HEYDORN’S WWE RAW REPORT 4/15: Alt Perspective coverage of the live show including night one of the Superstar Shakeup, Evans/Lynch follow-up, and more



APRIL 15, 2019

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young


-The show began with Stephanie McMahon’s music blaring in the arena and the audience booing loudly as she walked out to the top of the ramp. McMahon played to the boos and as she walked down the ramp, the announce team discussed the reaction to McMahon and Young declared that she should get a standing ovation. In addition, Michael Cole hyped the Superstar Shakeup and said that the WWE landscape would change.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Renee Young drinking the Kool-Aid all of sudden? As a babyface announcer, running counter to the audience’s heel reaction was strange out of the gate. 

Once Stephanie got to the ring, she welcomed the audience to Monday Night Raw and the Superstar Shakeup. She then told the Montreal audience to get on their feet and welcome Shane McMahon to the ring. The audience booed loudly as Shane did his standard entrance. Just like with Stephanie, the audience booed Shane and as he walked to the ring, Cole wondered what SmackDown talent would appear on Raw. When Shane got to the ring, he hugged Stephanie. As the booing continued, Stephanie joked that the audience in Canada loved them. She joked with Shane and asked if she got his entrance right. He said she did, but then demanded that the official ring announcer make his intro again. This got a big negative reaction and the audience chanted “CM Punk.” From there, Shane spoke in French and the audience booed him even more.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Some really good heat here for Shane. He’s a natural heel and always has been.

Stephanie complimented Shane’s french and the audience proceeded to chant “you suck.” Shane then said he wasn’t speaking the true french language, but the dirty french from Montreal. The boos continued and then both McMahon’s outlined what the Superstar Shakeup would be about. They teased tag teams breaking up and champions moving. Stephanie was about to introduce the first SD superstar heading to Raw, but instead, Shane demanded that pictures of him beating up Miz at WrestleMania be shown on the big screen. After, Stephanie cued up that first move, but before she could announce it, Miz hit the ring to a big pop from the crowd. Miz then attacked Shane from behind and the two brawled around the ringside area. Shane ended up getting the upper hand quickly, but that quickly ended after Miz nailed Shane with a chair. As the brawl continued, the announce team officially said that he would be on Raw moving forward. The segment ended with Miz chasing Shane out of the ring and posing with a bloody face as Shane looked on from the ramp.

Heydorn’s Analysis: That worked. Shane and Miz have made their feud personal and this was a personal response from Miz after what Shane said last week on SmackDown Live. Miz has been able to maintain his character while giving it a babyface flavor. That flavor has freshened him up and is taking him to a new level in terms of crowd response.

-A WrestleMania recap video aired and was followed by Ricochet’s entrance. As he walked to the ring, the announce team wondered whether he was on the Raw side of aisle full time. Cole called him the most exhilarating superstar in WWE. After Ricochet, Aleister Black made his entrance and the announce team wondered what his new brand allegiance was as well. As Black walked to the ring and posed with Ricochet, the show went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Michael Cole and the announce team shouldn’t be wondering what brand Black and Ricochet are on. This is the Superstar Shakeup. Part of the fun is in finally knowing where these guys end up. Black and Ricochet’s main roster tenure has been marred with brand confusion. Tonight should be the night where that is finally defined not played up further. 

-Out of the break, Cole hyped The Shield’s Final Chapter special on WWE Network this Sunday.

-When the advertisement ended, the show moved back to the ring and The Revival made their way out. Once Revival got to the ring, the team formally known as the War Raiders were introduced as their partners. War Raiders are now The Viking Experience. As they walked down the ramp, the announce team discussed the physical nature of Viking Experience. Graves also told the world that they live the viking lifestyle which includes eating meat and making their own weapons.

Heydorn’s Analysis: What was wrong with War Raiders. That name fit and I can get on board with The Viking Experience. What I can’t get on board with is the Graves commentary about them. Making their own weapons for what? Aside from it being ridiculous in 2019, it makes no sense in the WWE narrative. Keep the narrative to their physical nature and all will be well. 


