2/4 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on Road to WrestleMania continuing including Stephanie McMahon inviting Becky Lynch to Raw

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


FEBRUARY 4, 2019

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young


-They went right to the arena wide shot and the screen said they were Portland. They went mid-ring to Stephanie McMahon welcoming fans to the show. She was interrupted by Becky Lynch’s music. Graves said she has set the sports entertainment world ablaze as of late. He said he’s not sure how smart it was that she interrupted Becky. Renee said Becky does whatever the hell she wants. When her music stopped, fans loudly chanted “Becky! Becky!” Stephanie said to Becky that before she rudely interrupted her own introduction, she was going to introduce her. Then she introduced her. Then she threw to a video package of from last week on Raw when she confronted Ronda Rousey. They showed Rousey saying she wants the best version of Becky at WrestleMania and bragging about being a household name for over a decade and she’ll own her at WrestleMania.

Stephanie said she’s never seen anyone stand in front of an angry Rousey and smile at her. Becky asked why wouldn’t she be smiling. More “Becky!” chants. She said she has a lot of reasons to smile because she’s going to WrestleMania to slap the head off of the baddest woman on the planet while she’s there. Stephanie said after everything Rousey did to her, nobody wants to see her do those things to Rousey more than she does. Stephanie said she notices she’s wearing a knee brace and was walking gingerly to the ring. She asked if she’s okay. Stephanie showed images from the Royal Rumble where Nia Jax knocked her down and that’s where her injury occurred. She said she’s all heart and finished the match no mater how much Charlotte went after the leg.

Stephanie said for the last eight days, she’s been refusing medical attention. Becky said she will fight anyone anywhere, but no doctors are getting near her. Stephanie said she remembers what happened when she invaded Raw and Nia Jax “exploded your face.” Becky wasn’t pleased with the blunt phrasing. Stephanie said she cannot let her physically compete if she isn’t cleared by their medical staff. Fans booed. Becky turned away and got emotional. “You don’t think I see what’s happening here?” she said. “I’m the glitch in your plan, but here I am and I’m not moving for anyone.” She asked what Stephanie would know about struggle. “You’ve never had to struggle for a damn thing in your entire life, have you Steph? You’re just another daddy’s girl who never had to fight for anything who is trying to stop me from fighting for everything. But I rose up and I earned every step of the way to get to WrestleMania. There’s nothing you or any stupid doctor can do about it.”

Stephanie, looking a bit offended, said Becky earned her place, but it’s a liability for her to put Becky in the ring without doctor clearance. She said she’ll be fine unless the knee is worse than she is letting on. Stephanie said this match is one of the biggest in the history. She asked the fans if they want to see it. Cheers. She said everyone wants to see it. “Don’t be so thick-headed, Becky,” she said. “Go see a doctor. This is about your health. Will you see the doctor?” Becky said they’re not taking her moment away from her. Stephanie said it’s her choice, and if she doesn’t see the doctor, she’ll suspend her until she does. Becky said if she says that again, she won’t be responsible for her actions. Stephanie said she doesn’t get why this is so hard for her. “Don’t make me do this.” Becky said do it. Steph asked if she’ll see a doctor. Becky shook her head no. Stephanie said she was left with no choice, so she suspended her until she does. She dropped the mic and turned around. Becky spun Stephanie back around and punched away at her, then put her in a disarm her. Her knee gave out, though. Two referees tried to restrain her. Two more officials entered and she attacked them. Then producer Adam Pearce ran in. She went past him after Stephanie again. Stephanie kicked her away as fans chanted “Becky! Becky!” Stephanie retreated to the back, looking disheveled.

-The announcers plugged that Rousey vs. Liv Morgan was up next. [c]

-They showed Becky being escorted out of the arena backstage. Graves said he doesn’t know why she just won’t see a doctor. Rousey walked up to Becky and said she tests the limits of her professionalism every time they meet and she wants to punch her face, but she doesn’t because she is a professional. “I have our pay-per-view to sell,” she said. She asked Becky if punching Stephanie helps their main event. “What are you even doing here?” she said. She said getting suspended robs the Women’s Evolution of their first main event of WrestleMania. She told her to stop showing up to get cheers for her weekly violin recital and heal up at home so she can take the beating she has coming and have something fresh to lament about. “Ice and Advil, bitch!” she said before heading toward the ring.

