HEYDORN’S WWE RAW REPORT 4/8: Alt Perspective coverage of the live show including WrestleMania fallout, Rollins and Lynch as new champions, and more



APRIL 8, 2019

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young


-The show kicked off with a very hoarse Michael Cole welcoming the audience to program.

-After Cole’s introduction, Seth Rollins hit the ring with his brand new Universal Championship. The crowd popped big for Rollins and he smiled while looking at his Universal title on the stage. As he walked to the ring, the announce team hyped that the Universal Title was back on Raw and that Rollins did what many thought was the impossible by beating Brock Lesnar. Once Rollins got into the ring, the announce cued up a highlight package that detailed last night’s Universal Championship match between Lesnar and Rollins.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Really nice to hear a pop like that for the Universal Champion. For the last two years, the title has been preoccupied with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns – both of whom had mixed reactions at best from crowds around the world. This is a fresh start.

Out of the video highlights, Rollins stood in the ring and absorbed a “you deserve it” chant from the audience. Seth looked emotional and told the audience “no, WE deserve it.” He said that he’s waited a long time to stand in the ring and hold the Universal Championship above his head. He then said that all it took was defeating the most dominant champion in WWE. After, the audience chanted “thank you Rollins.” Rollins smiled as he heard that chant, but then told the crowd that he needed to be real and that he felt terrible physically. He said that he took suplexes and F-5’s, but he got back up. He said that he got back up and took everything that Brock had to dish out and got back up. He then owned the fact that he may have used questionable tactics to gain an advantage, but that the truth was he didn’t do anything to Brock that Brock wouldn’t have done to him.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I’m still not a fan of the low blows during the match last night. That said, the attempt Rollins made to justify it made sense and worked given the character of Lesnar. 

Rollins then continued and said he had some news. He said that he heard Lesnar and Heyman took a flight to Vegas last night for some “meetings.” He then said that Lesnar and Heyman can stay in Vegas because Brock Lesnar was no longer the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion, but that he was. Rollins then called himself all of those things, but added “fighting” to the list of things he was as Universal Champion. He then said that everyone would be proud of his title reign.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Tremendous babyface promo coming out of a big win. Rollins put over his opponent and in turn, put himself over as well.

The audience cheered those words from Rollins, but the cheers got louder when The New Day’s music began. From there, Big E did the standard New Day open and they appeared on stage with Kofi Kingston holding the WWE Championship. The crowd popped big and as they walked to the ring, the announce team said that crazy things like this happen on the Raw after WrestleMania.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Is that Cole attempting to explain the craziness of the Raw after WrestleMania without having to take a full announcer segment to do so? If so, I’m on board. Great reaction for Kofi and the New Day as expected. 

Once the New Day got to the ring, Kofi spoke and said that Seth looked very confused. Rollins agreed and said it wasn’t Tuesday, but Monday. Kofi agreed and said that his eyes didn’t deceive him. Big E then spoke and said that last night caused for a celebration and that celebration couldn’t wait until Tuesday. They then addressed Rollins winning the title and Kofi doing the unthinkable in winning the WWE Championship. The trio celebrated about the victories and then Kofi spoke again. He alluded to Becky Lynch winning both titles and suggested that he and Rollins fight each other with winner take all stakes as well. He said that the Shield and other New Day members would be barred from ringside and that they would fight man to man and title for title. The audience chanted “this is awesome” before Rollins said “challenge accepted.” To this, the crowd roared in approval as Rollins and Kingston stared each other down in the middle of the ring as Woods and Big E played air guitar to Seth’s music.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Wow. What an open to the show. The crowd is hot and WWE capitalized with a major announcement that plays to the audience in the building for an optimal reaction while providing a match that certainly will keep people’s eyes on the show as they watch at home. Great stuff all around.

