5/4 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: Pentagon Jr. vs. LA Park, Low Ki vs. Daga, Hijo de LA Park vs. Gringo Loco

By Matt Castleberry, PWTorch contributor

Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


MAY 4, 2019

Announcers: Rich Bocchini, Jim Cornette

The show kicked off this week with the MLW intro.

Next up they showed a still shot of Salina de la Renta, who would be executive producer this week, followed by the Promociones Dorado logo.

The show cut to Salina somewhere in the back, while Low Ki did pushups. Salina was on the phone with someone, seemingly talking expansion of this weeks format, taking it on the road. Low Ki finished his pushups, and tried to get a word in with Salina as this week he’d be facing Daga in a rematch. Salina brushed him off, though, which Low Ki was NOT happy about. Salina all but ignored Low Ki, and continued her conversation. Low Ki tried to get her to focus, and worry about this week, but she told him she was on the phone and for him to focus on the match as she would focus on business. Low Ki went back to doing pushups as Salina got back to her phone call. He was not happy.

Next aired the special Promociones Dorado Fusion intro. It consisted completely of highlights from Promociones talent beating up on the rest of MLW.

Rich welcomed us into Fusion by telling us it was Cinco de Mayo weekend, and then running down the accolades of Salina de la Renta, as written by Salina de la Renta. Jim Cornette was not pleased, and asked Rich if he was really going to read the entire script. Rich finished, and Salina took over the intro. Salina said by the end of the show, she would have proven she should have been in charge from day one because who doesn’t like a woman on top.

Rich tossed it to the ring, as we get the action started.

(1) LOW KI vs. DAGA

Low Ki made his way to the ring, but Salina was nowhere to be found. Before much more could happen, we cut to Sami Callihan in the back where he was being kept out of the building. Sami threatened one of the camera men, and then started to break in to the building. We go back to the ring, as Low Ki has finished his entrance.

Daga would make his way out next, but wouldn’t make it to the ring as Low Ki met him on the runway and started brawling. The two finally made their way into the ring, and continued to brawl. Daga had the quick upper hand, but Low Ki changed that with a poke to the eyes. Daga utilized his speed to take back control, hitting a headscissor to send Low Ki out of the ring, followed by a tope suicida.

On the outside, Daga laid in a few stiff chops. Low Ki tried to escape Daga, but Daga wouldn’t let him get away. The action finally returned to the ring. A flying forearm in the corner, followed by a dropkick to the back of the head, led Daga to a two count before Low Ki kicked out. Daga tried a suplex, but Low Ki reversed and dropped Daga over the top rope. Low Ki stomped Daga in the corner, and then hit a snapping elbow drop for a two count.

Low Ki, trying to make sure he slowed Daga down, pulled Daga into the corner and rammed his left knee into the ringpost multiple times. The match continued on the outside, as Low Ki hit a few chops and rammed Daga face first into the mat. Daga went back in to the ring, and Low Ki followed, locking Daga in a chin lock. Daga somehow lifted himself, and Low Ki, up breaking the hold but not gaining advantage. Low Ki continued to hammer Daga with forearms and punches, getting a two count. Daga tried to change momentum, reversing an irish whip into the corner, but Low Ki hit a shotgun kick sending Daga to the mat for another two count.

Low Ki stomped Daga in the face, neck, and shoulders several times before picking him up and putting him in an abdominal stretch. Daga fought his way out with a hip toss, but Low Ki answered with a kick to the gut and a nasty headbutt. Low Ki continued with kicks to the chest, but Daga caught one and hit a dragonscrew leg whip and followed it with another. The two men stood toe to toe trading punches and chops. Daga hit a stiff clothesline for a one count. Daga went up top but missed the double stomp.

Low Ki took advantage and hit a dropkick into the corner. Low Ki went up top, but Daga hit an enziguri stopping his momentum. Daga followed Low Ki up top, then, and tried for a superplex. Low Ki hit a few elbows on Daga, sending him backwards into a tree of woe type position. Low Ki tried to hit a ghetto blaster (double stomp on the hanging Daga), but Daga caused him to lose him balance sending him flipping off the top and to the canvas. Daga finished climbing to the top, hitting a missile dropkick on Low Ki. The momentum actually rolled Low Ki back to his feet. Daga tried for a double underhook, but Low Ki rammed him into the corner. Low Ki then lifted Daga over his head and flipped him into a bridging positions. Thanks to some leverage coming from putting his feet on the ropes, Low Ki managed to grab the three count.


Daga argued with the ref about Low Ki using the ropes, as Low Ki celebrated on his way to the back.

(Matt’s Thoughts: A great opener, as Daga and Low Ki are both really good in the ring and can work several different styles. While most of the match was a brawl, you could see both men’s technical prowess on display with the different reversals they would do. Daga couldn’t get his win back over Low Ki, but the cheap finish helps to continue the feud on as Daga will still be looking for revenge.)