(1) RONDA ROUSEY vs. LIV MORGAN (w/Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott)

Graves said the stakes couldn’t be higher because if Liv wins, she could well be on the road to WrestleMania. Renee said she loves Liv, but these women are two different classes of athlete. When Liv bridged to duck Rousey, Rousey punched her in the abdomen and then punched her a few more times, then locked on an armbar for a very fast tapout.

WINNER: Rousey in about 0:10.

-A frazzled Rousey grabbed the mic and asked if anyone else has a problem with her. She said fans are booing her and the Riott Squad are leering at her, so someone do something.

(2) RONDA ROUSEY vs. SARAH LOGAN (w/Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott)

Rousey fended off Logan as she charged and rammed her into the corner. Rousey went for an early armbar again, but Logan rolled to the bottom rope to force a break. Then she retreated to the floor. They cut to a break as Cole said the match would continue and Rousey is fired up. [c]

(Keller’s Analysis: This is terrible timing for a commercial break. Rousey has established she can win quickly and decisively, so it would leave fans more frustrated than usual they cut away then. It makes no sense to believe the match would last three more minutes. This actually would have been a really good opportunity to reveal after the break that the match ended during the break and recap it.)

Rousey had Logan wrapped up. Logan lifted and shoved her hard into the corner. Rousey judo tossed her and then pounded away at the top of her head. She shifted to an armbar and got the rapid tapout.

WINNER: Rousey in 5:00.

-Riott teased entering the ring but instead, after some thought, hopped off the ring apron and retreated. Graves talked about her not being one to back down from an opportunity usually. The Riott Squad retreated. Renee said it was a wise decision.

(Keller’s Analysis: Rousey seemed to get rattled again by the fans booing her. Having her win twice decisively is good for her and there hasn’t been enough dominance by her, and it’s part of what seems to be feeding fans turning against her. I’d argue it’s not a top two reason, but it’s contributing. I suspect a ton of people are watching the Steph-Becky segment and just waiting for this to create an opening for the Rousey vs. Becky one-on-one match to be taken away. If they’re teasing it because ultimately they’re going to deliver on it, this is a good tension that will be okay in the end. If they do use this situation to insert Charlotte into the match because Becky is suspended, only to then have Becky find a way back into it, their psychology will be that Charlotte’s not being added to a Rousey vs. Becky match, but rather Becky is being added to a Charlotte vs. Rousey match, and somehow fans will be more okay with that in the end. Becky improved her brand by standing up to Stephanie. Stephanie can’t help but drip with condescension when she’s playing her authority figure role, but what she actually said was totally reasonable.)

-Dasha Fuentes interviewed Riott Squad. She asked why she ran away from Rousey. Ruby said she knows she can beat Rousey, and when she does, it will be for the title. She said now her priority is helping Liv and Sarah who need her. She said they have a bond that can’t be broken and they’ll do whatever has to be done no matter what the cost, something an opportunist Rousey knows nothing about.

-The announcers plugged that Kurt Angle would address his future tonight. Renee plugged Finn Balor vs. Bobby Lashley.

-Heavy Machinery made their way to the ring. An inset soundbite aired where Tucker Knight said they aren’t meatheads and their goal is to use their muscles and their smiles to lift their spirits and drop all the tag teams on Raw and Smackdown. Otis Dozovic said: “Hunks, not lugs.” Cole said they’re different. Lucha House Party began their ring entrance. Cole said there would be a four-corner tag team match next.