-From there, the announce team plugged other happenings on the show including an appearance from Becky Lynch and a WrestleMania rematch between the Revival and Hawkins/Ryder. Hawkins and Ryder then made their entrance as the show went to commercial break. (c)

(1) THE REVIVAL vs. CURT HAWKINS & ZACK RYDER – WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

Out of the break, official introductions were made and the championship match began. Dawson and Ryder started things off, Dash quickly tagged into the match. On commentary, Young and Graves debated how well the team of Hawkins and Ryder did last night. In the ring, Dash kicked Ryder in the chest and Ryder countered with a clothesline. From there, Ryder tagged Hawkins into the match and covered Dash for a quick two count. Soon, Dash turned the tables on Hawkins and controlled him near their corner. Dash tagged Dawson back into the match and he proceeded to slam Curt’s face into the ring post. From there, Dawson locked in a side headlock. Eventually, Hawkins broke the hold and nailed Dawson with a dropkick. After, he hit a series of strikes on Dawson until those were halted by Dash who interfered. They then took control back and hit a tandem clothesline as the show went to break. (c)

Out of the break, the action continued and Hawkins got a two count near fall on Dash. Out of the pin, he attempted a suplex, but Dash countered. Out of the counter, Hawkins rolled him up and got a second two count. After the pin, Hawkins tagged Ryder into the match. Dash cheated with his feet on the ropes for a pin, but Ryder kicked out at two. On the outside of the ring, Dawson suplexed Hawkins before climbing to the top rope in order to hit Ryder with a double team. Out of that move, Dawson made the cover on Ryder, but only got a two count. In the end, Hawkins made a blind tag on Ryder to enter the match. Dash and Dawson hit Shatter Machine on Ryder and as they made the pin, Hawkins rolled Dawson up for the 1,2,3 win. (c)

WINNER: Ryder and Hawkins via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: An A to B match in which the commentary was heavy on the “fluke” style win by Hawkins at WrestleMania. This finish doubled down on that narrative. If anyone out there is a big fan of the Hawkins/Ryder tag team, this verbiage around them isn’t a positive sign for their long term position in the tag team division. 

-Out of the break, Baron Corbin was annoyingly announced to the crowd. His “accolades” were run down and then he made his entrance to a very negative reaction from the crowd. Cole called Corbin’s win over Angle “not right” and Graves keenly pointed out all the reasons why it was right. Cole responded by saying that Corbin humiliated Angle. Once Corbin got into the ring, the audience booed loudly. Corbin mocked their booing and then thanked them when they called him an asshole. He said that he heard the audience crying for weeks that he wasn’t a suitable opponent for Angle in his retirement match. As he spoke, the crowd chanted for him to shut up. Corbin responded by mocking the audience again and calling them dirty. After, Corbin got back on message and said that he beat an Olympic gold medalist and because of that, he deserved a gold medal of his own.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Corbin was good in handling the back and forth between the booing crowd. He’s so much better off the cuff than he is produced backstage. If WWE is smart, they position him in spots where he can hone in on that positive characteristic. 

As soon as he uttered those words, Kurt Angle hit the ring to a big pop. The audience did “you suck” and Cole felt the need to explain why that chant was endearing to him. Once Angle got in the ring, the audience cheered for him and chanted “thank you Kurt.” Angle then thanked them before saying that at WrestleMania Corbin was the better man. He said that his career was over, but that Corbin’s was just beginning. From there, Angle wished Corbin luck and shook his hand. Corbin shook it, but Angle then said “bad luck” before giving giving Corbin the Angle Slam. The audience went nuts and he proceeded to administer the ankle lock submission on Corbin until Corbin rolled out of the ring.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Not sure I get that one. As soon as Corbin was slammed by Angle, the heat generated and future bragging rights that came along with retiring Angle flew out the window. Short term, it got a reaction, but long term what’s the point?

With the crowd going nuts, Lars Sullivan hit the ring to a nice reaction. He confronted Angle in the middle of the ring and then planted him with a side slam that got big heat from the crowd. After the slam, Sullivan climbed to the top rope and hit Angle with a thunderous top rope headbutt. Lars then left the ring as the audience booed. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: That’s how you debut a monster. Lars looked the part, was physical, and overbearing with his size in comparison to Angle. Well done for NXT debut number one for the evening. 

-Out of the break, Lars Sullivan highlights aired that detailed the events ahead of the break involving Kurt Angle.

-When the highlight video finished, Alexa Bliss made her way to the ring in full on wrestling gear. The announce team then discussed her social media challenge to Sasha Banks or Bayley. With Bliss in the ring, the announce team wondered who would answer the call. On cue, Bayley’s music hit and she walked out to the ring without Sasha Banks.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Important note. All the inflatables worked tonight. 


