RADICAN’S 5/1 Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory (Episode 5) report – Beaver Boys vs. Slither, Best Friends vs. LAX

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


MAY 1, 2019

Commentary: Josh Briggs & Paul Crockett


Satanta tried to take down Trent with a shoulder tackle, but he couldn’t do it. Ortiz tagged in and he couldn’t do it either. LAX then hit a tandem shoulder tackler to take out Trent. They wiped out Taylor as well for good measure and the fans fired up. Taylor told Trent he’s a brick wall. The fans started chanting brick wall. Trent ran into the ring only to be slammed by Ortiz. Taylor grabbed Ortiz’s boot from the floor and Trent hit a swinging DDT to get the upper hand. Ortiz tried to mount a comeback, but Taylor raked his eyes. The fans tried to fire up behind Ortiz, but he took a double vertical suplex from Best Friends. Trent made the cover, but Santana broke up the pin. Taylor took off Ortiz’s bandana and put it on and the crowd gasped. Ortiz took a sustained beating. He finally mounted a comeback. He ducked Trent’s crossbody attempt and tried to tag in Santana, but Taylor pulled him off the apron. Taylor grabbed a sleeper, but Ortiz fired up. He took out Trent and then hit a spinebuster on Taylor. Santana finally got the hot tag and ran wild. Trent tripped Santana and sent him to the floor. LAX ended up alone in the ring with Taylor and they hit a tandem facebuster, but Trent made the save.

Best Friends ended up alone in the ring with Santana. He ate a combination of knees from Taylor and Trent. Ortiz ran in and too eat defeat into a German. Taylor and Trent then hugged. Best Friends hit an assisted cutter on Santana for a near fall. Trent went for a piledriver on Ortiz on the apron. He struggled, but eventually hit it. Trent hit a cradle piledriver on Satana, but he kicked out at the last second. Taylor came off the top and hit a double stomp on Santana, but he kicked out! Best Friends set up for a stuffed Dude Buster, but Ortiz broke it up. He kicked Satana, so he would give Trent a code red. LAX then hit their tandem spinning slam for the win. WOW!

WINNERS: Santana & Ortiz in 18:00 (****¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was great. It started slow, but then both teams went back and forth full tilt leading into the finish. Great action).

Cam Zagami was backstage with Thomas Santell. He looked awkward. He’s in the Discovery Gauntlet tonight. He said he was bringing his ametuer and MMA background to Beyond. He will face L.D. Mantesanti tonight. He said he drinks Ovaltine to achieve results. He mentioned he had 19 years in the business.


Santell took off his glasses and acted like he couldn’t see, but then he kicked Mantesanti and stomped a mudhole in him in the corner. L.D, fired back, but Santell sent him off the top to the floor. He then drove his back into the apron. Santell hit a northern lights suplex and tried for a bridge, but he slipped out of it and slapped Mantesanti across the belly before making the cover. Santell continued to work over Mantesanti’s midsection. The fans tried to fire up behind L.D. He booted his way out of the corner and fought off a Boston crab, but Santell caught him with a big slam for a two count. They fought on the apron and Santell went for a German to the floor, but L.D. fought out of it. L.D. caught Santell up top and hit a sitout falcon arrow and both men were down.

L.D. got the upper hand and hit a pair of dives to the floor. He slipped on a springboard, but got a crucifix pin for a two count. They went back and forth and traded pinning combinations. L.D. finally hit a rolling x-factor for a near fall. Santell blocked a benadriller attempt and got an ankle lock. Montesanti got ot the ropes, but took a big German. He fired back with a couple of big kicks, but Santell hit a big lariat. He then hit a fisherman buster. He followed up with a powerbomb and went right into a crab. He then turned it into a STF, but he did a stretch variation and Montesanti tapped.

WINNER: Thomas Santell in 12:00 (**½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was solid, but Mantesanti had a hard time putting together a couple of spots and the match slowed down at certain points.)

Santell was interviewed by Cam Zagami in the ring after the match. He said it felt good ot be back next week for the 10th Anniversary of Beyond Wrestling. He said he wasn’t there for the first 10 years, but he would celebrate tonight with a nice cold Ovaltine. The fans chanted for Ovaltine. He said it took seven years, but Ovaltine got its chant. He said he’d have another Ovaltine in honor of Beyond’s tenth anniversary. He said he’d defend his infinity gauntlet title.