-Caruso interviewed Sasha Banks and Bayley were hanging out backstage. She said they both have lost devastating championship matches to Rousey, so have those failures had an impact on them headed into their Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match later against Nikki Cross & Alicia Fox. Sasha got hot, but Bailey calmed her. She said they pushed Rousey to her limit, but they’re even better as a team than they are individually. Sasha said tag titles are a dream the women of WWE willed into existence. Nikki and Fox walked up to them and laughed and acted weird.

(3) HEAVY MACHINERY vs. LUCHA HOUSE PARTY (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado w/Kalisto) vs. DASH & DAWSON vs. B-TEAM (w/Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel)

Early in the match they showed Bobby Roode and Chad Gable were watching the match backstage. (They watched at a totally normal angle, yet somehow we could tell what they were doing and who they were!) Renee said she hopes Raw gets to keep Heavy Machinery because they’re fun to watch. HM paid tribute to the Bushwackers (which is what I was worried they’d be boiled down to by Vince McMahon). LHP leaped onto a crowd of wrestlers at ringside. HM then dart-tossed Dawson onto a crowd below. They cut to a break. [c]

Otis rallied after the break and did The Caterpillar (i.e. The Worm). He ended up dumped over the top by Dash and Dawson. Bo then surprised Dawson with a cradle for a near fall. Dash tagged in and they hit a quick Shatter Machine for the win.

WINNERS: Dash & Dawson in 12:00 to earn a WWE Raw Tag Team Title shot.

-They went backstage to Curt Hawkins watching the outcome. Zack Ryder walked in and had some encouraging words. Hawkins said Zack shouldn’t want anything to do with him since he’s such a loser. Ryder said last week they spelled his first name “Zach” instead of “Zack.” He said after 13 years, they still can’t spell his name right. He said that means neither of them can get any lower and they’re both losers. Ryder said they’ll end his losing streak together and then they’ll become winners.

-Mickie James hugged Kurt Angle backstage. Apollo Crews had some nice words for him. Cole said they’d find out what the future holds for Angle next. [c]

-Angle entered the ring. He said Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence have guided his life and career, and it’s served him well through the good and the bad. He said he accomplished everything he strived for from the European Title to the WWE Hall of Fame. He said he tore the house down with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania and soiled the ring with milk and as G.M. he gave everyone the opportunity to settle things in the ring. He said he even got to meet the son he never knew he had. They showed Mickie, Ryder, Hawkins, Rhyno, Heath Slater, and No Way Jose watching backstage. (So none of the big names care about this?) He said fans reminded him that he sucks. Fans chanted “You suck!” He said, “Thank you, I guess.” He said lately the three I’s have become the D’s – doubt, defeat, and depression.

He said his losses to Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin hurt. He said he wanted to shut them up for good. He said in his career he beat them all, and even won a Gold Medal with a broken freakin’ neck. He said there’s one opponent he knows he cannot defeat, and that’s is Father Time. He got emotional. He said there comes a point in an athlete’s career when a decision has to be made. Baron Corbin interrupted. Graves said he usually supports Corbin, but now is not the time. Corbin asked Angle to wrap things up. He asked if he wants everyone to feel sorry for him. He said this speech should have been speech two years ago at the Hall of Fame and then he should have gone away, but he had to become G.M. He said Angle should have made matches, not been in them, but he still wanted to prove he was a Superstar. Corbin said he’s a broken down shadow of a man. Angle said he can still break his ankle in two, so come to the ring and he’ll show him. Graves said Angle’s emotions are getting the best of him.

Drew McIntyre’s music played. He walked out and said Angle just can’t help himself. He said one second he’s accepting of his fate, and now he’s threatening Corbin who beat him last week. He said people used to look into his eyes and see a warrior, but now he looks into his eyes and sees fear. He said he saw fear right before he tapped him out to his own ankle lock. He said he thought he’d never see him again, but he knows Angle has no quit. He said he showed up at the Rumble and showed up last night and he’ll keep showing up until someone does something drastic. He told Portland to shut their mouths and get their cameras ready because this is the last time they’ll see Angle because they’re about to put him down for good. Corbin and Drew surrounded Angle, but then Braun Strowman’s music played. He marched to the ring. Drew met him in the aisle. Strowman threw Drew into the ringpost. Angle threw Corbin out of the ring. Strowman threw a chair at Corbin at ringside. Corbin and Drew ran away through the crowd. Fans booed. Angle’s music played as he stood in the ring with Strowman.

