Raw Rating: Mick Foley’s new title belt teaser and return of Brock Lesnar day after MITB surprise drew better viewership

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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Last night’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw on USA Network drew a 1.73 rating, the best rating since Apr. 15 and up from last week’s 1.68.

The show drew 2.681 million viewers in the first hour, up from last week’s 2.576. The second hour held up with 2.583 million viewers, up from 2.391 million the week before. The third hour dropped, as usual, to 2.299, above last week’s 2.080 million in the third hour. The first-to-third hour drop-off was 382,000, the smallest drop-off since Apr. 15. That’s a 114,000 fewer viewers dropping off than last week, with the tease of Lesnar potentially cashing in the MITB briefcase likely the reason.

By comparison, “The Game of Thrones” finale on HBO the night before drew 13,613 million viewers, five times the viewership of Raw’s highest rated our.

Compared to other cable shows on Monday night, the NBA game and related NBA programming on ESPN outdrew Raw handily with 7.788 million for the Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trailblazers game and over 4 million for the pregame show. Raw’s three hours finished in slots 4, 5, and 6 among the 18-49 key demographic with demo ratings of 0.9, 09, and 0.8.

Two cable news shows – one on Fox News and another on MSNBC – also outdrew Raw in total viewers.

One year ago this week drew a 2.24 rating. Two years ago this week, Raw drew a 1.88 rating.

The Raw average rating this year is 1.82, down from last year’s 2.24 rating.

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  1. Ratings don’t factor in when people watch on Hulu like my kids and I….There is A LOT more people watching than those ratings suggest. I bet you could easily add 2 million people. AEW will never get those kind of ratings. First 2 weeks they will get high ratings because it’s new, just like the AAF FOOTBALL….Then people will slowly stop. 2021 will be the end of AEW officially and Stardust and the 2 guys who pretend to be DX will be wrestling in front of 15 people again….

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