5/11 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: Alexander Hammerstone vs. Gringo Loco, Jacob Fatu vs. Barrington Hughes, Air Wolf vs. Rey Fenix, Bryan Idol vs. Ariel Dominguez

By Matt Castleberry, PWTorch contributor

Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


MAY 11, 2019

Announcers: Rich Bocchini, Jim Cornette

The show opened with the MLW intro video.

A Barrington Hughes vignette is shown next, and it leads straight in to the CONTRA Unit vignette we got last week. Jacob Fatu reminded us he will dog walk Hughes tonight in NYC. Josef Samael said the might would fall, and Hughes undefeated streak ends tonight.

The intro for MLW Fusion aired next.


Rich and Jim welcomed us in to New York, and ran down tonight’s card for us. Lots of great action would be packed into this episode. Air Wolf is out first for our opening match, followed by the very beloved Fenix.

The men started off with a handshake in the ring, showing one another some respect. Fenix takes a quick upperhand, turning a lockup into a headlock, taking Air Wolf down. Fenix let Air Wolf up, and both men got to their feet. Fenix won the next exchange, taking Air Wolf down into a body scissor, but Air Wolf reversed it to an indian deathlock. Fenix wiggled out, and both men were back to their feet again.

The next exchange would be a variety of arm drags, reversals and rolls again, leaving both men at a stalemate. Fenix and Air Wolf then exchanged chops, until Fenix tried to throw in a kick and was stopped. Air Wolf then attempted to wheelbarrow Fenix into something, but Fenix countered into a springboard armdrag that sent Air Wolf out of the ring. Fenix was about to attempt some sort of tope, but Air Wolf quickly re-entered the ring, and hit a hurricanrana on Fenix sending him sliding out to the floor. Air Wolf then launched himself out of the ring, taking down Fenix with a huge crossbody block.

Air Wolf tossed Fenix back into the ring, and climbed up top after him. Fenix was able to evade the flying offense, and then Air Wolf blocked a cutter attempt. Air Wolf had caught Fenix in the german suplex position, but Fenix fought out with a back elbow followed by a spin kick to the gut. Fenix bounced off the ropes, Air Wolf evaded it and grabbed Fenix for a German suplex. Air Wolf sent Fenix into the ropes then, but Fenix did his inside-out rope swing and came back in with a big superkick on Air Wolf. Fenix then tried what I can only assume would have been a handspring cutter off the ropes, but Air Wolf caught him midair with another german suplex which he bridged for a close two count.

Air Wolf picked up Fenix, and attempted a double underhook suplex but, Fenix blocked it and spun out into a crescent kick. That sent Air Wolf into the corner, where Fenix missed a splash. Air Wold swung out of the ring, giving Fenix a big kick to the face, and then launched himself inside hitting a flatliner on Fenix for a close to count! Fenix rolled out to the apron, and he and Air Wolf traded chops as both made their feet. Air Wolf went to bounce of the ropes, but Fenix caught him with a big dropkick as he came off from the opposite side. Air Wolf made his way to his feet and charged Fenix, but Fenix move and Air Wolf landed in the ropes in a sitting position on the second rope. Fenix quickly jumped up top, and tight roped the ropes hitting a penalty kick on the sitting Air Wolf. Something I had never seen before! Fenix made the cover, but only managed a close two count.

Fenix hit a tornado kick in the corner on Air Wolf, and then put the young luchador on the top rope. Fenix tried for a muscle buster, but Air Wolf fought out, and then hit a brainbuster of his own for a two count. Air Wolf locked in a double underhook, but couldn’t follow through with anything. Fenix broke free, and pushed Air Wolf into the corner. When Fenix charged, Air Wolf threw a kick to the face. Air Wolf pushed himself up to the second rope, but Fenix didn’t give him time to attack walking up the ropes and hitting a spin kick on Wolf. Again Fenix tried for the muscle buster/pile driver combo, but Air Wolf countered it into a rolling cradle and scored the three count!!!

WINNER: Air Wolf

Rich and Jim are both shocked by the turn of events here. This is one of the biggest upset we’ve seen on MLW television. Fenix marched over to Air Wolf and shook his hand, and even raised it for the crowd, before quickly exiting.

(Matt’s Thoughts: A great opener for MLW this week, and a HUGE upset victory for Air Wolf over one of the top luchadors in the world, Rey Fenix. I never expected this, and I am sure we will get an eventual rematch, but it’s nice for MLW to put the push on a guy who is going to be their home grown kind of talent. Rey is easy to work with, and makes everything look good in the ring, and he and Air Wolf put on a nice show for everyone to open up Fusion this week.)

Next aired a vignette for the newest signing to MLW, Austin Aries. Coming soon to your living rooms.

Rich gave us a recap of Air Wolf pulling off the upset over Fenix earlier, and then a recap of what happened last week when Salina took over MLW Fusion. They aired both video of Sami Callihan breaking in to the building, and then Mance Warner taking out LA Park at the end of the night. Rich then tossed it to Kaci Lennox standing by with Salina de la Renta.