(Keller’s Analysis: Basic solid stuff. Angle was good, Corbin was his annoying self, and Drew came across as an alpha asshole. The crowd booed the heels and were happy to see the faces send them fleeing the scene.)

-Graves plugged that Jeff Jarrett would wrestle for the first time on Raw in nearly 20 years when he faces Elias later. Renee plugged the Fox & Cross vs. Bayley & Sasha match. Cole noted that Seth Rollins won the Royal Rumble match last week and he chose Brock Lesnar, but he’d pay a price, so they’d air a highlight package next on his “career week.” They went to the announcers on camera who said they’d celebrate Black History Month.

-They showed New Day, Nia Jax, and Ember Moon visiting the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tenn. [c]

-The announcers said Strowman & Angle would face Corbin & McIntyre in the TV main event.

-A video package aired on Seth winning the Rumble and declaring he’d face Lesnar at WrestleMania.

-Fox and Nikki attacked Bayley and Sasha as they began their ring entrance on the stage. Bayley fought back briefly, but was soon overwhelmed. Cole wondered if the match would even happen. [c]

-A commercial aired on Triple H’s announcement on Smackdown last week that Bryan would defend his WWE Title in the Elimination Chamber. Then they announced Bryan would face Jeff Hardy one-on-one on Smackdown this week.


The match was joined in progress after the break. The announcers agreed nothing would stop Bayley and Sasha from competing for this opportunity. Unfortunately, Bayley had to fight alone at first because Sasha was in the corner but unable to stand. Over five minutes into the beating, Nikki leaped off the ring apron onto Bayley on the floor. When she charged, Sasha yanked Bayley out of Nikki’s path, so Nikki charged into the ringpost. Bayley surprised Fox in the ring seconds later with a roll-up for the win. Graves said Sasha was trying to get credit for the win, but Bayley would have moved out of the way on her own. Bayley and Sasha celebrated like something really important happened. They hugged like one of them had been kidnapped two years ago and they were just reunited.

WINNERS: Bayley & Sasha in 6:00.

-A highlight package aired on the Jeff Jarrett & Road Dogg angle with Elias last week. They plugged Jarrett vs. Elias was up next. [c]

-Graves again plugged the Strowman & Angle vs. Corbin & McIntyre main event.

-Backstage Caruso interviewed Apollo Crews and asked if he’s surprised Angle is wrestling tonight. Crews said he’s glad he’s wrestling again. She asked why would he be glad because he hasn’t put on a good showing lately. Crews asked if Angle isn’t not allowed to have a couple bad matches. She asked if he still has a chance. Crews said anyone has a chance. Drake Maverick and Rezar walked up. Drake asked him to admit that Angle has no chance. Crews asked Rezar how he gets his puppet to talk like that. He asked if he pulls his strings or puts his hand up his… at which point Rezar made an aggressive move toward Crews. Drake said Rezar is just upset that his hero keeps letting him down.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not sure where this is heading, but spending that much time on Crews could just be set up a Crews vs. Rezar match, or it could be a hint that Crews will be part of the storyline with Angle as it moves forward.)