Rich tossed it to the executive producers Salina de la Renta in the back. She told us for weeks people have been asking who made the cut for the National Title Tournament. Salina said that of course on her show you would find out. Rich then ran down the matchups we would see starting next week. The first semifinal would consist of Gringo Loco taking on Alexander Hammerstone. The second semifinal would include Brian Pillman Jr. and Rich Swann. The winners of those two matches would be meeting at Fury Road.

Rich then told us about all of the things Tom Lawlor had on his plate. First he mentioned CONTRA Unit, as we saw footage of the times they have attacked the champ. Then he recapped LA Park winning Battle Riot, which gave him a golden ticket to challenge the champion any time any where. Finally he reminded us of Lawlor’s next defense, scheduled to be against the top ranked German contender “Avalanche” Robert Dreissker who was coming over from WXW. Tom Lawlor then commented on his full plate. Lawlor said when you are the MLW champion you take on all comers. He said it didn’t matter where you were from, or how you were built, you’d all fall to the champion. Tom then let us in on a short montage of his training.

Sami Callihan had made his way into the building now, as he had apparently broken in. He tried to keep the camera man quiet, as he was sneaking through the hallways. Sami heard Ricky Martinez on the phone around the corner, and then ambushed Martinez as he walked by. Sami took Ricky’s phone, and left him bleeding in the hallway.


Cutting straight to the ring, Hijo de LA Park would be the first man out in our next match. Salina actually accompanied him to the ring, leaving you to wonder if there was more to the friction between she and Low Ki. Cornette mentioned how full of herself Salina is, and Rich was worried Salina was so preoccupied she wouldn’t know Sami had broken in.

Gringo Loco was the next man out, to a nice pop from the crowd. He made his way to the ring as Rich wondered if he was looking ahead to his match in the National Title tournament. The two men locked up in the middle of the ring. Hijo took the early arm wringer, but Gringo reversed. Hijo took the arm again, but again has reversed. The two then went move for move, ending in a stalemate. Gringo slid out of the ring, after ducking under a Hijo jump, but Hijo immediately slingshot outside hitting a nice headscissor takeover. Hijo slid back into the ring, and hit a tope suicida onto Gringo against the railing.

HIjo rolled Gringo back into the ring. Hijo took a page out of his father’s book, and whipped Gringo with his belt, before making a cover for the two count. HIjo put Gringo on the top rope, and tried for a spanish fly. Gringo countered, and then hit an avalanche fireman’s driver for a two count. Gringo couldn’t keep momentum, though, as Hijo reversed a whip into the ropes hitting a kick to the gut, and following it with a sunset flip powerbomb for a two count. Hijo climbed up top, signaling the end for Gringo, but the crazy white boy crotched the luchador. Gringo then went up, grabbed Hijo, and hit an avalanche falcon arrow for a close two! Gringo wanted to follow it up with a piledriver, but Hijo countered it. Hijo lifted Gringo up, packaged his leg behind him, and hit a reverse package tombstone (first time I think I’ve seen this) for the three!

WINNER: Hijo de LA Park

Hijo and Salina posed and celebrated after the match, as Rich said she may not be so happy when she got to the back and found out what had happened with Sami Callihan and Ricky Martinez.

(Matt’s Thoughts: This might have been my favorite Hijo match thus far. He and Gringo clicked, as most do with Gringo, and put on a good match in the short amount of time they had. Both men can be really fun to watch, and seeing some of the innovative counters and moves they do is always a treat. Now, my one problem with this is that if Gringo Loco is going to be in the title tournament I don’t like giving him a loss here. I know you want Hijo to continue to look good, and tonight’s theme is Promociones Dorado, but maybe they should have given him someone else to battle. Don’t get me wrong, Gringo didn’t look bad in this match, and almost got the win, but I like the idea of him having momentum going into the tournament that way he looks like a real challenger for Alexander Hammerstone.)

Next they aired a CONTRA Unit vignette. It showed clips of Barrington Hughes trying to save Ace Romero. Josef Samael said Barrington Hughes has been unstoppable, but hadn’t faced anyone like Jacob Fatu. Jacob Fatu chimed in, adding that Hughes says he is undefeated but in New York he (Fatu) would dogwalk his ass. Samael said the might would faal, and the streak would end next week.

After a quick reminder about next week, and a mention of the upcoming main event, we were shown the video for the MLW summer tour. Fury Road would be the next big event for MLW, followed by King of Colosseum, and then Never Say Never.

A recap of Sami Callihan breaking in to the building and attacking Ricky Martinez was shown next. Cutting away from that, the show moved to Sami in the hallways of the building again using Ricky’s phone to make a call to Salina de la Renta. Salina started going off on him in spanish, but Sami couldn’t understand her. He said this is what she got for sticking her nose in to his business. Salina said he had no business, but Sami said he had Ricky’s phone and a few surprises.

Rich gave us another rundown of what would be going on next week on Fusion.