Once Bayley got to the ring, the bell rang, and the match began. Bliss mocked Bayley out of the gate for losing the tag titles at WrestleMania and in response, Bayley attacked her with a flurry of punches. Bliss quickly took the match back and slammed Bayley into the ring apron. As she did, the audience did the “hey Bayley” chant. From there, the action spilled back into the ring with Bliss maintaining the upper hand. Eventually, Bayley took control of the match again and hit Bliss with a Sunset Flip into a power bomb.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Ouch. That one had to hurt. Bliss is back after rumors of injuries swirled all around her. Not sure this is the bump I’d be taking out of the gate. 

Very soon after, Bliss quickly took momentum back and hit Bayley with the Spike DDT for the 1,2,3 win. (c)

WINNER: Bliss via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Not much of a match to dissect. Is anyone in worse position than Bayley (and Sasha Banks) coming out of WrestleMania. If this match is an indication, the answer is no.

-Out of the break, Becky Lynch’s music hit to a massive pop from the audience. Lynch walked onto the stage and Graves said that the world was still talking about “the man.” Lynch then walked to the ring with one title in her hand and the other around her waist.


Lynch posed around the ring as the audience continued to cheer. From there, the announce team cued up highlights from last night’s winner take all main event between Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair. Out of the video recap, Lynch stood in the ring as the audience cheered her and chanted “Becky.” Lynch looked on and then addressed them with “New York!” She said that nine years ago she was working in a bar not to far from the arena. The audience proceeded to chant “you deserve it.” Lynch thanked them and then said that they did it. From there, she called herself “Becky two belts” and the audience quickly chanted it for her. Lynch then continued and discussed the narrative that Charlotte and Rousey talked about going into WrestleMania. Lynch said that when it was all said and done, the woman with nothing, walked out of WrestleMania with everything. She then held the belt up above her head. From there, Lynch said she wasn’t the strongest or the fastest, but she was the master of surviving. She said she would always find a way to win in the end and the audience chanted “your the man.” In response, Lynch said “you hear that Ronnie, you little weirdo?” She then told Ronda that whenever she’s done sulking she could come back and get her empty head slapped around again. From there, Lynch addressed the women’s division and said that while she understands that she’s a marked woman, she’s ready to slap the heads off of any challengers. Her music then hit, but was interrupted by Lacey Evans. Evans walked out and stood face to face with Lynch. Evans then clocked Lynch in the face and walked off. After smirking, Lynch followed Evans and decked her back. Both women battled up the ramp until Lynch attempted to lock Evans in the Disarmer. Before she could, the fight was broken up by WWE officials.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good segment. Lynch was on point with her post victory promo and in how she discussed the road to her victory. The shots at Rousey were effective and something that WWE will go back to when its time for Lynch and Rousey to finally go one on one. As for the brawl, Lynch got the upper hand and kept herself protected in the process. At the same time, Evans got a big spot and appears to be Lynch’s first challenger. She needs that definition after weeks of trolling various acts with her walk outs.

-Seth Rollins was interviewed backstage and said he accepted Kofi’s challenge because it’s what he lives for. He said he lives for the challenge and that while he appreciates Kofi and the New Day walking out, he was also a little disrespected by it because Raw is his show. He said that if Kofi wants to step to him on his show to take what he earned, being B+ wouldn’t be enough to get the job done.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Another good promo from Seth. He owned his show as its top babyface. Exactly what Raw needs from its Universal Champion. 

-After the interview, Ricochet made his entrance to a nice reaction from the crowd. After, Aleister Black hit the ring to a similar positive response as the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable made their entrance. As they walked to the ring, a pre-taped interview aired in which they said they would start doing things their own way to get back on top. Once they got to the ring, the bell rang, and the match began.