-Road Dogg came out in a Portland Trailblazer jersey. He referred to it as a cheap pop. He welcomed Portland to the Dogg House. He got a modest response. They focused on a fan in a Bullet Club t-shirt saying Road Dogg’s spiel along with him. He said his belly is a little bigger and his goatee is gray, but this isn’t about him it’s about Double J. Out came Jeff Jarrett to his WWE theme song. Graves said the D-O-Double-G looks a little like Y-E-Double-L-E-R. Cole asked Renee about the lyrics to “With My Baby Tonight.” She laughed. Jarrett entered in a “WWE” t-shirt and strutted. (Wearing a WWE t-shirt has to be a little bit of a rib since he was a “TNA” guy for so long who tried to compete.) He said he’s the world’s greatest singer and the world’s greatest entertainer and the world’s greatest wrestler. He let out his “Ha ha ha ha.” The fans actually booed a little. Dogg said it was time to finish their song. They played “With My Baby Tonight” again and began singing. Many fans were clapping along. others looked like they were just tolerating the segment. Elias interrupted from the stage. He got cheered. (If Elias was supposed to be the heel, Road Dogg overindulging and Jarrett falling back on his heel catch phrase bragging might have turned him back babyface.)

Elias said that song hasn’t aged well, just like those two. Dogg said that hurts his feelings. He asked Jarrett if he even plays guitar. Elias asked what Dogg is even doing on Raw. “Shouldn’t you be on Smackdown tanking their ratings? You gotta come on Raw and ruin that too.” (The syntax there was all a mess.) He said he’d rather watch another Adam Levine halftime performance. He said Portland isn’t even important enough to have a football team. He said he was going to save the night with a performance of his own, but he has been reminded of how ungrateful the fans are. He said it’s a simple concept – they should give him a standing ovation. More boos, but some cheers. He yelled at a fan on crutches that he has to stand too, no exceptions. He said Jarrett and Dogg can keep up this pathetic nostalgic act, but it doesn’t change the truth of what WWE stands for. Fans chanted “Walk With Elias!” Jarrett finally interrupted and said in the immortal words of one of his greatest rivalries, “Hey Chico, don’t sing it, bring it.” Dogg then got the crowd to yell, “Suck it!” Jarrett met Elias in the aisle. They brawled into the ring.

(5) JEFF JARRETT (w/Road Dogg) vs. ELIAS

Elias bailed out and stalled after eating a Jarrett punch. They cut to an early break. [c]

Cole said Jarrett made his Raw debut in 1993 and won the IC Title for the first time in 1995. Graves asked what Roadie would have been like in the 1990s if he visited Portland with the laws being what they are today. Renee talked about Jarrett stepping back into the ring after 20 years, as if he hasn’t wrestled since then. Elias kicked Road Dogg from behind at ringside. Jarrett began a comeback and then did his Double J Strut. The crowd just wasn’t into this. Dogg jumped on the ring apron. Elias turned and knocked him to the floor. Then Elias turned and gave Jarrett the Drift Away for the win. Road Dogg beat up Elias from behind after the match. Jarrett then hit Elias with the guitar from behind. (Fans booed not out of heel heat or sympathy for Elias, but I think because the guitar didn’t break and because they were ready for today’s stars to return.) When Cole asked Renee to sing, she said she was taking a “hard pass.” Graves said she only works one night a week. Renee told him not to hate on her and stay in his lane.

WINNER: Elias in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: This is a nostalgia trip fans just aren’t that into. This was one segment too many and I hope they take a cue from the fans and stop here. The Triple H & Shawn Michaels DX nostalgia is played out, the New Age Outlaws reunion went on too long, and now this.)

-Backstage Dana Brooke talked to Natalya about how important the tag titles are to her so she’s sorry they didn’t win last week. Natalya gave her the silent treatment. Brooke said she’s going to find a McMahon to make a match between them so she can prove she belongs om the rom her. She left and then Natalya took out her wireless ear buds. Fans laughed a little.

-They showed Finn Balor wincing with his ribs taped as he headed toward the stage. [c]

-They announced that they’d have a 70th Birthday Celebration for Ric Flair next week in Atlanta. Graves said he can’t wait. The announcers recapped the Stephanie-Becky segment. They focused on how Stephanie kicked Becky in her injured left knee during the melee earlier. Cole said Becky doesn’t trust the doctors and doesn’t want to be pulled from WrestleMania. Renee said she can’t blame her. Graves said the WrestleMania match is in jeopardy and someone has to stand up in case Becky can’t go.