The match began hot with the team of Ryder and Hawkins getting early offense on the Revival. Eventually, the Revival took over, but their momentum was squashed due to a springboard moonsault from Black. Out of the moonsault, Black, Ricochet, Ryder, and Hawkins hit tandem back body drops on the Revival which caused them to roll out of the ring. The show then went to break. (c)

Out of the break, the action continued with the Viking Experience firmly in control of the match. They body slammed each other on Hawkins and then locked in a shoulder submission as the audience cheered Hawkins on. Eventually, Hawkins broke free, but as he went for the tag he was crushed by a big clothesline. From there, Viking Experience continued to control the match and tagged Dawson in. He hit Hawkins with a suplex and went for a cover, but only got a two count. Out of the pin, Dawson worked the shoulder again before tagging Dash into the match. Once Dash got in, he put Hawkins in a headlock. Finally, Hawkins broke the hold by slamming Dash into the ring post. After, both men made the tag to their team. Ryder hit the ring and owned momentum which included a dropkick and a running forearm shot. From there, Ryder hit both members of the Revival with a baseball slide before tossing Dawson back into the ring. Ryder then hit Erick of Viking Experience with a top rope leg drop and covered but only got a two count. Out of the pin, Ricochet hit a flurry of offense on the Revival. Back in the ring, Viking Experience destroyed Curt Hawkins and tossed him over the top rope and onto Black and Ricochet. This left Zack Ryder alone in the ring. Viking Experience hit the Fallen on him and covered for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Revival and Viking Experience via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: A good A to B match. While Viking Experience got the clean victory, seeing them trade blows back and forth with a team that is comprised of losers defines them down a bit out of the gate. Nothing they can’t overcome, but not as impactful as even a true squash match would have been. Same can be said for Black and Ricochet.

-After the match, a hype video for Cedric Alexander aired and it was revealed that he would be moving from 205 Live to Monday Night Raw.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good for Alexander. Great for him. Not so good for 205 Live. The brand isn’t a brand if there isn’t any true talent on it. Alexander was one of the only good ones left. 

-When the video ended, Finn Balor made his entrance to a nice response from the crowd. The show then went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Andrade made his entrance as a new member of Monday Night Raw. Zelina Vega accompanied him and spoke as they walked down the ramp. She introduced herself and Andrade and then addressed Finn Balor. She said for the past year on SmackDown Live Andrade has showcased his extraordinary talents. She said that one of his many talents is being a multi-linguist. She said in Montreal English is a second language. Andrade then took the microphone and yelled “Merci” into the microphone. He then addressed the audience in Spanish as the audience continued to boo. From there, Andrade and Finn hit their corners and the match began.

Heydorn’s Analysis: This is a good move for Andrade. He has a crop of fresh opponents on Raw and the opportunity to redefine himself to the crowd. 


Andrade controlled the early part of the match until Balor crushed him with a standing dropkick. From there, Balor connected with a tornado DDT which caused Andrade to roll out of the ring. Balor attempted to capitalize on that with a penalty kick, but Andrade distracted him by putting Vega in front of him. Because of that, he was able to knock Balor off of the apron and to the ground as the show went to break. (c)

Out of the break, Andrade maintained control, but quickly lost it after Balor dodged a running knee attack. This caused Andrade to crash into the ring post and gave Balor the opportunity to hit him with another running dropkick. From there, Balor kept up the attack with an Irish whip into the corner. Balor then attempted a step up enziguri, but Andrade countered and pulled himself out. Balor hit him with a side slam instead and followed with Sling Blade. From there, Balor went for his corner dropkick, but Andrade countered with back flip kick to Balor’s head. He then went for a cover, but Balor kicked out at two. After the pin, Andrade attempted his top rope moonsault, but Balor countered. Balor was then able to hit Andrade with his dropkick which positioned him for the Coup De Gras. The injured Balor tried to scale the top rope, but Andrade knocked him off. He quickly went for the move again, but Balor missed and took a direct elbow shot from Andrade instead.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Great athleticism from both men in that spot. It was smooth and made sense with Balor’s injury. Pro wrestling done right, folks. Well done.

Eventually, the action spilled to the outside which gave Balor the opportunity to hit a flipping suicide dive over Vega and onto Andrade. From there, Vega hit Balor with a hurricanrana. Andrade then tossed him into the ring and nailed him with the hammerlock DDT for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Andrade via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: That’s a big win for Andrade. It defines him as a player on the brand and someone that WWE will focus on in the weeks to come. 