All of the women went for roll ups during the early going. Scott hit Vox with a double underhook suplex and nailed her with a splash up against the ropes. Ford ran in and went to work on Scott. She nailed her with a running boot in the corner and a German with a bridge for a 2 count. They did a triple submission spot. Vox then turned it into a four-way submission. Ford and Scott ended up trading blows. Scott got a leg submission on Ford and hit Vox with a German at the time time with a bridge, but Solo broke up the pin. Solo didn’t know who to go after and the ref told her not to grab anyone against the ropes. Solo and Vox went at it on the apron a short time later. Solo hit a scorpion death drop variation on the apron and posed, but Scott nailed her with a kick. Ford sent Scott to to the floor and she knocked over Vox and Darling. Ford sent Darling back into the ring. Darling went after Ford and nailed her with a series of kicks to the chest and then one to the back. Darling locked in the Sharp Stinger, but Vox broke it up.

The action picked up with everyone hitting big moves. Ford hit a springboard cutter on Scott, but Vox broke it up. Ford then hit a cutter on Vox, but Darling broke it up and went for the Sharp Stinger. Vox grabbed her with a fishhook, but Solo kicked her way out of it. She locked in the Sharp Stinger on Vox and she tapped.

WINNER: Solo Darling in 8:00 (***¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was all action and it was a lot of fun from start to finish.)

Milk Chocolate came out as a surprise. Brandon Watts asked if they missed them and the fans booed. He said the fans should be booing the Beaver Boys and EFBYO (LAX), Randy Summers said more like E F B Y…no. Watts said they are the new aces of Beyond’s tag division.


Milk Chocolate tried to jump their opponents, but the tables turned on them quickly. Watts got slammed onto his own partner. Bear Country stood tall as the fans applauded. Watts hit a destroyer on Bronson. Milk Chocolate tried to double team Bronson, but he kicked out. Beefcake picked up both members of Milk Chocolate and hit a double power slam. Bronson set up Milk Chocolate in the middle of the ring. Beefcake got Bronson up on his shoulders and he slammed him down onto Milk Chocolate for the win. WOW!

WINNERS: Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake in 6:00 (**)

(Radican’s Analysis: Great near squash for Bear Country.)

Chuck O’Neil got into the ring after the match. He nailed Bronson with a kick and Beefcake backed off. He got on the mic and said even guys that try to act tough end up looking like goofs. The fans booed O’Neil. The fans tried to drown out O’Neil’s promo by booing. O’Neil said he doesn’t need a partner. He said he will clean up Beyond. He said he will make Beyond legit again.

(Radican’s Analysis: I wouldn’t have had O’Neil make Bear Country back down like that. They were incredible and that might hurt them going forward a bit.)

Joey Janela vs. Matt Cross was announced for Uncharted Territory next week.

The Whisperer made his way out for the next match. He will face Kris Statlander


Statlander got a big chant from the crowd. Statlander did some cartwheels and baited The Whisperer into taking a headscissors takedown. They had a great exchange of pinning combinations and they kept going and did a double kip up and they came to a stalemate. Statlander went for the one finger salute, but The Whisperer did the quiet motion instead. The Whisperer did a headstand in the corner and she pushed his legs up and kicked him in the gut. The Whisperer then caught her with a backbreaker for a two count. Statlander went for another headscissors out of the handstand position, but it got blocked and The Whisperer kicked her in the gut. He hit another backbreaker for a 2 count. He followed up with a big slam a short time later. The Whisperer got a Boston Crab. Statlander struggled, but managed to power out of it. They announced that Kris Statlander will take on Kimber Lee this Sunday

Statlander mounted a comeback and hit a modified Michinoku Driver for a two count. She missed a big boot in the corner, but hit a big knee lift a short time later. She went for a powerbomb, but her lower back went out. Statlander hit a big kick and then an axe kick, but The Whisperer kicked out. The Whisperer hit a backbreaker out of the DVD position. He then hit a spin out slam for near fall. The fans chanted for Statlander. The Whisperer got her up on his shoulders again, but she turned it into a reverse rana. Statlander then hit a package tombstone for the win. WOW!

WINNER: Kris Statlander in 8:00 (**3/4)

(Radican’s Analysis: Good match. It was slow in spots, but it was fine.)

Cam Zagami got into the ring to interview Statlander, she said Kimber Lee, I am your leader. She then shoved the mic into his chest.

Zagami called out a guest. The GWO came out (Greene World Order). It was two girls and Anthony Greene dressed in Greene. The fans chanted A.G. f—s. He superkicked the cameraman and then told Zagami to get out of the ring. The ring was filled with Greene flashing lights.

He did a survey and then cut a promo on Stevie Richards ahead of his match against him at Lethal Lottery this Sunday. He did a bunch of catch phrases and the fans ate it up. This was pretty great.

