RADICAN’S REVIEW SERIES: “A Short with the Villain (Marty Scurll)” – insight into All In/Being the Elite creative, future with Being the Elite Crew

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist



Highspots launched a new series of interviews recently on the Highspots Wrestling Network and the first is called “A Short with the Villain.” The interview is conducted by Highspots owner Michael Bochicchio, who is a good interviewer and has conducted other Highspots interview series in the past. This interview with Marty Scurll was filmed right before the recent Jericho Cruise and it comes at an interesting time for Scurll.

Scurll is at a crossroads of sorts. His cast mates on Being the Elite (S.C.U., Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega, Cody) are leaving Ring of Honor, but he is going to be wrestling for Ring of Honor well into 2019, as he is under ROH contract well beyond the Dec. 31 date on which the rest of the cast of Being the Elite sees their contracts expire with the company. Omega is under contract to NJPW until the end of January of 2019.

The interview gives some good insight into how the All In PPV put on by The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes was put together. Scurll reveals that it was his idea to have Joey Ryan return from the dead with penis druids. There’s a lot of insight into Scurll’s mindset as a wrestler during the course of the interview and Scurll makes it clear he enjoys the creative side of wrestling almost more than the matches.

Scurll and the rest of the cast of Being the Elite clearly have creative minds. Scurll talked about putting together his match with Okada at All In and one of the things they did on Being the Elite was have Okada taunt Scurll with the 205 Live hand gesture. That went on to play into their match and Scurll talks about how people will remember that spot more than anything else from that match because it was a moment.

I can recall talking with a longtime indie wrestler, who is now in NXT. He had a reputation as a great wrestler and he had a pinnacle moment in his career where he went from babyface to heel and it got over huge with the crowd when the turn took place. That wrestler told me about how wrestling is about moments and not just having great matches. Scurll’s discussion about putting together the 205 Live spot made me think of that conversation I had with the longtime indie wrestler, as it seems that Scurll has a similar mindset.

Scurll talked about taking risks on Being the Elite and All In with over-the-top storylines and says the group is able to take risks because they are in it together, so if there’s any backlash to people having a negative reaction to something they do, they have each other to fall back on. “We’re a group of friends that aren’t scared to push the boundaries, rock the boat, and strength in numbers I guess,” said Scurll. f we’re kind of worried about ten dicks…well we’re in this together.”

Scurll talked about there being no creative hangover after All In, although the group did take an extended break from producing the show shortly after the All In PPV took place. One of the more interesting things Scurll said was that it was the quick sellout of the All In PPV that made him realize their worth in terms of how many people they have following Being the Elite. “I think It took that show to realize our worth and value,” said Scurll.
The topic everyone wants to discuss is exactly what is the cast of Being the Elite doing going forward is addressed and Scurll discusses how he wants to see how far they can go as a group, as he feels anything is possible after the success of All In. “How far can we go?” said Scurll on what’s possible after the All In PPV. “We’re trying to work out the best way to reach our full potential.

One of the more interesting things that Scurll says towards the end of the interview is that he doesn’t know what will happen to the group down the line. He says there’s a chance they will stay together or break apart. Scurll doesn’t commit to any direction with his career going forward, as he says as long as he can be different and keep doing different things, he will be happy.

Overall thoughts: This was a really good interview with Scurll and it comes at a great time with most of the Being the Elite cast on the verge of entering free agency. Scurll won’t be entering free agency with them and if you read between the lines so to speak, it seems as if he might be content going his own way in wrestling once his ROH contract expires should he choose to go that route.

It is fascinating to listen to the cast of Being the Elite talk about how the show is put together or how different members of the cast bring creative ideas to the table. Scurll seems to have a bright mind of wrestling and he certainly isn’t afraid to take risks, as he explains when discussing the Joey Ryan resurrection angle from All In.

I highly suggest watching this interview on the Highspots Wrestling Network. It’s well-worth a look, as Scurll shares some valuable knowledge in a short amount of time.

You can watch this interview with a subscription to HighspotsWrestlingNetwork.com.

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