-A highlight video aired that detailed the events of last week between the Undertaker and Elias. Elias was then hyped for an appearance as the show went to break. (c)


-Out of the break, Elias was introduced and in the ring. He said his music was so powerful that it brought back John Cena and had the deadman rise from his grave. He asked what those legends see in him to prompt them to ruin what he loves to do. As he spoke, the audience chanted “Undertaker.” From there, he called Cena and Undertaker jealous before doing his WWE stands for schtick. Elias then made fun of the Montreal Canadiens which led to massive boos from the crowd. Elias then told the booing audience to be quiet because it could be the last time that he ever plays on Monday Night Raw. Elias started his song, but it was quickly interrupted by Rey Mysterio. Elias went to meet Mysterio on the ramp and both men battled into the ring. As they did, the audience chanted “619.” Mysterio battled Elias out of the ring and went for the move, but Elias ran away. Mysterio proceeded to pose in the ring, but soon stopped because Lars Sullivan walked out. Mysterio hit him with a kick and attempted some punches. He then tried for a springboard move, but Sullivan caught him and pulled him face first into the ring. Mysterio tried to battle back, but eventually was hit with the Freak Accident. After, Sullivan stared at the fallen Mysterio before picking him back up for more damage. This included a massive sit down powerbomb. Sullivan then walked off as the show went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Typical stuff from Elias, but a good showing from Sullivan and Mysterio. Mysterio was good foil for the heel Elias and took the beating effectively from Sullivan. The size difference between Sullivan and Mysterio was impactful in helping portray Sullivan as a monster. Well done.

After the commercial break, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable were in the middle of their entrance into the ring. When they got there, they addressed the crowd. Before they started talking a Usos graphic popped up on the screen.

Heydorn’s Analysis: C’mon WWE. That’s minor league level stuff. Not the work of a billion dollar company. 

Roode spoke first and he said that with the Superstar Shakeup a lot of change is happening in WWE. He said one thing that wouldn’t change would be the fact that he and Gable can beat anyone in the WWE when they are on their game. Gable then spoke and said that they were on their game tonight. From there, he issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. The Usos accepted the challenge and walked to the ring to a nice reaction from the audience.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Are you surprised? Much like Andrade, this is a good move for the Usos. They have fresh opponents on Raw after battling nearly everyone possible on SmackDown Live. In addition, their arrival helps the Raw tag division immensely. 

Once the Usos got to the ring, the bell rang, and the match began.


Gable and Jimmy started things off with Gable taking him down to the mat with a standard wrestling takedown. From there, Gable attempted to work his arm, but Jimmy battled back with an enziguri. After, Jimmy tagged Jey into the match and Jey continued to keep momentum. Eventually, Roode and Gable shifted that momentum after tripping Jey up as he went for a move off of the ropes. Gable and Roode owned the match from there and worked Jey over near their corner so he couldn’t make the tag. Finally, Jey made the hot tag to Jimmy and he proceeded to clear the ring with a handful of offensive moves to both Roode and Gable. Gable slowed his momentum with an arm bar submission in the ropes. After, he tagged Roode into the match. In the end, Gable attempted his rolling German suplex, but it was countered. Both Usos proceeded to deliver super kicks to both him and Roode. They then hit tandem splashes and covered for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Usos via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: A fun match and a taste of what the tag team scene will look like on the red brand. The Usos have as much credibility and star power as they possibly can have as a tag team in WWE. Them appearing on the three hour show makes sense and they’ll lift the tide of the others around them like they did for Gable and Roode in this match. 

-After the match, a highlight video aired that detailed Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre from WrestleMania in Roman’s first singles match since returning from cancer.

-When the video ended, Alexa Bliss walked out for A Moment Of Bliss. The audience cheered loudly and Graves went nuts too as usual. From there, it was announced that Sami Zayn would be Bliss’s guest as the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Bliss took the mic and started her show. She welcomed the audience and said it could be her last night on Monday Night Raw. She said that if that was the case, she wanted to give the audience a proper goodbye in french. Bliss then introduced her guest, Sami Zayn. Zayn received a huge pop and did his dance at the top of the ramp as the audience sung along with his entrance music.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A heel promo on these cheering fans is coming and that darn music is making Zayn’s job a whole lot more difficult. 

