Question of the Week (Batch 2): What single change would you recommend the McMahons make to improve their product?

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Velveteen Dream (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


PWTorch reader Dan Kuester writes…

Fire Kevin Dunn. Give someone with a completely fresh perspective control of the television product. This includes no more scripted promos or announcers – That doesn’t mean the writing staff has to go away (although it should probably be downsized) they can work WITH the talent.

PWTorch reader T.B.S. writes…

Stop the backstage vignettes and long drawn out in-ring interviews. No one needs to see how the sausage is made or hear about it how it’s made, over and over again. No other sport lets you peek behind the curtain like that. It’s so overacted and fake.

PWTorch reader Chris from Toledo, Ohio…

One thing that would really add to the product would be strictly limiting screwjob finishes, schmozes, no-contest beatdowns, and other unclean endings. They have simply been done to death lately, not only on weekly television but on PPVs as well. We, as fans, understand the need to protect certain performers, but if we, as fans, cannot expect our rooting interest to either have a fair shot at achieving victory, or else falling short on their own merits, there is no reason for us to watch. Outside interference never results in a disqualification anymore (even a DQ would be preferable if it it at least makes sense and adheres to the rules). PPVs in particular, should always end with clean finishes of some kind. Similarly, having the babyface chase the prize only to be constantly screwed by the authority figure isn’t helping. We, as fans, need to believe that there will be a clean payoff to our continued interest, and that our favorites will at least be given a fair chance to triumph.

PWTorch reader Alan F. writes…

Recombine Raw and Smackdown when it goes to Fox. There is no need to split the brands. This will create more varied matches and no more repeating matches.

Runners-up on my list:

  1. Cut Raw back an hour; less is more.
  2. Fewer long-winded promos and non-funny skits
  3. Call up Velveteen Dream! Others from NXT including Johnny Gorgano (he reminds me of Macho Man)
  4. Fewer McMahon skits, please.

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1 Comment on Question of the Week (Batch 2): What single change would you recommend the McMahons make to improve their product?

  1. Stop pushing the same women over and over these matches are too long because the refusal to look weak and lose and seemingly not able to get hurt is seriously overplayed.. Charlotte and becky are prime examples of that.. going through a table off top turnbuckle and going into a table then coming back like nothing too cartoonish…the days of clean finishes are gone.. marathon matches that drag on too long… seems to be acceptable now..

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