5/1 NXT TV REPORT: Kushida debuts against Kassius Ohno, Undisputed Era meltdown continues, six-man tag, Dijakovic, Dream on a Couch

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor


MAY 1, 2019

Announcers: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson

Pre-credits video brings hype for Kushida’s debut.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch make their entrance to start the show, for a teamup with Humberto Carillo agains the Forgotten Sons.


Cutler and Lorcan start and Cutler has Lorcan in the corner quickly. Lorcan fights out, but Cutler beats him back to the other side. Lorcan dives over, then hits a blockbuster, then sends Cutler out of the ring. Ryker breaths heavy at Lorcan but Burch and Carillo back him up. Lorcan dives over the top to the heels ringside then tags in Burch then a quick tag to Carillo, moonsault but Cutler rolls out of the the ring. Cutler takes a breather on the outside. Blake tags in, but takes offense from Carillo. Tag to Ryker but Carillo doesn’t notice. Spinebuster to Carillo then a mount, knee drop gets two for Ryker. Ryker squeezes Carillo on the ropes and tags Cutler, then Blake in. Dual offense gives Blake two. Chinlock wears Carillo down. Tag to Cutler then to Ryker to bring all three in. Ryker has a diving headbutt for two. Burch comes in and finally makes it one-on-one with Cutler. Burch applies a crossface but Ryker knocks Burch off. Dropkick from Carillo to Ryker’s back then kicks even the odds. Lorcan lends a hand. Carilo with a suicide dive but the hells move and Lorcan gets wiped out. Burch is alone in the ring with all three Forgotten Sons. Instead of the ref DQ’ing the Sons, Burch tries to fight them off. Carillo tries to help but Ryker knocks him out of the air. The referree continues to allow unlimited time to the Sons instead of just ending the match. The Sons finally end the match.

WINNERS: Forgotten Sons at 7:32. The Forgotten Sons are still extremely boring. The way the match ended, with the Sons in the ring for what felt like others was just silly.

“Earlier today” Shayne Baszler is asked about her attack on Io shirai. Baszler yuks it up, then slaps the mic out of Cathy Kelley’s hand when asked if she’s angry about Shirai having a win over her.

“Earlier this week” video from the Performance Center where Bianca Belair is beefing with Mia Yi,. Belair walks off and yells at the camera person to leave her alone. A match has been booked for next week.

Mansoor comes out, all smiles, and the announcers tell us that he grew up poor but wanted to be a wrestler thanks to WWE video games. He is facing Domink Dijakovic. Mansoor gets serious when Dijakovic eyes him.


Mansoor tries to use his speed on Dijakovic but he gets too close and Dijakovic gets him to the corner. Mansoor fights away huracanrana sends Dijakovic to the corner. dijakovic catches a crossbody, hits a knee while holds on, then throws him through the ropes. Dijakovic follows to batter Mansoor ringside. Mansoor gets rolled into the ring. Huge release suplex, cover for two. Dijakovic works Mansoor over some more, splash off the ropes for two. Dijakovic gets very aggressive on the mat. Mansoor turns a suplex attempt into a sleeper hold but gets backed into the corner. Mansoon jumps off the ropes onto Dijakovic then hits back elbows in the corner and an enzugiri. Dijakovic blocks a move then they go back-and-forth. Step up enziguri of sorts gets Mansoor a nearfall. Mansoor calls for the end, tries a turnaround move, gets nailed in mid-air and Dijakovic just beats him silly. Feast Your Eyes ends the match.

WINNER: Dominik Dijakovic at 5:10. Another strong showing from dijakovic to make him seem unstoppable, though he took a bit too long to beat Mansoor. I liked Mansoor and what I saw of him.

Post-match, Dijakovic dumps Mansoor from the ring. Velveteen Dream’s female assistents wheel his couch on the ramp. A snap of Dream’s fingers cut his music. Dream says that he heard that Dijakovic had things to say about him. Dream cues the Star Spangled Banner and sings a song talking himself up as Dijakovic stares at him. They have the words on the ‘Tron so the crowd can sing along. Another snap and Dream’s music starts and his assistants wheel him out.

Matt Riddle is booked to face Adam Cole next week.

Recap of Johnny Gargano narrowly beating Roderick Strong with the help of Matt Riddle last week.

Undisputed Era has cleaned up their trailer. They vow that Cole will beat Riddle, but Cole gets Strong angry by saying he dropped the ball against Gargano. Strong storms off. Cole says he was just joking. Fish tells Cole that it was poorly timed and says he’ll cool Strong off.

Kushida makes his entrance to a very nice reaction.


Ohno lounges on the ropes. Kushida offers a handshake, but Ohno kicks his hand away. Lockup and a waistlock takedown from Ohno. Ohno cinches a headlock but Kushida slips out. They trade wrist control. They continue to chain wrestle. Kushida embarasses Ohno on the mat, but Ohno blocks a hip toss, Kushida dodges a leg drop and hits a dropkick. Ohno turns a moonsault into a cravatte, Kushida reverses. They square off and have a staredown. Ohno drops to a knee, offers a hand, and says “you’re good”. Kushida takes the hand shake, Ohno holds on and kicks Kushida in the face. Knee drop on the face gets Ohno two. A big chop and Kushida is sagging against the ropes. Kushida has some clood coming from his nose it looks like, an enziguri brings him free, then a springboard chop followed by a dropkick. Ohno ducks a roundhouse, thinks electric chair, turns it into a sitout facebuster for a nearfall. Kushida is now bleeding freely from the nose. Ohno tells him that he doesn’t belong there. Kushida gets angry and trips Ohno into the turnbuckle, springboard huracarana nearly pins Ohno. Kushida tries strikes, takes Ohno down to a knee, then shakes Ohno’s hand. Ohno with an elbow to knock Kushida out of a handspring, cover for two. Running big boot stuns Kushida. Giant punch from Kushida puts Ohno on the mat, running kick , then the Hoverboard Lock (a Kimura Lock) gets Kushida a topout win.

WINNER: Kushida AT 8:06. I wasn’t blown away, but I am often not in a lot of Ohno’s matches. I think there may have been an edit after Kushida got busted open. I like what I saw from Kushida and I am definitely interested in seeing more.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Fun episode here, with the continuation of the Undisputed Era meltdown story, and Kushida’s debut. Keith Lee continues to be absent and Dijakovic spins his wheels waiting for Lee to return. Dream was so much fun with his promo from the couch.

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