Pentagon would be making his way to the ring first, accompanied by Salina de la Renta, and wearing his lesser used red outfit. Rich called Salina the HBIC, and Jim said he couldn’t say that on Bein Sports. Pentagon would be on his way out next, but LA Park met him in at the entrance and attacked. The brawl quickly moved to ringside, as LA Park showered Pentagon with punches before ramming him head first into the ring post. Park grabbed the wooden steps and hammered Pentagon with them next.

The two men finally made it into the ring, as LA Park threw Pentagon back into the ring. Being the savvy rudo he is, LA Park tied Pentagon’s mask to the ropes and hit him with a big kick to the face. Park followed that with a huge splash in the corner, and then his signature belt whips. Pentagon tried to fight back out of an arm wringer, but Park cut him off with a stiff kick to the knee. Park grabbed another arm wringer, and Pentagon tried to fight out again, but the ref stopped him from throwing closed fist punches stopping Pentagon’s momentum. Pentagon came back with an armdrag, but when he ran at Park, Park lowered his shoulder and sent Pentagon over the top to the apron.

LA Park gave us his signature strut, as Pentagon stood on the apron. While the ref was watching Park, Salina tried to pull of Pentagon’s mask while raking his eyes, but she wasn’t successful. Park tried attacking Pentagon then, but he blocked his punch attempts, and then laid a big kiss of Salina. Salina was not please, and went back to trying to grab Pentagon’s mask. Park attempted again to attack Penta, but missed and elbowed Salina instead.

Salina and LA Park started arguing, distracting Park enough for Pentagon to jump over the top and armdrag Park across the ring and out under the bottom rope. Pentagon took to the air then, and his a huge tope con hiro onto Park. Pentagon started to chase down Salina at ringside, but stopped and went back into the ring to meet LA Park who had just climbed back in. Pentagon hit a slingblade for a two count. Penta didn’t follow it up, though, missing a running forearm. LA Park followed the miss with a big german suplex, followed by a running knee.

Park seemed to have injured his ankle or knee on the sprint, but managed to cover for a two count. LA Park sat Pentagon on the top rope, but as he climbed up with him Pentagon slipped out through his legs. This left Park defenseless, and Pentagon hit a backstabber for a two count. Pentagon looked to be setting up for the package piledriver, but LA Park countered by twisting away from Penta and hitting a headbutt. Park followed that by coming off the ropes with a big knee to the face, which got a close two count. Park whipped Pentagon across the ring, but when he ducked for a back body drop he got a kick to the face instead. Pentagon then hit a step-up enziguri, and finished the sequence with a superkick. Pentagon waste way too much time before making the cover, and LA Park quickly got his foot onto the ropes to break the count.

Pentagon waited for LA Park to get up and get his breath, before running at him in the corner. Park threw up his leg, and countered what Pentagon was trying with a big boot to the face. Park then hit a snap suplex into the corner on Pentagon, but his cover was broken up by Pentagon’s foot on the ropes. Pentagon had rolled out of the ring, and LA Park hit a crazy tope suicida flying right by the ringpost. Pentagon crawled his way back into the ring. LA Park followed behind him, and climbed up top, hitting a spinning leg lariat from the top rope. Park waited just long enough for Pentagon to make his feet again, and then he hit him with a nasty spear to get the three count!


(Matt’s Thoughts: This match was fun. LA Park showed why he is still so beloved everywhere he goes. When motivated, he can still put on one heck of a show in the ring, and you could tell he enjoyed it tonight. What can I say about Pentagon? He’s great. End of discussion. He’s even better when he works with guys he knows, and it was evident this was not their first match tonight. They didn’t have to do a TON of crazy stuff, though they did throw in some big high spots, but they managed to tell a great story in the ring. I want to see these guy go at it again!)

They showed a recap of the match again, as LA Park celebrated in the ring. Rich complemented Salina de la Renta on the show she had put on this week as executive producer, and Jim actually agreed. Salina had something to say, though, and she took the microphone. Salina said thank you for your disgusting money, but now she needed to go celebrate in a classy town like San Juan or Miami. She said New York was the armpit of the US, and it smelled like it too. Salina then said they were going to open a gift from their sponsors, and brought Park over to a present on the stage. As Salina and LA Park tried to open the package, Mance Warner jumped out and started brawling with the Chairman as we end the program.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The gimmick week of Salina de la Renta being executive producer was a hit. Yes it was centered completely around Promociones Dorado, and yes all of her guys won, but it was entertaining from beginning to end. None of the losses were BAD losses, and every feud was given another layer. If I were to guess, this won’t be the last time we Salina run the program, and I won’t be upset if we do see it again. As we take one step closer to Fury Road, we still have a lot to look forward to. Next week we have a LOT of action coming, as we see Jacob Fatu take on Barrington Hughes. We get the first match in the National title tournament, and I expect more shenanigans from Sami Callihan and Mance Warner. Plus, I am sure we will pick back up the Hart Foundation’s feud with the Dynasty! Until then though… Matt out!

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