RADICAN’S 12/14 ROH Final Battle 2018 report – Ladder War for the ROH World Tag Team Championship, Lethal vs. Cody

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


DECEMBER 14, 2018

Kenny King cut a promo saying he was the last man to beat Jay Lethal. He said Isom is a commercial for the ROH Dojo. He said the new school sucks. King says he’s old school. He said Isom is getting fed to the wolves. King continued to talk trash and he ended up punching Isom with the mic and the ref called for the bell.


King hit a big flip dive to the floor on Isom during the early going. Isom fired back and caught King with a high knee inside the ring. King ended up bailing to the floor. King turned his back to Isom on the floor and Isom nailed him with a big flip dive and the fans fired up. Isom and King went back and forth, but King eventually hit a springboard blockbuster. The ref counted to two and King lifted his head. King went for the Royal Flush, but Isom countered it into a pinning combination for a near fall. Isom hit a Gory Special and then transitioned into a pinning combination for another near fall. King caught Isom going for a leap frog a short time later and hit the Royal Flush for the win.

WINNER: Kenny King in 9:00 (**¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: Good showing for Isom, who will probably never forget getting opening Final Battle.)

After the match, King teased a handshake, but blew Isom off. King left the ring and the fans applauded Isom.

(2) ROH World TV Champion JEFF COBB vs. HANGMAN PAGE

Page went right after Cobb at the bell. They went back and forth trading blows, but Page dropkicked Cob to the floor. Page went for the SSP press to the floor, but Cobb caught him and hit a belly to belly suplex and the fans lost their minds. WOW! Page mounted a comeback inside the ring and hit a slingshot senton before posing for the fans for some applause. Page went up top for a moonsault, but Cobb cut him off. Page tried to hang on for dear life. He managed to fight Cobb off, but Cobb got off the mat and hit a dropkick on Page, who was seated up top. Cobb lifted Page up for a stalling superplex and he hit it as the fans gasped. Cobb then made the cover, but Page kicked out at one, so Cobb nailed him with a standing moonsault! Cobb went for a standing SSP, but Page got out of the way. The fans chanted back and forth for both men as they regrouped. They battled up top again. Cobb managed to shove Page off. Page ended up hitting a roll of the dice on Cobb on the mat a short time later and the fans went nuts. WOW! Page clotheslined Cobb to the floor and hit a suicide dive. Page climbed up to the top and hit a HUGE moonsault to the floor and the fans went nuts again. A big Hangman chant rang out in Hammerstein with both men on the floor.

Page hit a running SSP on Cobb for a two count back inside the ring. Both men went back and forth trading blows. Cobb sent Page into the corner with a palm strike. He then lifted Page out of the corner and tossed him into the tombstone position. Cobb then connected with a SICK tombstone for a two count. WOW! The fans lost their minds and chanted this is awesome. Cobb went for a German, but Page landed on his feet and hit a superkick and a pair of elbows. He went for another elbow, but Cobb cut it off with a headbutt. Page went to the apron and Cobb went to bounce off the ropes, but Page hit THE BUCKSHOT LARIAT! WOW! Page set up for the Rite of Passage, but Cobb rolled through. Cobb lifted Page up and hit a HUGE F5 variation for a two count. This match is incredible so far! Cobb went for Tour of the Islands, but Page spun around him into a crucifix pin for a near fall! Page went for another Bukshot lariat, but Cobb turned it into Tour of the Islands. Cobb made a throat slashing gesture and tossed Page off the ropes into a HUGE Tour of the Islands for the win.

WINNER: Jeff Cobb in 14:00 (****½)

(Radican’s Analysis: What a war between these two. They set the crowd on fire and absolutely killed it with an incredible action packed match.)

(3) WOH Champion SUMIE SAKAI vs. KAREN Q vs. MADISON RAYNE vs. KELLY KLEIN – Four Corner Survival Elimination match

Mandy Leon joined the commentary booth and they put the match over as the biggest match in WOH history. Rayne hit a dive off the apron on Q and Sakai hit one on Klein on the opposite side of the ring at the same time. Rayne flexed her wrist like she might have hurt it hitting the dive to the floor. Sakai and Rayne went at it in the ring with Q and Klein down on the floor. Sakai got a choke on Rayne, but Q broke it up for no reason. This is when elimination matches become stupid. Q locked in a double Boston Crab on Sakai and Rayne, but they fought her off. Q and Klein worked together to beat down Rayne. Rayne mounted a comeback and eventually fought off Klein and Q. They built up to a Tower of Doom spot in the corner that saw Klein sent Q and Rayne to the mat with a double powerbomb. Sakai then nailed Klein with a missile dropkick for a two count. Klein and Q went back and forth and Klein eliminated Q with K Power, which drew some boos from the crowd in 7:00.