-Caruso interviewed Finn Balor backstage. He said Lashley might see him as an easy target, but he’ll take it to Lashley like he took it to Lesnar, and he’ll take his IC Title too.


-Balor made his ring entrance. Lashley walked out and said he is better than Lesnar and can beat him in a ring, in an Octagon, and in his sleep, so Balor has no chance against him, especially when he looks like a mummy all wrapped up like that. He said he should start fighting people his own size. He said if he can beat Rush and “entertain him enough,” he can get the IC Title match he wants.

(Keller’s Analysis: So Lashley can just change the match? Can anyone change any scheduled match any time they want? Is that a new thing?)

Rush walked up and got in Balor’s face. Lashley kicked Balor in the taped part of his ribs. Lashley rammed Balor into the corner and shoulder drove into his ribs a few times. The ref ordered him out of the ring. Graves said Rush is an amazing athlete whom he’s watched many times on 205 Live. Balor clutched his ribs. He told the ref to ring the bell.

(6) FINN BALOR vs. LIO RUSH (w/Bobby Lashley)

Rush went after Balor aggressively at the start, then gloated. Graves said a win here would catapult him to new heights. Cole said Rush only has a chance because of what Lashley did to him before the match began. Balor dropkicked Rush to the floor and then set up a dive off the ring apron, but Lashley yanked Balor off the ring apron by his legs. The ref ordered Lashley to the back. Rush then dove through the ropes and rammed Balor hard into the ringside barricade. They cut to a break. [c]

Rush was in control after the break. Renee called him crafty. Cole called him shrewd. Balor avoided a splash and made a comeback, although he milked the rib pain as he climbed to the top rope. He then hit the Coup de Grace and scored the three count. Lashley ran out and Balor wisely bailed out as his music played.

WINNER: Balor in 8:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good basic 101 stuff. The babyface is injured already, beat down before the match with a cheap shot, interfered against, and yet still perseveres. The crowd seemed to feel genuine satisfaction with Balor pinning Rush. This delays the Lashley-Balor IC Title match while building anticipation for it. I like the groundwork being laid for a Lesnar vs. Lashley match.)

-Paige came out and asked fans if they missed her. She said there’s a special movie coming out in a few weeks called “Fighting With My Family.” She said it’s about her life and her family. She threw to a preview trailer. [c]

-A MOMENT OF BLISS: Alexa Bliss sat on her set on the stage and welcomed fans to her segment. She introduced her guest, EC3, whom she described as “a man of mystery.” She said she wants to get to know him better. EC3 walked out. She said he has everything going for him – he’s young and good looking “and from what I hear, you have a very large… (pause) bank account.” She asked him what it will be – Raw or Smackdown. Nia Jax and Tamina interrupted. Jax said,” Nobody wants to see this nauseating blind date thing going on here.” She talked about breaking barriers by entering the men’s Royal Rumble match and qualifying for the Elimination Chamber match. She said everyone is wondering what she’s going to do next. She said maybe she’ll fill in for Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. Dean Ambrose’s music interrupted. “How dare you interrupt my interrupt,” Jax said.

Dean said he doesn’t want to be out there any more than she wants him to be out there. She said it’s obvious to everyone that Jax has a huge crush on him. He said he understands because she’s not the first to have trouble dealing with his raw sexual magnetism. He asked Alexa who EC3 was. She told him. He knocked the mic out of EC3’s hand as he was about to speak. Fans laughed. Ec3 stood. Ambrose said he was going to take over the interview and ask rapid-fire questions. He asked what EC3 means and where are EC1 and EC2. Fans laughed. He asked who does his hair and why does he hang out backstage like some sort of Chippendale dancer instead of getting in the ring. EC3 was about to answer, but instead punched Ambrose. Renee said she’ll have to work on Dean’s interviewing skills with him. EC3 called Dean to the ring. [c]


Graves said to expect big things from EC3. He said he considers himself the top one percent of the entire entertainment industry. Dean threw EC3 into the ringpost and then punched away at him in the corner. He settled into a chinlock. Renee said they don’t know much about EC3. Graves said he’s new to WWE, but he’s travelled around the sports entertainment scene and made a name for himself. He said he was wildly popular in NXT. EC3 showed fire, but didn’t get a response. He then jackknife covered Ambrose and scored a leverage three count. Ambrose sat up and was upset as EC3 celebrated at ringside. Renee said he got lucky tonight.

