2/3 ROH TV RESULTS: Silas Young vs. Eli Isom to become #1 contender to the TV title, David Finlay vs. Tracy Williams, Bandido vs. Mark Haskins

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor

FEBRUARY 3, 2019

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana

Opening theme.

-Juice Robinson was on commentary, apparently scouting for his new faction Lifeblood, as they still haven’t formed on television yet despite being all over the last three Honor Club events.


Finlay hit a back elbow going into the break. [C]

With Williams standing on the second rope he hit a single-arm DDT to Finlay on the top turnbuckle. A follow-up lariat gave Williams a two-count. Backbreaker from Finlay for two. Finlay’s chest was bright red from chops. Williams blocked a Trash Panda attempt. Death valley driver from Williams for two. Sit-out piledriver from Williams for the win.

WINNER: Tracy Williams in 11:12. [C]

(Pageot’s Perspective: A fine match. I just wasn’t invested at all. ROH has told me literally nothing about either men other than the identity of Finlay’s father. Williams has been in ROH for three months now and I don’t think I’ve heard him speak. I don’t even know where his nickname comes from or what his finishing move is. Is it that sit-out piledriver? NJPW viewers wil obviously be more familiar with Finlay and there’s a lot of crossover between ROH and New Japan so I’ll take the blame on not knowing anything about him. But how many ROH viewers only watch ROH or just ROH and WWE? The promotion is doing a serious disservice to their talent by throwing them out cold without giving us reasons to care about these characters.)

-The Kingdom were backstage for a promo. TK O’Ryan said Villain Enterprises should thank Matt Taven for giving them an opportunity to impress last week. Vinny Marseglia fed to Taven opening an umbrella that said Melvin Ent. on it.

-Our second match was another Lifeblood vs. Lifeblood match.


Haskins hit a suicide dive going into the break. [C]

Corkscrew crossbody from Bandido off the second turnbuckle and he followed with a second flip over the top rope onto Haskins at ringside. Pop-up cutter for a two-count. Haskins with a fireman’s carry into a falcon arrow. They threw hands at 7:45. Bandido with West Knee but Haskins kicked out. Haskins with a sharpshooter but Bandido made it to the ropes. Top rope double stomp from Haskins for two. Armbar from Haskins. Bandido with a superkick and the 21plex.

WINNER: Bandido in 12:18.

-Finished with his apparent scouting Robinson headed backstage. [C]

(Pageot’s Perspective: Good match. Bandido is now 4-0 in ROH this year, the second-best record behind Villain Enterprises at 6-0. He and PCO continue to stand out the best from all the new signees due to their colorful characters and distinct in-ring styles.)

-NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis was backstage. He said he was the first British champion and the first to defend the NWA title in China. Next week it’s another first. The first time the NWA title is defended on ROH TV when he takes on PJ Black.

-Recap of “Farewell To The Elite” with Bully Ray, Silas Young, Shane Taylor, and The Briscoes ruining The Elite’s farewell party.

-As Silas Young made his entrance for the main event footage aired of him defeating Beer City Bruiser in a no DQ match two weeks ago to qualify for this one. Eli Isom entered with Cheeseburger and Ryan Nova but sent them backstage. Footage aired of him defeating Façade two weeks ago to get here.


Young dodged a springboard dropkick and clotheslined Isom off the apron. [C]

Isom got his first real offense at 5:30 with some forearms and an overhead throw. Isom was bleeding from the mouth at 7:30. He looked for a slingshot crossbody onto Young at ringside but Young sidestepped him again and Isom crashed again. [C]

Young Combination for a two-count. Milwaukee Plunge. Superplex but Isom kicked out at one. They traded chops, then right hands. Isom with a backslide. Young with Misery.

WINNER: Silas Young in 12:56 to become #1 contender to Jeff Cobb’s TV title.

-Young took a mic. He said Jeff Cobb is an Olympic athlete but has no Olympic medals because he’s a disappointment. The fans gave him the “what?” treatment. Yes, in 2019. Cobb hit the ring and they went face to face. Shane Taylor appeared behind Cobb. Cobb pulled off his jacket and threw punches at both men. He lifted Taylor but Young low-blowed him. Taylor hit Greetings From 216. Young trash-taked as Taylor picked up the TV title and dropped it on the fallen Cobb.

(Pageot’s Perspective: The match was fine. The post-match was more interesting, being our only real storyline development this week. Young wins the match and earns the title shot yet it’s Taylor who lays out the champ and touches the gold. Riccaboni said Young will get his title shot in four weeks on television. That means Cobb has no scheduled opponent for the big 17th Anniversary Show on March 15. It seems like Taylor just put his name at the top of the queue. This is all of course assuming that Rocky Romero doesn’t defeat Cobb for the title this Sunday at Bound By Honor.)

-Next week: it’s Nick Aldis vs. PJ Black for the NWA title.

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