Kaci introduced Salina, and asked her about Mance Warner attacking las week. Salina said he and Callihan caused too much chaos, and they had messed with the queen. She said next week they should face off against her men, and they would see the chaos and then end up in the hospital.


The undefeated Barrington Hughes made his way out first, and he was in a bad mood obviously. CONTRA Unit would be out next, represented by Jacob Fatu. Fatu and Hughes went at it straight away as the bell rang, trading blows. Hughes landed a big double chop, sending Fatu into the corner, and followed it with a splash. Barrington went for a second splash, but Fatu hit a superkick which had Hughes wobbly. Fatu then sprint passed Hughes, springboard up the ropes, and hit a backwards leaping, front flip senton on the big man for the three count!

WINNER: Jacob Fatu

(Matt’s Thoughts: Well, that was short. I mean, obviously with Hughes in the ring you aren’t going to have any 60 minute time limit draws, and the point was to get Jacob Fatu over like a monster. That was definitely successful. Hughes was undefeated in singles competition to this point, and Fatu beat him without breaking a sweat. What that kid can do in the ring seems unreal for someone his size. He really is a monster.)

Next aired our latest H2TV. Teddy started out by thanking the Lucha Bros for passing the titles to them, he said he hoped they met in the future, and they’d rip both their masks off. Teddy then called the Dynasty a bunch of scared coward cats (but he used a more offensive term), who just danced around in spandex pants. Teddy said they were the kings of the jungle. He also said Rich Swann was great, and he had already warned Brian. Teddy said the talent in MLW was growing, and that Brian would grow getting in the ring with all the great talent. Brian said they respected Rich, but that doesn’t mean he’d lay down for him. Brian said something was missing, as Teddy had a belt, Harry had a belt, it was his turn now.

Rich showed us the National Title tournament brackets again, and reminded us it would kick off tonight with Alex Hammerstone facing Gringo Loco. That segued into an Alex Hammerstone promo. Hammerstone said tonight he had no plan for Gringo Loco, because he was worrying about more important things. They were already planning the victory celebration for after Hammerstone won the new title. They would have clubs, girls, drinks, the whole family. Mamma Hammer, Daddy Hammer, Grand Pappy Hammer, even weird uncle Gary Hammer would be there. He said his plan was to just be the biggest, strongest person in MLW and hit the nightmare pendulum for the win.

Next aired the promo for the summer tour, including Fury Road, King of Colosseum, and Never Say Never.

Rich gave us all the info on the upcoming Fury Road event on June 1st. If you need info, go to MLWTICKETS.COM. Rich told us some of the names appearing at Fury Road, and gave us an overview of the National title tournament again. Rich then told us about the signing of the Von Erich brothers, Marshall and Ross, who would make their debut at Fury Road as well.

A Tom Lawlor promo aired next. He talked about being caught in an avalanche, and not knowing which way was up and which way was down, so you drop a little spit to find out which way you are going. He said that’s what he’s been doing for years in MLW, drowning his opponent in their blood, sweat, and spit. Lawlor told Robert Dreissker the only abominable snowman he need to worry about is the one he could see right here. Rich told us next week we would get Lawlor vs. Dreissker for the World Heavyweight Title.


Idol made his way to the ring first, and Rich said he was trying to earn a potential contract out here on a night when Air Wolf had already pulled an upset over Fenix. Ariel Dominguez was out next.

Dominguez tried for a double leg takedown, but was blocked. Ariel tripped Idol for a pin attempt, for two. He then rolled Idol up, for two again. Idol then hit a big knee, and took control. Idol hit a hard dropkick on the diminutive Dominguez. Idol hooked Dominguez and gave him a double underhook suplex into the turnbuckles. Dominguez tried to fight back with punches, but got caught on a flying body press. Idol dropped down on top of Ariel, and got another two count. Ariel tried a small package, but Idol rolled through and then picked up Dominguez for a vertical drop shoulder breaker getting another two count. Idol went up top, but missed the moonsault. Dominguez answered with a flying clothesline, that did absolutely nothing. He followed with punches, and finally took Idol down with a standing dropkick. Ariel hit a suplex on Idol, and rolled through for another one, he then gave Idol a kick to the chest and covered him for two. Ariel tried to roll up Idol, but Idol grabbed the ropes, and then Idol clocked Dominguez with a big right hand for another two count. Idol tossed Dominguez out to the apron, but Ariel quickly springboard over in an attempt for a ddt. Idol caught him, and seemed to have control, but Ariel ended up spinning him into a satellite DDT anyway. Ariel made the cover, but couldn’t keep Idol’s shoulders down for some reason, and eventually cradled him for the three count.

WINNER: Ariel Dominguez

(Matt’s Thoughts: This was a stinker of a match. There were a dozen pin attempts, and not much else. The finish looked completely botched, and the crowd just did not care. This was arguably the worst match I’ve watched on MLW TV since I began watching. I assume Idol is a local talent, as I had never seen him before. Dominguez is a mainstay, but is usually only used to lose. I guess this gives him a bit of credibility so his next loss isn’t a foregone conclusion. I, much like the crowd, did not care though.)