After a bit, the music stopped and Zayn sat down for his interview. Then, the music picked up again and Zayn continued to engage with the singing fans. Zayn bowed and then was interviewed. Bliss played up the crowd reaction and then the music started again which the crowd loved. Finally, Zayn spoke and yelled something in french to the cheering audience. He called it “fish in a barrel” and then started an “Olay” chant with them. Zayn said he could do that all night long. From there, Bliss spoke and said that it was fantastic to see Zayn back on Raw. In response, Zayn agreed, and said he’s been in Montreal all week. He said he hit all of his Montreal spots and that he loves the city of Montreal, but simply can’t stand the people. Zayn called being in front of those people the low point of his week and compared them to people from Quebec. Zayn said that nine months ago he would have loved to get a response like the one he just got from the Montreal audience. He said now, the cheers make him sick. From there, Zayn continued to run down the fans and said that the fans project all of their failures onto him. He called that disgusting and said that they should all be ashamed of themselves. Zayn told Bliss that the fans weren’t real fans before calling them disgusting again. To that, Bliss told Zayn that the fans and his people aren’t the problem, but he is. Zayn stopped her and said that “these people” aren’t his people. He said he moved to Florida and that he chose to leave Montreal. After he said that, the fans gave him a “Na na na, goodbye” chant. This prompted Zayn to say “see you in hell” before walking off. After he did, the show went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Saying that segment was interesting is a major understatement. On the surface, a gimmick in which you are trolling fans isn’t a solid one for long term potential. That said, Zayn harnessed an over the top hometown response and was able to squeeze effective heat out of it in the end. Zayn now needs to harness that heat into a character that is rooted in something outside of insulting fans. That definition for his character is how he climbs the card as a main event heel. 

-Out of the break, the IIconics were in the ring. As they stood by, Michael Cole cued up WWE.com footage to show the audience how the upcoming match came to be. The footage saw Bayley on the phone and leaving a message for Sasha Banks. She told Banks to call her as soon as she got the message. From there, both IIconics interrupted her and told her that she and Banks wouldn’t be getting the tag titles back anytime soon. Bayley told them not to speak about Banks and that she’d meet them in the ring for a fight. She said she’d even bring a new partner.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Setting the table for a WWE world without Sasha Banks perhaps? Time will tell. 

-When the footage ended, Bayley hit the ring and was followed by her new partner, Naomi. Naomi received a decent reaction. As she walked to the ring, the announce team discussed the situation with Sasha Banks. It was short and when it ended, the bell rang, and the match began.


Naomi and Peyton Royce began the match and Royce quickly took over. She beat on Naomi with a variety of moves before grounding Naomi with a side headlock. Naomi attempted to escape and did. Seeing this, Royce punched Bayley off of the apron so that Naomi couldn’t make the tag. Naomi hit Royce with a chin breaker and took the match momentum back. From there, Bayley rolled back in and hit the Bayley to Belly. Right after, Naomi hit the split legged moonsault on Billie Kay before covering for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Bayley and Naomi via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: A nothing match, but one with great consequence. A convincing win like this for the team of Bayley and Naomi leads me to think that Sasha Banks could very well be out of the fold for quite sometime. Regardless, the new champions doing a job to a tossed together team is not the proper way to establish champions or titles. If WWE keeps treating these titles as toys, fans will begin to as well. 

-A highlight video aired that detailed Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey in the main event of WrestleMania 35.

-After the video, EC3 made his entrance as the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Braun Strowman walked out and immediately started decimating EC3. Strowman hit EC3 with massive strikes and tackles before tossing him to the outside of the ring. From there, Strowman continued to maul EC3 and tossed him into the digital board on the top of the ramp. Strowman then choke slammed EC3 through the stage before roaring to an approving crowd.

Heydorn’s Analysis: How much can you say? This is not a good position for EC3. Obviously. As for Braun, the attack was fun and the crowd loved it, but what’s his purpose. Braun is a unique talent, but needs a purpose and direction for his character in order to continue being relevant on the show. 

-As Braun stared into the audience, Becky Lynch’s music hit and Lynch walked out while staring Strowman down. She then peered down at EC3 before walking down to the ring. The show then went to break. (c)

-After the commercial break, Lynch stood in the ring as Ruby Riott and the Riott Squad walked out. Once they got in, the bell rang, and the match began.