Black and Gable started things off with Gable taking Black down to the mat. He went for a pin, but Black kicked out and sat opposite of Gable in his patented pose. Eventually, Ricochet tagged into the match and both he and Black hit a flurry of moves on their opponents including a Meteora from Black. With Ricochet as the legal man, Roode and Gable took back momentum as the show went to commercial break. (c)

When the show returned, the action continued with Gable and Roode double teaming Ricochet and cutting the ring in half to prevent him from making the tag. Gable hit a German suplex on Ricochet and then tagged Roode into the match. Roode entered and stomped Ricochet before locking in a headlock and tagging Gable back in. Eventually, Ricochet hit a rolling dropkick on Gable and made the tag to Black. Black hit the ring and knocked Roode down who had tagged into the match. He then nailed both Roode and Gable with a springboard moonsault. After that, Black tried for a second meteora, but it was countered. Roode tried to roll Black up, but Black kicked out of the pin at two. Out of the pin, Black hit a series of kicks on Roode and then tagged Ricochet back into the match. Ricochet battled Roode on the top rope and then was illegally tossed off by Gable. Roode covered, but only got a two count. In the end, Ricochet countered Gable’s rolling German and covered for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Black and Ricochet via pinfall

-After the match, Roode attacked Ricochet from behind and then dove out of the ring as Black made the same.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good action and more solid performances from Black and Ricochet. Toiling with the likes of a team like Gable and Roode isn’t the greatest spot in the world, but if they are positioned as above them and roll them over without going 50/50, they’ll avoid being defined down. 

-Elias was shown strumming the guitar backstage. He then addressed the camera and said that he had a great performance planned for WrestleMania. He then said it was spoiled by John Cena’s rap music. From there, he said that the McMahon’s have given him a chance to play his rock opera on tonight’s show. He said that if anyone from anywhere interrupts him, there would be hell to pay.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I can just picture Vince McMahon telling John Cena ” that rap music, if you could even call it music.” Elias conveyed the attitude of an old out of touch man well. Now, who does the interrupting tonight?

-Dean Ambrose’s music hit to a good reaction from the audience. As he walked to the ring, the announcers hyped that this was his last match in WWE. Young even said, “I can’t believe its his last match in WWE.” The show then went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Bobby Lashley walked to the ring with Lio Rush. They looked frustrated as they were booed before entering the ring. Once they did, Lashley took the microphone from Rush. He said “don’t worry Dean, once you’re gone, I’ll take good care of your wife for you.” The audience reacted and the shot cut to Renee Young on commentary who looked disgusted. In the ring, Ambrose attacked Lashley and battled with him on the outside of the ring. Dean tossed chairs at Lashley and then slammed him into the ring post. After, Ambrose tossed Rush into the barricade and then focused his attention again on Lashley. Eventually, Dean prepped the announce table so he could put Bobby through it. As he did, Lashley attacked him from behind and used the table for himself. After tossing Ambrose through it, the audience chanted “you still suck” at Lashley as he and Lio Rush walked off. Medical officials checked on Dean with Renee Young before the scene cut to a promo shot for the winner take all main event later in the show between Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I can get behind using Ambrose as a crash dummy on his way out. Lashley’s zinger was just petty and juvenile. Weak all around. 

-Sami Zayn was shown walking backstage as the audience cheered in approval. The show then cut to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Sami Zayn hit the ring to a big pop and the audience singing his entrance music as he laid on the entrance ramp to soak it in. From there, Zayn walked down the ramp and into the ring.

Heydorn’s Analysis: With this entrance music, it’s a miracle Zayn ever got heel heat. It and he are babyface through and through.

Once Zayn got to the ring, the audience continued to cheer and chant which prevented Zayn from speaking. Sami laughed it off and then told everyone “hello.” From there, he told everyone his name in case they forgot and said if you have to miss WrestleMania, at least its good to be back the night after. He said that his schedule was wide open and that he could really go for a match. After a brief pause, Finn Balor’s music hit to a big reaction. Balor walked down the ramp and accepted the challenge. Both men faced off and it was announced that the match would be for the Intercontinental Championship as the show went to break. (c)

(4) FINN BALOR vs. SAMI ZAYN – WWE Intercontinental Championship

Out of the break, the bell rang, and the match began.


As soon as the match started, Balor and Zayn tied up as Renee Young returned to the announce desk. Cole asked her how Ambrose was and she said she didn’t think she should talk about it.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Ok then? No mention of the fact that Ambrose truly didn’t have his last match. That could be the card they will play here to push that match back a bit in order to have it mean something and be impactful for a star staying on the roster.

