4/13 STARDOM GLORY STARS results: Queen’s Quest vs. Oedo Tai in a masks vs. dance match, Mayu Iwatani & Tam Nakano vs. Jungle Kyona & Natsuko Tora

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


APRIL 13, 2019

Hanan said it was her second anniversary. Onozaki was nervous about the draft the next day and pointed out that this could be the last time they team together.

(1) JAN (Kaori Yoneyama, Leo Onozaki, & Saya Iida) vs. STARS: HANAN SHIMAI (Hanan, Hina, & Rina)

Hanan made Onozaki tap to an armbar for the surprise win.

WINNERS: Hanan Shimai in 4:48.

(Pageot’s Perspective: The sisters have now picked up their first trios win this year, taking their record to 1-5. Is this a sign that Hanan may be stepping up to the next level following the draft?)

-Kid said she’s worked with Kashima lot so she’s going to do her best to defeat her senpai. Kashima said the last time she faced Kid was she struggled against her youth but she won’t be caught off guard this time.


Kashima kicked out of a twisting splash and caught Kid with a backslide.

WINNER: Saki Kashima in 7:18.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Fair match. Regardless of the loss Kid seems like someone poised for a breakthrough coming out of the draft. She’s lost almost every match since dropping the Future Of Stardom title so a new faction could be the difference maker for her.)

-Kel said she’s built like a freight train and won’t go down easy. Kimura’s her friend but she’s here for competition. Priestley acknowledged that her opponents are mates but she has a pretty good win-loss record. Kimura said this is her first show since signing with Stardom but she’s nobody’s pet doggy.


Kel and Kimura teamed up on Priestley to start before falling apart with both trying to take the pin. Kimura spat in her friend’s face before bodyslamming her. Priestley avoided a missile dropkick from Kimura, resulting in Kimura taking out Kel. Priestley then disposed of Kimura and hit a curb stomp on Kel.

WINNER: Bea Priestley in 8:03.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Fine match. Kel was dominant and picked up a number of wins when she first arrived but she’s been losing more lately so I guess the polish is off the apple.)

-Kyona said not many people have faith in JAN surviving the draft. Kyona said she will never lose and she and Tora have many dreams left to live together. Iwatani was nervous about the draft as well.

(4) STARS (Artist Of Stardom Champions Mayu Iwatani & Tam Nakano) vs. JAN (Jungle Kyona & Natsuko Tora)

Nakano caught Tora with a spinning heel kick and a bridging German suplex.

WINNERS: Stars in 11:45.

(Pageot’s Perspective: A good one but, with the draft happening on the next show, all of these matches feel especially unimportant and like we’re just filling time.)

-Kagetsu said they were in the city where she won the red belt. Right before Sumire joined Oedo Tai they began to do their dance. She said QQ don’t need their masks so maybe they think Oedo Tai don’t need their dance. Hazuki said she’s experienced both (as a former member of QQ) and the masks don’t matter. Also they mess up your hair. QQ cut their promo with their masks on and Utami Hayashishita had her arm in a sling. Watanabe said she wants to earn the first pick in tomorrow’s draft so that she can choose safely.

No Andras Miyagi, Jamie Hayter, or Session Moth Martina, just Sumire, Kagetsu, and Hazuki with the Oedo Tai placard and their respective title belts. They danced for what could be the final time. Priestley carried the QQ flag and Hayashishita was at ringside while the three women in the match wore their masks into the ring for potentially the final time.

(5) OEDO TAI (World Of Stardom Champion Kagetsu, High Speed Champion Hazuki, & Natsu Sumire) vs. QUEEN’S QUEST (Wonder Of Stardom Champion/Goddess Of Stardom Champion Momo Watanabe, Konami, & AZM w/Utami Hayashishita & Bea Priestley) – DANCE VS. MASKS IN 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS

Kagetsu made Watanabe tap to an armbar for the first fall at 10:41. AZM made Sumire tap to an armbar at 12:58 to tie it up. Watanabe made Kagetsu tap to a rear naked choke to end things.

WINNERS: Queen’s Quest in 18:13. Oedo Tai can dance no more.

-Watanabe apologized to Oedo Tai and suggested they let them dance one final time. She called for “Oedo Ranbu” but Kagetsu lay on the mat in pain. She crawled over to the mic and said they refuse since they lost. They stormed off. Watanabe said the draft is tomorrow but she hasn’t thought much about it because she’s not planning on any changes. QQ is good as is.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Wow. The QQ masks are so ephemeral in that they only wear them for the entrance and the occasional promo whereas the Oedo Tai dance has been such an integral part of their entrance. I wonder if they have something new planned for their entrances going forward instead. I suppose keeping the QQ masks makes sense from a business standpoint, especially since Io Shirai is off in NXT wearing her mask for her entrances and helping cross-promote.)

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  1. Replicas of the QQ masks are apparently somewhat pricey yet remain a big seller at the merch stand, so I guess from a business perspective it makes sense. Plus, I get the distinct feeling the group themselves may have wanted to stop doing it. Hazuki has never looked particularly into it, Miyagi just sorta walks around during it, and Natsu doesn’t need an entrance dance to pose and act stripperiffic.

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