Riott punched Becky in the face out of the gate and Lynch responded with flurry of offense. She hit Riott with a hip toss and then connected with a dropkick before kipping up as the audience cheered. The kick caused Riott to roll out of the ring. Lynch followed and hit a jumping attack on Riott from the apron. Eventually, the action spilled back into the ring where Riott got the upper hand. She beat on Lynch and covered for a one count. Out of the pin, Riott stomped Becky in the corner before striking her in the face. From there, Riott locked in a chin lock as the audience cheered Lynch on to escape. Finally, she did with series of punches to Ruby’s midsection. Lynch then connected with a chin breaker before hitting a series of clotheslines. From there, Lynch hit the Bec-sploder. After, Lynch climbed to the top rope, but was pulled off by Riott. Riott then hit a falling back splash before covering for a two count. Out of the pin, Riott went back to the top rope for a move, but Lynch moved out of the way and countered. Lynch then attempted the Disarmer on Riott, but Morgan and Logan pulled her out. Because of this, Becky hit both Logan and Morgan with a flying splash. She then rolled Riott back in and locked in the Disarmer for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Lynch via submission

Heydorn’s Analysis: A good and true top star, babyface, win for Becky Lynch. If you’re a Becky fan, you should be thrilled. This is a win and a spot on the show that major stars occupy. Lynch owned it and owned it well. 

-After the match, Lynch beat away the Riott Squad before Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley were interviewed backstage. Corbin said he hoped Charly would get drafted to SmackDown Live. McIntyre then spoke and said that he didn’t care who the mystery partner was. All he wanted was to get his hands on Roman Reigns. From there, Baron Corbin addressed beating Kurt Angle before Lio Rush spoke and asked “who would be stupid enough” to join the team of Reigns and Rollins against the likes of them. They each laughed before walking out.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Just a monotonous and formulaic promo. These were heels, but the produced nature of the promo made these heels come across as kids at a chalkboard giving a presentation to class. 

-Natalya made her way to the ring as the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Natalya confronted Becky Lynch who was still in the ring. Nattie congratulated Becky for her win and her win at WrestleMania. The audience cheered and Nattie said as one of the pioneers of the women’s revolution she always dreamed of main eventing WrestleMania and said that she helped turn dreams into reality. From there, Nattie told Lynch that she was the first woman to pin Ronda Rousey and win both the Raw and SD women’s championships on the same night. Nattie then said she wanted to look her in the eye face to face and tell her that she is the best there is, was, and will be. She then said she would be coming for the Raw women’s title. From there, Lynch took the microphone and addressed Lynch. She said that she knew challenges like the one from Nattie were coming and that Nattie helped build the revolution from the ground up. She said that Nattie deserves and opportunity at the belt.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A bit disjointed from Becky. She’s perfected the underdog narrative on her promos and now needs to develop a new one as a champion who isn’t an underdog. Its a different voice and Becky has yet to find it.

Lacey Evans then hit the ring. She called Becky and Nattie adorable, but said that the Raw women’s championship couldn’t be around the waist of an old has-been like her. She told Lynch and Nattie that they needed to stop talking about title matches. She said that she has the ability and assets to get what she wants and now that she is on Raw, she wants the Raw women’s championship. From there, Evans told Nattie that per the McMahon’s she would face Nattie and the winner would face Becky Lynch for the championship. Evans then addressed Lynch and told her that a true woman (herself) could team a Man a thing or two.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good stuff from Evans. Though I can do without the sexual innuendos and poses that she hit while speaking, her words were in line with her character, and were delivered in a logical and effective way. Whether she should or shouldn’t be getting this shot is irrelevant at this moment in time. She is getting it and she delivered in setting up the angle. Well done.

(6) NATALYA vs. LACEY EVANS – Number One Contender Match for the Raw Women’s Championship

Once Evans got to the ring, the bell rang, and the action started. Both women tied up to start the match, but Nattie quickly took over and tossed Evans to the outside. The show then went to break. (c)

Out of the break, Evans regained control of the match, and had Nattie in a headlock. From there, she attempted a vertical suplex, but Nattie rolled her up for a two count. Out of the pin, Evans kept momentum and locked Nattie into a second headlock submission. With Nattie in the hold, Evans struck her with knees to the back until she lost the hold. Once she did, Nattie wound up and crushed Evans with a clothesline. From there, Nattie locked in the Sharpshooter as the audience cheered her on. Eventually, Evans made it to the rope which forced Nattie to break the hold. Soon after, Evans nailed Nattie with Woman’s Right. Evans then connected with top rope moonsault before covering for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Evans via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: A fine showing for Evans. WWE needs to remember that she’s more than just a pretty woman to look at. She’s found herself as a character. If WWE allows that character to have some depth, there are a plethora of stories to tell between her and Lynch. In addition, that moonsault is impressive and will help her get over from an in-ring perspective. 