Back in the ring, Balor and Zayn continued to trade holds in the middle of the ring. Balor took Zayn to the mat with a headlock and Zayn countered with an arm drag takedown. From there, they each tossed each other out of the ring. With Balor on the outside, Zayn went for a suicide dive but stopped when Balor moved out of the way. He stopped by spring boarding off of the ropes and landing on his feet as the audience cheered. Balor proceeded to walk into the ring and the action continued with more holds from each man. Balor took Zayn down again with an arm drag and then locked in a shoulder submission. At this point, the announce team discussed Zayn’s injury.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Surprised it took them that long to do so, but it worked when they finally got there. That’s a huge part of his story, especially on his first night back and it helps tell the story of this match.

Eventually, Balor hit a double foot stomp on Zayn which he followed with a whip into the corner. From there, Zayn countered but missed his spring board arm drag. Instead, Balor connected with an overhead kick to drop Zayn as the show went to break. (c)

Right out of the break, Zayn hit Balor with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Out of that, Zayn attempted a follow-up move, but Balor countered with Sling Blade. Balor then hit his corner dropkick and went for the Coup De Gras, but Zayn avoided it and rolled Balor up for a two count. Out of the pin, Zayn hit Balor with the Exploder suplex into the corner. From there, he tried for the Helluva Kick, but Balor moved out of the way. With Zayn down, Balor hit the Coup De Gras for the win.

WNNER: Balor via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good match. These guys had chemistry and Zayn looked to be in solid form. Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of these two battling over the IC title.

-After the match, Balor put his championship belt on and walked back up the ramp as Zayn looked on from the ring. As Zayn looked upset and disappointed, the audience cheered. Zayn then grabbed the mic again and said that he really thought wrestling out there would cure what ailed him. Instead, he said all it did was reinforce what he’s realized over the past nine months. He then told the crowd that it genuinely seemed like they missed him. The audience cheered and in response Zayn stood up and said he could honestly say back that he didn’t miss any of “this” or anybody in the audience.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Is Alexa Bliss giving Sami Zayn trolling tips? Writing his lines perhaps?

He called it a toxic environment and said it was toxic because of the audience and their ugliness. Zayn said he lives a meaningful life and that the audience’s lack of enjoyment bothers him. He said that they only enjoy being critics before calling a fan in the crowd a moron. From there, Zayn said that being a critic is the only thing that can give the audience a feeling of being important. He said that nobody in the crowd has the balls to look at themselves and called the audience delusional. He asked if the audience really believed they were the voice of reason and that they were the evil overlords of the WWE. After berating the audience a little more, Zayn told them all he’d see them in hell before walking out of the ring as they booed. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Ok, they booed a bit, but part of the audience cheered. Why? Because Zayn is entertaining out there. In what world would an audience cheer that type of promo? It was ferocious, serious, and delivered with a dangerous tone. In that regard, Zayn delivered. At the same time, he’s entertaining the audience and with that going on, Zayn as a long term heel has question mark written all over it. Plus, the music of course. 

-Out of the break, highlights of the brawl between Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans played. After, Dana Brooke was interviewed backstage. She said she wanted to make a quick declarative statement. She congratulated Lynch and called her the Champ Champ. From there, she said she wasn’t in the front of the line of title contenders, but wasn’t in the back either. She said when she gets her chance, she’ll seize her moment. From there, she congratulated Becky Lynch once again and walked off.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Dana Brooke needs some seasoning. I don’t get the sense that she feels what she is doing – whether its wrestling or talking.

-Elias was introduced and the audience cheered. From there, he discussed John Cena ruining his WrestleMania for the second year in a row. As he did, the audience booed a bit, but then chanted “Oh walk with Elias.” When they finished, Elias told the audience he would show the world that he could rap too. Elias proceeded to rap and run down John Cena. He finished his rap threatening the next person that interrupts him and calling that person a dead man. From there, Undertaker’s gong hit. The entire arena roared in excitement as the Undertaker walked onto the stage and down the ramp.

Heydorn’s Analysis: What a moment. The audience’s reaction was priceless. Look, Undertaker shouldn’t have any true wrestling matches again. This type of deal though? Why not?

