fought so hard for three years to come back and it wasn’t to lose like that. Brie said his passion and persistence has brought him back to WWE. She said his fight isn’t over. He thanked her. Bryan asked her to go enjoy the show so he can stay back there and punch some walls. He said he loves her and he kissed her. She left. Bryan exhaled.


Graves said Nakamura and Hardy both express their artistic personalities in the ring through battle. Fans sang Nakamura’s song after the bell rang. Hardy avoided Nakamura and then mocked him. Nakamura was in a rage and charged at Hardy, but Hardy rammed him into the turnbuckle. Nakamura came back with a knee and then grounded Hardy. Hardy came back with a stunner and pounded on Nakamura with forearms. Nakamura outmaneuvered Hardy at ringside and spin kicked him, then set him on the ring apron. He kneed his head from underneath and then above. Nakamura grounded Hardy, but a couple minutes later Hardy hit a slingblade. Both were slow to get up. Hardy landed an inverted atomic drop and then a crotch double legdrop and a low drop-kick for a two count. Nakamura blocked a Twist of Fate. Hardy hit a Whisper in the Wind a minute later for a two count. Nakamura kicked Hardy off balance on the top rope, then landed a sliding knee and scored a two count. Nakamura signaled for a Kinsasha, but Hardy blocked it. Nakamura went for a low blow, but Hardy blocked it. Then Hardy delivered a Twist of Fate for a two count. The crowd was just spent at this point, not only from this show being past five hours long now, but many went to Takeover the night before. Even the announcers sound spent, and they’re not calling every match. Hardy hit another Twist of Fate and then climbed to the top of the ringpost. He leaped at Nakamura with a Swanton, but Nakamura moved. Hardy crashed onto the ring apron and then to the floor. Nakamura landed a scissors kick and then set up the Kinshasa. He connected and scored a three count.

WINNER: Nakamura to retain the U.S. Title in 11:00.

-Orton came out afterward as his music played. He approached the ring to apparently attack Hardy, but then turned and walked away.

-Cole plugged a new episode of “Storytime” on WWE Network.

-A video package aired on the Alexa Bliss-Ronda Rousey match.

-Natala walked out wearing the jacket her late father, Jim Neidhart, wore in 1990 at Summerslam the night the Hart Foundation won the tag team titles.

(9) ALEXA BLISS vs. RONDA ROUSEY – WWE Raw Women’s Title match

Cole said there was a Ronda graffiti mural on the Lower East Side of Manhattan that said “Fight Like a Girl” and Bliss was upset she wasn’t on it. Bliss came out next. Then Rousey. She had her eyes painted. Her top had “Rowdy” written on it. The bell rang and Bliss immediately ducked between the ropes and waved Ronda to back up. She ducked into the ropes again seconds later on the other side of the ring. Rousey blocked a Bliss cheap shot and then punched her. Bliss dropped to the floor and stalled. Rousey told Bliss she’d like to give her a lesson on being champion. She turned her back and sat down and saved her in. Bliss covered her eyes, even. Bliss still stalled, but eventually came up behind Rousey and applied  sleeper. Rousey stood and got wide-eyed and powered out of Bliss’s grip and lifted her onto her shoulders and then snapped her hard to the mat. Bliss rolled out of the ring again. Bliss tried to kick Rousey, but Rousey caught her leg and then flipped her over a couple times. He powered her hard to the mat again off her shoulders and then dragged her to mid-ring. She asked the fans if she should break it. Then she twisted Bliss’s wrist. Bliss cried in pain as Rousey torqued backwards on her arm. Then she twisted into a new position and Bliss tapped out. Natalya held her arm in the air and celebrated with her. Nikki and Brie entered the ring to hug Rousey. The crowd booed. They stood together with all of their arms raised as Rousey’s music continued to play. Rousey leaped into the arms of her husband Travis Browne at ringside.

WINNER: Rousey in 3:00 to capture the Raw Women’s Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: I mean, all things considered Rousey shouldn’t be selling much for Bliss at this point probably, yet you’d like to see more from Rousey at this point just to show she can do more.)

-A video package previewed Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar.