-After the match, Charly Caruso interviewed Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Rollins teased revealing their parter, but then didn’t. Rollins then said they were in the honeymoon phase and said that life was good. From there, Reigns said they would tear down Montreal, before walking out of the shot.

Heydorn’s Analysis: More and more the boos come out for Roman Reigns. They spoke about the honeymoon phase from a storyline perspective in this promo. Reigns’ own in the real world is coming to and end as well. 

-When the interview ended, Drew McIntyre walked out to the ring and the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, a cryptic vignette featuring a doll aired.

-After the vignette, the announce team recapped Braun Strowman decimating EC3 earlier in the night. When the recap ended, Baron Corbin was introduced. Once Corbin got to the ring, Bobby Lashley walked out with Lio Rush. Once Lashley got down to the ring, Roman Reigns’s music hit to a mildly positive reaction from the audience. He slowly walked down the ramp and looked at the audience as he did. Reigns walked to the ringside area and then did his full entrance. After Reigns, Seth Rollins walked out to a big reaction and “burn it down” chant.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Seth Rollins gets the reaction WWE wished Roman got. It’s rooted in passion and authenticity that Reigns either doesn’t have or doesn’t show with his performances.

With Reigns and Rollins in the ring, AJ Styles made his entrance to a massive reaction. Cole called it “phenomenal” as AJ walked down and entered the ring with his partners. As AJ posed in the ring, the show went to break. (c)


Once the show returned, the bell rang, and the match began. Lashley and Rollins started things off with Lashley pummeling Rollins in the corner. Rollins quickly turned the tide and tagged Reigns into the match. As soon as he did, they hit a double team, before Reigns tagged Styles in. As they made that tag, Lashley tagged Corbin in and he went toe to toe with AJ. Styles hit some chops and then connected with a dropkick before yelling to the crowd and pumping himself up. From there, Corbin tagged Drew into the match and then demanded that Reigns tag in to fight him. Reigns obliged and then both men exchanged punches in the middle of the ring. Reigns got the momentum and then hit his 1o round strike in the corner. After, he went for a flying clothesline, but Drew countered with a suplex. Out of the move, McIntyre went for a pin, but Reigns kicked out at two. From the pin attempt, Drew deadlifted Reigns into a vertical suplex before covering again for a two count. Reigns continued to take a beating from all three heels before the show went to its final break. (c)

After the break, Seth Rollins hit Baron Corbin with Sling Blade. From there, he hit a suicide dive before rolling Corbin up for a two count. Out of the pin, Rollins cued up the Stomp, but Corbin countered. Eventually, AJ hit the ring and dismantled both Lashley and Corbin with Pele kicks. After, Drew McIntyre nailed him with a Claymore kick before turning his attention back to Roman Reigns. McIntyre attempted to tackle Reigns into the ring post, but Rollins countered it and hit him with a super kick. From there, Reigns hit Drew with the Superman Punch. Back in the ring, Rollins hit Lashley with the Stomp before Reigns nailed him with the Spear. Then, AJ Styles topped it off with the Phenomenal Forearm for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Rollins, Reigns, and Styles via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: A match to send the crowd home happy. In that vein, it worked really well. The action was good and showcased not only Rollins and Reigns, but Styles as well. Styles moving to Raw is the only play. He’s feuded with everyone on SmackDown and Raw offers fresh matchups including one with Seth Rollins. Assuming he stays of course. With SmackDown Live moving to Fox in October, it behooves WWE to use this opportunity to get Roman Reigns on SmackDown. It’ll help Rollins as the Reigns shadow would leave him Raw, but it would help Reigns to put him in a new environment.

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  1. Agree about Lacey – the sultry/seductive tones and movements were jarring and out of line with what the character is supposed to be. I think the “southern” part should go too, so she doesn’t have to do that accent. Hopefully EC3 is heading to SD, I think he deserves a bit better. Ditto Ruby – send her to SD, let Sarah and Liv still be a team but find some character depth and maybe some wins. Finally, I think the Ricochet/Black team has run its course, and I anticipate one or the other to head to SD tonight….

  2. When Ronda Rousey takes down all 3 members of Riott Squad, fans cried and bitched that she was burying them.

    But when Becky Lynch does the exact same thing, nobody has a problem with it at all. In fact she’s given great praise.

    Unfair double standard going on here.

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