Once Undertaker got to the ring, Elias teased leaving it, but ended up staying. Undertaker stared a hole through Elias and walked over to him as the audience continued to cheer. Finally, Elias tried to attack Undertaker, but got a boot to the face for his troubles. After, Undertaker hit Elias with a Choke Slam and followed that with the Tombstone Piledriver. With Elias down, Undertaker posed in the ring as the audience continued to cheer. The show then went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, the winner take all match was announced and Kofi Kingston walked out. He stopped at the top of the ramp and hugged his fellow New Day members before walking down to the ring. Once Kingston got there, Seth Rollins walked out to another big pop and a “Burn It Down” yell. Rollins walked into the ring and confronted Kofi face to face before the official introductions were made. From there, the bell rang, and the match began.

(5) SETH ROLLINS vs. KOFI KINGSTON – Winner Take All WWE Championship/Universal Championship

To start, both men tied up in the middle of the ring. Rollins quickly locked a headlock on Kofi and then took him down with a shoulder tackle. From there, Rollins tossed Kofi of of the ropes for a move, but Kofi countered with a flying elbow. As the action continued on, the audience chanted duel chants in support of both Rollins and Kofi. The show then went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: This is a big match. No doubt about it. That said, splitting the audience’s reaction for two newly crowned babyface champions is a risky choice. One babyface will win out and get the bigger reaction tonight and where does that leave the other?

Out of the break, the action continued with Rollins chopping Kofi in the chest. Kofi attempted a springboard dropkick from the corner, but Rollins countered with a dropkick of his own. After, Rollins hit a step up enziguri on Kingston and cued up the Stomp afterwards. He then went for the Stomp, but Kofi countered and rolled him up for a pin. Rollins kicked out at two. Out of the pin, Kofi kept up the momentum and hit Rollins with a DDT. From there, he covered again, but again, only received a two count. Out of that pin attempt, Kofi climbed to the top rope for a move, but Seth followed. Kofi was able to knock Rollins off and to the outside mats, but then lined himself up for a high risk move on Rollins from the top rope. Instead, Kingston was attacked by The Bar which prompted the referee to call the match.

WINNER: No contest

-After the bell rang, Seth Rollins hit the ring to help fight off the Bar with Kingston. Eventually, they cleared the ring and Rollins got on the microphone again. Rollins told Kofi they would need to finish their match later on and that he had a bone to pick with The Bar. From there, Rollins challenged The Bar to a match against him and Kofi. The audience had a mixed reaction and then chanted “bullshit” as the match began.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I’d like to see Kofi Kingston vs. Seth Rollins go on for another 30 minutes. That said, I don’t understand teasing an aggressive (and antsy) audience with a match like this and then not delivering on it. It just gives them a reason to be unhappy with their newly crowned babyface heroes and puts those babyfaces in a tough position of having to work through negative reactions that don’t line up with the booking. 


The Bar took over quickly and as they did, the show went to commercial break. (c)

Out of the break, The Bar maintained control of the bout and beat on Seth Rollins. The beating continued as the audience chanted random things. Finally, Rollins made the tag to Kingston and Kofi cleared the ring. From there, Kofi attempted Trouble In Paradise, but Sheamus countered. Instead, Kofi hit the SOS and covered, but only got a two count due to Cesaro’s interference. Out of the pin, Kingston attempted a top rope maneuver, but both Sheamus and Cesaro caught him. With Kofi in their arms, Rollins hit a suicide dive which allowed Kofi Kingston to climb to the top rope. From there, Kofi hit a top rope move and covered for a two count. In the end, Rollins hit Cesaro with the Stomp after Kofi’s Trouble In Paradise for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Rollins and Kingston via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: What a mess. And a mess that didn’t need to be there. WWE teasing a unification match and not delivering it killed the crowd and gave them a reason to rebel on a silver platter. In the end, all the performers, but especially Kofi and Rollins were in the middle of a situation in which they couldn’t win. WWE did some good things to tonight. This was not one of them. Period.

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  1. This led to me shutting off Raw…I understand the bait and switch in PW at times, but this was going too far…WWE doesn’t need two belts…it needs good booking around one main,two secondarys, and one tag…

  2. If you do some interference to ruin a title vs title match, you do it with a BIG angle. A debut, a major return, an invasion angle etc.
    You DON’T do it with the freaking BAR and then have a completely meaningless tag team match. The WWE asked for revolt and they got it.

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