Rayne and Klein went at it> Rayne hit a tornado DDT on Klein for a two count. Sakai recovered and ran into the ring and went after Rayne. Rayne hit a cutter on Sakai, but she kicked out at the last second. Sakai hit Smash Mouth on Rayne, but Klein ended up getting the pin on her in 9:00. Sakai and Klein then went at it hot and heavy, but the crowd wasn’t into it. Sakai hit a judo throw and then grabbed a cross armbreaker. Klein kept her fingers locked and eventually lifted Sakai up and drove her down to the mat, but Sakai held on. Klein eventually managed to get to the ropes. Sakai hit Smash Mouth a short time later, but Klein kicked out. Sakai went for a hurricanrana, but Klein caught it and hit a powerbomb for a two count. Klein then hit K Power, but Sakai kicked out at two. The fans were very quiet for the near fall. Klein took Sakai up top and hit a super K Power for the win.

WINNER: Kelly Klein in 14:00 to become the new WOH Champion (*)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was along and dull. It went on forever and the crowd didn’t care, despite the effort of the announcers to make the match seem important, it was a flop.)

Cary Silkin gave the WOH Championship to Kelly Klein. KLein went over to Sakai and gave her a big hug. The fans applauded.


Sabre slapped Gresham across the face when he got into the ring, but the ref held Gresham back. Sabre slapped Gresham across the face and then acted like he couldn’t see him because he’s short. They went back and forth on the mat. Sabre got on top of Gresham and used his legs to crank on his neck. Gresham got out of it, but Sabre got another headscissors on the mat. Gresham escaped and flipped Sabre off. Both men began slapping each other across the face. They went back and forth and Gresham flipped out of a bow and arrow and landed on top of Sabre for a two count. WOW! Gresham hit a dropkick and then slammed Sabre’s leg into the mat. Gresham went after both of Sabre’s legs and began working them over. Gresham then trapped one of Sabre’s arm and began working over his other arm. Both men went back and forth and Sabre got an abdominal stretch and took Gresham down to the mat. Sabre walked up to Gresham and acted like he couldn’t see him. He then hit a big uppercut on Gresham and Gresham told him to bring it. Gresham eventually fired back and hit a big chop. The pace picked up as they exchanged hard slaps to the face. Sabre PLASTERED GRESHAM, but Gresham fired back with an enzuguri and a German for a two count. Gresham bounced off the ropes and hit a big forearm. He went for another, but Sabre blocked it with an uppercut. They went back and forth and Sabre eventually caught Gresham in a triangle. Gresham spun away from Sabre and kicked his arm. Gresham went for the octopus stretch, but Sabre countered out into a nasty knee submission. Gresham got out of it and grabbed an ankle lock. They went back and forth and Sabre hit a PK for a two count and collapsed. WOW! That was a great exchange.

The crowd tried to start a this is awesome chant, but it fell flat. Gresham caught a PK attempt. They went back and forth. Gresham hit a springboard moonsault and stomped down on Sabre’s arm. He went for a bridging pinning combination, but Sabre blocked it and hit a bridging pinning combination of his own for the win. WOW!

WINNER: Zack Sabre Jr. in 12:00 (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This match was just getting started when it ended. They laid the foundation for the start of a brilliant technical match, but the last half was cut out.)

T.K. O”Ryan yelled at Bobby Cruise and made him announce Taven as the real ROH World Champion. Taven came out with a crown and robe. Purple confetti shot around Taven when Cruise announced him. The ref held up Taven’s purple ROH World Championship before the match began. Castle touched the title and acted like he wanted it. Cruise announced the match was for Taven’s Real ROH World Championship

(5) ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champion MATT TAVEN (w/T.K. O’RYAN) vs. DALTON CASTLE (w/THE BOYS) – Real ROH World Championship match