-Reigns’s music hit and suddenly the sound of the crowd went down, music too. Graves, ironically, noted everyone can hear the roar of the crowd and said he is polarizing. Coach said this is the biggest night in the career of Reigns. He said Reigns knows he has to win. Lesnar came out next and the crowd was muted. Formal ring introductions included boos the whole way through, with a rise when Reigns’s name was announced. Heyman took the mic and introduced his man. He repeated the word “defending” several times in a row when introducing him. As the bell was about to ring, Strowman walked out with his MITB contract. Fans chanted “Cash it in!” Strowman said: “Everybody knows the history of this Money in the Bank contract, and I refuse to be a coward and cash it in when my opponent’s back is turned. I am the Monster Among Men, and I do things face to face.” Cheers. Lesnar looked nervous. Reigns looked like he was about to cry. He wished them each luck. He said he’d stand there the entire match and he doesn’t give a damn who wins, because at the end of the night, one of them is going to “get these hands!” He threw down the mic.

(10) BROCK LESNAR (w/Paul Heyman) vs. ROMAN REIGNS – WWE Universal Title match

The bell rang. Reigns delivered a Superman Punch to Lesnar. And a second. Lesnar was reeling. Then a third. He let out a huge roar and speared Lesnar. Then a second spear. He hit a third, but Lesnar applied a guillotine. Reigns was trapped and struggled to break free. Reigns teased tapping. Instead, he powered up and lifted Lesnar and slammed him down to break free. Lesnar re-applied it. Heyman yelled at Reigns to tapout. “Lets Go Roman! / Roman sucks!” broke out. Reigns lifted Lesnar and slammed him down again and broke free. Lesnar and Reigns both gasped and struggled to stand. Reigns went for a Superman Punch, but Lesnar hit a German suplex. And another. He stood and yelled, then hit a third. He smiled down at Strowman. The loudest chant of the night broke out: “You both suck!” Graves said Reigns is no stranger to a hostile environment. Lesnar lifted Reigns on his shoulders, but Reigns broke free and went for a spear. Lesnar sidestepped Reigns who flew through the ropes and tackled Strowman. Lesnar then gave a stunned Strowman an F5 at ringside. Lesnar smiled before standing.

Lesnar walked over to Reigns and threw him into the ring. Then he bashed Strowman with the briefcase a few times and then whipped it from the ring all the way to the stage. That was a hell of a throw. Then he bashed Strowman with a chair a few times. Lesnar was bleeped yelling something. He re-entered the ring with a chair. Cole said he’s in a mood tonight. Lesnar went to swing the chair, but Reigns speared him and scored a three count. Graves said Reigns finally did it. Reigns looked down at Heyman and taunted him. He’d get 15 yards unsportsmanlike in the NFL for that display! Cole said, “The Roman Empire is here as Universal Champion!”

WINNER: Reigns in 6:00 to capture the WWE Universal Title. (**1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: There was a match booked to keep everyone off balance headed into the finish. It served to distract from Reigns vs. Lesnar and gave fans hope that Strowman was going to end the night as champion. Lesnar beating up fan-favorite Strowman also positioned fans to take more joy in seeing Reigns surprise him with a spear for the win. Reigns’s celebration afterward was pitch-perfect for the moment. They suitable wrote Strowman out of the situation without hurting him in the eyes of the fans in any way.)


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32 Comments on WWE SUMMERSLAM RESULTS 8/19: Keller’s report on Lesnar vs. Reigns, Bliss vs. Rousey, Styles vs. Joe, Ziggler vs. Rollins, Carmella vs. Charlotte vs. Becky, Braun vs. Owens

  1. Charlotte winning, and the Becky turn was the one way they could’ve botched that match. So of course they go there. I expect that on Tuesday Charlotte’s going to let Becky know that this is her yard.

    • What negatives???? She has already appaired more then Brock has in the last 2 years. She is good in the ring. Plus it make sense Bliss wouldn’t stand a chance against Ronda.

      • …good in the ring? You must have watched a different match to what just aired.
        Why would it make sense Bliss wouldnt stand a chance? She’s the womens champ!
        The fact you think that way is exActly whats wrong with modern wrestling.

      • Rousey’s been at this for four months. She’s had one match on television. She’s getting that special treatment like Brock, that’s for certain.

