RADICAN’S 4/7 GCW “Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3: Part 2 report – LAX vs. Rock N Roll Express, Janela vs. Jungle Boy, CluserF–K main event

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


APRIL 7, 2019

Announcers: Kevin Gill, Dave Prazak, Ron Funches, and Drew Cordeiro

This show started at 12:40 a.m. on April 7. They moved the show back from the scheduled start time of around midnight due to fans coming to New Jersey from the ROH show in New York.

Joey Janela and Penelope Ford came out first. Originally, Masato Tanaka’s music had played. Jungle Boy’s music played and he was out to wrestle Janela as the fans hummed along to his music.

(1) JOEY JANELA (w/Penelope Ford) vs. JUNGLE BOY

The fans chanted f–k ROH. They then began a GCW chant. Both men traded superkicks, but neither would go down. They continued to go back and forth trading superkicks. Janela finally turned Jungle Boy inside out with a big lariat, but Jungle Boy fired back and wiped out Janela with a clothesline of his own. Both men bounced off the ropes and hit stereo clotheslines and the fans fired up as both men attempted to recover. Jungle Boy hit two suicide dives and then hit a big flip dive over the top to the floor to wipe out Janela and the fans fired up. Jungle Boy went up top as the fans chanted his name. Janela hopped up to the apron and cut him off. He then hooked Jungle Boy’s leg and hit a brainbuster variation on the apron. Both guys went back and forth. Jungle Boy hit a slingshot spear. He then hit a cutter for a two count. Ford got involved and took out Jungle Boy with a hurricanrana off the top. She then hit a headscissors takedown. Jungle Boy ducked an attack in the corner and hit her with a lungblower. Janela hit a spinning Trapper Keeper Bomb, but it was only good for a two count. Jungle Boy went for a springboard moonsault, but Janela turned it into a modified dragon sleeper. Jungle Boy managed to fight to the ropes to break the submission. They ended up on the apron and Jungle Boy hit a rolling DVD on Janela.

Both men were down on the floor. Jungle Boy got up first and hit a double jump flipping senton that wiped out Janela. Janela countered a crucifix bomb attempt into a tombstone for a two count. Janela missed a charge in the corner and Janela nailed him with a backstabber. Jungle Boy then went up top, but Janela cut him off. Janela hit an avalanche brainbuster, but Jungle Boy kicked out at one. He then nipped up and wiped out Janela with a superkick, but Janela kicked out at the last second! The fans chanted Spring Break as both men regrouped. Both men traded German suplexes. They continued to trade German suplexes, but neither man would stay down. Janela flipped off Jungle Boy after taking a German and went for a choke. Jungle Boy turned it into a double underhook submission and Janela tapped out!

WINNER: Jungle Boy in 14:00 (***¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a great opener. Both guys looked good here and the crowd was red hot for the action from bell to bell for the most part. This was a nice return to GCW for Jungle Boy.)

After the match, Janela and Jungle Boy shook hands and hugged.


Gibson ran wild on Satana and Ortiz during the early going with a small assist from Morton on the apron and the fans fired up and chanted Rock N Roll. Ortiz finally cut off Morton with a power slam. Gibson finally got the hot tag and the fans applauded. Satana accidentally clotheslined Ortiz.Morton hit a sunset flip on Santana a short time later for a two count. Ortiz cut off Gibson a short time later. Ortiz went up top and hit a big splash. Satana ran into the ring and Morton nailed him with a Canadian Destroyer! HOLY S–T! Morton hit a dive a short time later and the fans lost their minds again. Satana hit a huge cannonball and LAX made a double pin for the three count.

Winners; Satana & Ortiz in 8:00 (***)

(Radican’s Analysis: The announcers gave Morton and Gibson and out after the match saying the ref should have made LAX only make the cover with the legal man. This was a ton of fun.)

After the match, Ortiz said they had wrestled nine matches and this was their main event for the weekend. He called Gibson and Morton wrestling gods. Satana got emotional and thanked Morton and Gibson for inspiring two kids from New York. Satana and Ortiz then bowed down to Gibson and Morton. The fans chanted Spring Bring. Ortiz then asked for a Rock N Roll chant and the crowd delivered a huge chant. Gibson put his bandana around Ortiz and Satana’s wrists after the match. WOW! What a moment for LAX. LAX left the ring for Morton and Gibson to soak up the applause.


Both men went face to face after the opening bell. They began shoving each other and came to blows. They went back and forth and Park hit a clothesline for a two count. Park hit a chairshot to Tanaka’s head, but he no-sold it and hit a rolling elbow right into the chair for a two count. Park took his belt off and began whipping Tanaka with it. Tanaka hit a tornado DDT out of the corner and a sliding lariat, but Park kicked out at two. Tanaka hit a dive to the floor a short time later and the fans fired up. Park fired back and slammed Tanaka into a row of chairs. Park tossed a couple of chairs in the ring and set one up between the ropes in one corner. He then powerbombed Tanaka through the door for a two count. They battled up top and Tanaka hit a superplex. He then hit a big splash for a two count. Park surprised Tanaka and charged at him and hit a spear through a door set up in the corner for the win.