Both men went at it at the bell and they spilled to the floor. They got back into the ring and continued to trade punches. They both ducked clotheline attempts in the corner and then in the middle of the ring before coming to a stalemate. Taven hit a kick on Castle on the apron, but The Boys caught him. Taven turned his back and Castle was waiting when he turned around. Castle got the upper hand and began working Taven over. Taven fired back and hit a pair of suicide dives and then a big splash over the top to the floor, but Castle got out of the way and shoved him into the guardrail. WOW! Taven fired back and sent Castle back-first into the entrance stairs. Taven went after Castle’s back inside the ring. The announcers pointed out Castle’s back brace. Castle fired back and caught Taven with a throw and both men were down. Taven fired back and hit a DDT for a two count as the match seemed to have fallen flat. Castle blocked Climax and hit a DDT of his own. He was slow to get up and could not make a cover. The fans fired up behind Castle as he dragged himself to his feet. O’Ryan nailed Taven with a punch as Taven distracted the ref. The Boys then ran across the ring and dropkicked him off the apron. They dodged a charge from Taven and then hit a double dive O’Ryan. Red balloons came up from under the ring and Vinny Marseglia came out from under the ring and hit a double inverted DDT. He dragged The Boys under the ring and O’Ryan distracted the ref.

Taven got his belt and nailed Castle with it, but he kicked out! WOW! Riccaboni said the real ROH World Title would have gotten a three count. Taven hit a big knee to Castle head and both men were down. A Taven sucks chant started and he smiled into the camera. Castle cut Taven off up top and nailed him with a running knee from the apron to the top. Castle hit a clothesline on O’Ryan and then sent Taven into the ringpost with a Bang-A-Rang. WOW! Castle hit a Dr. Bomb, but O’Ryan picked up one of The Boys and threw him into the ring to break up the pin. The ref kicked O’Ryan out from ringside and the fans chanted the goodbye song at him. Castle hit a big knee in the corner and hit the Bang-A-Rang, but Taven got his hand on the ropes to barely avoid being pinned. Castle hit several knees in the corner. He went for another Bang-A-Rang, but Taven escaped and hit a running knee to Castle’s head. He then hit The Climax for the win.

WINNER: Matt Taven in 16:00 to retain the Real ROH World Championship (***¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was good. They did a lot of smoke and mirrors and it feels like it’s time for Taven to prove he can do it on his own without all of the outside interference. Taven has improved his look and gear, but it’s time to take the next step and become a top guy for him.)

The announcers said Christopher Daniels needed to win this match to get a new contract in ROH. They threw to a video package for the match.

(6) MARTY SCURLL vs. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS – Marty Scurll’s ROH World Championship match on the line.

Both men jawed before going at it. The pace was slow during the early going, but Scurll cut off Daniel’s and hit a superplex. He then hit a kick from the apron to the floor before tossing Daniels into the guardrail. Scurll worked over Daniels and hit a missile dropkick to his back for a two count. The crowd has been flat for this match so far, despite the high stakes. Daniels fired back and hit a STO and the crowd went mild. Daniels hit a springboard moonsault, but only got a two count. Daniels went after Scurll’s fingers and the fans booed. Scurll hit a forearm to get out of it. Scurll hit the 52 Fake Out. They went back and forth. Scurll countered Angel’s Wings and went for Graduations, but Daniels blocked it. Scurll went for Graduation again, but ended up hitting a Scurll Driver for a two count. Daniels blocked the initial Chicken Wing attempt. It looked like Scurll had gotten out of it, but Daniels rolled on top of him for a near fall. Daniels then hit a Burning Hammer for a near fall.

Daniels went for Angel’s Wings, but Scurll blocked it. He then got a tombstone and did the Undertaker style cover for a two count. Scurll grabbed Daniels’s fingers when he kicked out and snapped them apart. Scurll went for the Chicken Wing. Daniels tried to fight out of it, so Scurll snapped his fingers apart again. Daniels went for Angel’s Wings, but he couldn’t lock his fingers on it. They went back and forth and Daniels hit Angel’s Wings without locking his fingers and got a near fall. Daniels went for the BME, but Scurll got his knees up. Scurll then hit a big lariat. They traded blows and Daniels got a rollup for a two count. Scurll caught Daniels with a pair of superkicks and a kick to the head. Scurll then hit Graduation, but Daniels kicked out at two! The fans chanted Happy New Year. Scurll went for the Chicken Wing and got it. Daniels tried to fight tapping out. He eventually tapped out and the fans applauded.

WINNER: Marty Scurll in 18:00 to retain his ROH World Championship shot (**½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a flat match. The crowd chanted Happy New Year when it appeared Scurll was going to beat Daniels towards the end of the match. The outcome was never really in doubt.)