Independent Champion Orange Cassidy vs. Jordynne Grace was announced for next week.


The fans chanted Slither f—s at Janela and Dickinson before the opening bell. Dickinson hit a shoulder tackle on Reynolds and put the boots to him before tagging in Janela. Silver tagged in, but Dickinson nailed him with a big slam a short time later. Reynolds tried to mount a comeback, but he got cut off and took a double elbow drop that didn’t come off right, so they did it again. Reynolds finally cut off Dickinson and tagged in Silver, who wente after his arm. Silver fired back and launched Janela face-first into the turnbuckles. Reynolds twisted Janela’s hair around and whipped him by the hair across the ring. The fans tried to fire up behind Janela. Reynolds worked over Janela’s neck before tagging in Silver to continue to work him over. Janela finally made the hot tag to Dickinson, who ran wild as the fans fired up. He went to town on Silver and set up for the Pazuzu Bomb, but Silver slid out of it. Reynolds nailed him with a kick from the apron and The Beaver Boys hit tandem kick s a short time later. Silver hit a blue thunder bomb on Dickinson for a near fall. Reynolds put a beating on Dickinson on the stereo equipment at ringside.

Dickinson fired up and began trading strikes and then kicks. SIlver suddenly went around Dickinson and hit a snap German for a two count. WOW that was a great exchange. Dickinson tried to get away from Reynolds a short time later, but he nailed Dickinson with a belly to back suplex. Reynolds went up top, but missed a moonsault. Dickinson tagged in Janela, who went to town on The Beaver Boys. Janela hit a DDT off the top rope on Reynolds and then nailed Silver and Reynolds with kicks before turning Silver inside out with a clothesline for a two count. Dickinson hit a powerbomb on Silver and Janela came off the top with a splash for a two count. Reynolds sent Dickinson to the floor and caught Janela with a code breaker for a two count. The Beaver Boys then nailed Dickinson with a combination of moves, but Janela broke up the pin. Dickinson and Janela mounted a comeback. Janela hit a package piledriver on Reynolds and Dickinson wiped him out, but Silver made the save. WOW! Silver went back and forth kicking Janela and Dickinson. Silver set up Janela on Dickinson’s shoulders. He nailed Janela with a running kick and then ran off the ropes and nailed Dickinson with a kick and the fans fired up.

Silver signaled for the end, but Dickinson threw himself on top of Silver and Janela fell on top of him. Janela sold his knee after falling. All four men exchanged moves. Janela came off the top, but Silver rolled through and hit a tombstone! Silver then tombstoned Dickinson onto Janela, but he kicked out. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The fans went mental and chanted Slither F—s. Dickinson blocked a suplex from Reynolds and went for the Pazuzu bomb, but Silver kicked the ref. Reynolds then tried to roll Dickinson up when he went after Silver, but the ref was down. Silver and Reynolds argued. Silver got his CZW title belt. He went to hit Dickinson with it, but Ford got into the ring and took it. She faked hitting Silver and then ran out of the ring. Silver chased Ford. Reynolds was left alone in the ring. Janela and Dickinson went to town on Reynolds as the fans went nuts. Janela tossed Reynolds to Dickinson for a German with a bridge. Janela then floated over for a double bridging pin and it was good for the win.

Silver came back into the ring after the match, but Reynolds shoved him away. Silver went after Reynolds. After the match, Ford tossed Janela and Dickinson to the floor. She said mama slither has no alliances at the Lethal Lottery this Sunday. She said said she was going to dump everyone over the top rope and punching her card to Americanrana 19 this Sunday. Janela flipped her off to end the show.

WINNERS: Joey Janela & Chris Dickinson in 24:00 (****½)

(Radican’s Analysis: What a match! Janela and Dickinson were constantly at a disadvantage during the match. Janela got his neck worked over most of the match and they built up to a great finishing stretch where Janela and Dickinson made an awesome comeback. Silver leaving Reynolds on his own and chasing after Ford was a nice out for The Beaver Boys losing the match and teasing dissention between them.)

Overall thoughts: (9.5) – Beyond hit a home run tonight. They effectively promoted their upcoming event this Sunday with Lethal Lottery running live on independentwrestling.tv. They also announced some big matches for future episodes of Uncharted Territory.

This show featured two of the better matches that I’ve seen on Uncharted Territory. The opener LAX vs. Best Friends was great. Slither and Beaver Boys then tore it down in the main event with some good storytelling, as there’s now tension between Silver and Reynolds.

I highly recommend going out of your way to see this episode. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t’ move this to the front of your list of things to watch.

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