WINNER: LA PARK in 9:00 (**½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a slow and plodding brawling/hardcore style of match. Park seemed to be going through the motions a bit at times.)

After the match, Park showed respect. Ron Funches joined the commentary team as Drew Cordeiro departed. Dave Prazak came in to replace Kevin Gill.


Wrestlers can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, death, or being tossed over the top. Necro Butcher was out first. He threw the ref over the top and the fans applauded. The announcers said there were around 60 wrestlers scheduled for the match. They announced the ref had been eliminated. Nick Gage was out next. The fans went nuts chanting for both guys before the went at it. Shlak was out next and Marcus Crane were out next. Necro decked Crane. He then traded blows with Shlak over and over as the fans went nuts. Georgie Boy was out next. Hornswoggle was out next. Arik Cannon was the next man in the match. I’ll do my best to keep track of eliminations and entrants, as this is moving along fast. Swoggle was shown working over Necro in the corner. He hit him in the groin with a rubber chicken. Shlak tossed Georgie Boy into the crowd to eliminate him.


Joe Gacy was out next to enter the match. He went right after Gage. Cannon was bleeding and Gacy gave him a cutter. Brian Pillman Jr. was out next to a good reaction. He went right after Gage. Swoggle hit a low blow on Pillman and punched him in the face. Out next was Nate Webb and Marko Stunt. They sang Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus together. They then played music as one of the members of Wheatus made his way around the ring. Pillman hit an insane dive while this was going on. The music was stopped when someone hit Webb with a chairshot. He took off the mask he had covering his face and it was MJF. Joey Ryan was out next. Ryan began lubing himself up. He put his lollipop in Cannon’s mouth and nailed him with a superkick. Ryan continued to oil himself up. Out next was Sexxy Eddy! WOW! Ryan oiled Eddy up. Pillman came over and got some oil. Eddy slapped Pillman. Ryan continued to oil him up. Both men rubbed their oil in while looking at each other. Effy was out next. Ryan tried to take off Eddy’s towel and once he did. Eddy was naked except for his hands over his crotch. Effy dropkicked Eddy into Ryan in the corner. Mick Moretti was out next. Eddy hit a moonsault onto Effy. Cannon rolled up Eddy right away to eliminate him.


Out next was Marko Stunt. Logan stunt was out next. He’s Marko’s brother. Marko and Logan went face-to-face, but they didn’t fight each other. Marko then shoved Logan and told him to get out. Necro tried to eliminate them. He managed to eliminate Logan. Team White Wolf were the next entrants. They tossed Pillman out.



Kobe Durst was out next. Joey got Swoggle with his groin, but Swoggle tossed him out by the groin! WOW!


Egotistico Fantastico was out next. The ref tried to count a pin on Durst, but Necro picked him up and tossed him over the top. G-Raver was out next. He put a bunch of needles in Swoggles head. Swoggle ripped them out and hit a German on Raver, but Cannon nailed him with a superkick to eliminate him.


Kikutaro was out next. Mick Moretti got eliminated as he made his entrance.


Kikutaro pointed a finger gun at everyone and made them faint. He tried to do it to the ref, but the ref made him shoot himself. Kikutaro collapsed and a bunch of men covered him.


Teddy Hart was out next with his cat. He entered the ring still holding his cat. Teddy went up to Necro. Cannon backdropped Team White Wolf over the top to eliminate them.


Homicide’s music played and he was out next. Hart and Homicide looked at each other and went face-to-face. They exchanged shoves and Homicide smiled. Homicide spit in Hart’s face. Hart fired back with an uppercut and a punch. Music played and it was Cryme Tyme! JTG and Shad paired off against Hart and Homicide. They began exchanging blows as the fans fired up. JTG pulled the ropes to eliminate Teddy.


Shlak got rolled up by Cannon.


Kobe Durst got pinned by Egotistico.


They showed Shad and Homicide brawling around the building. Grim Reefer was out next. Homicide nailed Reefer with a cutter. Homicide went up top, but Reefer shoved him to the floor.


The Ugly Ducklings were out next. Then Slim J came out. Reefer got clotheslined over the top.


The Ugly Ducklings took turns chopping J, who mounted a comeback on all three of them. Teddy Hart went in on commentary and cut a promo. Slim J then hit an insane dive to the floor. Facade was out next. MJF tossed Gaspard out.


JTG tried to eliminate MJF, but he countered him and pulled him over the top.