Ian Riccaboni got quiet after Daniels tapped and said he used to order ROH VHS tapes when he was younger to see Daniels. The fans chanted Thank You Daniels and SCU. Daniels looked to be emotional as he looked out at the crowd. Daniels climbed the ropes as Riccaboni thanked Daniels for what he had done. Bully Ray ran into the ring and gave Daniels a low blow and the fans booed.

Bully Ray called out Flip Gordon and the match was on. Gordon came through the balcony with the American flag and got a big pop. He was wearing fatigues and a tactical vest.

(7) FLIP GORDON vs. BULLY RAY – I Quit match

Fordon hit a dive right away to take out Bully. Gordon tossed a chair at Bully and he caught it and Flip kicked it into his face as Riccaboni cheered him on on commentary. Bully fired back and got the upper hand. They continued to go at it on the floor. Bully got a chain and wrapped it around his fist before punching Gordon in the head. Bully yelled at Cary Silkin at ringside. He told him he did nothing for ROH. Bobby Cruise got in Bully’s face and told him to stop. Bully shoved Cruise into the guardrail. Todd Sinclair then shoved Bully. Bully shoved him down and got a Singapore cane. He pointed it at Silkin. Daniels ran down and Bully shoved him away. Daniels then took the bullet for Silkin when Bully swung the cane at him. Gordon came up bleeding. He charged at Bully got flipped over the table. The ref asked him if he quit and he said no. Bully grabbed Gordon’s girlfriend out of the crowd and teased powerbombing her through the table. He told Gordon to get on his knees. Bully told him to say hit. He said, “Molly, no!” Silkin nailed Bully with a cane shot. This is tremendous. Bully backed Silkin against the guardrail and Molly nailed Bully with a low blow! WOW! Flip then gave Molly a big kiss. Gordon got his flag, which was an American flag on a cane on it. He nailed Bully with a cane shot off the top. He then grabbed a crossface with the flag. He yelled at Bully to quit, but Silas Young ran down and broke it up. Young then hit Misery on Flip.

Young got some lighter fluid and began putting it on a table, but Cheeseburger ran down to a big pop. He set up for Shotei, but Young nailed him with Misery. Riccaboni begged someone to go down to the ring. Cabana left the booth and went down to the ring. He went after Young and Bully with a chair. Silas finally hit a low blow on Cabana to cut him off. Young went to set the table on fire, but the lights went out. They came back on and The Sandman was in the ring. The fans went nuts. Bully and Silas glared at him. The fans went crazy. Sandman took out Young with several shots with the Kendo Stick. Bully and Sandman faced off and the fans went nuts. Sandman drank some beer and spit it at Bully. Gordon hit the Star Spangled Stunner and got the kendo stick from Bully. He hit Bully over and over and Ray finally quit.

WINNER: Flip Gordon in 14:00 (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: They pulled together all of the storyline elements and even got Gordon’s girlfriend involved. Everyone stood up against Bully Ray and hopefully this is the end of his reign of terror in ROH. The finish was a bit anticlimactic, but otherwise this was great.)

They showed a commercial from Honor Club and the life line flashed across the screen. Caprice Coleman joined Riccaboni on commentary.

Riccaboni said Jay Lethal defending the ROH World Championship against Cody Rhodes would be on next. That’s a surprise to me unless I missed them announcing the match order.

Cody Rhodes came out first with Brandi Rhodes. He wore an eye patch and and fatigue. Riccaboni said the winds of change are in the air and talked about Cody possibly winning the title without being under contract. Cody entered the ring and got a ton of streamers. ROH World Champion Jay Lethal was out next to his new theme. He got a big Lethal chant from the fans. The fans were really behind Cody before the opening bell rang.

Cody got on the mic and said it sounds like the fans love him. The fans chanted we love Cody, but some fans booed. Cody said he thinks he loves them too. Cody said if he loved them, he’d be doing the MSG show. He told the fans to kiss his ass. Cody challenged the fans to get into the ring. Jay Lethal just watched from the corner. Lethal got on the mic and said he had two things to say. He said, one, this is my frickin company jackass and two not only am I leaving this match still the ROH World Champion, but the shiny new toy in the company will be dull and gone.