WINNER: EC3 in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: The problem here is a lot of fans know WWE has confirmed our report last week that Ambrose gave notice to WWE that he is leaving WWE when his contract expires at the end of April, so any losses – especially one like this – will seem like “punishment” and therefore EC3 gains less. EC3 gains something because he was chosen to be the one to pin Ambrose. Ambrose, though, got over with the fans with the “EC1 and 2” line. The match itself wasn’t long enough to let EC3 establish anything about his ring work to get over with the discerning fanbase, either.) 

-Caruso interviewed Angle. Strowman walked up said some encouraging words to Angle. [c]

-Another segment aired with Mojo Rawley talking to himself in a mirror about how being a team player hasn’t worked well for him in WWE.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’ve never been a fan of people being filmed “talking to themselves in a mirror” but actually talking at the camera in the mirror. People know that a camera filming someone talking to themselves in a mirror won’t include the person making eye contact with the camera. It just assumes the audience is stupid and “won’t get it” if the person actually looks at themselves but viewers can’t see them looking into the lens of the camera.)


All four ring entrances aired – McIntyre, Corbin, Strowman, and finally Angle. Angle suplexed Corbin and went for an ankle lock. Drew yanked Corbin to safety. Strowman charged at and checked Drew at ringside. Back in the ring Corbin escaped another ankle lock, and then Drew headbutted him from ringside. [c]

The heel duel eventually worked over Strowman methodically. Angle got a hot-tag and threw the heels around with suplexes. He scored a near fall on Corbin, broken up by Drew. Strowman attacked Drew. Corbin said Strowman can’t touch him or he’ll be DQ’d. He punched him. The ref DQ’d Strowman.

WINNERS: Corbin & McIntyre.

-Afterward Strowman beat up the heels at ringside and then slammed Drew on the base of the ring steps.

(Keller’s Analysis: How many times have wrestlers not been DQ’d for hitting someone when they weren’t the legal wrestler?)

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  1. Becky’s actions are totally heelish, stupid fans cheer her anyways. Imagine if a MMA fighter refused to be medically evaluated? They would have their license suspended indefinitely. If they assaulted an authority figure? Fired and arrested and possibly banned for life. Fans booing somebody for looking out for the health of the wrestlers?

    • Stephanie was a bad choice for the segment. Plenty of babyfaces have acted “heelish” to their advantage over the years. It would be worse for Becky to capitulate to Stephanie right now. All in all, they seem to be running this angle too soon, given Mania is still a solid 2 months away.

  2. Vince McMahon promised us something new so they gave us Road Dogg, Jeff Jarrett, and Kurt Angle in major roles. And who spray tanned EC3 tonight? The stuff was literally running all over his body.

  3. Rhonda Rousey was just awful to watch tonight.We had to hear that horrible song of hers like 4 times and I finally had to mute the sound because that song is so bad. I am glad to see the fans continuing to boo her. She needs to turn heel, get a new song and get rid of the Rowdy gimmick. She is doing nothing but insulting Rowdy Roddy Piper week after week. They just had to go and ruin Becky Lynches momentum by bringing Stephanie into this and the next thing we know we will be stuck seeing Charlotte Flair in that match.

  4. I watched less than a minute and once I saw Stephanie McMahon’s botox face I immediately changed the channel. So they cheer Becky and Rousey? Rousey should not even be wrestling let alone being a champion. But booking with Hollywood writers and not actual people with backgrounds in wrestling gives you this cesspool week after week.

    It’s a shame that it is still the highest rated show in its timeslot otherwise this show would be dead in the water. Also Renee Young sucks.

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