Gringo Loco was out next. A.J. Gray was out next. He ran over two of the Ugly Ducklings with a clothesline. Colby Corino came off the top only for Gray to catch him and powerbomb him into one of his partners. Gray cleaned house and went up top and wiped out a pile of men with a corkscrew dives. The announcers weren’t sure if he was eliminated or not. Ophidian was out next. Ophidian hit a suicide dive to wipe out a bunch of men. The Ugly Ducklings hit a triple dive to the floor. Then Gringo Loco hit a big dive. Rich Wann was out next. Swann hit a twisting body press over the top to the floor. Facade then hit a double springboard 450 to the floor. Cannon teased a dive and flipped everyone off. Necro punched him right in the face and went and sat in the corner. No Legs was out next. The fans went nuts for him. He hit a 619 on Fantastico. He went up top and hit a swanton. He then made the pin on Fantastico for the win.


No Legs hit a big dive to the floor to wipe out a pile of men. Out next Brendan Brown of Wheatus. He went after MJF, but MJF nailed him with a low blow. Brown fired back with a stunner on MJF and then tossed him out.


Facade did a rope walking 450 to the floor. Parrow and Odinson were out next. They hit a super collider on two of the Ugly Ducklings. They then eliminated all of them.


Parrow tossed out Gringo Logo. Shane Mercer was out next.


Parrow tossed out A.J. Gray.


Mercer tossed Facade out.


Parrow and Odinson tossed out No Legs.


Mercer tried to go after The End on his own. Mercer fired back on them and hit a suplex on Parrow. That’s impressive given how big Parrow is. He then hit a moonsault powerslam off the second turnbuckle on Odinson. WOW! Mercer sent Odinson over the top. Tony Deppen was out next.


I believe Parrow was eliminated as well.


The fans surfed Deppen around the ring. Out next were Jake Atlas and Lucas Riley. They ran wild on Mercer. Out next was Australian Suicide. KTB was out next. Deppen took a suplex from Mercer only for KTB to catch him, powerbomb him, and toss him over the top.


Caveman Ugg was out next. Australian Suicide got tossed out.


Matt Tremont was out next. He went right after Necro. Mercer tossed Tony Atlas out. Joe Gacy was also eliminated. Grizzly Redwood was out next. Someone eliminated Crowbar.




Chris Dickinson and Pinkie Sanchez were out next. Dickinson went right after Necro and they threw some big chops. Necro hit a big headbutt on Dickinson. Sanchez came to Dickinson’s aid. MIchael Blaze was out next. Kip Osbourne and Frankie Picard were out next. NWO Sting was out next to a big pop. Tracy Smothers was out next. Mantaur was out next. Matt Knicks was out next. Mantaur tossed out NWO Sting.


Cecil Nix was out next. He lifted up Swann on the outside and walked around the ring with him before dumping him down onto the apron. Tracy Smothers got eliminated.


Jimmy Lloyd was out next. Two men went flying off the top through a table. Osborne got tossed out, but I missed it.


Masashi Takeda was out next. He went right at it with Lloyd. Jeff Cannonball was out next. Dickinson tossed out Mercer.


Lloyd tossed Takeda out.


Ethan Page was out next. Essa Rios was out after him. He slammed Nix to the mat and made the pin.


Necro was eliminated to boos.


Maria Manic was supposed to come out next, but she didn’t come out to her music. A bunch of women suddenly came out from the other side including Allie Cat, Solo Darling, Session Moth Martina, Su Yung, Maria Manic, and Shazza McKenzie. The women entered the ring and ran wild. They cleaned house. McKenzie hit a big dive on Swann as Martina danced in the middle of the ring. Martina hit Raver with a big DDT and the fans applauded. Ashley Vox was also with the women. They rolled Frank The Clown into the ring and beat him up. They took turn kicking him in the nuts. Harlow O’Hara was also with the women. The women all got light tubes and took turns hitting Lloyd with the light tubes. Dickinson got into the ring and went after the women, but they all ganged up on him. The women got a couple of tables and set them up in the ring. Manic then set up Dickinson up top and suplexed him through the table.

Several officials tried to run in, but the women wiped them out as well. The female ref treid to spare herself and they let her go. The women dragged Joey Janela into the ring. Prazak called him a known sexist. All of the women helped to choke Janela up against the ropes. A signal lost message was then shown on the screen to end the show.

WINNER: No Winner in 1 hour 26 minutes

(Radican’s Analysis: How do I rate this? It was entertaining at times and at times it dragged. It was great to see all of the northeast indie stars of years gone by. I mean where else will you see a match with Grim Reefer, Fake Sting, Necro Butcher, and Nick Gage? The ending with the women beating up all the men was tremendous fun. I loved how Prazak said they were beating up known sexist Joey Janela to end the show.)

Overall thoughts: (8.0) – This was another fun edition of Joey Janela’s Spring Break. I really enjoyed the show from start to finish, although LA Park vs. Masato Tanaka wasn’t anything special. Jungle Boy vs. Joey Janela was the best match on the show, but I really enjoyed seeing LAX take on Rock N Roll Express in a fantastic passing of the torch style of match.

The Clusterf–k was wild at times and dragged at others, but overall it was a lot of fun and the ending with the women wrestlers coming out and beating up all the men was fantastic. I give this show a big thumbs up and a high recommendation. The hot crowd and improbable matchups up and down the card were tremendous to watch.

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