(8) ROH World Champion JAY LETHAL vs. CODY RHODES (w/Brandi Rhodes)

Cody went down after an exchange and sold his leg. Lethal made the cover and the fans booed. The ref and Lethal appeared to be talking to Cody. Cody is wrestling with a knee injury. The ref backed Lethal away and COdy got right up and punched Lethal. The fans booed as Cody ran around the ring with Brandi. Lethal hit a dropkick on Cody when he tried to get back into the ring. He followed Cody to the floor and went to town on him. Lethal got the upper hand and hit a suplex inside the ring for a two count. Lethal hit a cartwheel into a dropkick for a two count. Cody mounted a comeback and Riccaboni mentioned that Cody wouldn’t speak to the producers of The Pinnacle video series that was shot ahead of Final Battle. Cody hit a big chop in the corner and smiled at the crowd. He then hit a big delayed vertical suplex on Lethal. He flexed and then dumped Lethal down chest-first. Cody went for a Disaster Kick, but missed. Lethal then hit a chop block on Cody’s leg. Lethal took Cody to the apron and slammed his leg down on it from the outside. The fans fell silent as the match went on.

They ended up back inside the ring and Lethal continued to work over Cody’s knee. Lethal got a visual rollup pin while Brandi distracted the ref. The ref got bumped in the corner and Brandi hit a spear with her bionic shoulder and Cody hit Cross-Rhodes for a near fall. Lethal set up Cody for Shattered Dreams. He even did the Goldust pose, but the ref cut him off. Brandi went for another spear with the ref distracted, but she connected with Cody instead. The ref was going to call for a DQ, but Lethal stopped him. Lethal went for the Lethal Injection, but he pulled Brandi in the way. He then hit a second Cross-Rhodes on Lethal for a near fall. The fans fired up and COdy set up for the Figure Four and locked it in. The bell rang and it was Hangman Page. Page handed the belt to Cody. The ref said no and the match continued. Lethal hit a Cross-Rhodes on Cody, but he kicked out. Lethal went up top for Hail to the King, but Cody got his knees up. Cody then hit the Flip, Flop, and Fly. Cody went to bounce off the ropes, but Lethal clotheslined him over the top to the floor. Lethal set up and hit a dive. Lethal hit a second dive and then a third. Lethal got back into the ring and hit a fourth dive. Lethal went for a fifth dive and connected. Lethal hit a sixth dive. Lethal went for a seventh dive, but Cody got him off and hit Din’s Fire for a near fall.

Lethal used the ROH World Title on Cody’s leg after another ref bump. He hit two superkicks and then hit a Lethal Injection. He hit more superkicks and went for another Lethal Injection, but Cody caught him. Cody struggled towards the ropes, but Lethal held on and he tapped out.

Winner: Jay Lethal in 24:00 to retain the ROH World Title (**)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was listless and dull and then the smoke and mirrors started with the ref shenanigans and incompetency. Lethal going against his character and using the belt on Cody’s leg was just a bad decision for his character.)

Lethal shook Cody’s hand after the match. Marty Scurll ran into the ring and got in Lethal’s face. He then looked at the ROH World Title. NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis came out and briefly looked at Cody and Brandi before stepping around them. Riccaboni said Aldis just beat the #1 contender. Aldis headed to the back and Scurll grabbed the ROH World Championship. He then tossed it back at Lethal. The announcers said we could see Aldis vs. Cody, Scurll vs. Cody, or Aldis vs. Scurll.

The Briscoes came out first for the main event. The Young Bucks then made their entrance. They were wearing Rockers inspired gear. Not that they don’t usually do that, but it was really like The Rockers for this show. The champions, S.C.U. came out last. Colt Cabana pointed out that Scorpio Sky was debuting at Final Battle in the main event. A loud Young Bucks chant rang out in Hammerstein.


Ladders surrounded the ring. The Briscoes got out of the ring and told S.C.U. and THe Young Bucks to go at it. The Briscoes stood on the floor with chairs and then tossed them into the ring. Kazarian tossed a chair back at The Briscoes. S.C.U and The Addiction began exchanging blows. They dragged Nick to the floor and went to hit him with a chair, but Matt hit a dive to make the save. All three teams hit moves at a breakneck pace and the fans fired up. Matt hit a twisting stunner off the apron to the floor on Jay. Action took place all over the ring. Mark went after Kazarian and then Matt with a chair. Jay wiped out Nick on the outside with a garbage can. Kazarian came up bleeding. Mark got a ladder around his neck and eventually he ran into into Sky. Jay then ran Kazarian into the ladder. Mark was bleeding from the eye. The Young Bucks hit a double superkick on Mark, who still had the ladder around his neck. The crowd has been pretty flat for the action so far. Matt powerbombed Mark into a ladder in the corner. The Young Bucks wiped out The Briscoes with a double dive to the floor and the fans fired up. They teased doing the too sweet and then did it. A big too sweet chant rang out in Hammerstein. S.C.U. took control and wiped out Matt in the corner. They then cleared the ring of The Briscoes and set up a ladder, but The Young Bucks cut them off. S.C.U. got whipped off the ropes at the same time and they tried to climb the ladder, but The Young Bucks cut them off. Nick got around Sky and went right up the ladder, but he got cut off.