They aired a clip from Salina de la Renta’s interview with Kaci Lennox earlier, which led to the response from Mance Warner and Sami Callihan. Mance said he needed to lay some knowledge on her, but Sami cut him off and said he was sorry he popped up but he wanted to make this their promo. Sami said he didn’t care who she brought, but because she ruined his and Mance match, he hated her that much more than he already did. Sami said if she wanted to send Hijo and Martinez after them, they’d accept. Mance said to hold on, this wasn’t a tag team match. He said they wouldn’t be cutting off the ring, they were after fingers, arms, and Mance said they, Promociones Dorado, tried to ruin their fun beating the shit out of each other, so they would beat the shit out of them. Sami told Mance to calm down some, and that they accepted the challenge. They promo ended with the two arguing over who’s catchphrase would be said last.

Rich recapped the Air Wolf victory over Fenix again. He then told us Salina de la Renta was standing by with a reply to Mance and Sami. We didn’t get Salina standing by, though, we got Salina and Low Ki having a private conversation which we were dropping in on. Salina said Low Ki was putting on an act being all macho and manly. Low Ki said Salina was just using that because he disagreed with her, and that his contract with her was running out. Low Ki said that merited a discussion. Salina said that she was aware, but he doesn’t realize what she’s done for them. She said now she was expanding and getting invited to red carpet events. Low Ki said that was wonderful, the promoter had become the attraction, and to let him know how it worked out. Low Ki compared her to every other promoter that came around, and Salina took offense saying she didn’t surround herself with trashy promoters like he did. She noticed the cameras watching them, and said they should take this conversation elsewhere and stop making a scene. They then went their separate ways.


Gringo Loco and Alexander Hammerstone both made their way to the ring, Hammerstone being accompanied by MJF and Richard Holliday. Neither of the two men stayed out at ring side with him, though, and they left. The crowd chanted for Gringo Loco, as the two men hooked up in the middle of the ring. Hammerstone powered out of the lockup, sending Gringo to the mat. Gringo grabbed a waistlock, and then turned it into a side headlock. Hammerstone lifted Gringo and just tossed him away. Hammerstone charged Gringo, but Gringo kicked him in the face. Gringo dodged a second charge, and flipped away. Hammerstone missed a punch, and Gringo took his legs out from beneath him. Gringo then hit a standing moonsault on Alex, before playing it up to the crowd.

Hammerstone stopped and Irish whip attack, and then reversed it, but Gringo countered into a hurricanrana. Hammerstone rolled outside for a breather. Gringo attempted a tope suicida, but Alex caught him with a kick to the head. Hammerstone worked Gringo over a little outside, then rolled back in the ring. Gringo climbed up on the apron and hit Hammerstone with a couple of shoulders to the gut. Gringo then climbed up top, hitting a moonsault on the standing Hammerstone, and getting a two count.

Both men made their way to their feet, and Hammerstone reversed a whip into the corner. Alex missed a running forearm, though, and Gringo hit a back body drop on him coming out of the corner. Gringo went up top, but Alexander tried to shove him off leaving Gringo sitting on top. Hammerstone went up with him, but a Gringo Loco headbutt sent Hammerstone back to the mat. Before Gringo could do anything, Alexander Hammerstone was back to his feet, and he hit a step-up front kick to Gringo who was still sitting up top. Hammerstone climbed back up and tried for a superplex. The camera cut away, and the crowd groaned, so my guess is he slipped off the top as he was struggling to get up there with Gringo. As it cut back to the ring, Hammerstone hit a superplex from the second rope instead of the top. Hammerstone then picked Gringo up, lifted him vertical, and hit the nightmare pendulum for the three count.

WINNER: Alexander Hammerstone

(Matt’s Thoughts: Fun, albeit short match. Gringo is always good in the ring, and can work with anyone stylistically. Hammerstone is the future of MLW, and they made him look really good here without just squashing Gringo Loco. We are obviously setting up a big Dynasty vs. Hart Foundation final for Fury Road, with Hammerstone vs. Pillman who has his match next week.)

Rich finished up the show by running down next week’s show, and then Hammerstone took the mic. Alex said he was now one win away from the National Championship, and it didn’t matter if it was one win or one thousand he was going to get it. He said he wasn’t a prospect with potential, he had destiny. With that Rich said goodbye, and we’ll see you next week.

FINAL ANALYSIS: Another step towards Fury Road, and another good week of MLW TV. Aside from the Idol/Dominguez match, which was a stinker, everything else on tonight’s show was a good step furthering story-lines or building new talent. Air Wolf picked up arguably the biggest upset we’ve seen in a while, as he took out Fenix in a really good opener. Jacob Fatu looked like a beast, and I am ready to see him in a match with someone who can work a little more than Barrington Hughes. Alexander Hammerstone was dominant again, and continued to show off his strength and ability in the ring. We added more fuel to the fire between Promociones Dorado and the combo of Mance Warner and Sami Callihan, as the two are teaming up next week to take on Hijo and Ricky Martinez. Also it looks like there are rough waters between Salina and Low Ki, as Low Ki is definitely not happy with the new found fame Salina is playing in to. Next week will be our last pitstop on the way to Fury Road, until then… Matt out!

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