Question of the Week (Batch 3): What single change would you recommend the McMahons make to improve their product?

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Brock Lesnar (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


We asked PWTorch readers: “What single change would you recommend the McMahons make to improve their product?” Here are their responses, the third batch… 

PWTorch reader D.E. from London writes…

My recommendation would be that more than anything else I want to see long term storylines with good payoff and the history between people being used. I believe Vince McMahon has always insisted on focusing on the week to week, but NXT (particularly Johnny Gargano-Tomasso Ciampa) has shown that longer stories can work so well, and the commentators there do a fine job of getting people who are joining later up to speed. I just can’t get excited about most main roster feuds at the moment because they feel so forced and like there’s never consequences of win or loss beyond the title.


  • Fully agree with others who’ve said give wrestlers responsibility for promos.
  • Commentary. I’m not sure if this is Vince whisper in the ear caused, but I just want to hear about the match and feud.
  • Less 50/50 booking. They’ve got a lot of talents and everyone there is an adult. Use it, don’t pretend everyone is even.

PWTorch reader Chris Sharp writes…

Raw back to two hours. Immediately.

PWTorch reader Dusty Meier writes…

Stop pretending that Brock lesnar is the best thing that happened to wrestling. He isn’t and never was or will be. And the fact that you had him end The Streak is a desperate attempt to push him as a character, not to mention a slap in the face to someone who is a respected veteran of the company, Undertaker. Somebody who actually cares about the company should have been the one to end it.

PWTorch reader Alexander Volz writes…

They need to cancel their deal with Saudi Arabia. While I acknowledge this wouldn’t help WWE storytelling and matches, it would be a sign they are listening. The low ratings are a perfect storm of issues. While bad storytelling can be blamed on incompetence, and too many cooks, the Saudi Arabia deal just reeks of greed and nothing else. After a number of politicians from both sides disavowed Saudi Arabia, there is no reason any American company should be doing business with them.


  • Winning and Losing Matter
  • Better synergy with NXT and the main roster
  • Protect multiple talents instead of putting all their eggs in one basket (e.g. Roman Reigns)
  • End the bickering between announcers
  • Make Tag Teams important
  • Allow each brand an off-season

PWTorch VIP member Mike DiChiara writes…

What single change would I recommend?  Besides the obvious which is telling Vince McMahon it’s time he spent more time with his grandchildren, that’s an easy one for me and there’s no explanation needed.  More sports and less entertainment.

Now it’s your turn…

What would you change about WWE? The McMahons are promising to do more listening to fans, so be heard. This is your chance to be published on with your suggestion for what you would change about WWE.

Here are the ground rules to be published. Pick one change that you most want to see and explain it in less than 500 words. Be concise and clear, and don’t mince your words. Let the McMahons know what you want out of WWE in 2019.

After you explain why your single suggested change is most important to you and why it would be good for WWE to listen to you, you can add onto the end, if you choose, a few other quick suggestions that are one-sentence each that were runners-up for your primary suggestion.

I will go through the responses and publish many of them in bathes here at in comings days. Check back to read the suggestions of fellow fans in coming days.

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