Nick and Kazarian threw the ladder at each other. Matt then ran off the ropes and speared Kazarian under the ladder. Nick went up the Ladder, but Kazarian cut him off. Matt and Nick began climbing the ladder. Sky knocked Matt off and tried to drag Nick down. Kazarian then hit a springboard code red variation off the ladder on Nick. The Briscoes cleared the ring with chairs. Mark suplexed Nick into a ladder in the corner. Kazarian got backdropped into the ladder and he had a bad landing with his leg hitting the ladder. That looked bad. Sky took a chair to the head. The fans booed and Mark said, “We hurt people.” Matt got a headscissors on Mark on the apron, but instead of a kick, Nick tossed a chair into his head. Sky then wiped him out with a flip dive over the top to the floor. Nick then hit a crazy step up dive to wipe out Sky on the floor. Matt got a running start, but Jay surprised him by backdropping him through a table. The cameras missed it, but the replay showed Matt crashing through the table. Jay got a staple gun and Kazarian spit in his face and hit a low blow. Mark then wiped him out with a kick.

Kazarian hit an assisted slingshot cutter from inside the ring through the table on Mark. WOW. Matt brought a sledge hammer into the ring. Jay was bleeding all over his face. Jay told Matt to hit him. Matt dropped the sledgehammer and superkicked Jay. Sky hit a hurricanrana off the top that sent Nick right into a ladder. Matt went up top and catapulted the ladder into Sky’s face by diving off the top and hitting it while Sky tried to set it up in the the ropes. Jay set up a chair and drove Matt back-first into it. Mark threw a ladder over the top to the floor that sent S.C.U. into the guardrail. Mark hit a slam on Sky and climbed the ladder in the corner, but Sky cut him off. Matt hit a springboard spear and The Young Bucks went for the Meltzer Driver, but Jay cut it off with a cutter on Nick. He then hit a Jay-driller on Matt and the fans fired up. That was crazy!

Mark set up a bigger ladder inside the ring. He then got an even bigger ladder from the ref. Mark set it up between the ladder in the middle of the ring and the ropes. He tossed a chair into Kazarian’s head. They set up for Redneck Boogie through the ladder, but Kazarian countered out of it and wiped out Mark. For some reason Jay just started climbing the ladder, so Kazarian cut him off and hit a Styles Clash on a chair. Kazarian and Mark climbed the ladder and went at it up top. Mark was bleeding from the head. Mark fell off the top through the ladder and the cameras missed it. Nick climbed up and wobbling ladder and Jay shoved it over and Nick took a bad fall over the top through a table on the outside. Kazarian got hit with a tossed chair and he fell off the ladder through a table by Jay and he grabbed the titles for the win.

WINNERS: Mark & Jay Briscoe in 22:00 to become the new ROH World Tag Team Champions. (***1/2)

(Radican’s Analysis: The blood meant nothing, the spots meant very little other than a brief pop, and there were no storyline elements in the match. This lead to a flat main event and the crowd just didn’t care that much when the Briscoes predictably won the match.)

Riccaboni talked about the winds of change flowing through Ring of Honor. Replays were then shown from the match. Riccaboni said Jay Lethal, The Briscoes, and Kelly Klein were standing tall.

Quick overall thoughts: Not a very good show overall. Cobb vs. Page was the highlight. They killed it. Gordon vs. Bully was fun, but the rest of the show was a mess. All of the matches with departing wrestlers lacked heat for the most part. Even the Ladder War didn’t have much heat. ROH booker Delirious has to be questioned for doing almost nothing to use the departing wrestlers to get over the members of the roster that are going to carry the company in 2019. Riccaboni tried to talk about the winds of change in ROH, but hinting at the departures of a ton of talent and talking about the remaining talent as champions was a half-hearted way to explain that the company was losing all its top acts very shortly.

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