        I’m not going to try and say she’s bad in the ring, because she’s not. She has zero grasp of the acting part, though. That’s clearly a work in progress. Her character/portrayal is flat out unlikable.

      • There are no positives at all about her in my opinion. I will NEVER have anything nice to say about her. I did not want her in WWE to begin with and all these WWE women have to be buried in order to make a washed up UFC fighter look good and she was a loser in UFC.

  2. I have no problem with Ronda being the Champ, it clearly means so much to her and she’s worked her ass off at getting better. Some say Mella = money but Ronda = money.

  3. Rhonda Rousey winning the belt in such a short match completely ruined the show for me. I do not care how well she wrestles. I do not like her and never will. I do not like to see all the female talent buried in order to make Rousey look good. I was not happy about Reigns walking out with the belt and hopefully he gets booed out of the building along with Charlotte. At least KO did not steal Strowman’s briefcase. I say this Summerslam was so so and nothing great.

  4. Whole idea of throwing briefcase to keep from cashing in is STUPID. Cashing in the contract should be simply telling the ref that you’re cashing in. What a load of horse manure.

  5. A woeful show. Short, predictable matches, some top stars getting buried, ie Owens, Bliss, even Lesnar. 2 DQ finishes and many more which shows they’re just going to continue storylines rather than end feuds strongly and refresh heading into the rest of the year. The worst SummerSlam I can remember.

  6. A lot of opinions tonight. Good to see. Mine… Total Complete Piece of Crap in the booking department. So after a couple of years Charlotte I believe has tied Trish for the most wins in a CAREER. Rousey stinks, looks bad and acts poorly. There’s comparison to Brock… well he’s been around a few years not days. So Vince, you have a champ who can’t do mic work in one womens, you half an almost part timer in the other, you have your beloved Roman who we don’t give a damn about, they even blew the 205. Miz should have gone over clean, Bryan would have not been slighted, Lana is learning to wrestle by gawd, so she gets the lazy roll out, and even though I never had much use for Asuka…. they did spend a few YEARS building her up, thanks for coming to WWE Asuka – the plane to Japan leaves Tuesday. Wade, I hope your recap is nice and early tomorrow, I won’t be watching this junk for awhile.

  7. I thought joe/Styles was disappointing. It felt really slow and boring. Miz/Bryan was the far better match. Ronda was really good. The bellas just need to go away and soon! Main event was ok for what it was

  8. Those of you down on Rousey and her push are idiots, plain and simple. Programmed like a cult follower. Ronda Rousey is the best thing to happen to pro wrestling in 20 years, since Austin and the Rock. In fact, she is Austin.

  9. My god some people are getting butt hurt about this. Take the good from it, the Rollins match was enjoyable, Balor isn’t getting buried, we have a full time champ again, Rousey isn’t that bad either and why shouldn’t she win quick – SHE’S LEGIT HARD AS NAILS !!!!

  10. When you compare someone who has wrestled one match on tv to legends, it hurts your argument. She’s Austin? Hardly. Lol. Her persona is a mess. She’s been given a push that no one has ever been given this early. It’s garbage. Enjoy your champ though.

  11. Matt summed up the Ronda Rousey problem in one simple word… LEGIT. I knew they were going to have a real problem when they signed her. Why? Because she came from the “real world” of MMA to the pretend world of WWE. 11 first round wins, 9 by armbar submission in 12 consecutive MMA fights. Rousey was an unstoppable Force, until Holly Holm, in a legit competitive sport. There is no way in the world that they are going to be able to sell the idea of these gifted female entertainers being able to beat her. The RAW women’s division just became a one woman show. Nobody is going to believe that any of these women have a hope in hell of beating her. Look she decimated the women who, because she had the strap which in the world of wrestling means she is the best, in under five minutes. Even did the sitting in the ring humiliation spot. Don’t care what they do, they are never going to sell a “sports entertainer” beating a legitimate MMA past champion. No way no how.
    Poor K.O. How do you come back from that.
    As far as the rest of it goes. Can’t explain why really,but this just felt like a long drawn out episode of RAW with some SMACKDOWN folks along for the ride. Just didn’t have the feel of a Pay per View event. Once again thought Takeover the night before was way better.

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